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Hi everyone.  Time for my monthly shout out about the new issue of EAS.  New this month is an interview with Vir Unis (John Strate-Hootman) and a feature on Italian EM artist Mac of BIOnighT.  Also of interest to you Hypnos readers in the Portland area, check out the latest from local ambient artist Evan Bartholomew. This is a guy to watch out for, great music that is really cutting edge, has his own style.  Enjoy.

Independent Music Reviews / March 2008 issue of Electroambient Space
« on: March 17, 2008, 08:19:43 PM »
Hi everyone.  This month's issue of EAS is uploaded, including a review of the Hypnos 4-CD release by vidnaObmana, Opera for For Fusion Works.  There's also an interview with Ami Hassinen of Finland's Nemesis.  Enjoy.

Hi everybody.  The Feb issue of EAS is now online for your reading pleasure.  This month, a mini-feature of sorts on the MusicZeit download service, featuring 3 Ian Boddy download albums that are exclusive to the site. Also, Part 1 of an interview with American ambient artist Robert Scott Thompson.  Enjoy.

Hi all.  The Jan 2008 edition of Electroambient Space is now available for your reading pleasure.  This month there are 20 new CD reviews, an interview with Telomere, and a look back at the best EM releases of 2007.  Thanks.

Phil Derby
Editor and Publisher

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