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Art and Literature, Movies and TV / Re: Interstellar
« on: November 09, 2014, 01:52:50 PM »
I have only seen the trailer..but I am pretty sure it is very good..

drone on...  I can answer the Vir Unis question as he's an old friend (since teens).  He's semi-active on Facebook - and is about to release The Book of Mutations 2 after a long break from releasing ambient.

Posted Oct 22 by John / Vir:  "This a 20+ minute preview of an upcoming Vir Unis album on AtmoWorks. I plan to work with some very talented and creative musicians on this throughout this Autumn and Winter. It's s continuation of Book of Mutations, which can be purchased at "

Listen at:

Looking forward to new Vir Unis album, while his latelest album has not been so good..

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: New David Sylvian, Steve Roach
« on: November 09, 2014, 01:48:54 PM »
the new steve roach album is really good.. Ancestors circle

Old news  ;)

For me it was anyway, since is updating cycles are not so frequent on his website so I do not check it often.

First expression is that it is not as good as somnium at all.  There is not much flute atmospheres as on sominum and envoirment sounds.

My biggest problem with the album is that there is a constant "noise" sound between the 4khz-6khz area, this is a constant noise and a constant irritating element. It is not a good sign that Robert Rich make this pass the pressing.. it sounds like a air valve which seeps constantly while the "pressure " in this "valve" does vary the sound does come and go a little bit.. disappear for a few seconds but always come back... to hear what I talk about you can always in your EQ max the 4khz  and 6khz  you will hear that this should definitely not be there.. it is not sound just pure noise.. for me it does ruin the music experience totally..  My guess is that it is more audible on some speakers then others..  Anyway I do not hear much progress here, it seem that not as much time and passion was put into this then Somnium, , it sounds worse then somnium in all regards but still good contribution to ambient genre in 2014, but his older somnium is way better.

I do did not expect it to top the somnium (online version) so all in all it is a very appreciated release.. but seriously this 4khz-6khz  noise I find to be a big problem..I hope I am not the only people who hear it..

24 bit is definitely no placebo effect.. It is always frustrating to have to down sample to 16 bit.. When you  hear such drastic difference.. But it does also matter what music..  But especially with ambient music I hear a difference..  If I buy an digital flac album I would easily choose the 24 bit if there was a choice.

Many blind tests regarding 16 vs 24 bit have proved that peopled can´t hear a difference. In any case, when it comes to CD anything has to go down to 16 bit anyway. To hear a difference especially (!) in ambient music is a huge myth for me. When it come to classical music with a lot (!) of dynamics there is a reason for this higher bit/sample rate rate, but when when it comes to Ambient I don´t know any music in this genre using the full dynamic making it worth at all to for the additional headroom nor a higher sampling rate.

Are people really be able to hear a difference between 192kbit and 320kbit mp3?   ;D

But OK, it´s usual that those believers feel better if they can say they feel have the tools or special gear (the price for the additional investment in those cases needs an explanation too) or rendering options. I´m pretty sure, if I would offer 2 unnamed files for a blind testing concerning this issue, those people would avoid to be part of that test.

Two unnamed files created to prove your point or two unnamed files to show there is a difference.  ?
Tests can be designed with different goals. 
I myself I hear a difference and I know a lot of other people to do,  you need sensitive equipment and ears and know what you are looking for.  In heavy high energy distortion  guitar I think the 16 bit have harsher edges to me. 

I think it is funny say  classical music has more complex audio information then in ambient music.
Ambient can be as complex as audibly possible. Classical music in general consider very lofi in comparison to modern music.  Adding max amounts of transients is usually the best way to find differences in 24 bit or 16 bit  or different sample rates.  On all my recordings in my signal chain I always use audio processors to maximize transients,  especially with ambient there is nothing worse then ambient where all transients are drown into reverb tails,  the transients bring out all details and making complex audio harmonics.  Yeah so the amount  of transient information is probably one thing that matter,  without the complex audio information it might be possible there is no difference in sonic experience in resolution or sample rates

I do not mind Klaus shulze releases but it his last album was very bad.. He have become lazy sounds like he is using only omnisphere presets now days.. But I follow the Berlin school genre.. But I think it is Mario schönwalder and Co that have most to offer to the Berlin school genre now.
The free system projekt i wish did release more was many years ago now.  Same with pollard.

I am really impressed by what Antelope are doing lately. I still think the overall most impressive piece in thier line right now is the zen studio. It's just a killer forward thinking complete package.

As such I can't wait to check out the new devices they announced at AES

Yes zen studio is impressive,  the only weak link is the monitor controller in that unit,  I wonder if it can be bypassed totally  to use an external unit?  Not done any research how their mic pres perform I guess it is the same pres we will find in mp32. But I guess in the league of solid state and transpercry they perform quite well.

Satori seem like a very good monitor controller,  if it had the same dual dac design as pure2 it has an advantage over the competing products for sure.  With the current price it does compete with avocet mkii. Dangerous source remain the best price value,  Antelope have been giving us a hint that a monitor controller to compete with dangerous source are in the works...

24 bit is definitely no placebo effect.. It is always frustrating to have to down sample to 16 bit.. When you  hear such drastic difference.. But it does also matter what music..  But especially with ambient music I hear a difference..  If I buy an digital flac album I would easily choose the 24 bit if there was a choice.

I miss Thom Brennan, I hope he start to release music again.
I also miss steve roach more steady flow of releases, considering he is lives in an old age he should probably
release as much as he can while he can. His last releases is going towards right direction.

I have decided to sit still in my boat..which means I will keep my Eclipse.
Even though it seem that the Pure 2 have better specs, from what I understand, pure 2 have the same DAC design as Eclipse with the difference  that the pure 2 have dual DAC, one per channel. Anyway, the prices have been listed,and just to tell you, this is very good value, probably unbeatable value for what you are getting.. Their agressive price setting for their latest products is really making changes in the market for sure.

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: The Seaboard Piano
« on: October 23, 2014, 12:04:25 PM »
good idea..but I wish I could have the same technology but in standard keyboad, I have always been wanting to wiggle the keys just like it was string to do vibratos..

This is a pretty well known article, on studio forums, there is usually two parties, one for and one against bitrates.
If this article was made so that the opposite side could respond to each argument in the article I am sure the opposite side would
sound just  reasonable.  we do choose what HiFi philosophies  to believe of course as I said there will always be different parties.

I think it is a mistake to generalize this, for me it depends on more WHAT you use this high sample rate for,  and also what DAC design is used, to say that high sample rates is useless for all designs ,  the main argument with higher sample rate is to reduce processing in the DAC,  to reduce the need for upsampling in the interpolator component in the DAC, the DACs today are working in 5 bit audio, which needs  audio that comes into the DAC needs to be upsampled up to 30 times of the audio you feed the DAC with.  In a perfect world you would not need any upsampling within the DAC, but all DACs today need it (besides DSD format DACs) since the DAC chips today is working in 5 bit audio. So the argument of high sample rate seem to be mostly about the internal processing and not about the actual human/physical abilities to hear the difference of the high sample rate, it is more about internal signal processing, and how the DAC is responding to a higher sample rate and having a less need for upsampling,

In the real world however,  problems such as CPU power is a bigger problem, I am still using 44khz myself because of limited CPU power, and this problem will most likely remain for a long time too, because intel has a slow progression and within the small steps of cpu power progression software developers are also fast to respond with more cpu hungry plugins, so I do not seem myself going over to 96k in the next 5 years to be honest. The other problem is that all music today is downsampled to 44khz anyway,  even though lossless services do exist they are still using the CD format often, 16bit/44khz. To record something in high sample rate  and down sample it later just seem like a big hassle for nothing.

High sample rate is simply something for the future,  from a sonic quality perspective there is only benefits,  but the drawbacks with higher sample rate are bigger,   cpu power is one of them, but also file size and also in the age of audio streaming the network bandwidth, which drains much battery from people with mobile devices etc,   we need more headroom in both processing power in computers, network speeds and also power in mobile devices until we are mature to change to a higher sample rate standard.  I do hope however that more music is released in higher bit resolution/sample rate.  I myself find always that when I downsample my projects to 16 bit there is a big difference in sound quality,  and from wav to mp3 is even omre noticeable, I would not have heard the difference before, but with the more sensitive equipment i hear now it is more obvious,  with that said.. 99% of the music I listen to is MP3,  but the reason why is because of the problems I mentioned earlier,  file size is a one of them, and availability is another, to have a big archive of flac music takes just a lot of space.. but it is only when you compare the mp3 and flac version side by side you know what you are missing.. Spotify shold be illegal, they are the biggest threat to music, they are like a weapon of mass destruction against music, their OGG music sounds just terrible..destroys all what makes music good.

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: October 12, 2014, 12:41:54 PM »

OM Gethsemane

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Steve Roach - Bloodmoon Rising
« on: October 12, 2014, 07:10:55 AM »
really good work steve roach.
I have had fever and been sick in my stomach.. not able to eat,drink or go up from bed..
For this I found this album was really good, my head felt so "heavy" so this music did match good..
I am still sick..there is nothing worse.

I did a long extensive research on the matter about 1 year ago,  my conclusion was that for me in my situation it was more priority to get grounded power.
Another consensus did seem to be that a lot of these cheaper products can do more harm then good, but in extreme situations where the power is very dirty and it really affects your gear they can be good. But a lot of the cheaper products on the market will actually make the sound quality worse, the filters can be destructive to transients.  I would say a cheaper box might be more better in use on live gigs then in a private budget studio. If you have grounded power in your house it should be safe, and no need for a cheap furman box.

If you really want to make a good difference there seemed to be no shortcuts, the balanced Furman boxes was still on top of the list for most people, but as Julio mentioned they are very expensive, and might not be the first gear you "want" to buy, for a private studio.  But the longer the studio grow and the more expensive gear you get you come to a point where the Balanced furman box might not be a big cost in percentage of the general gear.

Another point to consider when reading discussions on other forums about this object.. it is really hard to find a consensus  the opinions are very very individual, every person seem to have a totally different view on the subject, and the discussions gets quickly in to really hardcore scientific discussion which only a real electrician can really understand fully.  I have been recommended isolation transformers if you use non grounded power, to create it s own "grounded power" for the gear, but then there is also a lot of people who said it is useless bla bla bla

My reserach did anyway end up with not investing in any cheap furman box..
in a longer pespective it might be wise to invest in some of the balanced boxes by furman, but in current studio situation
it would not make sense, since it would be too big cost considering the total value of my studio gear.

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: On Inspiration - Chuck Close quote
« on: September 12, 2014, 03:47:22 PM »
I am talking about a symbiotic relationship with the gear and human expression.  The essence "the sound" is created in electronic music in most cases by oscillators which then goes thru filters thru a longer signal chain.  The pure sound output is created by the electronics, the arist control the electronics to make it sound like he want...   The electronic is creating the "substance" while the human interacting with the electronics is creating the form... different  oscillators  and filters will produce a different substance and create a different essence.

on ebay - £92 inc P+P.

Cable £21.60 :

Nice Price...Wonder how it compare with the JDS... which seem to get more praise on head fi.

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: On Inspiration - Chuck Close quote
« on: September 12, 2014, 11:51:54 AM »
@Pete: I´m really sorry that the usual suspects once more destroy a thread because they can´t cope with an opinion I´ve shared! (but OK we know this already)

Quote from: Ekstasis which is essence is produced by the gear itself

I have read a lot of opinions in my life, but that is definitely one for my top 3!

You need to read again, In your hurry you did maybe miss that the point was made towards "electronic music"  and abstract sound worlds to be exakt, and not more "melody oriented" music where music is produced more by humans the electronic equipment. So what are you are saying here in "electronic" music the music is not created by electronic equipment ? I had no idea you can create electronic music without electricity or electronic equipment.. maybe I have missed something ?
In ambient music the reverb processor is what is creating a lot of the essence, I should not need to really tell you such fundamental things.
But I know for sure that with your ableton live and your magic toolbox you can create any reverb processors sound with one click no reason for gear.

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