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I've read a couple of ahem, not so great reviews of this disc online, I don't get it, I think it is a masterpiece and the best disc created in 2008.

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Robert Rich - Live Archive
« on: April 24, 2009, 05:01:47 PM »
Cool. You can get Somnium there too. Lots of things I have to catch up on.

Damnit...can anyone who owns this album (Dead Weather Machine) please tell me if his/her copy has two second blank spaces between the tracks. I would very much appreciate it./i]

Yes, my copy of Dead Weather Machine has the two blank spaces, it's not just you. I just assumed that it was supposed to be that way.

I have all three releases, bought Deep Frieze first, Nostromo became available next, then Dead Weather Machine has just had a new release. Three for three so far, that's 1,000 per cent batting average for Kevin. Hard to do better than that. Among the finest dark ambient ever.


Just bought Steve's Stream of Thought today along with Robert Rich's Zerkalo. Steve really cranks them out.

Just bought this at my local record shop. They have quite an ambient section. I have tons of Robert Rich, this is sounding huge. Love the bells. Does Rich talk about Tarkovsky's film and what influences it had on the recording somewhere?

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