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Going through som old folders..found this.. Ambient from 2012, totally recorded live and improvised.. in two parts but they could have been one together.

The link has been uploaded again to a more "permanent" storage which wont expire within 30 days.

Any collaboration offers is welcome.. to make this more asianova/ure thrall/voice of eye style..thank you..

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« on: August 29, 2014, 12:49:22 PM »

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« on: August 25, 2014, 04:27:56 PM »

Are you looking for constructive criticism / feedback of these pieces ? I presume that's why they were posted here.

Yes of course.

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« on: August 23, 2014, 05:23:49 PM »

The part 2 is great too. Both have a very deep feeling. I just wished that the second one didn't end so abruptly.

thank you I agree I did cut it too fast.

I am surprised how much I did agree with Sam.  Has he shifted opinions?  I am remembering being more old school and conservativ.  Anyway to my surprise i agree with him,  I did already raise the merchandise question recently in an other thread,  it is a good way to gain some money if you do Some nice merchandise with nice design and print.  I would love more ambient shirts.

I own the Steve roach  a deeper silence the shir,  it was  nice but it  starting to become washed out now

part 2 link has now been updated with the correct mix.

I love part 1. The composition and the quality is just mind blowing. Congrats.

Thanks a lot man! yes I tried to make some more high quality and less vintage/lo fi for a change..

Part 2 link has been temporary deleted since I uploaded wrong mix.

the results of 3 days of tweaking.. and frustrations, I had many reaper crashes.. I am in a deep need of more cpu power I am always on the limit.
I have started to spend more time with recording music lately.. I hope it is not temporary.. but when my DAW and plugins crash all the time you really have to fight to keep the will to record music, but I will try to be better to do more channels cause reaper handels mulit thread performence better then I tend to use 7-8 synths on one track  Part 1 is lush and vast with and atmospheric and high quality sound.
 Part 2 is based on Part 1 harmonies but with 70s vintage sound, overdriven tubes and analogue gear


well there is different religions there is people who believe in external/physical gear, but there is also another religion and this unlimited belief in this "magic box" ,  and with this "magic box" you can basically create anything you can imagine , it is basically your own imagination that set the limit of what this "magic box" can do.

That and cracked plugins, it's so easy to recommend software...........

Also... there is so many software plugin that claim to sound like a hardware unit when they in reality sound like night and day, they basically use it as "propaganda" to sell an "illusion " that if you "buy" this software you will sound exactly like that hardware all in "the box" and only for for 20 dollars.  Me growing up  readying studio magazines I did read this all the time,  I thought why pay 2000 dollars when I can pay 20 dollars and sound the same, there is an whole generation who have never tried external gear to use as "reference"  but only been using "in the box" tools.
So a lot of people live in the illusion when using for instance an SEM V - Arturia synth, that it sound like the real thing when in reality they do not have anything in common in reality, Arturia  is a good example,  they use trademarks like "moog" to sell illusions to people.  There is an ocean of plugins that is using trademarks of hardware units to sell as plugin..

There is of course good examples of good plugins also..but in almost all cases the hardware version have a slight edge if not a very big edge.. I use plugins, when they sound good  I have nothing against to use them.

well there is different religions there is people who believe in external/physical gear, but there is also another religion and this unlimited belief in this "magic box" ,  and with this "magic box" you can basically create anything you can imagine , it is basically your own imagination that set the limit of what this "magic box" can do.  I was a believer of this religion before, since I thought external gear was pretty much obsolete, also the progression was so fast in the Computer world.   I think there is a big majority of people who live in this illusion all you need is really this magic box to realize your imagination.. Well I am hear to tell you, that no the Magic box AKA PC/MAC can't create anything you imagine, there is "things"  and musical languages and colours that this magic box can't really replicate, there for the need for external gear does still exist.  in theory the this "magic box" should be able to create anything, but this is in a future probably beyond our time (considering how slow Intel is progressing these days).


if it is any genre that gear MATTER it is ambient, since all it is about is ear candy,  How can you make a lexicon reverb sound like an Eventide reverb or a lexicon like a sony reverb..  I wish you good luck to find people with the Master skills..  I am not saying you cant make music certain musical colors you need the right gear to represent.. I can hear what gear is being used when I listen to ambient in some cases..since I recognize with the gear I have used...all gear have their own musical language and color

The tracks here, have in fact that annoying low frequency sound, if you want to connect on skype I can show you. I don't think that sound is musical at all and in fact it sound like a defect. Most comments here seem biased with all due respect.

Just to be clear I like Steve Roach, but I don't understand that decision.

All I can say I have noticed a big shift and change in sound (quality) after his studio change..
Big changes in his signal chain I have think was done then..maybe an ohter mixing board..defiantly using another reverb now and it is not the PCM 91 anymore..which I prefer to whatever reverb he is using now..
the different reverb gives a totally other sound character and I just like.

Would love to hear how his music sound in his studio, if we are hearing the same thing,
Not sure what speakers he is using..  But It is easy to become "home blind" in your own studio..
It probably sound better in his studio for sure...with his gear and speakers and all.. But I have been listening to hi for along time so the shift in sound quality according to me is not progressing anymore...

I just noticed a lot darker character in the latest year and a lot more bass and midrange the high frequencies  is now very low.  Compare albums like atmospheric conditions with Dynamic stillness... The atmopheric conditions album have the PCM 91 for sure.. I think after been using it for so many years he felt forced to experiment and try some other less good reverb...the one he is using sound a lot more dry and darker..I do not like it as much as older albums..

Anyway His new album Delicate forever is a step in right direction one of his best in the later years for sure.

Pretty good textures.

Thank you sir

me and a friend
Have a post rock projekt so I try to record
Some ideas


to mix bass on these speakers are probably not a good idea..I hope that it is not his mixing monitors..

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