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It appears that the renaming will be subtle, but sufficient to distinguish one from the other.  The plan now is that Nebula should become NebulŠ, though that may still change.

Brilliant!  :o

Since this affects Hypnos artists in particular, we at The Sound-O-Mat, who host the Austere Web site, amongst others, were asked by the band if there was any way to "test" the pages of their stock in the Hypnos Online Store, and if something was out-of-stock, redirect the user to another page back on their site.

We're happy to say we've written a small Javascript script that you put in place of a link to the Hypnos store, and it calls a PHP server-side script which figures out, based on whether or not the <title> tag is blank, whether or not the item is in stock, and if it is, sends the user off to the Hypnos Online Store, otherwise it redirects it, well, wherever you'd like it to go.

For those who might be Hypnos artists and who have links to the Online Store, if you'd like a copy of these scripts, please contact us at and we'd be happy to send you the scripts, although you'll have to look at and understand PHP to be able to use them (the JS script won't require any changes, it's just a hook to call the PHP script - the way JS should be used, considering how hard it is to debug/maintain.)

Just wanted to offer it up as we get it implemented for the band's sites today, and they suggested we post about it here as a goodwill gesture.  Please note this is not a criticism of Hypnos nor Mike & Lena, just a limitation of the "storefront" software he's been stuck with, and the band (well, one of them) was going nuts worrying that people would think things were out of print, or not order if something was unavailable, and if you try to add an out-of-stock item things get weird.  So this little bit of AJAX-inspired magic ought to do the trick until Mike can upgrade the storefront software, some time down the road.

Would also be willing to take a site and add this to it, for a fee of course.  Or perhaps in trade for CDs?  There's still a bunch of Hypnos releases we don't own!  Cheers, Wink at The Sound-O-Mat.

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