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his way of talking about the music himself reflects pretty much the way the album descriptions are written

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: Best DAW for Ambient Music 2015
« on: November 23, 2015, 07:04:37 PM »
Lots of solid advice here Johnny Rocket,

If I were really into soft synths as you suggest you aspire to be I would serious consider the NKS system.  Native Instruments has a way of propelling everyone else into the future and their NKS platform may create a standard to come.

I think the VIP software that AKAI,Alesis and soon M-audio is is more flexible and better.
It works also on all vsts you do not need any spefici NKS format or such.
One good thing with NKS is though that you get "official" presets, while on with VIP
you will get presets made by the VIP developers. However they have said they have put a lot
of effort in to make the maps as good as possible for over 300 plugins they have done that manually.
If the plugin is not mapped it will auto assign parameters which will not be as good of course and can be rubbish in a lot of plugins
but atleast it does work compared to with NKS..

Well we see where the direction is going now.. deeper software integration..

Novation I wonder what they will have to offer... both NKS and VIP is totally new level of integration.
One alternative is that they will get an license to use VIP.. it is very possible...

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: Best DAW for Ambient Music 2015
« on: November 23, 2015, 06:44:44 PM »
I use Reaper. It is fast and clean and no bullshit.
While the session view in ableton is good it is still little bit overrated since
You can do the same thing from midi and trigger samples that way.

One thing about making ambient with a DAW is that the actual DAW is off less importance since
this music does and should not rely so much on offline editing (besides this glitchy crap ambient)

Making ambient with your daw atleast for me
is more about setting up enough parameters with your midi devices to control your synths and plugins/daw in real time.
With your midi you can also control your daw. Once you know how your parameters react you can almost shut down your monitor
in ideal conditions. It is not easy to recrod and perform ambient live, but you need to realize that looping is probably the best way to do this, Robert Rich is a good example. only with 4 track looper you can do very interesting stuff and and because the loops does never meet each other in the same time the variation will be endless..especially if subtle changes are made.. biggest misstake when creating ambient is probably of doing to drastic and big changes.. when you put your headphones on laying in bed listening you realize it is all about the small changes in the soundscapes if you really sink in deep enough into the sound world.

The DAW can be a major distraction when creating trance inducing music, you want to be as far away from the "intellectual" state of mind as possible when you are floating with your soundscapes, being as far a way from your intellectual self will make you create deeper trance inducing  ambient and less superficial.

Anyway if you are trying to get away from getting stuck in your daw and want to do real time improvisation
I have not tried it myself but there is a program called VIP it is currently released on akai advance and Alesis VX series
This software is a fresh wind in the context of midi control.

If you think the Alesis synth look very similiar to M audio Code it is because it is because the same company own akai, m audio and alesis, that is why all 3 companies will use VIP software in future.

Using VIP you can record music with all your soft synths and midi keyboards and surfaces without any daw at all.
in fact.. you can split up your keyboard so certain zones play lets say the plugin omnisphere zone 2 will play Native instruments Monark.
You can use mutple plugins for the same zone/keys too. Only your cpu sets the limit..(Broadwell-E with 10 cores is released 2016 Q2)
Of course all this can be done in DAW already but look on you tube the whole work flow is very simplified.

You can control the plugins completely from your midi synth display which is kind of slow (unsure if it is possible to connect your ipad or such to get bigger touch surface for the display it would be the ideal)

The Alesis VX49 is pretty much a m-audio code but with Alesis logo plus VIP software.

I am not saying that VIP is the prefect thing but it is certainly a fresh wind into the midi market and considering most people use software these days this is really important. If you want to see how it works just use youtube.

I would most likely buy the ALesis synth if it wasn't for the fact that M-audio have promised a more high end series which will also include VIP software in about 2 months, considering how good the M audio Code is it is simply worth waiting for, hopfully they will not make me wait 2 years like behringer did with their "motör" with its motorized faders  which never seem see the light of day...


I do not agree with Deepr, I have always thought the cd deceptions are very good and inspiring I can understand some people think they sound very pretentious, but I think the words in the descriptions describe the metaphysical words very good.

So yes in steve's case I think the descriptions are justified.
I think they are mostly written by his wife, but I am unsure of this.

What is worse is when labels try to write descriptions they are usually
written in a way so to make it more easy to sell.
Also if you ad a beautiful and epic photography which make you think the music
is just as big and epic I am very tired against, they try too much into making it like a "product package"

With description like and professional photography and packaging you can make an non professional music release look professional.
I see this too much..

What is worse is these labels who release audio visuals on youtube to promote a certain album.
With visuals it can bring the illusion that the music have more content that what can be heard on its is just a simple trick to fool the brain.
I have experienced this many times where I thought a track was very good on youtube with the visuals but dead and boring with the album.

Yes so when doing artworks I think you should think it thru.. too many use a "professional" photography which does not reflect the music at all, it is just made there so it looks good in the catalog and make it more sellable, cause believe or not if you have two cds one with a beautiful photography and one with a low profile photo which does not give much hints of the content you will choose the first one.. we are kind of superficial in this way..

On the other hand it would be boring if all cd covers was just black or white nothing at all.. but a good artwork should atleast be done in away
that it reflect the music which is not easy of course.

I'm not sure what to do with this topic.

I've heard from a few people who think Sanjay Nadeem is not a real person, but I have seen no proof.

On the one hand, if these releases are unauthorized, I feel that the community deserves to be warned. On the other hand, if there is no proof, the accusation cannot be allowed to stand.

It isn't enough to say "I don't think Sanjay Nadeem is real." Someone must be able to offer proof that whoever owns the rights to Klaus Wiese's work does not approve these releases. If they can't do that, we have to delete this topic, even if the whole Arc thing looks like it may be suspicious.

There is proof beyond all reasonable doubt. Please keep in mind  that the person behind the label is "anonymous" but there is both technological evidence,
Also there is people have had very close contact with Klaus for 25 years, and such person know for sure when it's made up, the whole label is a made up scam imo. "ARC" have close contact with Thomas Weiss label to further prove the statement, same cover art and advertising videos designer.
You need to be very blue eyed if you really think this in

Thomas Silence really says everything I need to know.

People who known Klaus for a big majority of their life know this is just bullshit.

Also to make sure Mathias have done none statements in this thread

Klaus did not give any permission to this

" Previously unreleased material will also be made available. Because of some very critical sound issues on the original releases, all albums were remastered to archive the best sound quality by erasing those errors, which mainly had their source in the restricted recording technologies available at the time. Also, each release comes as a luxurious digipak with completely new artwork.""

who is he to claim that the orginal relases hade critical sound issies ? his disrespect once again shines thru here yet again.
It is quite obvious there is people who here have want to make profit of the dead,  Klaus did not  ask for new artwork or for some one else to modify to make any "über superior versions". Why new artwork ? what is wrong with the orginal artwork ? It feels like there is a few people hear trying to make some kind of career  thru a dead persons life work and success. Feels nothing more like a total ego trip just satisfy their own satisfactory and greed.

Do you know how big Klaus' entire Catalog is?  Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge.  Even if they release a CD per week it would be 10 years later.

That is why it is a Cash cow  cause there is collectors out there that want to have the full collection.

Thomas silence tells everything I need to know in this regard. He knew he had no rights to release this music so he had to come up with and imaginative person which is not tied to any real person or responsibility.  What makes it worse is Klaus can do nothing about this.  If labels want to release original and untouched  releases with original artwork no remixed or "superior sounding version"  to actually HONOR  Klaus and his music it would be different.

To make up some fake story about some anonymous and paperless  Indian character to get away with the legal problems is heartless and shows no honor to the dead.

This text below  is simply made up Bullshit

"Arc is founded by Klaus Wiese & Sanjay Nadeem. They first met in the 80´s through Klaus´ extensive travels to eastern countries and built a deep relationship by sharing a close vision about music, myths and the connection between man and the universe. Starting in the middle 90´s and until Klaus´ passing, Nadeem and Wiese began to build Arc, a huge library/archive of all the albums the artist ever created to help their long-term preservation. As such, one of the main aims of Arc is to avoid potential future issues created by unavailability or the closure of the labels Klaus had or was planning to release later on. Now, 5 years after the sudden loss of Klaus, Sanjay has finally completed the entire catalogue of his sold out and unreleased recordings, to make them gradually available again.
"Arc", based in India, exclusively focuses on re-releasing rare and sold out music by Klaus Wiese. Previously unreleased material will also be made available. Because of some very critical sound issues on the original releases, all albums were remastered to archive the best sound quality by erasing those errors, which mainly had their source in the restricted recording technologies available at the time. Also, each release comes as a luxurious digipak with completely new artwork."

I feel it be my obligation to inform you that since there is people here who make profit of dead people that this person "Sanjay Nadeem" is fake",
how some one could release something like this under fake name is really for beyond understand especially when the person is dead.

the label ARC has no permission at all to release his stuff, but even more importantly no permission to release remaster versions.

In ambient and drone there is no such thing as remaster, every slightly fine tune to the album is considering holy ground  and should not be altered without permission,  to release versions that they claim sound "superior" only show disrespect to the creator who in this case have no possible way to raise his opinion.
As I said there is no such thing as remastered this should be considered remixes. 

Do not buy or support these fake labels who make profit of dead people who release cds without permission.

Klaus would have no problem to give permission to release his cds, but to release under a fake label and altered non-orginal versions
he have given no permission for, this is just some one trying to make a profit of the dead in an non respectful way.

There is no "Sanjay Nadeem",
The label does not exist in india.
it is in fact a german based label run by Thomas Weiss  who release stuff
without Klaus's permission.


Other Ambient (and related) Music / Who is Sanjay Nadeem?
« on: November 06, 2015, 11:58:24 AM »
Who is Sanjay Nadeem?

the RED album I Think is really the best album with that TRIO.

sounds good eager to hear it...

The analogue overdose cd I do not find it as download anywhere only cd..
I guess it has to do with the label it was relased on maybe many of the other analogue overdose cds are released digitally on amazon.

I think that Frank Rothe  did not a very good on the mastering, the volume is very low too low.
In many cases I think the unmastered version sounds better I think so in this case.

I wish that 06:32 part did continue longer so damn gloomy..

Just listening to this track.

Very good indeed. Leans more towards the ambient school than the Berlin one. Atmospheric, sometimes warm , sometimes dark. Hints of melody and subtle sequencing. Definitely have to get this album.

Nice album cover photo also.

maybe you can tell me how the first track song ? :)

I also think Mario Schönwalder have a very special atomsphere.. I think best demonstrated in his album wthin thomas fanger.

This album is absolut magic try it in the bed with lights out and you will see..

I am really eager to get my hands on this one

New Release on 24th October 2015:
After 19 years my new solo CD:

Mario Schönwälder - Traum & Trauma

1) Traum, 19:44
2) Trauma, 21:11

Composed, arranged, performed and recorded by Mario Schönwälder @ "The Room" in July/August 2015.
Mastering by Frank Rothe in September 2015.
Thanks a lot for support to Manikin Electronic and Waldorf-Music. Special thanks to my friends Bas, Detlef, Frank and my wife. Cover design by Stephan Knull.

MRCD 8004

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: History of Sleep Music
« on: October 23, 2015, 10:01:11 AM »
I have too much an ADHD to read such long article but anyway ambient music sounds best in bed when you try to sleep imo. it is really then when the music gets connected with your mind and thoughts in a very mesmerizing way.

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Redshift new album
« on: October 23, 2015, 09:59:48 AM »
@ Ekstasis,
If you haven't checked him out already, I can recommend Stephen Parsick/['ramp], similar and probably slightly darker. Stephen and Mark did an album together called Steel and Steam, highly recommended also. Stephen may have some copies left.  :)

Yes I am aware of ramp I am a berlin school nerd remember ? :), If I remember right I really like the first 2 albums best,but I should revist the discography again an relisten from what I remember it it was good stuff :)

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Redshift new album
« on: October 21, 2015, 02:20:18 PM »

regarding new album I wonder how he get such a fucking superior sound on the sequencer I understand he have an expensive moog system but I wonder why no other berlin school artist come close..must some kind of secret into this.. of course mark is a very good producer..but yeah..I can notice that with the sequencer they all have a kind of clicky sound, you know that kind of click you can get if you put your finger on a plugged in guitar cable. I just think this sounds very appealing to our ears and it make it sounds "fat".

 I think it is more "cool sounding" focused on production, and to get a "cool" and "dark" sound which appeal more to non berlin school fans, berlin school appeal mostly to synth nerds, however this album could appeal to people who like more "cool" music. Note even on bandcamp the album does not even have the berlin scool tag.

The production is very impressive, it really sounds amazing, all the detuned sequencers etc is impressive it sounds almost industrial. However I think there have been too much focus to get everything polished and perfect and over produced,  I have no problem with that as long as the song writing and compositions does not come secondary I really think with this album the song writing comes secondary, the production and "coolness" factor seem more important,  but the actually emotional impact I get is not as impressive, I think album is kind of emotionless, feels more an album to showcase his superior sequencer system system to be honest.

I think really the pads are almost forgotten in this album,  I do not like the phasey sounds of the pads on this album,  if he had focus more on the pads it would maybe bring a bigger emotional impact, to mee it feels a little bit superficial, but the album certainly have that "wow factor" because of the production but I miss the emotional impact,  I miss the melancholic atmosphere and melancholic pads, I think the last song have the right direction, it should be more melancholy based, really nice piano in the ending.

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Redshift new album
« on: October 21, 2015, 01:58:17 PM »
All the studio albums apart from Downtime are Mark Shreeve alone, have to agree the new album is amazing. Sequencing as it should be  ;)

I was not actually aware of that, I guess it has to do with they have released many live albums too, I thought the studio albums was just live improvisations with the live line up..

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