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My guess would be that space music originated with music composed/performed for planetarium shows during the 70s and 80s.  Of course, there were visionary folks such as Stephen Hill who brought the subgenre to the forefront in the mid-to-late 80s.  I remember when he was broadcasting live in the mid-80s and played Robert Rich's music (then on cassette only) on his show.


I've got to admit that this was the first thing I thought of -- Jonn Serrie came to mind.  Also some electronic/sequencer music does it for me.

Now Playing / Re: Good Web Radio?
« on: March 21, 2008, 01:38:48 AM »
I'll put in a plug for the archived shows at Ultima Thule (Australian), and Electroland (Danish).

Everything and Nothing / Re: Vinyl
« on: March 21, 2008, 01:15:20 AM »
I've been buying a ton of (used) vinyl for the past year or so.  Most of it falls into two categories:  music that I really like but will never be on CD (or was only briefly available) or music that reminds me of a time or place, but I wouldn't want to pay CD prices for (think MacArthur Park or In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida).

I physically clean the vinyl (including a soak in warm water and detergent), dry it thoroughly, burn it to a CD-RW, rip it into a computer, and "clean" the sound with some very good software.  Then I burn it to CD, and rip it to my MP3 player.

I grew up on vinyl, but there's no question to me that a CD (in a good player/stereo system) sounds much, much better.

The "warmth" of vinyl is distortion -- very pleasant distortion, but still distortion.  If you really want it, there are programs that can add it back in.  Heck, the software I use will even (mathematically) duplicate the sound of specific vacuum tube amplifiers, if that's what you want!  ;)

Everything and Nothing / Re: What are your plans and goals in 2008?
« on: March 21, 2008, 12:10:11 AM »
First, best of luck to all with regard to health, employment, and creativity.

As a stay-at-home Dad, my first job is to get back up to speed on quadratic equations so I can stay a step ahead of my son on his homework.  And keep the van running so I can continue to get both my kids to karate, scouts, music lessons, camps, theater programs, after school class help, etc.  Maybe continue finding a little time to volunteer at the handicapped riding center (actually, the only place I get to talk to other adults!)

Find spare time to listen to music (and some NPR).  Get back into long walks/hikes (hurt my foot pretty bad in 2006).  Bring my MP3 player and kill two birds with one stone!  ;D

Still be here to post a slightly updated version of this list in 2009.

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: December 12, 2007, 10:00:27 PM »
Recently stumbled on a used CD site that had five Michael Garrison CDs.  I've been looking for these (and some others) for a lo-ooo-ong time.  I'm going to have to take the headphones off before I get algae in my ears.

Everything and Nothing / Re: a poll
« on: December 06, 2007, 04:24:29 PM »
There are many good things about cheese but cheese has no single color.

Oh.  I read that as "cheesey."  :(  ;)

Everything and Nothing / Re: This new SMF forum
« on: December 06, 2007, 04:23:31 PM »
Glad to see the forum up and running.  Always fun to have ... interesting ... and unexpected ... tasks pop up in the holiday season!

I for one have no problem with the light blue theme, other than it is exactly like another (Simple Machines) forum I post on, and I'm easily confused!

Thanks again for your effort!  I appreciate it!

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