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Sound is more 'pretty' than gutsy. Generally bright. But is very flexible, easy to use and get useful new sounds from.
Nice layout. Lots of controls. Immediate.
The recordable sequencer is great. Knobs are solid. Little oscilloscope is very handy.
Keyboard small and toy-like, but playable.
Metal top, but plastic base. The thing is light weight.

yes but the character can be changed a lot with sound processing the most important is you have an analogue signal to work with in the beginning
which gives a a lot more complex signal then what software OSCs can create can create... to make it sound more warm or dirty analogue you just run it thru some other gear or software like digital slate VVCs.  With that said I wish it was more powerful sounding but when you add compressor and all that it will sound more powerful.

It is so nice to see that analogue synths seem to blooming again..

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Video interview with Robert Rich
« on: February 05, 2016, 01:46:46 PM »


One complaint I have about the Minilogue is that we have a two osc, 4 voice synth that is not stereo.
No panning. Mono main out.

Well for this price range.. we can't expect everything but I am very sure the will release a follw upp this one, these is still more space for knobs etc.. on the front panel so more functions could be implemented for sure.. For being an anouge synth it has this modern surgical sound too me, but still sound very analouge.. and when I add my effect chain it is really then this instrument will transform to a complete new synth.
Without effect it sounds just like a toy.. it is like playing an unamplified electric guitar.

I will buy this within a few months I hope.. will look perfect on my desk

That Got me thinking how much does the KORG ARP ODYSSEY cost these days.. ?

Anyway I will start with minilouge...
It will be my second analouge synth after the Oberheim Xpander which I sold cause I felt like it was
a ticking bomb that could break down any moment and loos all the monetary value I invested.

it is clear to me after watching this movie that the 1978 version still sounds superior.
I think it is funny after all these years they can't manage to get it sound better.

It just sounds like a pretty straightforward gain-staging issue, yes the distortion is pretty prominent !

As Scott says, a compressor is generally a good option.

Yes Gain Staging is the technological term of my problem.
From what I know the golden rule with gain staging is that you divide the total amount of DB with all the points in the audio chain.

I find it really hard as I said the reverbs and delays buils up huge mointains of sound energy like plus 18db or so, I really like this euphoric sound but it start to click.. when it start to sound very good..I can see on my eclipse meters that it is only "peaks" that reach that over loads

I am just eager to know how people and effect junkies with really long reverb solve this..

I'll be buying one.

me too most likely :)
Especially if it drops a little in price
and especially if I see it second hand :)

I am just eager to hear how it sounds with some high end effects.

EDIT: Found some clip with reverb added

I have none of your gear so I can only offer generalities:

What do your meters show you? Into the red or yellow when the clicks occur?

Traditionally guitarists use compression to keep their levels boosted. An option.

Another option is a good brickwall limiter with a ceiling just below zero, so you can keep your levels high.

Does the H3000 has an input limiter option?

the singal does overload when it comes into my computer.

it depends on a lot of hard I play on the guitar.
I use no compression I trying to be little careful of that I really like the idea that I can play very dynamic hard and sotft.

The problem is that my reverbs and effects add like 18 DB of the sound. which means I need to lower the signal too way too low levels I hope you understand my problem now

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / korg minilogue how many are going to buy it ?
« on: February 03, 2016, 03:49:27 PM »
korg minilogue has a low price.. and I can only imagine the second hand value of this one..
I really want one on my desk right looks fun..and asalways it is when you add the effects you really
can really make magic with this should own every software synth at atleast..

This one will become a huge big seller because of the price and small form factor..and
we can expect more copy casts of similar products soon from more of the bigger companies.

I agree about Max..he is really good..his stuff is not as multi layered compared to roach that is the main differnece so it is little bit more "simple" and not as

Early Vir Unis is very high level the albums "the drift inside" and "Aeonian Glow"

Amir Baghiri is always very high level when it comes to pure production
it is with par with steve roach for sure. his 3CD album "rooms" is probably the best one.

I going to assume your levels aren't in the red when this happens.

Maybe dirty pots, sliders, or 1/4" connectors?

Is it possible you have out of control frequencies (< 20Hz) causing something in your chain to overload and distort? Try a high-pass at 100Hz as a test and see if the problem persists.

I almost sure it is digital nature, if I play very soft on the guitar there is no clicks only when I play louder..using big long reverbs plus delays make it hard to control the volume cause the processing in its own adds many decibel to the original sound signal, and I can't lower the source signa too much then the guitar sounds now good, sounds very weak then. Hard to find the balance.

I just wondering how people usually manage to volume here..

My eventide has two processors, I have set the processor A to minus 4DB  sure I can lower the signal a lot more, but it ends up sounding really bad not big sounding anymore.

I add a recording from my eventide H8000fw
you can hear for yourself, it is very frustarting..

When I lower the input from the kemper it all sounds thin and non dynamic not good at all.
Also I am very eager to understand what cause the noisey sound in the left speaker, it is not only because volume overload I am sure.
Some other people might have heard the artifact before.

It is a problem cause I think both process A and B produce an output which does multiple in volume but whenever
I try to lower the volume between A and process B it all sound worthless and thin no fat etc.

yes, this can be explained by the steady stream of iLOK protected plugins in the recent month, digital slate...eventide yeah name it all of them..

People who have bought a license can now with good conscience use the cracked version since the cracked version is in some cases a better version ironically.
I think it is wrong ot punish the buyers in that way.  Copy protection is good but now when it has a big impact on performance and it involved a big percentage of the code of the plugins itself is just pure copy protection.

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: RIP Lemmy
« on: January 29, 2016, 01:10:11 PM »
yes really sad news indeed..I can't say I am surprised he did not have the most healthy lifestyle.
he will for sure left a big void after him...

yes you are right..I will watch all old episodes before I start to watch the new ones.perfect timing..
not sure what to expect from new x files..butI think they have got pretty good budget atleast...
I am more conorned with mulder and scullys acting..I hope they still are good.. I hope it will not just be a money squeeze.

However regarding the bluray release..even if you have watched all old episode to watch it again.. with this new improved and superior quality is really recommended.

I think this re-release must be on of the best in history.
First of it is now finally in widescreen no longer in that unwatchable 4:3 format, also
it has been remastered so it looks better on todays bigger tvs.

I am currently on season 4 now.
I have never seen the full series just a few episodes here and there on tv when I was

The difference in quality is astronomical... they did a very good job at this.

It is like going from vhs to bluray

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: The Modular Synthesizer Thread
« on: January 28, 2016, 07:31:40 AM »
Yep, it's like having a synth that is in a permanent state of change, always unfinished, always growing ....
I'd be broke and starving if I got into it.   ;D

Yeah I heard it is dangerous addiction.

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: The Modular Synthesizer Thread
« on: January 28, 2016, 07:02:00 AM »
I have heard this eurorack modulars are very addictive one you have started you can't stop buying modules :)

I think the track "Spiral Passage " sounds very refreshing direction of steve roach I like what I hear..
also I think in general this album "pinacle moments" fe is really good.
you can hear the track here

I have a problem with getting clicking, because of the nature of music is heavily processed with long reverbs and effects etc..
It is hard to get the correct volume level, especially since I do a lot of "cresendo stuff" which means I want a big dynamic range when I play soft or hard on the guitar string.

The solution number 1 would be lower the input level from my kemper amp to my eventide, but this has some serious artifacts I have noticed, the guitar now sounds very thin and not dynamic or powerful at all..however it takes away the click sounds..

It is really hard to get the volume levels right using long reverbs for guitar..
I notice such big difference when I lower input volume on my eventide  that I hope there is any better solution

I use no compressor

you can see my setup here

EDIT: I add a recording from my eventide H8000fw
you can hear for yourself, it is very frustarting..

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