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look at the dealer list ?
It is kind of easy to find..

You need to look into more analogue boxes :)
What it looks like have nothing to do with the sonic quality.

the Nice DI have the exact same output stage found in the Nicerizer.
These are well built boxes.

What about this one:

I am have not knowledge about it really.. but all I can say is my extensive research did all lead to phonix audio.
It is the versatility that is unique and the pricing point with them. They can sound like solid state amp (non coloured) but also like a mix between a tube amp and Neve.. that mix turn out to be a very satisfying experience..
Please feel free to read about the phonix audio's will see the pattern...I have yet not found any negative post about their products..  Their Nice DI product is the chepeast way to get the phonix audio sound.. it can also be used as a stereo summurizing mixer 

It will work very good on keyboards and guitar

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: Handmade synthesizers
« on: May 09, 2014, 03:17:02 PM »
It's a sort of tone generator. It's hand made by this guy:

pretty cool..I will look into his stuff..

not expensive either.

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: Handmade synthesizers
« on: May 09, 2014, 02:54:26 PM »
looks cool..and fun..

the red stuff in the second video that is some kind of controller ?

Can you recommend a pre amp with those characteristics? Thanks. they do great products and very good value for the money.. and affordable...
especially if you go with their one channel solutions even though the multiple channels have a better price per channel...

in the analogue world  it might not be the price that makes the difference but a certain colour.. so there is cheaper solutions out there for sure..adding it on digital synths adding analogue colour and characteristics into the chain can make  big improvement can be made even with the cheapest analogue solutions since it often outbeat the most sophisticated VA emulations.

My opinion is that many lifeless and medicore synths out there could had been wonderful with a really great analogue output stage and pre amp to transform the signal.. and it is especially when you drive the signal hard on the pre amp you get good results.. gives the sound more power and interesting harmonics to the sound which is often lacks in digital synths which sounds very linear and non organic.

A bit off-topic but why did you sold the Xpander?

In all honesty It did not meet my expectations, I am sure I would be more impressed with the matrix 12.
I still miss the Xpander but it was not worth it for me, it was also a ticking time bomb that could collapse any minute... with a lot of sound processing the source gets less and less important you can compensate it with processing to make it to have some of the same characteristics...  the Xpander would be nice to have but it was not what I thought it would be and what it is for steve roach..for steve it seem that the Xpanders are the only synth in this universe.. I also can get analogue characteristics  if I run it thru a pre amp and such.. so many ways to improve and shape the signal of any synth..

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: Backup?
« on: May 08, 2014, 10:50:49 AM »
I have my recordings on a usb stick as backup. And on multiple hdds in case some hdd crash.
I have learned my lesson, to many times I have lost a lot of my music..there is no worse feeling when you loose some works you have been working really hard on and that is not able to do again.. But my hdds are usually a total mess so with that said often I forget to keep doublets of the files.

one short thing I want to add is that I think atleast Bricasti Claim that their is not enough CPU power to run their algoritms cause the dsp chips are very good at those instructions they are designed to do.. I think Bricasti is one of its kind though and that most other reverbs can run on x86 processor.

the sound might be clean with vst/au but not as clear as hardware.

Why I said vst was cleaner was that PCM 70 have no digital output so there is DA conversion going on which colour the sound a lot.

 comparing digital and software is no difference it is all about the algorithms. but there is no    
coincidence that the best hardware reverbs are usually hardware, is mostly to protect financial interests and their algorithms from pirates it is actually a good method, it works like a dongle since you can pirate copy hardware. Lexicon probably regret they released their algorithms as software.. it might put the whole company in bankruptcy, I do not see much future in that company unfortunately, their algorithms are still based on 30 years old algorithms that is slightly refined only, so it is mainly their legacy that has been keeping them alive.  I really wonder if they will release another high end product or just focus on the budget market from now on.

I must say that I'm really happy with the results of the Valhalla and Audio Damage EOS VST's. I also own a outboard lexicon pcm 70, and to be honest I prefer the vst's...

They are really clean with low cpu usage, I can put different settings in a bunch of tracks and listen everything live.

I'll probably use the lexicon with a vintage analog synth, like a roland juno 60 or similar.

I will use them for sure, until I develop a more refined taste like you, but I don't see myself spending 5k on an eventide in the next 5 years, even though I have budget.

Your tests sound good.

You will notice that most software plugins might be cleaner, since the converters are quite nousey and color the sound a lot, for a lot of people this effect is a highly desirable  one, it is a "vintage reverb" not a clean sounding reverb.  You can get the PCM 91 kind of cheap too which are up to todays starts..and are almost as clean... that is the reverb that Steve Roach has been using for a lot of his best albums during 90s and probably very long after that.. not what he use now day..but I am pretty sure he is not using the same reverb anymore (I prefer his sound he had a few years ago)

Thanks guys for lsitening in, I hope you enjoyed it.

I think I only heard the last song, but I think it was a quite long one, sounded good!
Nice to hear your voice at the end of the album!

It sounds great Loren!

I agree!  Lorens drones never disappoint

I am tuned in I am too ;)

It is on right now so you tell me.  ;D

I am listening now! :)

when is it swedish time ? :)

I think the quality on that sample was superb. Beautiful ambient guitar textures.

Thanks for the feedback and taking time to listen! :)
Yes I am very pleased with the guitar sound too, as a guitarist I felt very excited
since it can produce the guitar sounds I have always been dreaming of...very inspiring box for me..

Have you released some albums? I would like to listen to you work. here is one recording I have done 4 years ago.

Listened to this and it has some nice moments, I assume that with the Eventide you'll be aiming for a clearer sound and a longer piece?

Thank you!
Yes a more clear sound and good for long decayed reverbs, also I wanted the best delays possible..the delays are so important.. and the delays are the best I have heard and so transparent.

I bought the Eventide for general sound processing, but also for my guitar, but also to process software synths, in my DAW before I had very long effect chains to achieve something similar to the "eventide" sound which did use a lot of cpu,  so this unit will also help me to offload the CPU since I rely more on external processing.  My CPU was constantly maxed before which could often result in distracting missounds and cracking sounds, now with external sound processing I have more headroom for sure...Also..I prefer to have a work flow when I do not rely so much on plugins atleast not 10 different plugins to achieve one sound  for a synth, it takes away focus for me. I also wanted the best effects possible, which I was not able to do with software,  I have been trying to emulate the eventide sound for long but I Think personally it is a big difference now with a real Eventide is very inspiring box..perfect for ambient music..guitar and sound processing in general and it can output almost mastering quality sound.  Regarding the effects there is no weak link what I can find every element is top notch so a very good long term investment for sure, only thing I do regret is that I did not buy it sooner.

Welcome to the forum, almost all ambient artists I like use the old school method, maybe this method also reflects in the music output  also..

From what it sounds from you should focus to have as much external gear and effect processors and samplers as possible to be able to perform in real time.  You can watch robert Rich on youtube he have a quite inspiring work flow and he does all in real time with samplers layer per layer with external effect processor, I myself prefer to this route. so Yeah, a good effect processor and a good sampler is probably what you are looking after.

There is many ways to approach ambient music, for some people the technical aspect and the science of syntehsis is very important and is the driving force while some people prefer to just close their eyes and let their ears guide them, personally I prefer the later method, the only thing that matter is what comes out.

The big difference now days that is a lot of ambient artists use offline edition and cut and paste method,
Personally I perfer the old school way where all is done in real time improvisations.

I think in your case the choice of effect processor and reverb will be the essence since this tools are what will transform simple sounds into ambient worlds.

Lexicon Reverbs are very popular in the ambient scene exist in both software and hardware form, the PCM 91 you can get for good money.

Eventide is good for all kinds of effects in general, H3000 you can find for good money used, same with orville.

Some people prefer TC electronic reverbs I know Opphoi did like them, I know Robert Rich and I think also Loren Nerell like Sony reverbs.

Personally I have no favourite, I like both Eventide and Lexicon they complete each other, it is really a matter of preference, when you use different tools you will create your own preferences after some time.  Bricasti M7 is regarded on of the best for realistic reverbs, how it is for ambient and longer decay reverbs I am not sure.

Regarding DAW and streamlined flow.
Ableton Live is done for live performance with it's session view it is easy to trigger and record samples.
I think the latest Sonar X3 have something similar.

the session view is the only thing I miss in Sonar, but you can do the same thing with a sample manger plugin in reaper for instance.

sounds good! as always I am realling looking forward to hear your cds Loren!

Have you released some albums? I would like to listen to you work. here is one recording I have done 4 years ago.

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