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Ekstasis, you have been told about this before. Last time this came up, I told you I was receiving threats of action against me as owner of the Hypnos Forum because of the accusations you were making.

This forum is not going to be used to insinuate or suggest theft or other serious wrongdoing without offering evidence. If you are going to make the accusations in public, you cannot offer the evidence only in private.

If you have evidence to offer, then offer it openly, otherwise stop making vague accusations. Simply saying "Anyone could figure out the truth if they open their eyes" is not good enough.

I am not saying you are right or wrong about the accusation. I'm not saying I believe you or don't believe you. I'm saying as clearly as possible that you cannot use this forum to make serious accusations without offering proof that is available to anyone who has seen the accusations you've made.

This is the problem since this is a word against word dilemma, no written contracts or anything has been made, but all I can offer is really I can send you in the right direction if people ask in PM I can give you a link to a website which include contact information and you can take part of this story and then choose which side you stand on, looking at it in a historic perspective and also to consider all other aspects it is easy to realize which is true or not

Mike you said it yourself you have got legal threats , this is the exact same problem this source are not allowed to talk about this in public, the source have told me this is appricate my help getting the word out but he cant join in and take part of the discussion publicity on in private in mail, this is exactly what I did some time ago the information is on his website this was written in the time where he got attacked by tomas on a personal and aristic level he did never offer his side in public like tomas did but he did offer to give his story in private via email.


 I'm going to reserve judgement on this as I don't know the full story as to why you keep bringing this up.

The full story is the orginal DAT tapes that Klaus did leave behind was given to ONE person he did trust, . . . . . .

That's not the full story I am interested in, you've already "shared" that with us. I want to know why you keep bringing it up? If this "other" person is not you, then why do you care so much?  Also, I find it a bit two-faced that you find it horrible that someone is doing this collaboration with a person that is gone. But you find it perfectly fine to download other peoples music and not pay them for it. Both really are about control over the music. It seems to me that you care for the artist more when they are dead then when they are alive.  ;D

The news is that Tomas is starting to release collaboration  albums with a dead person it is like pissing on a persons grave if you ask me.
It is not even a real collaboration if the other person have not even heard it, it is fake collaboration and people who visit have website and are not aware willl have no idea about it, I want get the truth out and warn people do not buy these fake collaborations albums.

release original untoched tapes is ong with but taking his material using it for his own releases only to make the album more sellable because of a big name is on the cd and their is klaus wiese collectors who want to buy every cd cause they want to have a complete collection.

I care more about Klaus now when he is dead for the simple reason since he is dead  he cannot defend himself,  I am a long time fan of klaus Wiese, I have heard him first time in 2006, this is my motivation to honor him and make sure not people is making profits on releasing fake collaboration albums like these.
It is about respect thomas shows no respect when releasing collaboration albums with a dead, there is not even one word in the cd description about that he is dead or RIP or anything,  it looks like a "normal" release or is klaus still alive maybe ?  as I said not every one knows he is dead not all fans are hardcore like that to read about the full story, and even if he only sell 100 copies is still earn about 2400 USD for just one release and considering the nature of ambient music where it is easy to release many albums per month it is kind of clear that he earn a lot of money for this especially considering he take all money himself, that is another good thing to release collab albums with a dead person you do not need split the income, it is a brilliant idea I admit tomas.

THe source that I do not name have already named on his website, that he will not be part of any public debate but that every one is welcome to send him and email and talk to him privately, this is exactly what I did, and considering the history and the the source and klaus has been working for over 20 years it is really easy to take side and choose which person, anyone who is interested I can send a PM with a link which include where to ask to source yourself.
Now When Klaus is dead I think it is important that some one who taking his side and stand up for him

Hi John,  Yes, I agree.  Shouldn't topics like this be frozen or even deleted?

Maybe you should send the source in your PM an email to ask to verify this story and you could then you can build your own judgement

No thanks.  You dug your own hole.  I have no desire to join you down there.

If you have no interest in digging the truth then you should maybe reserve your judgement and opinion just saying.

Hi John,  Yes, I agree.  Shouldn't topics like this be frozen or even deleted?

Maybe you should send the source in your PM an email to ask to verify this story and you could then you can build your own judgement

Ekstasis, not identifying this other person puts you a bit of a pickle, because the accusations you are making could form the basis of a claim for defamation.  Do you realize that if you are forced to defend yourself against such a claim, you might have to "out" that person?  If Tomas did not have Wiese's consent to use his recordings for a collaboration, that would be very troubling, but at this point we only have your third-hand statement from an unidentified person.  I take it that your statement that the DAT tapes were entrusted to this unnamed person is not something you personally witnessed, but only something you were told by this unnamed person?  Lastly, would this unidentified person want you to be making these public statements in the first place?


You should read your private box I have already sent you how you can ask and contact the the first source yourself and ask  for his story.
As I said any person who is remotly aware of klaus should add 1 plus 1 very easy without mention his name

I think of it this way, what if it was you that died and you still had lots of music that you composed but never got to release. Would you want someone to put it out there for you or just let ones music die with you???

This is not about releasing untouched and originals recordings this about some one is using his recordings and merge 50% of the soundstream with another artist and make it a "collaboration" , he is using recrodings from a drone legend and is trying to make a career of that by using a big name with his release

Releasing originals is another debate and there is not the same moral dilemma in that case for sure


 I'm going to reserve judgement on this as I don't know the full story as to why you keep bringing this up.

The full story is the orginal DAT tapes that Klaus did leave behind was given to ONE person he did trust, a person which have released collab albums with for the past 20 years who also have had been on the same labels for the same amount of time. This person which I will not name out did give the dat tapes in trust to tomas, both persons was on the same label at the time and "friends" they are no longer friends and do no longer work with each other. After they stopped their friendship and also did stop working on the same label they did part ways and tomas did still have the unreleased dat tapes in is possession.

Klaus and the first person he did share his dat collection with had a special relationship and they had some unrwitten rules and consent going on, in their relationship they used each others work from time to time since they both where close friends and also shared label etc, in other words the first source who have it could release the albums if he wanted, there was a unwritten consent in their relationship.

Worth mentioning is the first source deeply regret giving tomas any of the dat tapes since he thing they are in wrong hands now, the situation was different when they where friends and shared label and they did respect each other now it is not like that.

The point is , First source have an unwritten consent to release these recording,  tomas however is not part of that unwritten consent, he was giving the DAT tapes from the first source. Another interesting aspect is how tomas can actually verify this recordings are genuine and is for sure klaus material only the first source can know for sure since he was giving it to him personally during a 25 year old friendship.

Releasing original klaus recordings is one thing but taking his recording and merge the music with 50% of tomas music is morally very wrong thing to do, it is just to me unbelievable how a person can sink this low, he have for sure no consent in releasing "fake collaboration" with albums Klaus himself have not even approved or even heard, that is so wrong that is unbelievable,  he is selling those for 21 dollars and even if he sell 100 copies (which is usually his amount he use to print his cds in) he still earn 2350 dollars on a "fake collaboration" which klaus has never approved or even heard. When you realize he is releasing mutpiple albums every month even though usually in small prints like 100 ex it still get a lot of money and you realize this is only about business for him releasing non approved "fake collaboration" the same goes with his remastered albums they have not been approved to him, only klaus and his first soruce had an unwritten consent to release each others work not tomas.  It is clear to me that Tomas put his conscience and emotional aspects and morals aside in order to making a living on this, he have bills to pay like every one and since he release albums like this in steady flow he can make a living on this, most people have no idea when they see on his website about these releases there is even people that do not even know klaus is dead they will just buy the albums just because of the klaus wiese name, his name is being used here for business purposes, and once again tomas only got copies of the dat tapes so there is no way he really can verify they are authentic only the first source is which I will not name out in this thread since he have told me to not write his name here, those people even remotely aware of klaus wiese and his store should be able to add 1+1 together.

An interesting question, for various reasons.

For me it would depend on the circumstances of each case - the last recording I did with Oophoi is still waiting for release. Gigi also sent me a set of minidiscs and personally asked me to keep his music alive after he was gone - a project I've yet to get round to acting on anywhere near as fully as I would have liked to.
   Doing this is clearly a limited project, complicated by trying to identify which of the sounds may already be out there in the many recordings he released.
   I think the best I could do is to make something of a dedication / tribute release that tries to honour Gigi's life and passion for the music.

I do think that if your post had stayed at the first 2 paragraphs it might have started an interesting discussion - but the rest of your post moves into specific personal territory that makes it difficult to respond to in a 'neutral' moral discussion basis.

Have he heard the album with his own ears ? or was this done after his death ?

I would like a moral debate, in ambient music and context would you consider it to be ok to release a  "collaboration" cds where about 50% of each artist are 50% responsible for the music, but for this collaboration albums the other artist is dead from some years back ?

Is it ok releasing leftover drones and soundscapes from this artist to mix 50% with the other "collaborator".
Can it even be called a collbaration if the other part is laying in the grave and really can't make any decisions at all, or of it is even ok to mix his music with the other person who is alive ? is it ok if this person also make financial profit on this albums too.

I am talking about the newly released albums

Klaus Wiese & Tomas Weiss - Aeon and Klaus Wiese & Tomas Weiss - Adrift

Klaus wiese is dead since some years back, and some people are using his leftovers to release collaboration albums and build a career with klaus work and name and reputation

I just find it shocking how low some people can go just to earn some few bucks, but it is kind of clear using dead mans music in ambient music contact and put it 50% mix and then the other artist just add the other 50% on top is for me a big moral dilemma.

The description does not make the picture more clear either of how both people where involved in this collaboration process.

I just want to make to warn people before buying this that this album is only a "fake collaboration" just imagine if steve roach was dead and he left some unreleased material on tape after him and I would take 50% of the mix and merge it with 50% of my music and make it a collaboration, it is not a real a collaboration.  I think what is being done here is that a small  artist using using another artist well known name and reputation and make himself a artistic and financial career on that, I think morally speaking he is reaching new low waters I hope people will not support this shameless releases.

Really trippy ambient in its highest form, I think the video fits perfectly too

Art and Literature, Movies and TV / Prison break
« on: May 16, 2016, 12:02:38 AM »
Watching prison break now. It is really amazing. Better then I thought it would be for sure

I just put up my reviews on both my site;
I can relate to that last opinion, "Biosonic" sounds too abstract, psychedlic and distant to my ears,  I much more appreciate the intimate and calming atmospheres found on "Second Nature"...

The biggest problem with steve roach music since 2009 and onward is the lack of sonic quality found in albums before 2009, the exception is "The Ancestor Circle  " it has similiar sonic quality to older steve roach albums, and ironcially his live albums tend to sound better then his studio albums nowdays. All I am saying it all sound like the music going thru a really cheap AD/DA converter and it destroys the whole sonic quality of the music. I think it is also kind of clear he have gotten bored of using the same gear all years, I think I can bet a lot of money he do no longer use Lexicon PCM reverbs,  I understand he want change things and not use the same always but it happens to be so that Lexicon PCM reverb sounds best with his type of music.

It started to go downhill after he changed studio and moved to the new house.

I also think he use way too much bass in the drones these days, almost sounds like it distort..

What it boils down to is that it is all about technological reasons and choices.

I think both second nature and biosonic have very poor sonic quality compared to his older stuff, again it all feels like it is going tru a shit converter
The analouge warmth is not present at all it even though I know steve use mostly analouge gear besides effects, it still turn out sounding with digital edges.
I am really interested to now what converter he use... it might aswell be his weak link..

I upload one more track I like to make music that makes my mind wander and which create images in my head it is really my only intention..

Please use high volume since the volume is low, it was recorded with my smartphone microphone

Art and Literature, Movies and TV / Re: Walking Dead TV series
« on: May 06, 2016, 08:45:40 PM »
I had my doubts aa well since I thought zombies is kind of silly..  Anyway it becomes more and more a survival series... It is very addictive series..

I'm going to be honest and say I'm a little disappointed with Biosonic. I really enjoy some of Robert Logan's individual pieces that I listened to, but I did wonder how his style and sound would combine with that of Steve Roach.
To me the music on Biosonic kind of lingers on the surface, it doesn't pull me in. There are some fine moments, like the beautiful atmospheric ending of the first track. I wish there were more of those moments.
I think there is a lot of focus on detail, but I'm missing the overall picture. For example, I feel Body Electric and especially Blood Machine have a much stronger sense of cohesion; the concept of those albums really comes to life in the music.
Still, it's a worthy effort and it's good for Steve Roach to keep venturing into new directions, but maybe these two artists aren't fully compatible. Or I simply had the wrong expectations.

I feel exactly the same about everything in your post.
I think Steve and vit unis is a perfect match I hope they will work together again. 

Yes ambient can be tricky...I have rated albums like "a deep silence" 5 is very minimal album, was it easy to give 5 star, no ?
it took many listens, this album can only make sense when you are in bed between sleep and reality.

I can list endless amount of steve roach albums that have been taking long time to get into, some albums grow on you cause each time you listen your mind gives you a different experience. The best experience I get in bed, but as it is for many of you I can't lay in bed all day listening to music I can do it for a few hours. But I think good ambient deserves full attention and it is the ultimate experience.
We all are different some people might be better to multi task then me.

I spent the day listening to Second Nature. Outstanding! I think it is really hard to get the right combined sound from synths and piano. This is perfect. The way the grand piano is processed makes it seem more mysterious, while still being a majestic acoustic source. And the lightly mixed synths and electronics function like wisps in the background, always filling the space but without commanding too much attention.

That's encouraging to read, Chris. It is brilliant to hear the album is speaking to you. I must confess I would never have thought to release an album of this nature, but Steve has a special intuition for things and makes magic happen. And yes; he carves out those treatments/processing with great degree of care and sensitivity.

Ekstasis - even though that was your experience of this one, best wishes for your future listens to 'Biosonic'! :)

I feel very bad now, I did not mean to sound harsh. But I can also add a lot of steve roach albums I have been listeningen to and it has taken a long time before I have been able to grasp it fully and when the right doors has been opens.

It makes me really glad steve roach still putting out albums in steady flow! I think his discography can never be big enough.

here is  one more sample I did with eventide but it is not recorded with direct audio

Here is a glimpse of my future music project, this is deeply personal music from me.
Project will be based mostly with clean guitar like this, slow/mid tempo drums like this, ambient drones/textures similar to steve roach.

As I said this is deeply personal music for me, I like to record videos like this one to remember what I played and the music itself when I do a proper recording.
Drums is made by me with beatbox it is for demonstration purpose since I am not able to play drums and play guitar at the same time. I aim to use programmed drums for the demo then hire a real drummer to record acoustic drums in studio.  Video and sound is recorded with my smartphone for demonstration purpose.

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