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Hypnos News and Announcements / Re: New Robert Rich interview
« on: February 13, 2011, 01:35:23 PM »
New Robert Rich interview here -- mostly gear-related but not entirely. /.../

Another podcast interview with Robert Rich, more about the creative process at The TWiT entitled "The Evolution of Music"

Everything and Nothing / Re: Where would you rather live?
« on: October 05, 2008, 02:54:55 AM »
Really interesting to take part of your hopes and wishes regarding your living conditions. Also interesting that many of you are content with living where you already are. The same goes for me: home is where I am -- in Helsinki, Finland.

If I needed to move, I could think of Stockholm, Sweden. Compared with Helsinki, Stockholm is refreshingly more multicultural. And it has a decent metro (or subway or whatever you call your rapid transit system; Helsinki has only one single metro line).

Even more interesting has been to see how many of you live outside town. Makes me wonder if ambient music lovers are also fond of peace and quiet as a living condition?

In effort to balance the rural domination and bring in an urban angle, here are a couple of views from Helsinki, Finland:

-- A view of city center seen from an arriving ferry (February):

-- And a veiw from the south side outside my house in the morning (January):

Influences for me in this area would be artists like Múm and Eluvium.

While I recognise that influences often may be rather indirect and more on the emotional level, I do not find either Múm or Eluvium comparable with the use of melody there is in "Falling into the Sky".

I listened to many snippets at from these two groups (Múm: "Finally We Are No One" and "Summer Make Good", and Eluvium: "When I Live by the Garden and the Sea"). Based on my short acquaintance the music by these two bands seemed quirky, episodic and while it was minimal I would also say it was thin in comparison with the textures and melodies on "Falling into the Sky".

Rare? Maybe it's rare in some mainstream ambient field, but the use of real melodies and real instruments in ambient, dark ambient or ethno ambient isn't really rare.

You are right, Hallu  - And thanks for the pointers, I need to check them out, as well as those mentioned by APK.

But I was thinking in reference to other Circular Ruins albums (or APK in general as well). Has there appeared this much melody in any previous albums? Please inform me!

And note that this is not about some faint reminiscences of melody. This is explicit use!

Oh, this is a lovely album. Beautiful, organic sounds, lucid, sometimes fragile and sometimes more edgy. The structure and feeling overall is close to a peaceful walk in the spring.

But there are also some SURPRISES: two of the pieces (track 2 "Immer Du" and 4 "A Day Without Secrets" -- if I remember correctly) contain MELODY traits! First I was perplexed by this rare use of explicit melody in ambient music. But after a couple of spins I began to see the context. In my mind the melodies resemble hymns, even Christmas carols. As much as the melodies stand out, they do defend their inclusion if you see this album as sort of an pastoral poem.

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