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I'm so sorry for his family and friends.  They will be in my thoughts and prayers (really).

Please send an extra bit of healing energy to Barry's widow. She's in a particularly bad way right now.

Scott Fraser

Golden Needle is a track a lot of people used to talk about as a favorite or at least memorable. I'm pretty sure the prominent guitar on that track is by Scott Fraser, a friend of Barry's who contributed performances to several A Produce tracks over the years.

Hi Mike, & everybody else here who knew Barry & loved his music,

Yes, that was me on the guitar solo on "Golden Needle", a high point of our collaborations & a personal favorite of both of us.
Thanks to all for the many kind words on Barry's behalf. Barry was a close friend, neighbor, collaborator, & fellow traveler of mine for the last 30-some years. I'll add my thoughts here soon, but I'm still a bit too shaken & stunned to be able to compose any coherent ideas at the moment. 
Shine on, you droney diamond...

Scott Fraser

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