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ValhallaDSP Shimmer and ValhallaVintageVerb complement nicely my Eventide Eclipse, at least for the reverbs. Sean Costello (ValhallaDSP) is really dedicated to reverb dsp : here his manifesto.


Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Behringer X-Touch control surface
« on: January 25, 2014, 07:04:51 PM »
Behringer has displayed their X-Touch control surface at NAMM 2014 with Mackie Control and HUI protocols and X32 mixer serie remote control (especially for the rack one). They will also offer cheaper very too with less feature set.

That seems a refreshing offer for DAW control at (I hope) an affordable price.


- Universal DAW Remote Controller for Studio and Live applications
Supports HUI and Mackie Control protocols for seamless integration with every compatible music production software;
- 9 fully automated and touch-sensitive 100 mm motorized faders;
- 8 dynamic LCD Scribble Strips for instant overview of track names and parameters;
- Ethernet interface for RTP (Real-Time Protocol) MIDI and future BEHRINGER X32 remote control;
- 8 rotary controls with LED-collars for on-the-fly adjustments of your favorite parameters;
- 92 dedicated illuminated buttons for direct access of key functions
8-segment LED meters per channel for precise level control;
- Large jog/shuttle wheel and tape-style transport controls for intuitive operation;
- Built-in 2x2 USB/MIDI interface for direct connection to Mac or PC computers and one external MIDI device;
- 2 dedicated footswitch connectors and one foot controller input for external remote control;
- 2-port powered multi-TT USB hub for connecting additional controllers
"Planet Earth" switching power supply for maximum flexibility (100 - 240 V~) and low power consumption for energy saving.

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Behringer Motör keyboards
« on: January 25, 2014, 07:03:09 PM »
Behringer has displayed their new MIDI keyboards with extended control surface capabilities at NAMM 2014 : aftertouch, 9 touch-sensitive motorized faders, 8 encoders with light, 8 velocity and pressure pads. 61 keys and 49 keys will be offered.

I was looking for a keyboard controller with such feature set for sooooo long time !  :) I think these types of controllers can be useful for both studio and stage uses. They will not be very cheap, so we may expect a better quality than what Behringer gear is/was known for.

- 61 or 49 semi-weighted full-size keys featuring expressive velocity and after-touch functionality;
- 9 motorized 60 mm touch-sensitive faders to control your DAW mixer, drawbar organ, soft synths or effect units;
- 8 backlit drum pads with velocity and pressure-sensitivity for ultimate drum and sample-loop performance;
- Standard MIDI and Mackie Control modes for ultimate flexibility with your DAW software;
- Hardware-based arpeggiator allows creation of complex patterns regardless of software limitations;
- Ultra-precise, illuminated endless rotary encoders with LED rings provide a clear overview of all software parameters;
- Backlit transport section for direct access to your DAW record/play engine;
- Quick individual bank select for faders, encoders and pads;
- Large backlit LCD screen for optimal overview, easy editing and quick status check;
- Built-in presets – no complex mapping required; additional free user presets for your favorite software/hardware assignments;
- Flexible communication via USB or MIDI In/Out/Thru – including merge functionality;
- Plug and play with Mac OS X and Windows XP or higher operating systems;
- Free audio recording, editing and podcasting software plus 150 instrument/effect plug-ins downloadable.

Hi everybody ! ;)

My name is Hédi and I'm a new member of this forum which I read since more than one year now. I'm in the electronic music field since more than 20 years now and plunged into ambient music genre at the same time while discovering Steve Roach early works at that time (and I'm still a big fan). I'm really happy to have joined this like-mind small community.

I'm very sensible to landscape, soundscape and nature. These main elements have deeply influenced my life, both personally and professionally. I've lived in France and moved to Iceland some years ago. I'm a photographer, architect, graphic/web designer and former university teacher.

My musical interests and tools are textures, rhythms and environmental soundscapes. My setup gravitates around a laptop with Ableton Live, MaxForLive (custom made step sequencers), Max and few plug-ins (mainly reverbs and filters), an Eventide Eclipse, an eurorack modular synth, some sdiy synths (Shruthi), and a pocket field recorder device (Sony PCM-D50).

My music is between atmospheric and dark drones, environmental field recordings, abstract and/or melodic sequences. Here are some extracts of recent works:

Strange Tribe

Light Wind

White Horizon

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