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Everything and Nothing / Re: Show us your Smartphone/Cell Phone
« on: December 01, 2013, 12:19:03 PM »
I have a Samsung Glaxy Note, I bought it in december 2011, if I have to say it myself I think the timing was perfect to buy the phone.  It has aged well..and not since I have bought it there have been much on the market that impress me enough to make me want to upgrade...

This is my phone with brown letter flip cover.
I haven ever used the silly Pen features, in fact
I do not even have the pen in the phone to save some grams
in weight..

Right now I feel there is no phone I want.
QUAD HD display will be entering the market in 2014, I will only buy a QUAD HD display, and the one I want is from LG, they have presented the screen this summer rumours says it is that screen that is used in the Xplay 3s phone.

This is the screen I am talking about, I will not be stupid to buy a 1080p phone when I know QUAD hd is around the corner... this particular screen also offer superior brightness wish makes it very useful for outdoor use...which is good especailly in the summer.

If I was absolutely forced to buy a phone today it would probably be the LG G2 phone. It has the best screen on the market right now, (the is available to buy), and also a really good camera.

Everything and Nothing / Show us your Smartphone/Cell Phone
« on: December 01, 2013, 12:11:08 PM »
The smartphones has since some years now become and increasingly more important part of our daily lives, some people might even call it the third part of our brain...

So what smartphone do you have right now ?
Which phone would you buy today if you could ?

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: KVR Black friday/cyber monday sales list
« on: December 01, 2013, 12:06:31 PM »
Immersion - Have you tried Lush within a host yet - or strictly in standalone mode?
(The host may not "know" how Lush is approaching multiple cores and clicks may occur.)

Host, I am using reaper, it worked for me.
using the Epic pad preset which is one of the most demanding
did not work at all especially not with polyphony but when I added the multi core support it worked without problem even with polyphony.  I guess I can now increase the number of voices too..

It would be fun to have the coolest, fastest new machine, but that isn't my reason for buying a new computer.

eh :)
Well..I guess not all agree about that :)

Well I find it personally silly that people even in the pro market considering to buy these small portable form factors... because of the form factor and heat issue they are forced to underclock the cpus a full tower chassis with a big cpu cooler however would unlocks the cpus full potential.

I just find it stupid how one can priortize the form factor, but obviously Apple do, and they call that innovation, laptops has been around since the 80s it is nothing new and innovative to use underclocked cpus to make them work in a portable form factor, there is a reason why full towers exist, it is because they unlock the true potential of the computers units... and the physical laws of heat prevents us to unlock this full potential in portable form factor.

People see it as innovation, wow we can fit so much performance in such a portable form factor, but it is in reality counterproductive,  what they are doing is they are walking backwards when it comes to performance.

Well I guess the world is becoming more and more superficial, which explains the need to for small and stylish form factors.   As long as there is a need for more cpu power I will never ever give in to this superficial behavior and priotize a portable and stylish form factor before raw computer performance.
I will never choose a underclocked portable mac then a overclocked PC as it is now...cause I need every % of cpu power I can get... it leaves no room for
stylish form factor and portability.

But I do not like because of it has a unique form factor that it should be " coolest, fastest new machine" it is just wrong...

as I said it is true that Apple for now have monopoly of the CPUs in the mac pro but it will not take long until they are released to the full market.

And to be honest, 12 cores is mostly useful when rendering. Or if you
use many tracks.
For VSTs and VISTis still MHZ is more important then the amount of cores this is a fact. Yeah So I would not be totally crazy just because it is 12 cores, if you render a lot or if render time is very important... then sure..12 cores will be amazing for you.

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: Digital to analog converters
« on: December 01, 2013, 11:20:26 AM »
one store in germany have this amazing deal on the Antelope Eclipse which I just can't refuse, it have changed my plans radically, I am now trying to sell all I can do afford it in time... the deal ends in 6 days. I hope a swedish store will be able to take in for me for that price.

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: KVR Black friday/cyber monday sales list
« on: November 30, 2013, 08:47:49 PM »
can confirm it made a dramatic difference.. I can now for the first time use lush-101 fully..
I was first disappointed but be sure to check the "multi core support" in settings.

Thanks a lot scott for telling me..otherwise I have probably been using this version for some months now.

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: KVR Black friday/cyber monday sales list
« on: November 30, 2013, 08:21:24 PM »
I did see on their site that a recent update for Lush allows it to run using two cores now. I use Bidule so that may not help me there but it would definitely help in a stand-alone mode.

very good news! :)
think if all vsts could use multiple cores, then there would not be much of an cpu problem...

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: KVR Black friday/cyber monday sales list
« on: November 30, 2013, 08:06:22 PM »
Well it is a multi-layered synth architecture, so a big patch can be like running up to 8 synths at the same time, with multiple effects. You gotta expect some strain on the system under those conditions. (its a bit like Omnisphere in that regard) But it is a beauty for sure, and it can easily be used with fewer OSC's and effects. And it does have such an excellent, and big interface. 8) It is one of the best straight-forward analog-like subtractive software synths I've tried. I'll probably pick up a copy this weekend.

I wonder if they use parts of the toraverb code in the lush-101, will experiment to disable it and see if it makes a huge difference to disable the effects.

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: KVR Black friday/cyber monday sales list
« on: November 30, 2013, 08:01:46 PM »
Well it is a multi-layered synth architecture, so a big patch can be like running up to 8 synths at the same time, with multiple effects. You gotta expect some strain on the system under those conditions. (its a bit like Omnisphere in that regard) But it is a beauty for sure, and it can easily be used with fewer OSC's and effects. And it does have such an excellent, and big interface. 8) It is one of the best straight-forward analog-like subtractive software synths I've tried. I'll probably pick up a copy this weekend.

Well, It is good that they do not compromise the audio..I am just telling...
it is one of the most cpu heavy soft synths I have ever tried..but it might also explain why it sound better then most..

I am little bit disappointing with Waldorf Largo..not much has happen with it for a long time...I think it had a lot of potential..they did promise that they will add more filters from the Q family.

The main problem with it is that it sounds too thin...but very clean...
Just too bad they do not put more resources into it.
Also strange to see that their Q family is not even in their product family anymore... only the blofield.. So I wonder what the future for Waldorf really is..they released mostly disappointments in the last few years.. just budget products...but not much high end which put technology forward.

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: Digital to analog converters
« on: November 30, 2013, 06:27:43 PM »
I never said the Sound Toys was BETTER than the H8000FW. In fact I believe I said that the H8000FW is perhaps the best multi-fx processor on the market today. Its freaking incredible! What I did say was it is a cost that I could not justify. For the way that I work I can do everything I was doing with the H8000FW with the Sound Toys Plug-ins. I don't care if they sound exact because functionally as sound manglers and sweeteners they do everything I need them to do. I also feel the same way with the PSP plug-ins and more.

Well it feels good to hear you say that atleast, If you know any better effect processor let me know..from what I know there is no box that comes close.  Yes I understand it all depends on how you use it...some people like yourself if obviously fine with soundtoys. Personally I prefer something is more true the source


Next thing you don't seam to get. To state that all 2 way monitors are horrible shows your complete lack of knowledge on the subject. Some 3-ways are awesome. I HAVE heard the Tridents, they sound great, Harvey knows his stuff!!! He actually did a great and ingenious job of creating a 3-way that works awesome in a near field space.

I have not said that all 2-ways speakers are "horrible" in fact there exist a lot of amazing 2-ways speakers especially considering that this is the most usual kind in the studio. No matter if you like it or not there is still a distinct class difference between 2-way and 3-way design speaker. I also said it is harder to do a good 3 way speaker that is why there is also a lot of less good construction of 3 way design, those with good construction and good science behind them is however superior in most areas.  Speaker manufacture have an enormous pressure from the market to improve monitor design, and 3 way design is without doubt the future, and it will be more common, right now they exist mostly in the high end market which often is very expensive.  The Trident HG3s have a very good value since it compares with monitors with twice of the price in it's performance.

However there are also great, not good, not passible but freaking amazing 2-ways as well. Interesting how the dozens of studios I have been in across the country over the years almost ALL seam to use and own a good set of 2-way 8" monitors be it Genelec, KRK, Focal, Dynaudio, Yamaha, Adam and more. Oh wait you don't like experience and usage as proof.


There is probably the same amount of studios that prefer 3-way speakers.
There is also a lot of studios who use really old equipment and spekers...
But if you buy a new studio with an unlimited budget in year 2013 I see no reason why to choose the 2 way design. But one need not exclude the other, to have both 2way and 3 way speakers in the setup can be good...myself will have more speakers in the future, it is good to be able to switch between them.  A pair of genelecs would be nice, mostly cause they are in almost every studio now.

I was simply stating that to truly utilize the clarity and power of many sets of full size  3-ways or even large 2-ways for that matter, you need a good room that is big enough to get a nice distance from your monitors. To tell someone who mixes in an average bedroom, den or small basement space to go get large $3,000 to $5000 monitors is, in my line of work, misleading and irresponsible.

Well we are speaking about the speakers, now lets leave the room out of the equation.  And you said it your self the Tridents is obviously working in a nearfield space and they are not the only ones I can assure you, I think actually the room size have nothing to do with this when compare 2 way and 3 way, it is all about that 3 way gives superior clarity, and especially when each element is driven with its own amp, that is the ultimate, this has nothing to do with the room size just pure sound quality. I think it quite logical. 3 way design is without doubt an up going trend and it will be more common in future, and I think also that a lot of manufactures will be inspired by the HG3 speaker design 

Did you know that most really good engineers can mix on anything and trillions of great sounding albums have been mixed on Yamaha NS-10's as a reference.

I know they can with help of audio analytical tools then can. Yes NS-10 have mostly mid range audio, this is the reason why it is easy to mix with them, cause there is not much else in the sound that will disturb you. I have heard the NS-10 myself and it as one of the worst speakers I have heard. I do not agree about the idea to have these crap monitors in every studio.  Yeah I know they say that if it sounds good on them it sounds good on all speakers, but at the same time I just think it is a myth that lives on and on... and people is just following the leader in a feedback loop. There is obviously better speaker for that. I will not be one of those who buy any NS-10, I will not continue this stupidity, people use it just because other people and studios use it, as simple as that, people just mimics each other.
In our genre I know of many great sounding albums which have been mixed using the old Mackie speakers (the model escapes me) which I find harsh and fatiguing personally. But if a person can mix on them and get the finished product that they have is all that matters in the end. Of course that will be interpreted as me telling folks that good results can be had on cheap gear again.

You can mix on anything, but Makies have atleast some what flat frequency response that is the most important part, I am sure one can mix in them without problems. But they might expect they will sound different on other is always like that no speakers sounds the same unfortunately. There is no ultimate studio reference monitor...there is too much other factors which will affect the sound... the only absolute reference of any music is to use the exact same equipment and room and speaker placement as it was recorded on.

BTW if you do not have tons of cash it can be good to cross mix with headphones as well.  If you wand a flat frequency response headphones is the chepeast way to get it... it is good to mix mid and high rage harder with bass. But it s good to mix in both should sound good on both.


The thing is, while I have alluded to it, it is true to a point. People can get great and professional (whatever that really means) results on less expensive gear. There are countless big label releases that have been recorded and mixed without 3-ways, Eventides and such.

absolutely...  But it is good to come as close to the "reference point" in audio when recording..  With the right cheap gear you can..especially second hand stuff..the price is not equal quality.. there is a lot of exceptions everywhere

Its also true that high end gear can give amazing results and make getting them easier than cheap stuff can. Wisdom lies in knowing which is best for you. My point is why would you go and buy a Ferrari when you are just learning to drive??? Other than because you can I guess.

I do not think the Ferrari analogy is really working in this context.
Well it depends on how new you are.  IF you know the basic principles of the cheaper gear..I see no reason why not invest and jump into the high end terriroty directely.. IF you have high demands for high audio all depends on how much this matter to you personally..we all are different..some one is happy with less..some one is happy with more..

Personally my own philosophy is, that it is stupid and a waste of money and time to by cheap gear,  I have realized this cause I have my apartment full of useless cheap gear that is not even worth selling, they have no second hand value.
It is simply junk.  I have decide now, I will skip the mid range and by the high range directly instead I think in a long term perspective it is smart for every musician to that that investment, if you have a high desire for audio quality. It is better to invest it and you are happy...  And I do not need to stress the importance that high end gear does keep MOST of it's value you can SELL it when you realize you do not need it or you want something even better. The best thing is to buy all second hand then you can almost be sure that you get back all money you invest when you sell it, ( if you buy the right products that age well).

Now having said that, I do agree with you that it is just as much of a trap to fall prey to the cult of good enough. Buying every cheap piece of crap that comes along with an arrogant attitude of "this is just as good as the pro stuff" can also yield disastrous results, but in this thread no one has said that.
----- can be a trap... and gives you an "illusion" that the sound as as good as it gets..but when you have an opportunity to try new gear it might open ups totally new worlds you...I think it is healthy to constantly monitor the market and see what it has to offer to get an idea what you are missing out on..

I think since the 2000s I think we have this idea that because of all the development audio quality will become cheaper and cheaper all the time..
We saw the mostly the 3-4 first years in the 2000s..cause everything was going towards software and in the box... I think now.. we have come to realize that good audio quality comes with a price still.. maybe in 20 years you do not have to pay anything for the best sound quality today I hope so..

However if someone like the original poster comes in with, "this is what I have, this is my budget, please help!" and you essentially imply, "what you have is crap, spend crazy $$$ like I am or you CAN'T make good music". Well someone needs to balance that with a reality check of, "do the best you can with what you have, despite the cost and save up for better stuff one step at a time".

Well he him self said the sound quality was not good.. I told him the bitter quality is not for free.... you have too first decide your budget of investment then with that you can decide what to buy... if you have a small budget you need to spend your money very wisely.. a lot of people just buy from what "brand" they think is best... it is wrong.. a lot of the bang of the buck stuff you get from the smaller underground companies that are not so well known but that you have to dig deep to find...there is certainly a lot of good stuff out there..

However I still think you should take things into the perspective, if you are seeing yourself as a long term musician, I would advices to seriously not waste money on budget stuff too much, and most important of all buy no new products since it will lose it's value, if you can sell your budget gear you will reach your goal to upgrade to more high end gear faster...

If a person can only afford $200 - $300 and asks my opinion of what is the best microphone for $200 -  $300 I owe it to them to point out what is the best value in the price range they have mentioned. Its even ok to point out $400-$600 microphones that may be better if they are patient and wait a few more months. But, if I come at them with the usual gearslutz attitude of..."if you don't drop $2-5k on a mic then you can't make good music"...that would make me a jerk of the highest order.
I think with microphones there is so much good stuff from china..the problems with there can be a high varance between each micrphone in the same series..because of the the quality testing is flawed.. you can get a very good ex or a bad never is a risk you take..but it can be worth it..Also the microphone market is very big, both new and second hand market.  There is alot more to choose from compare to a lot other equipment in the studio so yeah you can without doubt get a good micrphone for 200-300$
I mean dude...can I call you dude?

Yes Please
I cannot find any fault with your gear list. Eventide, Dangerous, Burl, Trident all make killer stuff! Great gear of the highest order. Any studio with that kind of gear should have no excuses for poor recording quality.

I do not actually have any BURL equipment yet..I have considering to keep my Lynx Aurora for maybe 1 year.. or so..  However I still have no pre amp, you know this is the first part in the studio so without this the signal flow is not complete.  Without this I cannot not create music . As I said earlier I think of buying this one...

The problem here is, as others have tried to tell you again, and again, and present these items as the holy grails of gear, nothing can be better. Nothing...NOTHING!!! You also present it as a fact that everyone in the universe has accepted as a sonic purity law!
You and I both now that in this business is everything strictly subjective.  Everyone has it's own idea what is the holy grail of gear.  It is true I have said that Burl does the best stuff right now, that is maybe true to some and not others but I know for sure in the studio world there is a lot of fuzz about Burl now, and is in this particular circle regarding as one of the top equipment... those in the circle claims it offers superior sonic quality unlike any other equipment they have heard...This might be true to you are myself I am not sure yet since I do not own any BURL gear yet... but I know after all I have been reading about BURL stuff that I know burl stuff is good invested money... which really makes a difference. If I had a complet Burl system and a pair of  RL 901K monitors maybe perhaps then I could say I have the holy grail of equipment :)
But these speaker are way beyond my price range...

Sorry to tell you that there are other great monitor choices than the HG-3 and other great compressors than the Bax and so on...the one unit you have that even in my opinion cannot be bested and has no true competition in its world is the H8000FW. Still does not mean everyone needs one, and you are not some kind of artistic genius cuz you own one.
I do not consider my HG3 monitors the best monitors in the world. However in it's price range I find it among the best if not the best.  That is the exact reason I bought it, it has an extreme good an aggressive price setting.  They are still expensive but for the money you buy you get monitors which is compared to monitors in twice of the price... Yes that is why I bought the Eventide, now I know
in the effect department I can't get anything better  I will be satisfied for a very long time with this one.... it will probably suck when the H9000 is released... and blow it out of the water but hopefully it is long into the future..

If you started a post like "hey I just got an H8000 and its blowing my mind!" I would guess folks here would respond with, "really? Wow, thats cool, what do you like it on? How are you using it?" and so on and so on. Its a much better presentation than what you have been doing.
Maybe such thread will come, I need to buy my pre amp first as I said... sO I connect my Kemper amp to it..Problem is I have not tried it out much yet.  But if some one is interested to hear how it sound I will gladly give you some recordings later. I know a lot of people are interested in other forums atleast. There is really not much "samples" from this cause I guess not many people have it.. there is one long video on youtube...but it have such bad source audio some techno stuff..

Lastly, really I do think its cool and encouraging to see someone pursuing music and engineering with this kind of passion who is willing to go all the way and get some of the best gear out there to accomplish sonic goals which it seams you are setting for yourself! Bravo!

Thank you for your support. I am also glad, I have become to realize that life is about to realize your own dreams, this is my dream to build a studio..and record..
It is one of the few things that drives me in I have no idea what I would spend the money on otherwise..I cannot come up with anything better atleast..And I say it again, it feels more safe to know since I have bought mostly high end equipment that the market value still exist when I decide to sell..
so it does not feel like I have just put money in to the ocean... but if I really need I can also sell it.

I know you refuted this before, but its actually what I did when I started out. I drew a line in the sand, decided on the quality and level of seriousness I was after, and then set goals both financially and educationally to make these dreams reality. 12 years ago I saved up for two years so I could afford my 8-channel Millennia Media HV3D Preamp. I still have it today and use it all the time.
I decided this about 4 years ago... I was thinking it would take first 2 years, then 3 years then 4 years, it was always delayed cause it was hard to keep the budget, I also bought a guitar which was a lot more expensive then I did expect,
it did cost more then the H8000FW and rember the the H8000FW is a lot more expensive in EUROPE because of import taxes etc...

So seriously, enjoy your gear. Enjoy and be challenged in your pursuit of music, but stop coming across as Mr. Know-it-all!

Thanks "dude"  I enjoy this discussion...there does not always have to be agreements... we all have different perspectives on everything it is human nature...

Regarding MR know it all...welcome to the humanity unfortunately if this is something that bugs you I do not think you like the humanity very much, cause I see this all the is a kind of human instinct one of the most primitive animal instincts humans need to assert itself in the "group" to show how is the dominant in a particular group, every one in the group need to show who is the dominant and ultimately who is the leader in a particular group, it as a deeply embedded in the human nature which helps our survival as species.

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: KVR Black friday/cyber monday sales list
« on: November 30, 2013, 04:59:59 PM »
Thanks APK. Judging from the demos, Lush-101 has a great analog sound. When I look around for reviews there's always mention about the large CPU needs. Probably great for the studio but (like Iris) touchy for multi-synth live use. Still tempting...

Some people will probably think I am craazy, but Lush-101 was probably one of the main reasons I sold my Oberheim Xpander.
The filters are awesome... the only problem is... it use a lot of cpu...
you really need to have the LATEST intel cpu for it...
I have the first Core i7 generation (920) overclocked from 2.6GHZ to 3.5 GHZ
still not enough. Even some presets in low quality mode is too much

I have heard the cd now, I was not a big fan of is more of an ambient jazz record.  The Milky way was the best song on the album.
But I have to say the production and sound is probably his best.

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: My Music Studio in Progress!!!
« on: November 29, 2013, 12:15:22 AM »

I'm usually not the biggest Oophoi fan but I already love some of his posthumous work, particularly this and I Can Hear The Wing Singing. I think both of those are AOTY candidates.

Oophoi's music is hard to get into.

If I would recommend you two albums it would be Forgotten Rituals and  Signals From the Great Beyond (1cd version)

Art and Literature, Movies and TV / Re: what Tv series should I see ?
« on: November 28, 2013, 12:55:53 PM »
The Shield

They are among my all time favorites...all are on blu-ray and DVD. All have great great characters, great performances, and are exceedingly well-written, esp. IMO, Justified.

My girlfriend did recommend me The Shield..also...
Also she did recommend the River, but I guess it will take some time before it is realeased on Bluray.

I am sorry I did not buy a high end Panasonic Plasma TV to watch some tv rips.
And I know there is many older series out there that I can see before that..It does not need to be the latest..

Anyway I am rewatching the Stargate Universe right now...
Very good serious, season to is not released on bluray I find that a big mystery, I also find it a big mystery that there was no season 3, but I guess, a lot of people is like me they do not want to watch it on tv they want until the whole series is aired so they can watch it when they want etc and not have to wait... and the tv channel will see that not many people watch it, but I think torrents really show what tv series are popular... I guess netflix could be included too.

But it seem really that all tv series that are good they put down..
Such as  Caprica, what happen to that,  and what happen to Terra Nova season 2 it was a good series that did die to quickly.

Regarding stargate Universe, if the producers did put up a kickstarter project for new STU I can promise you...they would reach the goal very quckily..there is a lot of die hard stargate fans out there, and the story of stargate is potentially endless just because of the fact that universe itself is endless without end.

So you can be brilliant AND overrated?  If someone said I was overrated I would take it as a knock. 

About Vangelis:  I would recommend Soil Festivities and Opera Sauvage to those who think only Bladerunner is worthwhile.  The compilation Themes is also pretty comprehensive for his classic period.  Anything after The City is not recommended.

I will give it a chance...


Not a compressor in the strict sense, more of a saturator but its what I use 99% of the actually have to push it quite hard to make it behave as its name suggests.  Just dont touch the punish button.  Its a tone shaper for me

UBK-1: The Concept on Vimeo
This is something Im interested in as a tone shaper

The Electra - Punching Up & Widening the Drum Buss on Vimeo
and this as another tone shaper :)

That is my fav decapitator plug... I use it some time to get the sound more dirty or lo fi..  But it it is not my favorite tube amp.

Yeah ever since I saw the Electra when it was presented long ago I was interested in it...I like the concept... I was about to buy the Gain Train aswell from Kush, but I bought the dangerous source instead, which I think have even better value.

Are you serious that Vangelis is complete crap???

No...some of his stuff is okay...but IMO he IS totally over-rated and a bit self-important about his own musical impact. Just my two cents. I couldn't use the words "over-rated" to describe him because Steve Roach already took that title. ;) ::)

To be honest I have not gone through his entire discography but a lot of albums most was pure cheese and nothing like the blade runner.

I use compressors just to keep transients under control, or just knock down a band of frequencies. I'd be surprised if I was in the minority . . . likely most of us are using compressors while making ambient music.

Correct me if I'm wrong, folks.

Yep, that's exactly it, Mike.
Unlike an EQ, with a compressor you can keep the spikes and unwanted resonances under control without lowering all the material in that frequency range. I use a multiband compressor a lot in mastering, they are brilliant instruments. I also put a hardware compressor on whatever external synth I'm using, just to gently kick in at high levels and stop possible distortion.

Immersion. This is not to eliminate any attack in the sounds (unless that's what one wants of course), but only to keep the volume profile under control.

And yes, I think a real-time spectrum analyser is one of the most essential tools. I find myself using apEQ a lot on individual tracks and takes, its an EQ plugin with a spectral readout behind it. Very, very useful. Quick too.

Yes soniformer I guess could be seen as some kind of leveler, it is actually a kind of smart can get a more even mix and with that way you can bring up the volume more safely..

have not tried apEQ, but I can recommend

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