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Hypnos Label Releases / Re: RELEASE: Steve Brand - Avatara
« on: September 16, 2011, 10:59:30 AM »
Thanks for everyone for their for their invaluable help and support on this release—specials thanks go to, Mike, Lena, Kati, Chuck, Harry and Richard.

Got mine yesterday. Listening closely right now. Beautiful always.

At the risk of self-promoting... In addition to Hypnos, AtmoWorks is putting out some of the most interesting and challenging work available, with artists like, Vir Unis, Disturbed Earth, Paul Vnuk Jr., Igneous Flame, Numina, Dan Pound, Sarana and Chris Russell.

July 17 on, Ishq/Steve Brand double disk collaboration: "Spiritual Science" and "The Voice From Home."

I've been an Ishq (Matt Hiller) fan for about 3-4 years. I found his as part of my complete immersion in Ultimae material (Ishq kept showing up in the "If you like this, you'll like this" area of iTunes). I bought "Orchid" and was hooked. I love his atmospheres and beats, the delicacy and expressiveness of feeling, and his intuitive and spiritual approach to music. Really feels like home to me. Anyway, Matt has some free loops of his sounds on his site and I couldn't resist. I used some in a piece and sent the piece to him, Matt kindly responded. I then suggested a collaboration, he quickly sent me an entire DVD of unique material, and here we are. Very easy and organic. I think everyone will really enjoy these disks which are a very nice mingling of our individual sounds; you can hear the Ishq influence, but overall, probably a bit of a darker journey than his own work, but still spacious, organic, emotive.

This release will be a 2-disk release:
Disk 1 - "Spiritual Science"
1. Soft Temples 24:13
2. Flame of Nuit 17:08
3. Nature is Sung 34:00

Disk 2 - "The Voice From Home"
One 50:42 long atmospheric track intended for continuous play.

The release will be available in disk and in download from, and will feature some beautiful covers and photography from myself and my wife, Jill, that capture the vivid nature of the material...the spiritual science behind the work.

I'm very excited to announce that my latest release, "Children of Alcyone," is available on Hypnos/Hypnos Secret Sounds in the Hypnos Store. Below is the blurb I just wrote to support the release. An early version of "Golden Cloud" from this disk can be found on my AW.ning page:

++++The inspiring energy for "Children of Alcyone" was/is the books of Barbara Marciniak. Marciniak's books are said to be channeled information from the Pleiadians, our distant multi-dimensional ancestors from the Pleiades constellation. (Alcyone is the name of the "central sun" of this constellation.) Upon being introduced to these books, I was immediately taken by their wit and irreverence, the nearly unfathomable timeline of events, and their uncanny relevance to things that are currently taking place here on Earth (the first of these books were channeled in the early 90's).

The initial sound sketches for "Children" were begun in September of 2007 in the tidal wave of energy that was Steve Roach's "Into the SoundCurrent" masters' class, and elaborated upon, refined, and re-energized over the intervening 3 years in my own studio. The result is a sometimes murky, sometimes soothing, sometimes phantasmagorical series of excursions through multiple timelines, and myriad possible half lit universes that other versions of ourselves inhabit.

My friend, and frequent collaborator, Jonathan Benham, not only created the art for this disk, but contributed energy and sounds to a couple of tracks with his array of homemade instruments during a series of improvisations between he and myself captured at my studio.++++

Golden Cloud - 8:17
Sounds for invoyaging. Driftworks. An alien folksong. Features Jonathan's overtone flute towards the end.

Light Age - 22:51
Anthem for a the age we've just entered. This is one of those pieces that just sort of come forth once in a while that I can hear being arranged for an orchestra in the future. Kronos does Steve Brand?

Outside The Time Grid - 17:15
Huge mandalas, tectonic plates of time slowly spinning, moving, grating against one another. You sit before yourself. Features part of an improv between Jonathan (organ whistle device) and myself (flute).

Into The Central Sun - 12:30
Envision the final moments of "The Fountain"...this time, you are in that bubbleship heading to Xibalba...or is it Alcyone. No return trip.

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