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- from Stillstream -
 Aug 10, 2010 09:00 PM CDT (UTC-5)
Join us for a special Kite Radio this Tuesday August 10, in which Stephen Philips will present the world premiere of Samhata, the new collaboration by Lucette Bourdin and Darrell Burgan (aka Palancar) on the Earth Mantra imprint. This is the first time this album will be heard anywhere, so mark your calendars for this advance airing.

- from Stephen Philips -
Hello all, just a quick note about a very special Kite Radio this week.  This week I will be spotlighting the music of Lucette Bourdin.  We will hear some tracks from her latest CD on Dark Duck Records called "A Thousand Voices" and we will also be presenting the world premiere of Samhata, the new collaboration by Lucette Bourdin and Darrell Burgan on the Earth Mantra net label. This is the first time this album will be heard anywhere, and it's not set to be released for a week or so, so this is your chance to get an advanced preview of this excellent work.

Mark your calendars:  Stillstream, Tuesday night, August 10th, show starts at 10 PM USA EDT time.  See ya there.

Other Ambient (and related) Music / A Thousand Voices - Lucette Bourdin
« on: August 07, 2010, 03:55:07 PM »

A THOUSAND VOICES by Lucette Bourdin

This CD is Lucette's 7th release on Dark Duck Records and with each subsequent release, her musical craft gets more and more focused. Another excellent and yes, recommended release. This release again features her trademark ambient sounds, and once again, she throws in some gentle beats and rhythms that fill out the sound. This release also spotlights a variety of vocal samples and "voices" to fill out the sound. I liken it an otherworldy alien choir.

Ray of Light 5:49
Traveling Joy 16:47
Alien Prayer 12:18
The Call 11:55
Strange Landscape 10:35
Long Time Ago 6:06
In My Room
    (Homage to the Beach Boys) 9:03
Once Upon A Time 4:30
Total Time 77:06

A thousand angel voices soared
And broke the darkness of the void;
A thousand times their song was heard
And darkness fled before the Word.


Rumors From Cypress Town

"Ambient virtuoso Lucette Bourdin returns to Earth Mantra with yet another iconic collection of intelligent and evocative ambient pieces called Rumors From Cypress Town.

Unlike her most recent masterpieces, the Silver Moon / Golden Sun / Radiant Stars trilogy, her latest release is highly cinematic, what Lucette describes as "A Motion Picture In My Head Soundtrack". The pieces are much shorter than on her previous releases, each reflecting a scene or a character out of this virtual story. Unfortunately, there are few clues as to the plot or the setting for this imaginary screenplay (which is sort of a bummer because we are intensely curious about it), but fortunately for us the score speaks strongly for itself.

Like all of Lucette's work, the music is mature and thoughtful, brilliantly composed and chock full of her trademark performance emotion. What really knocks our socks off is how diverse the pieces are and how each one seems to strongly evoke a specific scene in the listener's mind, exactly the way a soundtrack ought to. Just when we think we have figured out Lucette's approach to her art, she goes orthogonal on us and delivers something completely out of the blue like this stunning album. Amazing.

And stunning it is. We have long been huge fans of Lucette Bourdin and have gone so far as to call her one of the top ambient artists active today. But she has really knocked the ball out of the park with this one. If anyone ever doubted that she is ready to score films at the highest level, this album will dispel any such misconceptions. Her music has always been lush and magnificent, but she has added a new facet to her work that did not exist before, an inventive conceptual dimension that adds depth and character to her pieces without distracting one bit from the underlying music itself. The fact that she is able to create such an effortless story line while preserving all of the serenity and grandeur of her musical point of view is frankly astonishing.

We could go on and on about how well composed this music is, about how the emotions ebb and flow majestically, about the excellence of her sound design, and about how perfectly all the pieces of her work dovetail into a work of enduring value. But rather than attempt to convey all this by words alone, we simply invite you, the listener, to download this album and listen for yourself. For we at Earth Mantra believe that Rumors From Cypress Town is one of the top ambient albums of 2010, and is nothing less than music for the ages. A must have for any lover of ambient music".
Review by Darrell Burgan

Other Ambient (and related) Music / New Lucette Bourdin on Earth Mantra
« on: December 13, 2009, 02:35:00 PM »
Radiant Stars, the final chapter in her "Celestial Bodies" trilogy.

Review by Darrell Burgan

Lucette Bourdin returns to Earth Mantra with her latest release Radiant Stars, the conclusion to the breathtaking trilogy of albums that includes Silver Moon and Golden Sun.

And what a trilogy these three albums represent. By themselves, any one of the three could easily be considered a masterwork, but taken together they are simply an astonishing achievement, one of the great collections of ambient music of all time.

In particular, Radiant Stars is one of the deepest and most elegant ambient releases we have ever heard. Three magnificent and extraordinarily patient pieces await the listener, the shortest of which is over fifteen minutes long, and the longest of which spans more than a half an hour. To call the music immersive is to understate the case. The music is restful and soothing, lush and contemplative, but with the perfect amount of activity and tonality. Amazing work.

Listening to pieces like Look Up to Outer Vastness, one is struck by the sheer virtuosity Lucette brings to ambient music. She very well may be one of the best ambient artists making music today. Why she is not releasing albums and scoring films at the highest levels of the industry is completely beyond comprehension. Simply immaculate music, performed by a master of the genre.

Earth Mantra is very proud to be bringing her music to our listeners, and we look forward to many more releases from her in the future.


This CD is Lucette's 6th release on Dark Duck Records and with each subsequent release, her musical craft gets more and more focused. I guess it's a little redundant to call this release "Recommended" but well, it is. This release again features her trademark ambient sounds, and once again, she throws in some gentle beats and rhythms that fill out the sound. It's a companion piece of sorts and if you liked what you heard on Drums and Repercussions, you will find this just as warm and welcoming.

Other Ambient (and related) Music / New from Earth Mantra Net Label
« on: July 06, 2009, 03:53:36 PM »

Some artists seem to have no limits to their talent whatsoever. When Lucette Bourdin released her magnum opus Silver Moon in February of 2009, we at Earth Mantra were so blown away by it that we could not conceive of how she could possibly top herself. Surely, we thought, this is the pinnacle of Lucette Bourdin's music.

Then just a few months later, Lucette asked us to release the sequel to Silver Moon, aptly entitled Golden Sun. A short time after listening to it, we picked ourselves back up off the floor.

Folks, we don't know how she did it, but she has topped herself again. Golden Sun is a two-disc cornucopia of some of the driftiest, loveliest, and most elegant ambient music we have ever heard. Everything there is to love about light ambient music can be heard in this jaw-dropping release, from sweet and subtle ambient washes to clever electronic pulsations, from mesmerizing shamanic sound sculptures to soaring melodic lines. An amazing breadth of music, performed beautifully, and captured in an immaculate recording. If that weren't enough, Lucette's beautiful artwork also adorns this release. Is there anything she cannot do?

We at Earth Mantra listen to a lot of ambient music, and are familiar with the works of thousands of artists at all levels of success and accomplishment. You'll have to trust us when we say there are very few artists, today or at any time, who have had both the sheer ambient chops and the sublime musical taste of Lucette Bourdin. She is clearly one of the best ambient artists active today, and we are ecstatic that she continues to release her breathtaking music through Earth Mantra.

Hi Everyone, Thought I would pass on one of DDR's latest releases. Cheers, TZ

LUCETTE BOURDIN - Drums and Repercussions

This CD is Lucette's 5th release on Dark Duck Records and with each subsequent release, her musical craft gets more and more focused, as well as introduces us to a whole new side of her sound. This release features her trademark ambient sounds, along with gentle beats and rhythms that fill the sound out and bring a whole new flavor to her palate of sound. This one comes highly recommended from us at Dark Duck Records.

01 Jungle Steam
02 Mile High Boogie
03 Picnic By The Creek
04 Hymn To The Rising Sun
05 Song of Creation
06 Glowing In The Dark
07 Dancing With Bears
08 And So It Goes
09 Follow Me Home
10 The River of Ghosts

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Two new releases by Lucette Bourdin
« on: February 26, 2009, 03:42:24 PM »
Two new CD's by Lucette Bourdin have just been released. One from Stephen Philips' Dark Duck record label and a second from Earth Mantra net label.

From Dark Duck comes the beautiful ambient CD Under Currents a quiet series of musical etchings which speak for the earth and its condition with compassion and feeling.
Titles are:
1 A Parade of Stones
2 Rain Forest Draining
3 New Growth
4 Sonoran Clouds
5 Glacier Lament
6 Under Currents

And from Earth Mantra comes Silver Moon
Review by Darrell Burgan aka Palancar, founder of StillStream net radio.

Ambient master Lucette Bourdin returns to Earth Mantra, this time with a stunning collection of eight ambient pieces, all inspired by a poem by Walter de la Mare.

And 'inspired' is exactly the right word to use. We have long been fans of the music by this California-based artist, but with each release she seems to outdo herself. This collection is no exception. It is, in fact, the best work we have ever heard from Lucette Bourdin, and folks that is REALLY saying something.

This release is composed of eight pieces of sheer ambient perfection. There are many influences evident in her work, from both space music (think Serrie) and traditional ambience (think Roach), but Lucette's genius is her ability to incorporate diverse influences while always firmly stamping her own distinct voice upon the final result.

The music is lush and beautiful, incredibly soothing, and yet without the syrupy sweetness that sometimes accompanies light ambient music. What really sets the album apart is the sound design, which is both understated and yet thoroughly refreshing and original. Mesmerizing and hypnotic, and yet equally suited for active listening and enjoyment. As we said, genius.

With Silver Moon, Lucette Bourdin firmly establishes herself as one of the top artists in ambient music, at any level. We are pleased as can be to be bringing this beautiful album to our listeners, one that is sure to be one of the top releases of 2009.

"Anyway, congratulations!
Your release has already had close to 500 downloads since it was released four days ago, which makes it one of the most downloaded releases at Earth Mantra yet." Darrell Burgan 02/25/09

Other Ambient (and related) Music / New release by Lucette Bourdin
« on: October 07, 2008, 05:27:23 PM »

Stephen Phillip's Dark Duck Records has just released Lucette Bourdin's third CD on his label: Ancient Memories.

"This is her 3rd release on Dark Duck Records and continues in her "beautiful floating drones" style that can also be heard on her Dark Duck Records releases, "Rising Fog," and "Stories From The City." "


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