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Drone On - resurrecting this thread because I just picked up Vols. 5-8 recently (still listening to Vol. 5) and had no idea these were pressed on CDRs.  And yeah, the packaging is awesome but what's the deal with CDRs for these!? At least they do not sell for a whole lot online but still, kind of a bummer on that.  I do have Vols 3 & 4 (on real CD) and I want to pick up Vols 1 & 2 and 9-12, but may skip 9-12... of course the completist in me may not be able to handle it.  Speaking of which, any comments on 9-12?
Everything and Nothing / Re: Kunaki quality problems
November 08, 2012, 07:32:59 AM
Drone On - it would be great if you would send your grievances and complaints direct to kunaki. Their customer service e-mail is:

I myself would love to hear their response to you. I'd be descriptive as possible.

There was a stretch a few months ago where I had several complaints of their new ink they use gumming up, some people got discs from me that had no CD in them. Ive had misprinted art, and situations where the cover art was for one title and the back art for another. Also nearly very time I've checked my copies I see fingerprints and scratches on the disc surface. These are very annoying issues for sure and it behooves Kunaki to do a little better at quality control. That all said, I've only had a few complaints that required a replacement. Maybe 1 in every 50.

Let us know if you send them a complaint and what they say.
Quote from: drone on on November 01, 2012, 12:53:12 PM

I absolutely LOVE Lowlife, they are one of the most underrated (criminally underrated) bands ever.

Oh gosh, I don't remember that!  Old age!  :P
I was on the 8-year plan so my list encompasses a lot of music... listened to just about anything depressing and introverted.

Dead Can Dance
Cocteau Twins
This Mortal Coil
Love Spirals Downwards
Jane's Addiction
Pale Saints
Siouxsie & the Banshees
Skinny Puppy
The Orb
Nitzer Ebb
Echo & the Bunnymen
The Verve
Sisters of Mercy
Clan of Xymox
The Smiths
Revolting Cocks
Mazzy Star
Kitchens of Distinction
Ocean Blue
Smashing Pumpkins
Soul Whirling Somewhere
The Judybats
80s - Depeche, New Order, Duran, TFF, TT, Cure, Simple Minds, Human League, A-Ha
College study sessions - Steve Roach, Robert Rich, vidnaObmana

Most important?  Probably a tie between Dead Can Dance, Lycia, and Cocteau Twins
Quote from: mgriffin on November 01, 2012, 09:44:24 AM
I do think he played a show here, but I didn't go. Haven't gone to live music much at all, lately. Why should I, when I can sleep at home for free?

Man o man o man... I so wished Robin Guthrie had made a stop here in Denver on that Guthrie/Perry tour.  I think they went through Portland Mike.  Did you go?  I know they did a thing for KEXP in Seattle.  Great live radio set on YouTube to watch with both Robin playing guitar and Brendan Perry singing. Badass set.

Robin Guthrie - Monument (Live on KEXP)
Cool topic. I'm a hardcore CT fan as well and would love to see the band reform though I am aware that Elizabeth, in addition to whatever bandmate issues there are, doesn't like to perform live - or so I've read a few times. It is too bad though. I've seen the band live twice, once with front row center seats to the point I was staring up at Liz's chin (HoLV tour) and I met Robin Guthrie (and later Liz) on the 4CC tour in a funny situation. Robin was super nice. I sold him a watch at a downtown watch shop I worked at. He couldn't believe I knew who he was. Later Liz and Simon walked by and I said something all fanboy (I was 23) and just got a nod back - no smile or "thanks", but whatever, they are gods. I was nervous as hell too. Was the day there were in town for the 4CC tour.  Robin told me to sell my tickets and he'd put me on the guest list. Needless to say Robin forgot to put my name on the guest list and he wasn't wearing the watch I sold him on stage. good thing I hadn't sold my tickets!

Robin's solo stuff is really incredible. I particularly like Bordeaux.
Hey Drone On, Lycia was huge for me in the 90s. I'm pretty sure I listened to Burning Circle more than any other album. Cold is a close second. Without a doubt Galas' input on those albums made a positive difference. I only have one of his solo albums but how you describe his work is accurate. It's fantastic stuff.
I'm a longtime DCD fan and got lucky with a surprise presale for tickets to their show here and ended up with front row seats directly in front of Lisa's dulcimer rig about 4' in front of me.

I'm not good at detailed reviews of concerts or albums but I will say without question the performance was fantastic! They did play the entire new album (I think) which is fine with me as it's the best thing they've done since Serpent's Egg IMO. Lisa's voice is still solid and mesmerizing. Brendan hasn't lost it either. That said, I would have loved to hear some of their earlier works from the first 3 albums but no reason to complain. After the show I managed to snag Lisa's set list - her foot actually touched it. :)
Quote from: drone on on September 18, 2012, 10:05:01 AM
Actually I think Richard's was the most glowing, but mine was more glowing than Bert's.  But, I think to some degree they were all glowing.  :)

Quote from: drone on on September 17, 2012, 03:31:25 PM
Don't forget my 8/7 review.  Guess it wasn't "glowing" enough for a comment from the artiste.  ;D

Drone On - I'm so sorry! I didn't see your review until you just mentioned it here. Thank you for a more than glowing review! :) I will be posting your review on my reviews link at when I get a chance to do so.

You're the "glowing" man!

Thank you for such a glowing review of the new album! I am very happy you are enjoying it.

Incidentally, I also received another review posted today by Bert Strolenberg with Sonic Immersion:

The Deception of Reality
CD, Hypnos Recordings, 2012
From the labels notes on Jesse Sola's concept release "The Deception of Reality" I learned it's about introspective escapism while balancing light and dark themes, with the music transporting the listener to wherever they wish the music to take them.

Jesse's previous two albums already opened the doorway to a much deeper and darker-flavoured sonic environment, something that nicely continues on the five lengthy, uninterrupted pieces on this 75-minute album. We're talking about spacious, slighty melodic but overall expansive soundscapes here that venture into alternate realities with lots of mystic caverns and longform dwellings into the vast unknown.

Besides occasional undercurrents of mourning and melancholy, Numina's expressive, constantly evolving and overall emotive textures paints beautiful pictures, all fitting in a grand, transparent design. I though can imagine the drifting flow making up the rather Roach-oriented 19-minute "Empire of Nothing" may be a bit too minimal for some. Fortunately, the smooth, warm and dreamy waves of the final track "Translunary Return" again pull things in a different direction.

All in all, if you love imaginary and in-depth ambient soundscape music, the excellently mastered "The Deception of Reality" won't disappoint the least.


Review link:

Thank you to Mike & Lena for all of their hard work and investment you put into this release. 
Cool thread I missed it earlier. RSD seems pretty big here as well. I went last year and the line was about a half-block long. I don't know how Waterloo handled things but at Twist & Shout (Denver's equivalent to Amoeba, Waterloo, etc.) they filed everyone in like an assembly line with all the records on the walls in easy-to-grab ways and then to the checkout. Only took about 10-15 minutes. Granted I didn't pick up much. Anyway, I'd never been to an RSD up to that point. Was fun.
Got my pre-sale t-shirt and front row center tix yesterday. Looking forward to this show. I too am hoping for their new album to harken back to their 80s sound, though I'm not holding my breath. The last Brendan Perry is quite good though and if it's even remotely similar to that and Lisa's last titles I'm sure it'll be good.
Wish I could have been there as well! Hope it all went smooth!
As good as this album is, Brett Smith has just released a new soundtrack album for a film called "From Inside"... and it is incredible (and a great "Part II" to this Hypnos release).  Dark moody soundtrack-y soundscapes.  I don't know where to direct you folks to take a listen and pick up a copy. Hopefully Brett will post about it here. It is housed in a digipak and printed on a proper CD.  Fantastic stuff.

I also have the distinct pleasure to announce that Brett and I have started on a new Caul/Numina collab.  This is our first collaborative work since "Inside the Hollow Realm". It's in the very early stages, but we've both swapped initial tracks. I am excited about working on this.  More on this soon...

It's an incredibly amazing album.