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Everything and Nothing / Re: MP3 player widget?
« on: December 12, 2013, 05:23:58 PM »
So.... no wonder I didn't find anything about Premiumbeat when I was searching recently. It appears the company has shut down, and they're sending people from their web site to PodSnack, which is another company I saw offering an mp3 playlist/jukebox.

I wouldn't mind paying something for a good bit of mp3 jukebox code but PodSnack seems to be selling a service rather than a bit of code.

Everything and Nothing / Re: MP3 player widget?
« on: December 12, 2013, 05:21:29 PM »
Thanks Anthony

The player on your site looks familiar and probably was the one I was tinkering with before, though I was using a different color or skin. I wonder why that player never showed up in any of my searches.

I've toyed a bit with one you can see here (it's not insertable into this forum post):

It's just below the playlist. It works OK but I don't like being unable to change the look of it.

Thanks again -- that gives me another option to consider at least.

Minecraft seems like a game where you can just play for 10 or 20 minutes and have a little fun, and set it aside. Of course, I understand it's supposed to be addicting, and I could see how you can get caught up into harvesting resources and making stuff.

Also, I just sold my regular edition of Skyrim and ordered the Legendary one, so I can play the various add-ons. Kind of stupid, considering I hadn't even finished the regular Skyrim yet, but I found a good deal on the legendary version and wanted to take advantage of it.

Everything and Nothing / MP3 player widget?
« on: December 11, 2013, 07:43:16 PM »
Hey, all my internet-savvy media-aware friends...

A year or two ago, I started working on setting up a little "jukebox" type MP3 player and was planning to switch all our MP3 sample clips over so they were playable in this format rather than just linking to the MP3 files on our server.

I tested several players, and had to eliminate most of the ones that  relied to much on Javascript, because I can't edit the HTML headers in the Hypnos Online Store. I believe I found a player that relied on Flash, rather than Javascript (though HTML5 might work too), and that had several skins available. It looked like a little WinAmp window, with a list of tracks below it, and a play/stop controller, and a scroller so you could skip ahead in the track playing, and a volume slider.

I'm pretty sure it was free, but it might have had a "paid for" premium version.

Does anybody have any idea what I'm talking about? I've been searching all over the place, and can't find the original files I was tweaking, or any reference to this MP3 player/jukebox thing on the internet.


My wife bought a laptop right when Win 8 came out, and had to get it, despite wanting 7.  She hates it so much she never uses that computer.  I've tried to get used to it, but it forces me to completely change the way I use the desktop, etc., so I don't use it either.  Very expensive paperweight.   >:(

Forrest, you should install Classic Shell on your wife's laptop. It's a free add-on that gives Win 8 a start button (or at least a button that functions mostly the same way) and eliminates most of the irritating aspects of Win 8. I install it on all the new PCs at work before I even let anyone touch them, and everybody who has a Win 8 machine at home comes to me and says "Tell me how to make my home computer function like the one at work."

Antonio Testa & Michel Miglia
Title: Forget the Past
Label: Hypnos (digipak CD)

Antonio Testa ( may be best known for his ethno-ambient collaborations with Alio Die, but he has also released a diverse variety of solo ambient music on such labels as Hic Sunt Leones, Faria and Emit. Testa’s collaborator Michel Moglia, credited here with fire organ, flute and drones, will be a new name to most.

Often ambient recordings pursue a single sub-genre or niche — dark ambient, ethno ambient or drone, for example — and stick faithfully to it. Forget the Past exhibits a pleasing diversity, with plenty of gently atmospheric stretches, rthythms that sometimes fade out and at other times build to a wicked trance churn. The sound is clean, yet derives from a full list of natural and organic sound source, and a diverse set of field recordings.


One track lays gritty, hallucinogenic flute lines over a slow-swooping psychedelic rhythm mechanism and incantatory female whispers and recitations like an overheard magic spell. Another mixes bird sounds and subtle electronic atmosphere with distantly echoing percussion, creating something like a soundtrack to a lost film by Alejandro Jodorowsky. Percussion with a tribal or ethno flavor is used in an unusual way, not to fake a specific brand of exoticism, but to create a sense of something both intuitively familiar and also strangely foreign.

Forget The Past covers a lot of sonic ground and a broad range of moods, but it’s always unpredictible and fresh, while remaining smooth, introspective and restrained. We’re very proud to bring this recording to Hypnos listeners, and trust that the sample clips will convince many of you to give this a full listen.

As usual, we're offering a discount for the first week of release, $8.99 until December 17. The price goes back up to $12.99 December 18.

Purchase direct:



Purchase direct:

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: effects - old and new
« on: December 11, 2013, 10:38:35 AM »
That OTO Biscuit device is pretty interesting. My first response was "ehhh, bit rate reduction... seen it before, heard it before," but the way it was set up with tweakable controls changed my mind. This could be a really useful device to add to the arsenal, especially for those of us who do a lot of improvising or live performance.

Agreed, and I don't mean to say all synths are equal, or that a Casio CZ101 is just as good as an Andromeda or a Moog or a Matrix 12 or any of the "greats." I tend to think of all synths as having their own strengths. For some synths, like a CZ101 or my Roland SH101 (hey, my first two synths both had the number "101"...) one of the strengths is that they're straightforward and easy to learn, so maybe their value is more as learning tools which are limited in terms of practical usage.

Over the years I've seen so many people say "Oh, everybody knows FM synths like the DX7 are hard to program and boring sounding," or "Everybody knows Rom based synths like D50 and M1 sound good, but they're shallow and predictable." I think it's very easy to dismiss a synth this way, and also end up dismissing or ignoring the very great work some people are able to create with synths like these.

Cool Jesse -- we've all got new download stores happening!

Also... looks like we buried my announcement asking for help making test purchases from our downloads store.

I've got one person helping so far today, but would like 1-2 more, either today or tomorrow (Tuesday or Wednesday).

Free music! Interested? All you need to do is make a couple of purchases from our store, at least one of which uses a coupon code, and you'll get all the money you spend refunded, and get to keep the music you download. Speak up.

We'll release FORGET THE PAST by Antonio Testa & Michel Moglia soon. Just have to agree with the artists on an "official" release date. That will actually be in 2013, but I assume you're more interested in what's coming up than in 2014 releases specifically.

We have a handful of other CDs nearly ready to go, one after the other, so early 2014 will have releases like ICE DIVING by Subradial, NOCTURNES by Max Corbacho, the "sequel" to THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES by Seren Ffordd and Oophoi, and possibly a solo SEREN FFORDD album. I'm also talking to a couple of other artists as well. I expect 2014 to be a busy period of new CD releases, unlike 2013 which was mostly taken up with the reissues of Robert Rich material (and of course prepping several of the above recordings sot hat they're almost done).


From the Hypnos Blog:

We're done with internal testing, and preparing to enter the beta testing stage of our download store. We need make-believe customers to help us out by making some test purchases, in exchange for some free downloads.

If you're comfortable and familiar with the process of buying downloadable music from online stores, able to make payment with credit card and/or Paypal (payments will be refunded 100% during the test period), and willing to offer feedback on aspects of the store that worked or didn't work for you, let us know. We don't need a detailed analysis of the store's design or function... just let us know if anything didn't work as expected. If it all goes great, that's OK too. You still get to keep the music.

We don't need dozens of people -- a few will do -- and preference will be given to individuals already known to us, such as Hypnos customers, Hypnos Forum members, or friends of the "real" or Facebook variety.

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: effects - old and new
« on: December 10, 2013, 10:30:28 AM »
I think there's some truth to this -- processing power has increased greatly, but effects processors have not changed conceptually in a long time.

I agree about things like Audiomulch, and other processors like it that sort of chew up and digest your original signal and leave you with something completely different.

One possibility opened up by all this processing power we have now is the use of complex multi-effects configurations built by the user. You can build all kinds of crazy sound processing machinery using systems designed for this purpose like Max or Pure Data, or systems designed to be synthesizers with audio input options, such as Reaktor or the Nord Modular.

Something I've enjoyed doing from time to time for experimental purposes is wiring up a crazy, complex signal chain all through my studio, creating feedback loops along the lines of the things I've seen Eno set up. You have to include compressors or limiters in the loop so the setup doesn't just feedback on itself into an ever-increasing racket. Often this just creates a hum, or a throbbing oscillation, but sometimes it can be useful.

Any synth you can name that "sounds bad," a talented person can use to create something that sounds beautiful and amazing. This is true of ancient modulars, early analog mono synths, digital synths, samplers, ROMplers, soft synths or anything else.

Much of Eno's important work was made with pretty much nothing but a DX7 and a few basic effects.

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: The THX sound
« on: December 09, 2013, 05:02:04 PM »
It's funny, I always thought it was a Csound program. That's only part of the answer, it turns out.

I finally got around to tinkering with Minecraft a little bit. I've had it sitting here for a long time, waiting.

It's more sandbox than game, but it's fun. I can see how it would be addicting! I only let myself mess around with it for 20-30 minutes or so.

Has anybody else here bothered with Minecraft?

Normally I keep this kind of thing behind the scenes, but in this case I'd like to make known that Immersion has been warned about personal put-downs on the forum. I mention this openly so there's no question this kind of thing will not be tolerated.

Everyone is welcome to disagree with the ideas of others. What is not acceptable is condescension or rudeness, or especially personal put-downs.

I don't blame people for wondering if it was ever going to happen.

Finally I had to change the goal, and decide to set a target of creating a small shop at first, and growing it larger over time. I have something now that should work well, and I think people will like it.

Don't forget the Hypnos blog!!!


Originally posted on the Hypnos blog:

We’ll have some exciting changes coming soon, primarily related to our first digital download store. As soon as we finish up beta testing, we’ll be opening the door to the public. Though we plan a sort of “soft open” for the store, with just a few products available at first, we plan to steadily ramp up and increase our offerings.

We’ll start out by offering a handful of Hypnos titles for download, then increase the Hypnos (and Binary and Hypnos Secret Sounds) offerings until most of those are listed.

After that, we look forward to offering digital downloads from other labels, starting with some of the music we already sell on CD in our Hypnos Online Store. Again, we’ll start small and gradually ramp this up.

The next phase after that, perhaps most exciting of all, is when we start selling downloads from other labels and artists not currently represented in our store. We envision our store becoming a hub for ambient, electronic and experimental music, with a mix of CD and download items. While physical space requirements keep us from offering more than 1,000 or so titles on our Hypnos Online Store, digital downloads don’t take up any physical space, so we might end up offering thousands of titles.

Here’s to the future! We’ll have more specific news very soon.

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