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Other Ambient (and related) Music / Robert Henke
« on: November 13, 2008, 05:16:06 PM »
Feel free to talk about this great ambient/drone artist :)

Well...for us who likes him there is good news..a new album will be released within a few weeks...called "atom/document", read more about it here, looks really interesting...

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Spectrasonics - Omnisphere
« on: November 13, 2008, 02:37:30 PM »
I know many people and veterans on this forum is against softsynths...but I really think that this synth gives us a glimpse of the is really a huge step forward in the world of softsynths. It is not as revolutionary maybe as the advertising try to tell you, but it is definitely a very potent softsynth...

I have not had the opportunity to try this myself yet, but I have seen the 9 tutorial videos, so I am pretty sure what to expect.

This is a double CDr release, 2 and half hour long, limited to 50 copies. split into 9 parts...
I am not sure if it is officially available for order, but my friend did get it for free with an order...

I hope that eventually the complete concert of 12 hours will be released.

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / I am trying to imagine...
« on: November 09, 2008, 04:43:10 PM »
Right now when I listen to Steve Roach's masterpiece album "Labyrinth" I really try to imagine what these soundworlds what sounds like WITHOUT the all the effects and reverbs etc, I am simply interested to know what the sourcesounds sounds like...75% of the sound is the expression of effects especially reverbs..I know he use kind of old analogue equipment that I imagine sounds very bad or nothing similar without heavy use of digital effects such as a good amount of reverb...

I want to know how it sounds like under the surface... Mainly I want to know this to improve my own ability to create soundworlds in future...

Also does anyone have a list of the instruments and tools he use to create music ? Reverbs ? Effect Processors ? Ooscillators ? Pitch shifters ?
And have there been any interviews that more in depth describe the process of how he makes music.
I am interested to learn anything, to me Steve Roach soundworlds are SUPERIOR to anything else in the ambient music genre.


Mp3 samples of the album can be heard on the link below.

What a great discovery this album was, reminds me very much of TUU but mixed with space ambient.

"Most SMD customers will be aware of Jonn Serrie's work and I'm pleased to say that he has kept up the excellent form, found on his last two CDs, 'Spirit Keepers' and 'Dream Journeys'. However I had never heard of Gary Stroutsos before and that is a shame because his contributions on various flutes (and a few other instruments) to the CD are essential in making it the triumph it is. What we get is a very laid back album describing the beauty of the planet with ethnic touches, especially those of the native American Indian. In a way we are revisiting ground covered recently by Jonn but this time with a more world music slant. On some of the tracks the talents of tabla players are also used well. The title track starts things off with 'breathy' synths, gentle tabla rhythms and a very peaceful but melancholy flute melody. It is all so relaxing but yet moody at the same time Just close your eyes and let the music drift over you.

'The Ocean of Night' uses synth leads more than the previous track, the flute also tends to be more up front and optimistic. The feeling of calmness and tranquillity developed on the opener, however, is just as prevalent here even if the images created in the mind are somewhat different; questing rather than mysterious. 'Mystery of Falcon Cove' begins with the sound of the sea and objects being blown in the wind. The flute actually sounds more like an extension of the wind and we are carried along by the relaxing tabla rhythm. Its just the sort of music to sit back on some hot sandy beech whilst imagining a row of camels walking by. 'The Rain Maiden' is basically flute over a swirling backdrop of synths with the sound of a storm in the distance and gentle rain falling on the ground. 'Sunrise Song' begins with rather spooky sounds and percussive effects which mimic the sounds of insects running for cover as the sun rises. The flute soars as if describing the rays of light bursting above the horizon. The slow drumming on 'Earth Sky' rather reminded me of some sort of funeral ceremony and the mournful flute enhanced this feeling still further. Synth flutes are OK but I don't believe you could get the full emotional power of what you have here by anything else than the real article. 'Bird Canyon's' initially consists of ambient nature sounds over some high register wind instrument . The synths come more to the front at around two minutes, adding to the tranquillity.

'Rhapsody' is basically a wandering flute over a carpet of synth textures, another one to just chill to. 'Tuptims Garden' uses plucked strings (probably the koto, whatever that is, mentioned in the booklet) but these soon disappear leaving a middle section of synth textures and gentle percussion, the plucked strings returning nearer the end. 'Vision Lake' has a rather cosmic feel to it and wouldn't have been out of place on one of his 'Planetary Chronicles' CDs. Certainly an album for those quieter moments. (DL) "

Everything and Nothing / Psychedelia in your home
« on: October 19, 2008, 04:35:00 PM »
So I have been interested in this some time now, I want to create conditions of psychedelia in my home when I listen to deep mind altering music,  with help of light and various tools that might give en beyond sensory experience or just a higher state of consciousness/awareness. I want the walls to be covered with shifting lights and shape & forms, I want the room to feel organic and alive.

Please check this little video clip for inspiration, it would be perfect to have the windows like that...with the orange/red light.

A good way to start would maybe be an psychedelic projector, have anyone tried "Mathmos Space Projector" is it really worth investing ?

Maybe a Strobe light would be cool also...

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Singing Bowls
« on: October 09, 2008, 07:48:22 PM »
After been listening to artists such as Klaus Wiese and Oophoi for some time..I have been getting interested to maybe get an singing Bowl..But I want to know little more of it, what different kinds Singing Bowls does exist ?
And what does these cost ?

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Thomas Köner
« on: October 09, 2008, 07:44:26 PM »
One of the best Drone Ambient artists out there...

I just realized, he has not released any new music since 2003, what is he up to ?

Other Ambient (and related) Music / False Mirror
« on: October 09, 2008, 12:54:05 PM »
I can recommend False Mirror from Germany, quite unknown ambient artist, but that have shown a lot of potential...
I think in a couple of years he will definitely be in the upper layer...

Reminds me of a Drone version of Robert Rich.
My favorite album is "North"

Everything and Nothing / Ambient Clothing
« on: October 02, 2008, 06:44:52 AM »
This is thread is dedicated to ambient Clothing.
So feel free to post links to shirts etc..

It does not need to be a band shirt maybe..if there is shirts with a very nice print or such
feel free to post it here...

Other Ambient (and related) Music / TUU
« on: September 20, 2008, 06:27:29 PM »
When I did listen to the new Nada Terma  samples...I did get reminded of TUU...Does anyone know what TUU is up to, could we expect any new music from in future ?


Mp3 samples can be heard here:

"Nada Terma merges the boundaries of ambient, world music and sacred-meditative styles. On Nada Terma (translated as “discovering spiritual treasures through the world of sound”) East Indian tonalities blend with Sufi-like trance percussion immersed in atmospheres, drifts and drones, arriving at a state of relaxed, focused awareness. The continuously-woven 73-minute piece is sequenced into seven discrete segments, perfect for yoga, contemplation and bodywork.

Following upon the groundbreaking work of 2006’s Mantram, Nada Terma is the second Projekt collaboration between Arizona’s Steve Roach and Byron Metcalf with Germany’s Mark Seelig. On Nada Terma they reach deeper into the mystical / spiritual realm, presenting a blend of diverse worlds skillfully combined in an organic fashion. Deep-trance frame drums, clay pots and percussion meet with harmonic overtone vocals (akin to Tuvan throat singers) and the yearning sounds of the stringed Indian Dilruba, and East Indian bansuri flute, bringing a melodic and spiritual-contemplative highlight to the release. All of this exists within an enigmatic world of shadow and shifting light developed by way of artful enhancements and processing of the acoustic instruments. These complements are part of a constant, slowly breathing subtext of drones and atmospheres in which the entire experience lives.

Nada Terma will appeal to any listener looking for extended states of awareness, creative enhancement, yoga, bodywork, and deep listening. "

Personally, this is without doubt the best produced ambient cd I have heard, the sound of this is just unreal!!!
Sounds fantastic in my headphones at night in bed. The sound is like a subconscious flow of lava.... with this music I completely dissolve...

"This outstanding release plays like a surreal subterranean walkabout within the folds of Utah's alluring slot canyons. Steve Roach commissioned long-time friend and accomplished electronic artist Brian Parnham to drop into the deep end of his sound carving skills. The result presents an adroit sound artist coming into full form within this shadowed sonic wonderland drawn from the Earth's inner realms."

Everything and Nothing / world wide telescope
« on: August 14, 2008, 06:41:40 PM »
Have anyone tried the world wide telescope ?
It is like Google Earth but in space.


"Tangential glimpses remotely echoed, untethered from touch. No time nor place, no past nor future, internal, external. Sculpting from energy, clouded motion vaguely slipping. Evanescent vibration, without meaning apart from its own open secret."

Limited edition of 1000 pieces, FAR-22, 2008

For those who are eager to wait, mp3 samples can be heard here.

It does surprise me that it is no Asianova thread on this forum.
This is without doubt one of the deepest cosmic/psychedelic ambient music that exist out there!!!

For beginners I would recommend the album "Love Like a Veiled Threat", which is the most dynamic and perhaps the most accessible albums of all. The second album I would recommend is "Terminal Ferocity", this album is an 80 minute immersion, immensely deep cosmic ambient that will take you beyond time and space.

For the ultimate listening experience I would probably recommend you to use headphones, to get the sound as close to your own mind as possible, to me it really feels like the music almost comes from inside my mind when I listen, certainly a very strange experience.

Samples and sounds can be heard here.

I have been a musician for many years, but it is not until now in the latest years I have got a deep interest in ambient music, especially Steve Roach & Robert Rich but also a lot of dark ambient such as Asianova etc.

I have been creating mostly extreme metal in the past, I have been adding synth pads etc, but now I have come to a point where I want to make ambient music professionally. Since I am a metal guy I am not so sure about the basics about the process of the creation of ambient music. Of course I know a lot already, as that Reverbs are very important, but I really not sure how to create such deep and warm/cold drones as Roach or R.Rich, so really all information tips and advices are very welcome.

I was for many years kind of anti digital technology in ambient, since I thought both Steve Roach, Robert Rich and more artists where far superior in terms of sound quality, but I have since then changes my opinion, we are definitely going in the the digital age, and the digital technology is here to stay.

I have tried many many virtual instruments for computer, recently I did also discover that an control unit for my virtual instruments would open up whole new possibilities to "morph" sounds in real-time, feel free to recommend me control units as well. I have seen Steve Roach use some kind of control unit on stage to form and shape the sounds, would be interesting to know what he use to make such swirling/floating sounds/drones.

I have had a lot of free time this summer, so I have been trying out many different instruments, you can read my impression of these below. Feel free to recommend me other instruments/sample libraries that is worth to try.

Spectrasonics -Atmosphere,

Has good sounds, but it sounds kind of obsolete compared with many products on the market today, but while they might sound good on their own, I do not found many of the sounds useful, this seem to be a problem with many VST instruments, that samples are often very multilayered, and often the sounds are played in more the one note, which is bad if you want to play your own chords, however, I find this instrument mostly useful Psychedelic Trance etc, not so much for deep space/dark ambient  (waiting eagerly  for omnisphere)

Native Instruments - Massive

This is simply the best virtual synth I have tried, compared to everything else I have tried this is by far the most impressive one, the multilayer effects are very impressive. I have yet not gone through all samples yet, but the most relevant samples sections such as pads and atmosphere etc..."Massive" seem to have the same problem as many other Virtual instruments, the samples is way too multilayered, sure it sounds cool alone, but it gets damn hard to use the samples in a the right context, so I really wish it was more "boring" samples such as a lot of pads, not many "normal" or "static" synth pads, which would suit for mor meditative ambient such as Matthias Grassow etc, it seems harder then I thought to get the sound of Grassow, I have yet not succeed.

Native Instruments - Absynth 4

This instrument have a lot of cool sounding samples and sounds, they all sounds hypermordern, so it would be most suitable for electronic music in general I think, less suitable for the ambient music I want to create. About the Samples they got the same problems as "Massive", they sound very good alone, but hard to use them in music.

Native Instruments - FM8

This synth did not give much impression on me, the sound quality is simply not in phase with either Massive or Absynth 4, also the sounds in FM8 does not fit the ambient music I want to create, once again more mordern electronic music.

East West - Colussus

I was in general very disappointed with Colussus, when I read the description that it was selected for the best virtual instrument of the year, I really thought it would be something remarkable, the reality is the quality of the samples does vary, the Drone section have some impressing sounds I must admit, but once again, East west does the mistake to make sounds very very multi-layered, which makes it hard to use the sounds in music. The piano samples sounds fantastic, a lot of the ethnic instruments as well. The "Pads" section needs to be bigger, it was actually very mediocre, it seems very hard to find good usable "pads".

Zero G - Altered States

Hard to believe that this instrument was released 2008, it actually sounds like it is from 1998 or something, these samples are in general very poor sounding.  However, their is still a lot of cool sounding sounds though, but they are not top quality... And the samples are not multi-samples, so each sound is "pitched" unlike for instance NI "Massive" which sounds way more smooth.

Zero G - Outer Limits

This instrument was crafted by Ian Boddy and released in June 2008, so I had high expectations, for ambient music I think this instrument is one of the most useful ones, however you certainly will need more instruments to complement this, but for effects and general strange sounds this is very impressive. Outer limits does include a lot of the sounds I seek, but yet this instrument I will use secondary, to add cool atmospheric and effects in the sounds, however I am not able to create deep/warm/meditative drones ála steve roach/Oophoi/Robert Rich, with this instrument, at least not yet.

Zero-G - Morphology

Also crafted by Ian Boddy, it is very similar to "Outer limits" but not as impressive..
It still have some very impressive sounds and effects, but as all other instruments above, I miss more simple sounds which can actually be used in music, instead of multi-layered samples I prefer to combine own combination of layers on my own..

Native Instruments - Kontakt 3

This instrument is not so recommend for ambient music, but more recommended for other types of music where you need "real instruments" etc, but for ambient music and soundscapes their is better instruments.


What I am thinking of trying during the coming months is "Convolution Space" by best service.
I am very eager to try this instrument, this seem to cover a lot of my kneeds, especially when creating more dark and esoteric space/cosmic ambient.

also "the black box" seems interesting, but I am still skeptical of the sound quality of these samples, since they are kind of old.

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