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Everything and Nothing / Re: TV: Lost
« on: January 29, 2008, 01:58:04 PM »
I know what you mean, 9dragons, about the "spiritual" component to the show -- I feel that or sense it too, but it's hard to put your finger on.  I guess to me, it's the sense that the island is a metaphor for one's chance at a new beginning in life, or a chance to remake one's life by design.

Everything and Nothing / Re: TV: Lost
« on: January 29, 2008, 01:44:14 PM »
bumped for APK, who started a new Lost topic

Everything and Nothing / Re: Vinyl
« on: January 29, 2008, 11:53:07 AM »
I agree that very long releases have their place too, but I also think that the 74 (and then 80) minute limit of the CD medium made people go a little crazy with compulsively filling up the whole duration of every audio CD released.  This has especially been a problem in the ambient community, and I've been guilty of it too.

As others have said here, I sometimes find myself enjoying a more concise and focused recording, and thinking it would be diminished if the artist had stretched it out to 80 minutes just because the disc holds that much.

Just recently, I made the decision to edit down my Fabrications album from the 72-73 minutes it had been running for the past few months, to almost exactly 60 minutes.  I think the experience of listening to the album straight through is improved by the reduction.

Artist: Jonathan Block
Title: The Anatomy of Waves
Label: Hypnos Secret Sounds hss17, limited cdr edition of 300

2008. Hypnos is very pleased to announce a new release by Jonathan Block on our Hypnos Secret Sounds imprint. Jonathan has previously worked with Hypnos, when his album Sonic Approach (under his alter-ego Synthetic Block) was released on our Binary sub-label. Also his track 'The Language of Rocks' heads off the most recent Hypnos compilation Sounds of a Universe Overheard. The new album, The Anatomy of Waves, is a series of four long tracks featuring improvisations using an electronic "wind instrument" device, an Akai EWI4000s wind synthesizer.

Surface waves. Standing waves. Sound waves. Waves are disturbances that travel through space and time transferring energy from one point to another; often the physical manifestation of an underlying cycle. The Anatomy of Waves is a study of these cycles through evolving waves of sound — representations of our attachment to the crests and troughs that are characteristics of living in this world.

The music on this CD was created using a wind synthesizer processed through an effects pedal board and looped using long delay times that fade slowly, enabling new sounds and loops to be added and subtracted. All the tracks have a compositional foundation but this structure is fluid enough to allow the music to move in any number of directions, often simultaneously. From melodic to abstract, musical elements emerge and coalesce by design and hazard as phrases interact with one another and sounds are added that never become part of a repeating loop. Jonathan Block has been releasing electronic music for over 20 years, often under the name Synthetic Block. Block’s music has been released by Hypnos, Binary and Gears of Sand. In addition to his solo works, Block has performed and recorded with Dave Fulton, The Circular Ruins (APK) and Ben Fleury-Steiner.

The Anatomy Of Waves was recorded using an Akai EWI4000s wind synthesizer with a Vox Tonelab LE for sound processing and a Boss DD-20 digital delay for looping.

Track listing (with mp3 sample clips):
Diffract -
Diffuse -
Dissolve -
Disperse -

This limited CDR release, on the Hypnos Secret Sounds imprint, is available for purchase for $11.99 here:

Thanks for your comments, guys.

This CD has been made available on the Hypnos store today!  I'll follow this note with the regular announcement.

Everything and Nothing / Re: Warm Greetings - I'm Back in Town. :)
« on: January 29, 2008, 11:29:19 AM »
Welcome back, Jim/Gemini.  Lots of people here from the Philly area!

Don't worry, we weren't bothered by your suggestion to the Nebula naming issue.  We're working on a solution right now (that is, I'm discussing it with Oophoi who is sort of in charge of the project) and we have several good ideas that involve very slight changes or additions to the name so it will still be recognizable to those who knew the two Nebula albums in their previous releases..

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: Alesis Andromeda----Worth the Effort???
« on: January 27, 2008, 10:52:27 AM »
I haven't played with one myself, but I know that was Dave Fulton's primary instrument around the time of our Imprint album, and it sounded very good.  Of course, it was a $3000 instrument back then.

And I think Jesse/Numina is very fond of his.

I'm definitely jazzed for Message From a Subatomic World, Mike, as I'm still digging Sounds of a Universe Overheard. Will that be ready for ordering Feb/March? The Austere/Solyaris looks cool, too...@ least form the cover art.

I'd say it (MFSW) should be ready around that timeframe -- possibly the very end of February, more likely early March.  It's mostly ready to go, just needs some fine-tuning to get the tracks to "play nice" with each other.  And then a few weeks for manufacturing, of course.

I just realized that the weird hypnosis requests stopped some time around the time I updated the site with that FAQ, which at least explains that this is a web site for a record label, and not an information site about hypnosis.

Jamie, this was not a printed book.  I think Jim planned it to be a book for a while but there was some kind of publishing problem, and it ended up being an electronic book on CDR, which came along with 3 audio CDRs.  We used to sell the set through the Hypnos store but it's been a LONG time, like maybe pre-2000 even, since we had any copies of that.

Jim comes along here regularly, so he'll be able to tell you whether you can get a copy of the book anywhere.

Everything and Nothing / Re: Forum Suggestion (Gear Thread)
« on: January 25, 2008, 10:03:49 AM »
I figure all the gear-related stuff is very interesting to some people, and not at all interesting to others, so it makes sense to move it.

When I get back from our current travels (we're in Sacramento right now, about to drive to Lake Tahoe in a few hours), I'll be posting a bunch of stuff in that new gear area myself!

Didn't you used to have an FAQ item for people requesting info for school papers?   I seem to remember that (or it was just a forum topic years ago...   wow - the forum's been around quite a while now (2001 I think)... :) )

Maybe so... I need to read/update that FAQ.  It's here:

Just out of curiosity, Mike, but did you get inspired to use the name Hypnos by the title of the wonderful H.P. Lovecraft story, or the Greek god of slumber and father of the gods of dreams?

Glad to hear of the Path of White Clouds re-release. Genesis is an epic release...

My inspiration was the Greek god of sleep.

Though the Hypnos label is not meant to be entirely about night-time music or music for relaxation or sleep, that kind of use of sound, for sleep or meditation or that sort of thing, was most important to me at the time I started the label.  I was interested in Buddhist meditation and was trying to practice that every day, back then, and I was very interested in sleep and lucid dreaming, altered states of consciousness, and I felt deep ambient music could be an important component of such efforts.

For a while, in the late 90s, I think the Hypnos web site was coming up high on the list of any internet search for "hypnosis" or "hypnotism" and I was frequently getting emails from kids writing reports about these subjects, asking me for help with their school reports on hypnosis.  Haven't had a request like that in a while now.

The original name was going to be Nocturne. 

I had no idea at that time the label would ever be a real label known to people outside my immediate area.  I thought I might sell a few CDs to local stores on consignment, so I gave up the name because I discovered there was a Portland band, sort of a goth/industrial group, called Nocturne.  I had a web site started, and a logo, and an email address (but no web domain yet), but I gave it up due to the conflict and started thinking about other names.

There are tons of artists named Nocturne, and even one record label, in France:

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: New here....
« on: January 24, 2008, 02:53:30 PM »
Hello, Circulum Musicum.  I almost wrote "Circulon" by mistake... 

Welcome to the Forum!

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Alice B TOKLAS
« on: January 24, 2008, 12:05:49 PM »
According to Discogs, Alice B Toklas is the label, Dimension 16 is the catalog number, 1979 Foundation For The Black Arts is the artist, the track is "The Other Side of Twilight," and Robert Rich is credited with having written the track.

There is a track "The Other Side of Twilight" on Robert's album Numena which you may have seen as Numena/Geometry when it was reissued by Hearts of Space.

Either this is an artist (1979 Foundation For The Black Arts) covering Robert's track, or else 1979 Foundation For The Black Arts is some weird venture Robert took part in, in which he was credited as part of that group name.  I don't know but I'm guessing the former (a cover of Robert's track)

Everything and Nothing / Re: Forum Suggestion (Gear Thread)
« on: January 24, 2008, 10:34:43 AM »
Those who are navigation-challenged, to find the new area, return to the Forum's front page, and look for the area called:

"Gear Talk: Music Gear, Recording Gear, Computer Gear"

Or, if you can't find it, here's a direct link to that area:

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Water resistant earphones or headphones
« on: January 24, 2008, 10:32:09 AM »
i wondered if anyone had any recommendations for water-resistant (not "underwater" but OK for wearing in the rain, or for listening while chilling out in a hot tub or bath tub) earphones?  I don't imagine there's any such thing as over-ear headphones for this, so I figure any such solution will be in-ear.

Everything and Nothing / Re: Forum Suggestion (Gear Thread)
« on: January 24, 2008, 10:28:26 AM »
OK, I think that's all of 'em, but JKN and APK can feel free to move any others that I missed.

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