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Hi Everyone. Next Sunday (9.21.08) at 1:30 pm I will be performing a piece of music in the natural history section of the Oakland Museum of California.  My 30 minute piece is titled:

sun rise red + wood blown afterglow
ancient electronic symphonies for the last red wood

My show is part of a weekend of performances around Oakland and San Francisco.  Other Performers include:

Pauline Oliveros
Ian Power
Jesse Olsen
Tom Djll
Ellen Fullman concert with special guests: Theresa Wong, Luciano Chessa, William Allaudin Mathieu, Edward Schocker
Tom Duff
Lisa Sangita Moscow and Tom Nunn
Ramin Zoufonoun
The Crank Ensemble
Saul Stokes
Dylan Bolles and Ted Coffey

music for people

Celebrating its 11th Anniversary, this festival is a celebration of new and unusual explorations in music and performance. Central to the event is music created using made and/or found instruments, or utilizing odd tuning systems.

Please see the following urls for times and locations:

Everything is free

Hi, I'm curious to know if anyone here knows the concert promoter for Last FM? I've been told it's a company called Article Circle but I don't know if this is actually correct.


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