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Awesome piece, really sums it up. I found the same thing. I did a lot of networking in Chicago through all of 2012, and it got me so little it really wasn't worth the time. Social media doesn't amount to much more than chatter. And I'm definitely not a marketing type. I'm actually on the lookout for a student to work as an intern for a year so I can most of the promo stuff to them. There's not enough time to work on the music, let alone promote it.

Many thanks to Chuck van Zyl for recent airplay on Star's End (5 tracks in past 7 weeks, along with a really nice review), and to Rik McLean (Ping Things) for his generous review:

I trust neither of these gentlemen need any introduction here, and their support for the music is greatly appreciated!

New member blurb... I'm Greg M, aka eyes cast down. I'm based in Chicago now, after a lifetime in Canada (most of that in Toronto). My website is, which has a bunch of streaming clips and directs to my WP blog (mostly music writing & reviews) and my Kalindi Music site (Publisher & Other projects). I'm also active in the Relaxed Machinery Ning community and will be releasing on that label (shout-out JKN!). Glad to be aboard here, along with many respected peers. It was JKN's flag on the CD v. CDR discussion that brought me in. (Works every time...)
Hypnos is one of the coolest labels around. I have spoken...

Thanks Richard! You're one of the audiophiles I have in mind. I think everyone appreciates your huge support for the music, as I do.  :D

Great discussion, and major for me, with the first two releases coming up. To cater to the small cadre of hardcore CD collectors, I'm leaning towards jewel case CDs with 2 panel front insert, and back-side-only CD tray insert. Disc Makers makes 300 CDs for about $870 (incl. barcode, shrink wrap, shipping & taxes) and 300 CDRs for about $650. At $15 and $10 respectively, I'd have to sell 58 and 65 copies respectively, to break even. That doesn't include the cost of mastering - or imaginary download sales.

It's tempting to go all-digital, because it's so much cheaper - and while we can give folks the full artwork in digital, I wonder how many of them would actually print it. But I think I'll stand at the barricade with the audiophiles - and pay for it...

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