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Opere Sole

Music For Sleep is Rosh! Records' Andrea Porcu, who's been quite prolific in the last couple of years, releasing some of the best long-form tunes for relaxed activities and, actually, sleeping. Some may come from new age territories, others are more drone-oriented or even in Indian raga style, but overall it's a perfect soundscapes to fill your room and create a relaxed space for your mind and body to rest and re-energize before a new day. On this latest offering, Andrea creates a beautiful lush of nature sounds and gentle synth loops, swirling and spiraling around in the burbling of water, bird songs and crackling of the campfire. Basically, nothing can go wrong with such a recipe as it was proven since the golden years of the New Age genre and it' always nice to see such tunes being released in 2020, when we need those moments of serenity more than ever.
(Review by Calm In The Trees -

Roberto Galati & Federico Mosconi - Dissolve (Album)


Is it possible to capture the sound of a state of being, of a memory, of a past sensation?
Is there a possibility to translate a thought which once was into vibrational waves?
Behind this concept is based much of this work, this research carried out in the early autumn days of 2018.
The spark that started this research came by chance, or rather this spark was manifested to me in a place full of heavy memory, full of words, rich of dense and contradictory emotions. It was mid-August and I was at the local central bar in my neighborhood in SantíAngelo. At the bar counter I happened to hear a tale that struck me in particular: a gentleman holding a glass of merlot told a friend the story of the tragic end of the custodians of Villa Letizia:
Villa Letizia is an ancient Venetian villa located inside the national park of the river Sile, a structure of the 18th century located right in front of my house, a villa which I see every day from my window while I have breakfast in the kitchen.

The two custodians of this villa, husband and wife, lived there for several years at the beginning of the 20th century, probably passing most of their life between the thick and cold walls of the mansion, keeping alive and safe itís beauty, learning to recognize itís sound and voice, itís hidden messages. Every day single day for who knows how many years they observed the same landscape that I observe. Enjoying the song of the same birds, listening to the same gurgling of the river Sile that crosses the lawn.

Well what really hit me in the story of that gentleman was the dynamics of the death of the two custodians.
According to his story, the husband was quite a connoisseur of mushrooms. One morning, however, he committed a fatal mistake, picking up what he thought were mere white mushrooms, but instead they were none other than Amanita Phalloide (or angel of death), a very poisonous mushroom that at first can be confused with several other edible species.
The two keepers, unaware of their destiny, cooked and ate the Amanita, dying the next day with excruciating liver pains.
This research of mine is dedicated to this couple of lovers, of workers, of simple people linked to a specific place, a place that I also feel mine.
I tried to capture the scent of their essence, their memory, their past movements, collecting most of the field recordings in the gardens of Villa Letizia. Capturing itís mellow and gloomy song, hoping to find traces of the non fading memory of who once was but probably never left.

All field recordings have been recorded through a couple of walkmans and a microcassette tape recorder.
The track "La sala piý a Nord" contains recordings of my kitchen and my movements mixed up with field recordings captured in the Northern side of the garden of Villa Letizia, (no musical instruments were used on this track)
Track 1 and 3 and 4 are first single takes.
To assimilate the full sound spectrum of these recordings and feel it's hidden tones & octaves, a pretty high volume is recommended.


Infinite Tape Loops Vol.1" immediately brings to mind the emotional and gorgeous series of Albums "The Disintegration Loops" by William Basinski.
The records revolve around a very short melodic loop of approximately N/A seconds, that plays through the whole pieces from the beginning to the end. Around them, strings and pad harmonization fill the gaps with a gentle tapestry of long diluted sounds becoming the primary element of the compositions.
Timbric variations are the push that gets these compositions to flow, amplitude automations and gradual filtering develop a certain movement and introduce changes in the background-figure relationship of the two main sound actors. This floating, a heavy sound is lightly elevating, into light sounds that become grounded in appearance and disappearances, underlining a static, eternal landscape that will never change its behavior.

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Mind over MIDI - Habitat Debris
« on: June 20, 2019, 08:44:44 AM »
Mind over MIDI - Habitat Debris

If you can picture the very furthest, coldest, darkest part of Norway, thatís where Mind over MIDI resides. If you want to get an idea of what itís like there, and can do without the frostbite, then this is the perfect solution. Helge TÝmmervŚg produces sweeping, icy synthscapes, with digital snowflakes since 1995.

A collection of forgotten fragments, abandoned ideas, loops, alternate takes and outtakes.

Recorded in 2006, mixed and arranged in 2019.


Anarchist Mountains - Generations

Reccommended for Ambient / Interdimensional / Celestial music! 

Created live by Stefan and Jordan Christoff (one half PJS) in Montreal and Victoria between 2017-2018 using synthesizers, organ, various hardware effects and field recordings. No computer sounds, screens or presets involved.

Release link:

Modern Classical artist @seki_takashi, currently living in Tokyo (Japan) has joined for the first time the Rohs! Records/Lontano Series label roster with his new album titled "Faded Clothes", out in May 2019.

Available on CD (Limited Edition of 100 copies), 12" LP (Lathe Cut - 20 copies) and digital download!

Music For Sleep - Infinite Tape Loops: People

Infinite Tape Loops: People is one of those rare disseminations of time, where the aural answers to the question(s) linked to our limited lifespan start to make more sense than all theory that could have been written. Andrea Porcu, label head of ROHS! Records and also known under his moniker Music For Sleep has provided us with a very rare gem, in all its simplicity.

People reminds strongly of the depth of wonder, strength of inquisition, and relentless consuming sadness found in the works of The Caretaker or Biosphereís Substrata. The ongoing, melting, blurring tonalities, where no end and no beginning is known, has found me at a specific point in time/life/becoming where I just needed this amount of bluntness to carry on living.

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: March 31, 2019, 01:44:48 AM »
Last output of Music For Sleep Infinite Tape Loops: People

For fans of William Basinski Tape Loops approach.

Purl "Poems" LP is now available on Digital Download and full streaming through our bandcamp store.
This LP contains remixes by: Wanderwelle, Segue, Mind over MIDI, Stray Theories, Lingua Lustra, Docetism and Rhucle..
2x12" Limited vinyl is still available through our worldwide distributor Juno Records.

Infinite Tape Loops Vol.1

Listening at low volume is highly recommended.
All tracks have been extracted from found sounds of improvised studio session recordings - archive.

⚠ The audible tape hiss present on both tracks of this album is intentional, as the whole work was conceived to sound on this way ⚠
- Thanks for your understanding -


"After almost two years in the works, ROHS! is glad to announce the release of "Poems" 2x12" by Ludvig Cimbrelius aka Purl.
He began to use this alias at the age of 15, as a tribute to the sounds of nature that helped him rediscover inner peace. The intention behind Purl is to be an expression of the serenity and depth of our natural state.
In support of the original tracks "Slow Poem" and "Cellar Door", other 7 artists have re-imaginated and reworked the original two tracks, in vinyl order: Segue, Lingua Lustra, Mind Over MIDI, Wanderwelle, Rhucle, Docetism, Stray Theories."

Background Music: Schorre [Extended Version]

"Schorre" was first released last year under its creator's real name, Andrea Porcu. The Berlin-based Italian originally recorded it as a self-medication tool, crafting a heady, headphone-friendly journey out of field recordings captured at Belgium's Schorre National Park. 12 months on Porcu has decided to revisit it under the Music For Sleep alias, "sonically manipulating" and "reprocessing" it on tape in order to make it "a pure longform background soundtrack". The resultant revision is double the length of its predecessor at 42 minutes, but somehow even more magical: a becalmed, slowly shifting ambient epic whose blissfully elongated musical movements come wrapped in spacious, barely recognizable field recordings.
Review by - Juno Records

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