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Hi there,

Check the new ambient release by cymphonic, called 'Dimensionata' which was released on Databloem records on the 4th of april.

Short promo: "Cymphonic ( Stanley Swinkels ) is back with another masterpiece of ambience. Stanley's traditional (Biosphere, Namlook) yet typical sound mingles synth pads and sequences beautifully with whispering voices, environmental field recordings and occasional fractal beats to create a range of sonic states and moods. The soft distortion from one dark area yields to the bright tone paintings of another in this wonderfully varied ambient landscape. Dimensionata is fascinating mix of ambient styles expertly woven into one totally engaging "Cymphonic" journey." Source: Dennis Knopper (Spielerei).

For more info and audio fragments click here.


New release by Cymphonic: Dimensionata.
After his previous releases 'Phonema Sacrata', 'Strataradialis' and 'Post Mortem Investigations' (with Vintage H), this new album Dimensionata is a rewarding listening experience in the same unique league: Love is Light, Light is Color and Color gives Dimension to Life. Cymphonic strives to sonically express a feeling and ambience that is both Harmonious and full of Tension. Peaceful and Spacious, with Lightness and Darkness, yet all in balance. One thing is clear: Dimensionata is full of dimensions indeed.
Check the link for samples and to order:

Hallo Richard,
Thanks for your nice words :)!
I hope you'll enjoy this album.
All the best,

Dear people,

A new Databloem album is born: Cymphonic & Vintage H : post mortem investigations.

Three years after the highly acclaimed Strataradialis album Cymphonic (Stanley Swinkels from The Netherlands) is back with a special album, created together with his father. In this unique project two generations work together with heart and mind to convert sound into an audiomovie experience, which covers the whole spectrum of atmospheric ambient music. Their story is told through spacious drones, surrounded by flocks of cinematic textures and heavenly voices. The first soundtrack, Post Mortem Investigations, guides you through possible stages of a Near Death Experience. The second titled Notturno, invites you to a synaesthetic panorama of the night. Depending on the state of ones attention, the listener can actively search and explore the music or take a more introvert position in receiving it. What will this album induce in you?

“Congratulation for this musical gem you created, this is a stunning album”.
(Vincent Villuis/ULTIMAE)

Thank you for your time!  :)

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