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Other Ambient (and related) Music / Cosmic ground 2
« on: July 21, 2015, 06:20:26 PM »

New cosmic ground record I must say really  good.
Very high level and hypnotizing sequencers

Start with this song

Best song on the album hypnotizing and meditative sequencers in the highest level.

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Modal Electronics 008
« on: July 19, 2015, 08:48:20 PM »
This is the real fucking deal... this analogue synth seem to be the ultimate atleast when it comes to pure sonics.. and can probably beat all synths old oberheims and prophet..

There is one catch however.. the price is beyond this fucking world.. so yeah..


New album finally available.
The Berlin school is still being kept a much due this trio.
I love this artwork.

Mario Schönwalder

New album.. first one since 2012.. very good

Soundcloud link is embeded in the link below.

Sounds really good!

Jokes, Nonsense and Amusing Links / Iphone 6 users welcome to 2012
« on: September 10, 2014, 02:58:59 PM »

Listening: Podcasts, Mixes, and Music Sample Clips / ambient 15 (from 2012)
« on: September 09, 2014, 02:25:37 PM »
Recorded totally live and improvised..  emotional and reflecting back on life standing the side of the ocean on a grey/blue day reflecting back on life...

Going through som old folders..found this.. Ambient from 2012, totally recorded live and improvised.. in two parts but they could have been one together.

the results of 3 days of tweaking.. and frustrations, I had many reaper crashes.. I am in a deep need of more cpu power I am always on the limit.
I have started to spend more time with recording music lately.. I hope it is not temporary.. but when my DAW and plugins crash all the time you really have to fight to keep the will to record music, but I will try to be better to do more channels cause reaper handels mulit thread performence better then I tend to use 7-8 synths on one track  Part 1 is lush and vast with and atmospheric and high quality sound.
 Part 2 is based on Part 1 harmonies but with 70s vintage sound, overdriven tubes and analogue gear


I did this recording many months ago, I was quite satisfied with it, but not not really "that" good" or the best I have done , anyway I did listen to it in headphones this night and I realize I really like it, it made me drift away  so I thought why not just share it instead of letting it be on my HDD for myself forever ?,  did sound good with my DT1350 the sharp treble It sound a lot better in my headphones then what I remember in my speakers... I did want a more old school sound, it actually sounds like it coming out from a old vinyl player this was my intent. As always all improvised no after editing.
The sharp vinyl sound was created with one of a kind EQ an old analogue EQ from the 60s  which really is one of my favourite weapons right now..

Some calm and relaxed guitar..and not much idea where I was going when I recorded it.

Kemper amp/Eventide H8000fw

So it is summer.. their is finally sunny weather in Sweden which mean I travel to cities during the weekend to meet people and vaccation etc which gives me a need for good portable sound. I have found this Mini DAC Microstreamer, I have not found one single bad review yet it seem pretty hyped, I wonder if it gets hyped because of the small size or the sound.. anyway.. I decided to buy one for my Samsung Ativ 9 Plus ultrabook and my DT1350 headphones...nice to have good portable sound on the train... but.. it is even small enough to have in your pants pocket with your smartphone, yes it works with android and pc and also mac/ios.  It works with ASIO up to 96K it is not much bigger then a matchbox it has an aluminium body.

The price is not that cheap.. you obliviously pay little bit for the extremely small form factor..
Well anyway I am looking forward to try it the order should arrive in a few days, looking forward to have it on the train to Gothenburg.

Have any one tried it ?

While I consider myself a good drum programmer and I have spent a lot of time making good programming the past, these days are gone forever, since I have realized it is impossible to get the human flow in the music with programming and it is just a big waste of time, I prefer to use drumpads.  But A lot of times when I play guitar I play beatbox (emulating drum rythms with my mouth). For me I find this the superior way for me to generate the natural human flow with the music which is very hard to to do in non real time, a lot easier to record both rhythm and guitars at the same time for me.

So what ways do you recommend for me to trigger my drum samples ? Should I use some kind of trigger mic or use an usual micrphone and use some plug ?  what way is the best ?  I use Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0

I use some beatbox in this recording with the guitar.  The big advantage here is as I said that both rythm and guitar is done in real time.  Works in VLC player

I have finally after a few months starting to use the Eventide, I am still trying to learn how to use it, since it is a quite complex machine I must say, I really have to study the manual.

but anyway I did play around with some presets for about 10 minutes, it was just a quick demonstration for a friend on skype (if I  knew I would post it here I would probably make it more ambient oriented)..but why not share it with you too.. with some slight modification such as increased decay times change LP/HP filter.
My guitar has really old strings and is not intonated , and also the string height is too high so it is really hard to play it..
but that is not what it is about, just want to share how it sounds. Before I bought it I had big problems to find samples..

I can record more later,  I can play some music through it it too thru digital AES input.

I use Kemper amp and dual stero analogue into eventide then into rme hdspe aes (Eclipse AFC clock) at the computer then processing added.

Suspension and Reflection/Below and Beyond are on this cd

I have been into steve roach since 2005, 11 years, I was very disappointed in both cds. I fail to grasp it's essence.  I do not like the sound of steve roach, I have noticed every since Dynamic stillness his ambient soundscapes have am more "dark character" more "dark rumble"  for me personally I wish he did cut of a lot of this darker bass energies and focus on the higher and lighter sounds. The "bass" frequency acts more as an distracting element.  I think Oophoi made some kind of statement of it, regarding dark ambient artists.. about this dark "bass rumble" that is just  for me the bass in ambient is just an energy has no real interesting sound detail...
I am just seeing on my spectrum analyzer that steves latest phase albums have cut of the high end quite a lot while the bass frequencies are now more dominant , it just make it sound more muddy and less sound details.

I am convinced that he is using different equipment nowdays then before which explain why he sound different now, most likely a new mixing board, a new studio,  I do not see a progress in steves music since 2008, to me it has gradually gone worse..anyway.. I am always interested when he release a new cd you never know when he will release a masterpiece again.  But considering his last albums the last cople of years have more or less sounded the same I hope he will experiment with different gear and reverbs.  His reverb had a lot more "open" and wet  sound before while now the high end is cut of heavily and his reverb sound a lot more "dry". The big change in his sound  after 2008, with his album dynamic stillness.

I think if just some of his later albums released after 2008 was just remastered or remixed with a more open reverb sound no HP/LP filters (most importantly no low pass). I have just experimented with just adding EQ which make big improvement when making the mix more brighter with more higher frequencies .

So to summarize I am not a big fan of Steve roach later phase album after 2008 which a lot more darker and more dry sound character with a bigger focus on the darker and lower parts of the sound spectrum and "bass rumble"

I have come to the conclusion most of the ambient music I like most have e-bowed guitars...
Feel free to recommend me albums with a lot of e-bow..

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