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Yes I had the same kind of impression, the first tracks sounded awesome...

I am not sure Metcalf have chosen the right set of drums for this music..I think they are way to loud in the mix..and it does not integrate very good with the music...and takes away a lot of the deepness in the sound..Still very good though...

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: TUU
« on: September 20, 2008, 07:02:29 PM »
TUU's percussion is really the best in ambient music.
I wish he did drum on the "Nada Terma" album instead...I think it would had been better.

Other Ambient (and related) Music / TUU
« on: September 20, 2008, 06:27:29 PM »
When I did listen to the new Nada Terma  samples...I did get reminded of TUU...Does anyone know what TUU is up to, could we expect any new music from in future ?

The CD is now available in the Soundscape shop on


Mp3 samples can be heard here:

"Nada Terma merges the boundaries of ambient, world music and sacred-meditative styles. On Nada Terma (translated as “discovering spiritual treasures through the world of sound”) East Indian tonalities blend with Sufi-like trance percussion immersed in atmospheres, drifts and drones, arriving at a state of relaxed, focused awareness. The continuously-woven 73-minute piece is sequenced into seven discrete segments, perfect for yoga, contemplation and bodywork.

Following upon the groundbreaking work of 2006’s Mantram, Nada Terma is the second Projekt collaboration between Arizona’s Steve Roach and Byron Metcalf with Germany’s Mark Seelig. On Nada Terma they reach deeper into the mystical / spiritual realm, presenting a blend of diverse worlds skillfully combined in an organic fashion. Deep-trance frame drums, clay pots and percussion meet with harmonic overtone vocals (akin to Tuvan throat singers) and the yearning sounds of the stringed Indian Dilruba, and East Indian bansuri flute, bringing a melodic and spiritual-contemplative highlight to the release. All of this exists within an enigmatic world of shadow and shifting light developed by way of artful enhancements and processing of the acoustic instruments. These complements are part of a constant, slowly breathing subtext of drones and atmospheres in which the entire experience lives.

Nada Terma will appeal to any listener looking for extended states of awareness, creative enhancement, yoga, bodywork, and deep listening. "

Yes, Steve Roach has produced this cd, also added some further sonic additions...Just like many other cds he has produced lately, such as, John Vorus and Nathan Youngblood, these cds sounds extremly a lot like Steve Roach in terms of sound, so I really wonder how much of the expression is Steve Roach is responisble for, it would certainly be interesting to hear the pre-production, and then the difference, however, what does matter is the final outcome of the expression, I have nothing against this, but just a thought...and this cd would certainly not be possible without Steve Roach I think.

Personally, this is without doubt the best produced ambient cd I have heard, the sound of this is just unreal!!!
Sounds fantastic in my headphones at night in bed. The sound is like a subconscious flow of lava.... with this music I completely dissolve...

"This outstanding release plays like a surreal subterranean walkabout within the folds of Utah's alluring slot canyons. Steve Roach commissioned long-time friend and accomplished electronic artist Brian Parnham to drop into the deep end of his sound carving skills. The result presents an adroit sound artist coming into full form within this shadowed sonic wonderland drawn from the Earth's inner realms."

reminded me of...

Everything and Nothing / world wide telescope
« on: August 14, 2008, 06:41:40 PM »
Have anyone tried the world wide telescope ?
It is like Google Earth but in space.

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Hawkwind
« on: August 14, 2008, 06:40:04 PM »
Great band,

The albums I like most,

Warrior on the Edge of Time
Hawkwind (1970)
Doremi Fasol Latido

Yeah, Robert Rich most like Andrei Tarkovsky :)
Well..he was the best filmaker ever...

For me the track 3 sounds best so far..

Yes indeed...I was hoping it was going to be a double disk..but yeah...

I think I will wait and order directly from robert rich or any other EU label.
I do not trust the Russian postal service, it might take months for the cd to arrive.

in maybe 2-3 weeks they should be available from soundscape, and robert rich's site.

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Darkest Ambient
« on: August 11, 2008, 07:14:01 AM »
Check out the label Aural Hypnox for good Dark Ambient, however it is not pure dark ambient, it is also mixed with ritualistic and electroacoustic elements.

My favorite albums from that label is

Zoät-Aon - Star Autopsy
Aeoga - Zenith Beyond The Helix-Locus


"Tangential glimpses remotely echoed, untethered from touch. No time nor place, no past nor future, internal, external. Sculpting from energy, clouded motion vaguely slipping. Evanescent vibration, without meaning apart from its own open secret."

Limited edition of 1000 pieces, FAR-22, 2008

For those who are eager to wait, mp3 samples can be heard here.

Right, there WERE alternatives for this 2008 repressing, but the problem is that most people who wanted to hear Somnium already have a copy, so we could not justify the much-higher costs of creating a new dual-layer master, plus pressing dual-layer discs, considering that we don't sell terribly many copies now that Somnium has been released for 7-8 years already.

We could justify the expense of just pressing another 1,000 DVDs exactly like the original version, but it would have been hard to justify triple the expense of a new, improved version.  Of course, I would not rule out some kind of superior edition at some time in the future... who knows?

Thanks for the info, yeah I understand that it will be hard to make any kind of profit an an dual layer dvd release.
The Alternative is of course to sell them at a higher price, I am sure many including myself would have bought it, it is certainly worth it.

IF you still must use dvd-5, you should consider to look over if there exist any better compression algorithms then the Old AC3, For instance I know most dvd players today support mp3 playback. I myself got Somnium encoded with the best codec around Lame 3.97 (Final release) using the V0 preset, and the sound is really transparent, it is not easy to hear the difference at all, you need very good headphones or speakers for that.

From what I know, the Somnium first press are out of print, the reprint will once again be an dvd-5 single layer disc with AC3 Compression. For this repress he of course wanted DVD-9 Dual layer without any AC3 compression. However, that would be a lot more expensive to produce. Well I am just really happy that I got the Flac version, but I am sorry for the people who have not heard the Flac version, and associate Somnium with the dvd version.

I think the main reason I haven't delved deeper into it is that I have an abundance of music, and sometimes even the best albums get hidden away for a while. But you are right on when mentioning headphones. That is the new strategy, headphone listening really brings out an album in all its glory...

Yes it certainly does, especially with the right headphones.

I own a pair of Beydynamics DT880 PRO (2006 version).
Everything really sounds like pure gold in them...
For me I always get a deeper listening experience in headphones...

* a new computer - probably from ADK (which if I recall, Paul, you were the good guy that turned me on to them!)
* NI Komplete - I have no softsynths now (unless you count FruityLoops...) - and I've always wanted Reaktor
* Several STG Labs modules for my modular - specifically a Wave Folder!
* ...and for my wife to build me a box to put those new modules in!   :)

Getting back to the original reason for the thread - evaluating softsynths...

Why do I want Reaktor?     Because it's based around the idea that I can put this bit and that bit together and create new synths and sequencers and drum machines.   That a ridiculous number of people have already done that so I have plenty of examples to start from.    There's a level of programmability to it.    Why Komplete?   Because I'd love to get Battery and a couple of the other softsynths - and Komplete has all those at a price that's really nice.   I also want the Guitar Rig effects rack that comes with it - I love playing bass - I want to dig into new sounds and effects that I'm not getting from my current setup.

I'm not really interested in a lot of softsynths out there because I have a few hardware synths that I konw really well - I pretty much 'grew up' with most of them (except the modular - it's a bit of a new beast for me...).    I love the idea that the hardware synth was built for no other reason than to make those sounds - and that they're old and a little dirty sounding.    I want a  softsynth for 'newer' sounds - things I haven't messed with yet - for that utterly clean sound.   Mixing the two worlds in my music - I can't wait.

Anyway - ramble ramble ramble... I'll stop!


If you buy a new computer, make sure you wait for the Bloomfield processor released by Intel in september/october, it will be about 50% faster then the fastest core 2 duo.

I own Komplete, I guess you did read my first post...about the the synths..
However, I have not tried Reaktor yet for some reason, I have not figured out how to use it yet...
but it sounds like an interesting concept indeed...


It is interesting to hear if it was true that he did produce those warm drones on "SOMNIUM" with the lapsteel guitar. I am a guitarist myself, but I have really not begin to experiment with "drones" yet.


Only a precisation:

- When I said Robert Rich used "simple" tools I was referring to "sleep concerts" times, around '80s
see Sunyata (1982), Trances (1983), Drones (1983), Inner Landscapes (1987), etc.

- "Somnium" (if you refer to DVD) have been realized around 2001. Here Robert used a lot of recent synth technology, the MOTM, if I'm not wrong some digital post-processing with computer, so "complex" tools....!,

BTW, Somnium is a magnificent (Hypnos records) work of art! Maybe the best Robert's work that show what "slow music" concept is ... and, talking about recording tecniques (the use of DVD for audio) again an outsider! :)

Personally, I prefer the sonorities of sleep concerts times :) is a matter of tastes ...
To say all the true ... Robert music new paths seem to me less intersting now than in '80s, nevertheless Somnium is probably is more important work all the times.


Ah thanks you told me, yeah to be honest I am not a big fan of his more early works, even though I enjoy them very much the later releases are like night and day, and much more refined in shape & form.

Yes, I am not sure what the key is to the sound on Somnium, of course it must be deeply layered and a lot of studio effects. Also the PVC flute of course an important element...

BTW, I do never listen to the DVD version any more, the FLAC Rerelease version that was released 2007 sound far superior , especially "Part II" that now is without AC3 compression, which had devastating digital artifacts, on the rerelease version it sounds like something totally different, I am still surprised that Robert Rich did agree to release it with AC3 does not make sense.

Really looking forward to hear the new collaboration album with Faryus, it will go along with the current of somnium and Stalker, according to his blog...might be the best release of this year.

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