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to mix bass on these speakers are probably not a good idea..I hope that it is not his mixing monitors..

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: August 14, 2014, 09:35:11 AM »

some great post rock from japan!

Quote from: Ekstasis[/quote

If steve roach relased shirts for every album I would probably be more likely to buy the shirt then the actual cd.

...because the music are on torrent places for free anyway?

or free on spotify ?

I spend more money on merchandise then actual music, I wish more artists had more clothes to sell.

Yes I like to get some merchandise too, cue Mike for Hypnos t-shirts? :)

yes, I do not know why not more artists do it.  Would love some ambient shirts too...with nice print.
My favorite is when the print does cover the whole front and backside of the shirts...especially if it is nice quality..there is a huge difference in print quality.. the best quality I have seen was the Neurosis - The sun that never set  hood.. very special quality on the print...

If steve roach relased shirts for every album I would probably be more likely to buy the shirt then the actual cd. A full size shirt print of the Robert Rich Somnium cover would be very nice..

a lot of steve roach covers are really nice..would love to have them as shirt..

I know these days there are many good service to print your own shirts too for a quite reasonble price you just send them the picture and design your shirt yourself..the problem is there is so many I have never found out which is best...  and have best quality I know the difference is big...if any one have done the reserach let me know.. if the qualit is good and the print will look good even after 5 years I will invest a lot of money to print my own shirts for sure..and design them myself

I spend more money on merchandise then actual music, I wish more artists had more clothes to sell. 

I did this recording many months ago, I was quite satisfied with it, but not not really "that" good" or the best I have done , anyway I did listen to it in headphones this night and I realize I really like it, it made me drift away  so I thought why not just share it instead of letting it be on my HDD for myself forever ?,  did sound good with my DT1350 the sharp treble It sound a lot better in my headphones then what I remember in my speakers... I did want a more old school sound, it actually sounds like it coming out from a old vinyl player this was my intent. As always all improvised no after editing.
The sharp vinyl sound was created with one of a kind EQ an old analogue EQ from the 60s  which really is one of my favourite weapons right now..

I had to remove the mp3 and replace it with flac, I did experience a big difference in sound between mp3 and wav/flac for this specific track.

Some calm and relaxed guitar..and not much idea where I was going when I recorded it.

Kemper amp/Eventide H8000fw

I think Mystic Chords and Sacred Spaces is slightly overrated. The first disc isn't that great IMO, though everything else does compensate. I still enjoy it but there are plenty of other Steve Roach albums I enjoy more.

For me it is the Favorited album.. 110% is his deepest and mesmerizing album.. steve roach at his peak imo

Ok let us know if it's really a gold corn like you said.

Well for its price it should sound really good
Some reviews here
For the DAC part you can read this reviews

it is a quite strange story behind this dac/amp, anyway to make clear the  Epiphany Acoustics amp/dac is identical to the JDS models inside, the only difference is the outside... the O2 and ODAC was a huge open source project which a lot of people where involved with on the forums for many years...the creator of it NwAvGuy, has been totally silent for many one knows why.

I agree.. it has become little bit too minimalistic the last years...  Immersion volume 1,2,3  (esceially 3) and also after light was good minimalistic releases, but it seem have been stuck in this expression now since then more or less..i miss the more dynamic releases too..  Also I think he have in the last years in terms of drones been going for a more raw vintage sound..not as mordern anymore.. less wet reverb more oberheim dry.  I hope steve roach start releasing a bigger number of relases every year, maybe some of the albums will be good I know I will not like all of his..

Also this "gltichy" delay effects he have used since Destination Beyond feels like they have become little bit old now..I do not like them,

I'm PC.

The problems range from half-assed buggy software, to no sound, clicks and noises during recording, non functional DB 25 outputs, overheating, non-recognition by usb port and the list goes on.

I don't like the general attitude of Antelope at the forum, when people report the problems they always throw marketing BS or presumable success stories in the mix.

The original person reviewing the Antelope, who is also from gearslutz staff, received a non-functional Audio Zen, then he was telling that the fault was from the parcel delivery company and some posts later he changed the story to ''I had a beta unit for testing''.

I dunno, my impression after some threads is that Antelope seems a shady company. Now they are releasing some audiophile clocks for 5k. Again I have trouble trusting audiophile companies, especially when they release ''esoteric'' audiophile stuff.

Anyway I should have done my homework before considering the Audio Zen.

I could order and be lucky, but I don't know, the general feeling around them is unreliability.


As you probably are familiar with I am an Antelope Eclipse user.
I can't really comment on the Audio Zen, but what I can comment about it has a very good sound quality for its price and
you also get a lot of I/O and also DSP processing.  I can't really comment on the drivers or software about the Audio Zen, but I would never consider using USB for DAW use, so the drivers are not hyper critical I use USB mosty for playback only when I am not using the DAW.

Well I can only agree about your observations regarding their attitude and PR people.  Also their support have had varying quality , I have got a few incorrect answers from them which I also exposed on a forum, which then I got corrected, but since then I think they are irritated with me they do no longer answer my support tickets, I have had some problems that sometimes the power button does not work I have to unplug the power cable, it happens not often but they did not come up with a solution for it.
The software for the Eclipse is quite minimalistic it gives much to ask for, but it gets the job done, a few bugs.. but it seem the Eclipse drivers are not their priority now..I sent them an email a few days ago about windows 9 support no answer yet.. the release are not so many months away.

Regarding PR, the PR for Audio Zen is very different from their other products I think cause it is based for the more budget market... these consumers are easier to fool so they use all PR tricks necessary

So my experience with Antelope is mixed, I was very happy with the support sometimes but some people especially in the chat are not good.. email support is better..but to a certain point,some of the problems where left unsolved cause they had no idea.
They where nice until I did quote them on a forum where they did give me incorrect information regarding Audio Zen such as it has the same clock and monitor controlled as Eclipse  (relay-controlled with stepped precision attenuator ) but for a fraction of the price, it would have been an insult to current Eclipse owners. Yeah so yeah I do not like their PR methods, regarding their clocks it seem more like some kind of esoteric art indeed they do not tell  much secrets about it besides controlled jitter is used to create "positive" and controlled jitter which modify the audio waves in a positive and controller manner to give a more analogue sound, I have tried my Eclipse/Trinity clock with other clocks I have in my studio, my RME clock and my Eventide H8000FW clock, the  Trintiy clock gives an extremly dramatic difference so yeah..very important part for sure...
It is not just a clock it an acoustic focused clock using jitter to manipulate the audio, which is a quite radicial concept which no one use since jitter is regarded as the biggest evil in audio in general..Antelope are the only company who use jitter intentionally to manipulate the audio in a positive manner. .

Regarding your set up it is quite complex decision, but the Audio Zen would be a good starting point I think, if you do not need the prees you could maybe consider the Orion, it is more highly regarded, it has from what I know a better clock it has more I/Os you could complete the monitor controller seciton with Drawmer MC2.1 which is on par with Dangerous Audio Source minus the DAC functioanlity . I do not remeber if you bought the Source already ? I think I recall you did in that case I would buy the Orion 32, you can probably find it used too..

after a few weeks of painful research I have made my decision regarding the headphone amp/DAC combo it will be the Epiphany Acoustics EHP-O2Di it is actually based on the Jds odac/02 amp which is based on an open source project.

There is a very small chance I go with the Headstage 5G but the chance are so small cause I think it will be delayed many more months until release...otherwise it would probably have been the best alternative..

I have heard the album now it is very good I think, roach is manage to come back to older standards around 2005-2007 era, however there is still too much bass frequencies rumble for my taste, maybe it is a cheap way to flirty with the more mainstream dark ambient listeners . I guess it depends on how deep your bass on your speakers go mine  go about 35hz so kind of deep. This bass drone rumble is just an irritating factor and especially for my neighbours since the bass is penetrating the walls much more then the other frequencies  For me the bass is mixed to loud, and there is really no interesting audio information in that spectrum imo the sonic depth is in the upper mid and high range.

Anyway good just feels too short though.. but I guess that is a good got the feeling you wanted more after the last song..

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Shipping to Ukraine
« on: July 20, 2014, 07:41:04 AM »
once again you are posting personal information on the forum,  did you ask for his permission to post his real name ?
not all want the online alias linked to a real name... (I asked a moderator recently to remove mine)

Got the CD yesterday, it's excellent!!!  Confused on the bonus CD though, as the cover lists one track at 74 min. But there are actually TWO tracks on the disc ?.......

Great in all honesty it is nice to see Mr Roach release more studio albums, I think he should put out more I have seen interviews that he could release one per months if he wanted to but he restrict the number to about 5-6 per year...
I hope Steve roach get back to his "confidence" again as an artist, I think he have lost it little bit the last years. I do not think the feedback from his later albums have been so good as before, but I think this new CD shows definitely new found inspiration.  I still wish though I prefer his more lighter albums, the production are darker nowdays less treble more bass, it makes it less deep for me.. Anyway this new album seem to be kind dramlike.. some thing I could drift away to with headphones in bed into inner journeys.  I hope steve roach have found a new spark of inspiration now and will release a more steady flow of albums.  I wish he could experiment some more though.. but I will always keep track on his album his potential is always there and he still among the top ambient artists in my book.

No physical volume knob, what the heck? 2 pieces will create more cumbersomeness...

I do not think you want the DAC section to have a volume control, since its main task is to feed the amp 0 db signal.
if you have a volume knob on the DAC you will just lose bit depth better to let the headphone amp control the volume, always best to control the volume with an analogue parameter.

two pieces will be more cumbersomeness yes, but it will give you more control and better flexibility in terms of choosing the exact dac and will give you more options for sure.. you will end up with a better DAC and a better amp for the money... the best would be to have a combo unit.. but you will end up buying less audio quality for the money.  Anyway the hunt is going on now... the DAC might have been decided..I will look into the options for the headphone amp on to train to gothenburg tomorrow...

I have decided I will most likely try to buy the DAC and Headphone amp seperatly.. more options will emerge then..

if I buy this DAC which seem to get mostly good feedback.. I can buy a bigger external headphone amp to complete it for sure...

it is very small

The beresford dacs - with headphone output - is often highly recommended.

May I say in advance i am not Mr Beresford.... :o

I will look into it... the price was very good...
The form factor... its probably little bit too big to be portable.. enough prefer something slightlight smaller..
it is mainly the "height" that is the problem when having it in my ultrabook bag, the length is less of an problem...
However I would most likely make the beresford to fit in my bag but it would create a huge bulge..

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