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Everything and Nothing / TED Conference video online
« on: February 20, 2008, 11:32:46 PM »
I recently started using the video feature of my video iPod and was pleased to discover that the TED conference has posted nearly 200 of its talks online for download.  The quality is wildly variable, but I've enjoyed most of what I've heard/seen so far.  Just finished listening to Barry Schwartz's talk about the "paradox of choice," which I thought was spot on.  Up next:  Malcolm Gladwell and Michael Pollan.  The link is here:


In the spirit of jkn's recent goodies, I've added two new mp3s to my audio page.  One piece is an experimental remix I did in October for Barry Cleveland.  The other is an improv I did on Christmas day with the Wavestation I just acquired from Loren.  Great machine!

The audio page is here:


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