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CD out of stock
Shadow of Time
Steve Roach
2016 Projekt PRO334 (CD)
Within the 35-year orbit of Roach's relentless dedication to sonic-art as a way of life, SHADOW OF TIME marks a reconnection to the touchstone of Roach's signature sound: deep breathing atmospherics, textural healings and zen-like immersion spaces. The inner stillness and sumptuous shimmering of warm analog synthesizers slow down time and enhance the moment in ways unique to Roach's work.

In the style of classic releases STRUCTURES FROM SILENCE and QUIET MUSIC, SHADOW OF TIME's spacious expansion blooms outward in subtle dynamic momentum, a reflection of emotion and reverie within its three long tracks. This sonic sanctuary is at once amorphous and engaging. The overall effect is the appearance of soft-edged architectural forms, arising melodies drifting upon illuminated tendrils, lush chords shapeshifting in harmonic interplay as if waves swell and gently touch upon a time-suspended shore.

"The long, beatless title track is an exquisite piece of tonal twilight music. The swelling, breathing synth-harmonies are cast across a wide, uncluttered landscape, and at the center is a sense of utter calm. Like all of Roach's best meditative pieces, the silence between and around the chords is as important as the music itself." - Mike G, Ambient Music Guide

Steve reflects, "Every day holds the phenomenon of contrasting light and dark. From first dawn to the last luminous strains of day casting the transition towards night, the SHADOW OF TIME is on display for the receptive eye. In our environment this interplay of contrasts and form manifests in magnificent subtlety. This fleeting, intangible partner of illumination is a constant influence in my process, both in its evocation of emotion and activation of the mythic imagination. The music on SHADOW OF TIME is a direct expression of this awareness I am at the service of."

"This album inhabits a place I crave returning to, especially after long runs out into the world for concerts and travel. This release offers repose, a sanctuary away from today's accelerating pace of life. Over the years I consistently shift between dynamic and pure textural non-rhythmic work. In that, it's not so much a return to a specific sound as reconnecting to an elusive part of consciousness that always exists. Rather than nostalgia, it's a living flow which I draw from. At certain points in my artistic orbit, I re-enter the deeper end of this current, coming back to these inner realms and structures, accessing a dimension that feels completely congruent with my being."

"SHADOW OF TIME is a metaphor for several things. One is our years here, however long that might be. My obsession with time is a core meditation that helps birth this music. As the years cast a long shadow into life, the desire to reach deeper towards these places in between remains central in my work, with what lies just beyond the outer edges of the known and unknown. The experience of responding to these moments in the studio is the grand adventure from which my work emerges."
1.    Shadow of Time       38:07   
2.    Night Ascends       23:48   
3.    Cloud of Knowing       11:54   

The first 200 Combo Pack orders will include a free bonus CD: THE DELICATE FOREVER, plus Bandcamp digital download codes for both new releases!

Antelope audio has released 4 new products


Orion Studio

Zen Tour

Orion 32+

They have also released 3 new clocks
But I consider their trinity level clock that is included in their products are good enough

I did recently sold my Antelope Eclipse for economical reasons and also I wanted to sell it while it did maintain its financial value.
However now I am on the hunt of n upgrade And I must say the Orion Studio seem to fit my requirements kind of good I need to do more research how it compare in the sonic department with the Eclipse and how it stand up as a monitor controller with the Eclipse.

Anyway after having the Eclipse for some years now and really like their sound and philosophy I really cant imagine choosing any other brand right now
Also the software control in their latest products are very forward thinking and impressive imo

The Zen tour looks like a very neat little package I think it blows the Avid Quartet, they are in similar price but I think the sonics are superior with the Zen Tour. I hope antelope release a smaller version of Zen tour to comete with Avid duett and also at the same price point it would be perfect to bring with your laptop, right now the price of the Zen tour is only justified if you really need and work mostly on the foot.

I had thought about buying the Antelope Pure2 first but which have alost same price but it seem you are getting a lot more with the Orion Studio, I need to research how they compare and how they compare in sound quality and as a monitor controller.

Just like reading a fortune cookie... everything is better "in bed".

Yes it is just that I cannot lay in bed 24/7.  I think most people do not have time to give full concentration to the music but using it as background audio when doing other stuff. it can make you relaxed but it does not become that powerful mindtrip

I like the artwork on this album btw... I think the music is one of his better long form releases in the recent years, but I have not been listening to it in bed yet it is usually then the music comes to life more

Interested, as always, I just hope it isn't too much of the same...

"Too much of the same" is what some people said when Mystic Chords & Sacred Spaces came out, while that one actually has plenty of variation between tracks. He was in absolutely brilliant form back then. I think MC&SS set a new standard that neither Steve nor anyone else has been able to match since. But it's nice that he is going back to "purely-atmospheric" music.

I also consider  Mc  and ss his best work... Really hard to top for sure... All the stars did align  perfectly on that album.

3 new steve roach albums This Place To Be|Shadow of Time| Long Thoughts

This place to be has been released on bandcamp the other two will come out in august.

I need to give Expanding Horizons another listen

I will do the same I will listen to it tonight was long time ago now

Grassow have released to many albums makes it hard to choose. But the first Grassow album that made me like his music was called "space".

I would say his album "expanding horizons" is his best album it was done together with alio die includes a lot of environmental sounds and water sounds
I think this album is immensely powerful

Great artwork too

I forgot to mention the music is made by the artist "Ure Thrall"

Really trippy ambient in its highest form, I think the video fits perfectly too

Art and Literature, Movies and TV / Prison break
« on: May 16, 2016, 12:02:38 AM »
Watching prison break now. It is really amazing. Better then I thought it would be for sure

I just put up my reviews on both my site;
I can relate to that last opinion, "Biosonic" sounds too abstract, psychedlic and distant to my ears,  I much more appreciate the intimate and calming atmospheres found on "Second Nature"...

The biggest problem with steve roach music since 2009 and onward is the lack of sonic quality found in albums before 2009, the exception is "The Ancestor Circle  " it has similiar sonic quality to older steve roach albums, and ironcially his live albums tend to sound better then his studio albums nowdays. All I am saying it all sound like the music going thru a really cheap AD/DA converter and it destroys the whole sonic quality of the music. I think it is also kind of clear he have gotten bored of using the same gear all years, I think I can bet a lot of money he do no longer use Lexicon PCM reverbs,  I understand he want change things and not use the same always but it happens to be so that Lexicon PCM reverb sounds best with his type of music.

It started to go downhill after he changed studio and moved to the new house.

I also think he use way too much bass in the drones these days, almost sounds like it distort..

What it boils down to is that it is all about technological reasons and choices.

I think both second nature and biosonic have very poor sonic quality compared to his older stuff, again it all feels like it is going tru a shit converter
The analouge warmth is not present at all it even though I know steve use mostly analouge gear besides effects, it still turn out sounding with digital edges.
I am really interested to now what converter he use... it might aswell be his weak link..

I upload one more track I like to make music that makes my mind wander and which create images in my head it is really my only intention..

Please use high volume since the volume is low, it was recorded with my smartphone microphone

Art and Literature, Movies and TV / Re: Walking Dead TV series
« on: May 06, 2016, 08:45:40 PM »
I had my doubts aa well since I thought zombies is kind of silly..  Anyway it becomes more and more a survival series... It is very addictive series..

I'm going to be honest and say I'm a little disappointed with Biosonic. I really enjoy some of Robert Logan's individual pieces that I listened to, but I did wonder how his style and sound would combine with that of Steve Roach.
To me the music on Biosonic kind of lingers on the surface, it doesn't pull me in. There are some fine moments, like the beautiful atmospheric ending of the first track. I wish there were more of those moments.
I think there is a lot of focus on detail, but I'm missing the overall picture. For example, I feel Body Electric and especially Blood Machine have a much stronger sense of cohesion; the concept of those albums really comes to life in the music.
Still, it's a worthy effort and it's good for Steve Roach to keep venturing into new directions, but maybe these two artists aren't fully compatible. Or I simply had the wrong expectations.

I feel exactly the same about everything in your post.
I think Steve and vit unis is a perfect match I hope they will work together again. 

Yes ambient can be tricky...I have rated albums like "a deep silence" 5 is very minimal album, was it easy to give 5 star, no ?
it took many listens, this album can only make sense when you are in bed between sleep and reality.

I can list endless amount of steve roach albums that have been taking long time to get into, some albums grow on you cause each time you listen your mind gives you a different experience. The best experience I get in bed, but as it is for many of you I can't lay in bed all day listening to music I can do it for a few hours. But I think good ambient deserves full attention and it is the ultimate experience.
We all are different some people might be better to multi task then me.

I spent the day listening to Second Nature. Outstanding! I think it is really hard to get the right combined sound from synths and piano. This is perfect. The way the grand piano is processed makes it seem more mysterious, while still being a majestic acoustic source. And the lightly mixed synths and electronics function like wisps in the background, always filling the space but without commanding too much attention.

That's encouraging to read, Chris. It is brilliant to hear the album is speaking to you. I must confess I would never have thought to release an album of this nature, but Steve has a special intuition for things and makes magic happen. And yes; he carves out those treatments/processing with great degree of care and sensitivity.

Ekstasis - even though that was your experience of this one, best wishes for your future listens to 'Biosonic'! :)

I feel very bad now, I did not mean to sound harsh. But I can also add a lot of steve roach albums I have been listeningen to and it has taken a long time before I have been able to grasp it fully and when the right doors has been opens.

It makes me really glad steve roach still putting out albums in steady flow! I think his discography can never be big enough.

here is  one more sample I did with eventide but it is not recorded with direct audio

Here is a glimpse of my future music project, this is deeply personal music from me.
Project will be based mostly with clean guitar like this, slow/mid tempo drums like this, ambient drones/textures similar to steve roach.

As I said this is deeply personal music for me, I like to record videos like this one to remember what I played and the music itself when I do a proper recording.
Drums is made by me with beatbox it is for demonstration purpose since I am not able to play drums and play guitar at the same time. I aim to use programmed drums for the demo then hire a real drummer to record acoustic drums in studio.  Video and sound is recorded with my smartphone for demonstration purpose.

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