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Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Digipack vs Jewel Cases
« on: September 07, 2013, 07:54:35 AM »
Hey Richard, this is exactly what I was looking for, since I want to start putting all my digipaks in such plastic sleeves.
Do you maybe know an online source in EUROPE where one can order those to avoid high shipping.
Thanks, Mirko

Hi Mirko, most recently I did some research to find suitable source in Europe for these Japanese resealable outer sleeves, but no luck so far. But at least I have found cheaper seller, SoundSourceCDs, based in Los Angeles. They sell also via eBay. Did order with them some days ago, everything went well, highly recommended!!! Few links:


Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: September 07, 2013, 07:39:04 AM »
Nunc Stans - We Leave without Speaking + Peninsula
Excellent recordings from the talented, prolific, and versatile APK. Both of these releases contain a nice mixture of electronic ambiance, isolationist atmospheres, and subtle yet unobtrusive experimentation. Of the two discs, I have a preference for Peninsula. The title track is particularly incredible with headphones.

Samples here:

I completely agree!!!



Steve Roach "Live Transmission - From The Drone Zone At Soma FM" 2xCD

This double CD, released by Projekt during August 2013, documents two-hour live performance from The Drone Zone radioshow at SomaFM at May 7th, famous commercial-free internet-only radio station based in San Francisco. Officially launched in February 2000, the Drone Zone was its first station. Hosted by Rusty Hodge, the founder of Planned and discussed for few years to create a first-time-ever live electronic transmission directly from the SomaFM headquarters, this live session followed only two days after Steve's concert at applauded AMBIcon 2013 festival in San Rafael, CA. Steve Roach traveled to the SomaFM's headquarters with a portable version of his Timeroom Studio. Listening to a live stream of this performance was for me a truly magical experience that still deeply resonates. Now, with this double CD each connoisseur of fine ambient soundscapes is able to transport these exceptional moments directly to his/her own listening environment. Packaged in elegant 6-panel digipak featuring 4 live photographs taken by Rusty Hodge. Additional credits for packaging include Dawn Wilson-Enoch for Spiral Fossil photo and Sam Rosenthal for graphic design.

22-minute long "In The Light Of Day" fires this unforgettable journey with gorgeously ebbing and flowing ethereal atmozone. Later on occasional crystalline rumble step in and awakes primordial shaman. Soon followed by gently invasive, locomoting tribal trance magics, enhanced by enigmatic breaths. Absolutely magnificent sonic travelogue, bridging cyber-reality with ancient excursion. With headphones on, the listener is immediately taken to the forefront of transcendental sonic realms, a true shamanistic powerhouse is back again!!! Most likely born on the ashes of lost piece "Light Of Day" from 2001. "Zone Of Drones" calms down, yet remains in mysterious chasm pervaded by soaring drones, colored here and there by high-tech fragments and guarded by distant phantasmagorical voice eeriness. The next piece, "Looking For Safety", unfolds with eternally majestic and grandiosely panoramic desert drifts, beautifully expanding and floating through warmly embracing cascades. Mesmerizing cyber-trance grooves join the stage and stunningly interact with evocative wide-screen stark landscapes, toward the end soothingly riding atop of whimsical flora and fauna. Ultra immersing, 14 and half minutes long aural bliss awaits!!! Ancient memories of magical "Dreamtime Return" revive... Amazing fujara sounds along with chirping birds and insects lead "Reflecting Chamber" (fujara source credit goes to Dirk Serries). I am always really proud when hearing this instrument in ambient music, because this majestic deep-bass overtone folk flute is a native instrument of Slovak shepherds, preserved over centuries in its original shape. Fujara slowly disappears, circling drone groan steps to the fore, but soon pristine, gently hypnotic tribal beat artistry (original source by Byron Metcalf) steals the show, shortly followed by didgeridoo barks. Intensely absorbing and powerfully magical aural perfection, welcome to the tribal ambient paradise!!! By the way, different, shorter version of this track appeared for the first time on phenomenal "Light Fantastic" album in 1999. The closing cut, "Kairos Portal", reveals through mysteriously spiraling drones, but soon softer luminous cyber-tech pulses invade and precisely amalgamate with backing monochromatic drone walls (originated from "Resonation Portal") and lead into fast-paced hypnotic culminations. Quite short, but splendidly expanding symbiotic mindscape!!! A superb one-hour CD, greatly polished in every detail with top-notch sound quality, certainly another proof why Steve Roach is one of the unquestionable giants of ambient genre. He did it again!!!

The second CD opens with "Vortex Immersion", a 32 and half minutes long composition, placidly meandering through softly gurgling cyber electronic realms. After 10 minutes trance rhythm slowly arise, move in ever-changing tempos, escalate into speedy locomotive-like movements and then fade out, while unpredictably coiling and twisting synthetic currents modulate and undulate continuously throughout. Beautifully hypnotic transitions, richly fragranced in intensity and movement, are deeply intriguing and vigorously adventurous. Electro-organic convergence at its most forceful!!! "Westwind" kicks attractively and actively with sharp and rapid sequence mingle, expanding, swirling, climaxing and orbiting in analogue heaven. Nearly 17 minutes of luxuriously energetic as well as gorgeously resonant brilliance!!! The original, slightly longer version of "Westwind" ignites fantastic "Proof Positive" album. The grand finale of second disc is provided by "Today", a very special composition, its original version was recorded live in the morning of February 16, 2013 and at the same day published as a download gift for all fans of Steve Roach. This date is also Steve's birthday and he recorded this track with his mobile live studio, which he set up for some days in the empty house in San Diego, where he grew up. Get ready for ultimate 17-minute listening excitement that is "Today"!!! Hauntingly expressive sparkling sequences precisely interact with utterly evocative floating and sweeping atmospheric splendor, tranquilizing cicadas emerge from the nocturnal stillness. Deeper drone shadows sneak in for the closing 6 minutes. This track masterfully captures profoundly evocative moments, where long buried memories awake and bridge with presence. Full immersion is guaranteed, a masterpiece!!! Now my dreams of "Life Sequence 2" are revealed...

"Live Transmission" is undoubtedly a crème de la crème of 2013!!! A truly monstrous, fully packed comprehensive double CD set gloriously documenting ingenious soundworlds by The Master unfolding in front of the attentive listener. Hats off to Steve Roach & Rusty Hodge!!!

Richard Gürtler (Sep 07, 2013, Bratislava, Slovakia)

Everything and Nothing / Re: My coworker stopped talking to me
« on: September 07, 2013, 06:46:19 AM »
She just found out you are deep drone aficionado... ;)


Luca Gherardi "Cosmosis" 2xCDr

Italian soundsculptor Luca Gherardi, based in Bologna, is most likely better known under his STN09 moniker, a project focusing on dark ambient terrains bridged with some martial/industrial fragrances, but now he acts under his real name. I was pointed to his solo debut "Distant Earth" by my good Italian friend Toni (molte grazie!!!) shortly after its release in October 2012. This release clearly marks Luca Gherardi's move to quieter, nocturnal ambient landscapes, although few noisier dissonances are still active. His next work, entitled "Cosmosis", was released at the end of June 2013 by his own LKN Productions label as a double CDr album, packaged in elegant A5 4-panel sleeve with stunning cover images (layout & design by Pesten). "Cosmosis" exists in two limited editions, the normal, above mentioned edition was available in edition of 40 copies while the ultra limited edition features on the top of that extra space cards and black laminate envelope and was limited to 11 copies. Unfortunately, both editions were sold out even before I was able to publish these lines, but "Cosmosis" definitely deserves this attention!!! This double album is still available as download and who knows, maybe one day there will be some re-issue...

As already mentioned, the cover artwork, both outside and inside, looks absolutely gorgeous, simple, but strongly effective and immediately sets the atmosphere for the upcoming sonics. First extra points are awarded already!!! The liner notes include also dedication to Gianluigi Gasparetti. The first CD is entitled "The Dawn Of The Morning" and it unfolds with long form odyssey "Uranus", reaching 27 minutes in length. It moves through exquisitely colorful space elevations, ranging from quieter drifts with gentle embellishments to low drone hums, from ear-bending, tensive soundwalls, filled with drama and depth to monstrously elevating panoramic aural bliss at its most powerful and graceful!!! Certainly a jaw-dropping deep space soundscaping by Luca Gherardi, bravissimo!!! Shorter title track, "Cosmosis", is invaded by warmly tranquil drifts, relieving the tension, with heavenly voice-like guards safely riding atop. The next composition, "Memorie dall'Infinito Part 3 - Sea Of Tranquillity", as indicated by its title, remains in serenely surrounding sceneries. Field recordings of seashore waves with some children voices create a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere, which smoothly shifts into immense drone dimensions, hauntingly embracing each listener. Few gently thrown disruptions, maybe some kind of processed seagull calls, add nice flavor to this expanding and progressing movement. "Unknown Orbitation" delves deeply into mindscaping drone territory, enhanced by assorted space rumbles. Again journeying through various passages, from hypnotic to ear-tickling, from cyber-infused mystery to charmingly captivating. Shorter "Mornings..." blends early morning rain environments with gentle cyber sparkles and nostalgic modern classical ingredients. The closing part of disc one, "Memorie dall'Infinito Part 4 - Paradise?", enters into minimal terrains, which slowly expand into more spacious vistas, becoming more tranquil and sublime. This celestial grandness is later increased by well-placed astronaut transmissions. An ultimate sonic paradise!!! Wow, the first half of this 141-minute journey is absolutely thrilling and magnificent, this is deep space soundsculpting at its most transporting!!!

"Omega" is the title of second disc, which opens with "Omega I - Nebula", a 22-plus minutes long composition featuring rather lighter, dreamscaping washes. Diverse catchy dissonant clicks, electronic cicadas, distant hums or sharper, hissy fragments on the back carefully decorate the overall mood and emphasize its unbounded spaciousness and spellbinding gracefulness. Another outstanding interstellar odyssey, magnífico!!! Two shorter, transitional pieces follow, mysteriously droning "Apophis" and celestially flavored "Melancholia" bridged with abyssal rumbles and minimal modern classical piano part (guest piano by Marco Carlucci). 41-minute long composition "Omega II - From Antares To Canis Majoris..." closes this amazing journey with huge amount of adventurous transitions, where deep, humming drones interact with richly colorful disruptions. Slowly unfolding, expanding, floating, cascading and culminating into mammoth "all-inclusive" deep space drone wizardry. Hauntingly immersing and gigantically fascinating grand finale, which will please each outer space aficionado. Another must hear track!!!

Luca Gheradi did absolutely fantastic job with "Cosmosis", which safely drifts on the edge between ambient and dark ambient realms. "Cosmosis" showcases his huge talent and potential. It's a pity, the physical copies are not available anymore, because work like this deserves much bigger exposure, but we all know there is no justice in music industry. But don't give up, try to get in touch with Luca, maybe he has still available some top secret copies... Right now, as I am finishing these lines, Luca works on his next release, again described as night ambient music, 2-3 new tracks are in works, so make sure to stay tuned, I definitely will, because I am sure this Italian guy has a lot more to offer. To me, Luca Gherardi is one of the biggest revelations of 2013 and "Cosmosis" double album is a true sonic treasure from start to end!!!

Richard Gürtler (Aug 31, 2013, Bratislava, Slovakia)

I am craving for a CD edition, Petar!!!  :)



Robert Rich "Trances & Drones" 2xCD

I was always dreaming about penning down few lines on this very special recording, I think today is the right day, so let's do it. Yes, "Trances/Drones" is a very important recording for me, I still keep clearly in mind the day in 1995 when Extreme edition of "Trances/Drones" crossed my targets. My sonic explorations were culminating around that time. But as soon as "Hayagriva" invaded my listening room, I knew something special is about to happen... Yes, a brand new gates were unlocked, a definite turning point!!! Of course at that day I didn't know too much about the guy named Robert Rich, but soon after that I dove deeper into the soundworlds of Robert Rich and soon realized amazing facts about this release. Robert Rich has recorded tracks for "Trances/Drones" during 1982 and 1983, aged between 19 and 20 years old. And this is what fascinates me the most!!! This was also the period of time, when Robert Rich has given his legendary sleep concerts during his studies at Stanford University. All these recordings were a truly visionary work, that soon became a base for his future extensive body of work. Firstly released as three separate cassettes "Sunyata", "Trances" and "Drones" by Robert's own Soundscape Productions label, in 1994 for the first time presented as a double CD edition "Trances/Drones" by Australian Extreme label featuring most of the tracks from these three cassettes, in remastered versions (remastered in 1993 by Robert Rich with the assistance of HoS veteran Bob Olhsson). First reissue followed during 2000 on US label Release Entertainment, a sublabel of Relapse Records. Now, 13 years later, we can celebrate a really gorgeous, richly repackaged digipak reissue by Hypnos (big thanks to Mike Griffin!!!) in collaboration with Robert's Soundscape Productions, released during July, 2013. The return of the Milestone!!!

Maybe it's not usual reviewing 30-year old recordings, but I don't mind, because this music sounds exceptional and it keeps on revealing its magic even in 2013!!! Also excuse me for being too personal in this review, but these are my feelings about "Trances/Drones" and this is the way I will always treasure this extraordinary piece of art!!!

The journey unfolds with "Cave Paintings", the listener is immediately transported into mysterious forest, falling night with serenading cicadas-like sounds, the full immersion invades, the darker, drone passages are stunningly intermingled with lighter traceries and rather high-pitched, soaring lap steel guitar expressions, always harmoniously fitting and progressing. Slightly nostalgic feel surrounds the entire, 24-minute long composition. A virtuoso opening!!! The next track, a 25-plus minutes long opus, is entitled "Hayagriva", a live recording. It dives straightly into breathtaking abyssal realms, modular synth drones meander through spectacularly magnificent cascades, drifting from more resonating, heavy weight passages through phantasmal, dramatic elevations to ear-tickling dissonances. This is extremely mind-blowing sonic experience, one of the most intense I have ever heard, what a journey!!! "Sunyata (Emptiness)" is the oldest piece on "Trances", recorded in 1982. With this composition, Robert Rich invites each listener to enter uncharted shadowy terrains and explore uniquely organic soundscape at its most primordial. Sounds of gentle rain drops and chirping frogs are merged with dense drone walls and strange flute-infused roars. And guarded throughout by otherworldly amorphous groans. A must have for all connoisseurs of the finest deepness and darkness!!! All in all, "Trances" is enormously triumphant sonic adventure, introducing among others bamboo flute and lap steel guitar magics, which later became significant characteristics of Robert Rich's brilliant soundsculpting.

"Drones" reveal tranquilly with 30-minute "Seascape". It exactly sounds as it is titled, elegantly warm, atmospheric cascades are blanketed by soothing ocean wave sounds. As the composition proceeds, calm coastal landscape continuously expands into more disruptive, yet continuously immersing drone bliss. Lots of beautiful meanders, hauntingly serene drifts invade and fade away, then deeply mindscaping shifts steal the show with resonating drone walls and eerie moans. Then smoothly gliding back to more aerial and restful shoreline panoramas. Echoed string wizardry takes "Seascape" to its conclusion. A truly phenomenal composition!!! "Wheel Of Earth", only slightly shorter as its predecessor, swiftly reveals its magic with the invasion of ultra deep slow drones, shortly from the back, milder, soaring fragments sneak in to thick the overall sound massiveness, which strongly embraces with its monotonousness. This is Robert Rich at his most mesmerizing!!! "Resonance" free falls into immeasurable deep chasm of coldly resonating hums intertwined with intangible dim fragments. Ghostly dronescapes provide really serious exercise for your speakers and additional massage for your belly too... By the way, "Resonance" is an exclusive track to this set, recorded in 1983, it didn't appear on any of the three above mentioned cassette releases. And undoubtedly, "Drones" are as much fascinating and glowing as "Trances"!!!

Robert Rich is one of the true masters of our genre, monstrously talented, creative, sophisticated and distinguishing!!! Today, at August 23rd, 2013, when I am publishing these lines, Robert Rich celebrates his 50th Birthday. This is my little big thanks, Robert, for all your wonderful music, enjoy this special day as much as we enjoy your essential sonic innovations throughout all these years!!! We all have a special day every time you release a new album!!!

Richard Gürtler (Aug 23, 2013, Bratislava, Slovakia)

To me, "Live Transmission" 2CD is a crème de la crème of 2013!!! Transcendent listening experience returns once again..., it's an all-inclusive sonic document, expansive dronescapes, warmer panoramic sceneries, didge, fujara sources, tribal beats, fractal grooves, Berlin EM evocations... A truly intense listening journey awaits, superb sonic quality too. Since "Back To Life" 2CD, this is another tremendously triumphant solo release by The Master!!! Have you listened to a live stream from The Drone Zone? Yes or no, no matter, this is a must have!!!

Richard  :)

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: R.I.P. Oophoi
« on: August 17, 2013, 09:34:58 AM »
Nicely written, Hallu!!!



Phillip Wilkerson "Sojourner" CDr

After numerous download only releases during the last year or so, in Naples, Florida based ambient drifter Phillip Wilkerson returns with his newest album, again released also on CDr format through his usual output via Kunaki. Out since July 30, 2013, I was immediately hooked by soothing cover image (done by Danish documentary photographer Flemming Bo Jansen, additional artwork credit goes to US landscape painter Damon Pla), which precisely illustrates Phillip's free floating tranquility. On the top of that, his extensive liner notes set the overall atmosphere even before entering these relaxing aural realms. And for the mastering knobs was responsible Robert Rich.

"Sojourner" opens with 12-plus minute "Epiphany". Slower circles of calmly embracing washes invade and warmly float and glide, filled with infinite peace and grace, with touch of longing mood. Deeply contemplative journey awaits here!!! "Sanctuary", as its title indicates, is slightly more monochromatic and mysterious, capturing more extensive, cathedral-like ambience while the next composition, "Sunlit Drift" moves majestically through captivating panoramas, yet keeping its monotonous dimension, but always pleasantly warm, wrapped by sorrowful atmosphere. "Gates Of Mercy" are unlocked and the listener slowly dives into more massive and immense sound fields, where utterly sublime passages are carefully tied with slightly more intense, wealthily evocative, but gentle cascades. Magnificently immersing, 16-minute long masterpiece transports us into warmly heartwarming and tranquilizing sonic paradise. Certainly the ultimate highlight of "Sojourner" proving the bravura of its creator, most likely my all-time fave composition by this Floridian!!! "An Endless Light" keeps on soothingly floating path, at once quieter, almost silent, but in a few seconds shifting into slightly thicker and intenser level and then moving back again. Just like the gentle ocean waves sweeping the shoreline on the album's cover. "The Awaiting Presence" is the closing and longest piece, getting over 22 minutes in length. It attracts immediately with its sheer beauty of deeper, grandeur drone walls, which morph through mesmerizing, wide-screen sceneries to more dissonant and mind-bending tensions. Toward the end calmly fading away into absolute peacefulness. A superb ending!!!

If you are craving for serenely drifting dreamscapes, always emotionally rich, Phillip Wilkerson is the guy you can definitely bet on!!! To me, "Sojourner" is the pinnacle of his extensive list of recordings. And if you still prefer rounded silver objects like me, Phillip Wilkerson's complete CDr discography is available at very friendly prices via Kunaki, so make sure to explore it and get ready for deep listening sessions!!!

Richard Gürtler (Aug 17, 2013, Bratislava, Slovakia)

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Digipack vs Jewel Cases
« on: August 16, 2013, 02:30:11 AM »
Hi Blake,

as a huge collector, I definitely prefer digipak packaging. You have done nice job with "The Geometry Of Shadows" release, so keep on it, if possible, that's my opinion.

I protect each CD release, no matter if digipak, jewel case, wallet..., with resealable outer sleeves from Elusive Disc (based in Anderson, IN), so you can avoid unwanted damages:


Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / Re: Loren Nerell news
« on: August 14, 2013, 10:36:23 PM »
Really looking forward to it, Loren!!!

Btw, Mark Seelig has posted nice photos from this session to his FB account, check them out!!!


My favorite albums of 2013 so far:

Steve Roach "Live Transmission" 2CD
Steve Roach "Future Flows" CD
James Johnson | Aperus "Ecotone" CD
Siyanie "Homo Multidimensional" CD
Luca Gherardi "Cosmosis" 2CDr
Cymphonic "Dimensionata" CD
Netherworld "Alchemy Of Ice" CD
Oöphoi & Ran Kirlian "The Physics Of Heaven" CDr
The Circular Ruins and Mystified "Fantastic Journey" CDr
Closing The Eternity & Mathias Grassow "No Title" CD+3"CDr
Hollan Holmes "Phase Shift" CD
Mathias Grassow "Sonnenwende" 2CD
Amir Baghiri "Prayers For The Earth" CDr
Byron Metcalf & Rob Thomas "Medicine Work" CD
Nautic Depths "Elsewhere I" CDr+mini CDr
Meg Bowles "The Shimmering Land" CD
Alpha Wave Movement "Yasumu" CDr

My favorite tracks of 2013 so far:

Dirk Serries "XXIII: There's A Light In Vein" (from "Microphonics XXI-XXV" CD)
Frore "A Name On The Wind" (from "Shadowlands" CDr)
Siyanie "Incarnation Mystery" (from "Homo Multidimensional" CD)
Steve Roach "Today" (from "Live Transmission" 2CD)
Steve Roach "In The Light Of Day" (from "Live Transmission" 2CD)
Steve Roach "The Future Flows From Here" (from "Future Flows" CD)
Luca Gherardi "Omega II - From Antares To Canis Majoris..." (from "Cosmosis" 2CDr)
Aglaia "Recidere" (from "Centurion" CD)
Telomere "Sol Zero" (from "Lux Primordia" CDr)
Netherworld "Polo Nord dell'inaccessibilita*" (from "Alchemy Of Ice" CD)
Phillip Wilkerson "Gates Of Mercy" (from "Sojourner" CDr)
Mathias Grassow "Pearls Of Ice" (from "Sonnenwende" 2CD)
Alpha Wave Movement "Awake" (from "Yasumu" CDr)


Independent Music Reviews / My review of "Lux Primordia" CDr by Telomere
« on: August 04, 2013, 07:33:07 AM »

Telomere "Lux Primordia" CDr

In California based Christopher MacDonald known as Telomere returns after more than 5 years of silence with brand new work, his 4th full length album entitled "Lux Primordia". Released during January 2013 through his own Evenfall label. This time available in CDr format, but again heavily loaded with some of the most magnificent deep space soundscapes ever created on Serge Modular and Roland Jupiter 8 synths.

This guy didn't lose anything of his mastery, it's strongly evident during the opening piece, clocking to nearly 9 and half minute mark. "Sol Zero" takes us to sublimely graceful zones, tranquilly floating and warmly expanding into utterly infinite domains. Gently enveloping monumental soundwalls are masterfully amalgamated with harmoniously glimmering spirals. What a journey, welcome to Telomere's deep sonic heaven!!! "Flightpath" unfolds with oscillating embellishments, guarded by deeper drones. Meandering and quietly outbursting helixes invade and swirl around your ears. All surrounded by endlessly sublime grandness!!! Space hums announce "Spiral Arms", but soon heartwarming drifts steal the show, enhanced by wide-screen, dramatic waves and melodies with strongly touching feel. Elegant and gracious!!! The next composition, "Visions", is the longest one on this odyssey with 10 and half minutes. Expansive dronescapes are richly colored by hauntingly immersing cascades and transitions. The myriads of dissonant sparkles and twists emerge, all the time in refined harmony with spatial emptiness. Again wealthily packed with darker and lighter motifs. "Celestial Sky", as displayed by its title, unveils with immense drones, attentively enriched by assorted euphoric glimpses, giving to this piece its ultimate magnificence. Certainly another highlight, fully absorbing and rewarding, and showcasing tremendous potential of this Californian space drifting maestro!!! "Startides" dive into deeper drone realms, spaciously weaving and transferring from tighter spheres into lighter passageways, before quietly fading away into peaceful silence. "Pillars And Jets" provide the closing episode, with slightly more monotonous feel, yet gently flavored with warmly inviting fragments and gracefully drifting through gorgeous space sceneries. Beautifully mesmerizing finale!!!

Telomere did it again, "Lux Primordia" is another sonic pearl revealing all grace, marvel and exhilaration of deep space realms!!! And yes, Telomere is still one of the best kept secrets. Undeservingly, because Christopher MacDonald is marching shoulder-to-shoulder with the giants of this genre!!! "Lux Primordia" is a must have, just like each of his previous albums!!!

Richard Gürtler (Aug 04, 2013, Bratislava, Slovakia)

Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / Re: Forrest Fang news
« on: July 31, 2013, 08:30:34 AM »
Yes, nice deal, just ordered!!!  :)


Thanks, chris23!!! Yes, I have really enjoyed Headphone Commute's interview with Alessandro. And when speaking of Glacial Movements, Frozen Thoughts "Calm Before The Storm" album sounds very interesting too, it's a pity just as download only this time. Hopefully, it will make it to a CD format one day... And of course I can't wait for "Erebus" by Bvdub & Loscil!!! Sure this one will sell like hot buns... :)



Netherworld "Alchemy Of Ice" CD

36 degrees Celsius outside, the temps still move up, my head is burning, however I am ready for another aural journey and I can't imagine better album than "Alchemy Of Ice"... Alessandro Tedeschi, the leading soul behind amazing Glacial Movements Records, has released during May 2013 his newest album "Alchemy Of Ice". So after "Mørketid" (April 2007) and "Over The Summit" (January 2011), it's time to fully experience another breathtaking sceneries of vast open icy landscapes of the polar regions, unmistakable trademark signature of all Glacial Movements releases.

Precisely selected track titles with traditional photo and image wizardry by Bjarne Riesto and Noah M swiftly transport and transcend each listener into stunningly spectacular places even before pressing play button on your CD player. Aural pleasure follows as soon the title track "Alchemy Of Ice" invades my listening room and the temp drops down. Encircling icy abyssal hums immediately give exercise to my speakers. Bells provide slightly mysterious images while raising and falling drone tensions take center stage and do their deeply embracing mission. Occasional piano motifs and distant low heartbeat join as well. Images of snow capped church somewhere on forgotten remote arctic land emerge... Silent mystery of "Polo Nord dell'inaccessibilita*" is masterfully counterpointed with murmuring rumbles and then magnificently interrupted by hissy winds and appealing voice transmissions, all wrapped by hauntingly melancholic blankets and slenderly lighted by moonlight with icy fog. Splendidly minimal, but all the time monstrously immersing, this is certainly Netherworld at its most crafted, bravo, Alessandro!!! "Icepulse" introduces slightly modern classical-infused piano melody, but drone rumbles and alien breaths keep the composition within immense arctic panoramas. Slow drone walls increase and decrease, all ingredients, although always sparse, attract with the synergy, harmoniously bridging warm acoustic motifs, sonorous drones and eerie dissonances. Another big one!!! Shorter "White Silence" blends distant monochromatic drifts with intense sonic spirals and frightening harsh ruptures. Some strange sounds enter, maybe it's the wood frog before drifting into a deep, frozen sleep... "85°50'S 65°47'E" moves slowly into warmly glimmering and colossally wide-screen glacial ice fields. Chasmal roars, ghostly reverberations, slowed down heartbeat, tinkling embellishments and background voices color this fascinating journey to explore incredibly desolate sheets of billowing whiteness. Netherworld keeps on ruling!!! The closing composition, "Hymns To A Melancholic Sunset", again perfectly demonstrates Netherworld's trademarks, sublimely ebbing and flowing drones, strongly focused on soothingly interacting evocative tapestries with crystalline silence. A truly gorgeous finale!!!

After nearly 44 minutes I should leave these highly refreshing Frigid Zones, but I don't really want to go away, more please!!! Renowned Denis Blackham did the mastering job. I think "Alchemy Of Ice" is a magnum opus by Netherworld and it tops any of his bigger label-mates' releases on Glacial Movements. And wait until "Alchemy Of Ice" will reveal all its magic during the time, when snowflakes knock on your window... Congratulazioni, Alessandro!!!

Richard Gürtler (Jul 28, 2013, Bratislava, Slovakia)

Independent Music Reviews / My review of "Shadowlands" CDr by Frore
« on: June 30, 2013, 09:37:06 AM »

Frore "Shadowlands" CDr

Frore is Paul Casper from Virginia Beach, who spreads his composing talent not only with his tribal ambient infused project, but also with Scar Limit, focusing on harsher, industrial terrains. But we will remain in quieter electro-acoustic realms, so let's take now a closer look on Paul's newest work entitled "Shadowlands", which was released on Relaxed Machinery during March 2013 as Frore's 5th full length album. Frore's discography include also two CDr albums, "The Nameless Place" (2009) and "Undercurrent" (2013), both released via Dark Duck Records, as well as two download releases for Earth Mantra, "The Raven" (2009) and "Axis Mundi" (2012). Frore has already achieved a lot of positive reactions with his previous albums, so I am very glad to see this gifted soundscaper taking his part in Relaxed Machinery community, it's well-deserved!!!

In case you are not familiar with Frore, "Shadowlands" is a perfect example, where Paul Casper skillfully utilizes except electronics also various acoustic instruments. The opening "Sky Glow" precisely bridges modern with ancient, expansive, wide-screen desert drones intermingle with gently emerging and evolving tribal pulses. Myriad of gradually increasing percussions coexists in absolutely gorgeous synergy with primordial wind instrument invasions (flutes, Slovak fujara...) and mysteriously immersing drone zones. This is definitely a tribal ambience at its finest, a true medicine for my ears!!! "Terra Pulse" unfolds with sparse, but deeply ebbing abyssal drifts augmented by assorted distant rumbling dissonances. Later balmy tribal pulses smoothly invade, progress, cascade and culminate into cavernously evocative and hypnotically intense shamanistic journey. Again richly detailed and hormoniously spellbinding, another big one!!! Announced by a thunder, a 19-minute long "A Fevered Sleep" moves into softly radiant groove terrains, smoothly growing into mesmerizingly ritualistic climax. Second third embraces with its quieter and meandering surface, fully captivating, before sneaking back into groovier ethno origins. Towards the end, miscellaneous sonic artifacts awake and take us to gorgeously spectacular subterranean cavern. Aurally delicious and glorious composition!!! "First Ray Of Light" continues on this stunningly absorbing path, where warmly aerial washes sweep across tranquilly graceful panoramas, here and there meticulously enriched by distant tinkles. This is Frore at its most serene scenario, monstrously visualizing and soothingly surrounding!!! Desert-ambient maximus!!! Gentle rain sounds lead "A Name On The Wind", but soon heartening mandolin's stringed wizardry joins the stage with utterly evocative drifts. Later on gorgeously poignant shakuhachi flute steps in, but it's Armenian duduk that steals the whole show with all its magical beauty and expression. Immense cinematic drone textures with seductively yearning acoustics are fused in absolutely magnificent fashion. Creme de la creme of "Shadowlands"!!! And even if slightly reminiscent of longing atmospheric splendor explored on "Fissures" milestone, "A Name On The Wind" gets promptly my nomination for Ambient Hall of Fame!!!

Hats off to Paul Casper, Frore is certainly one of the rising stars on tribal ambient scene and "Shadowlands" album only confirms this status. Exquisitely fine in flavors and instrumentations, yet virtuously balanced work showcasing huge talent, accomplishment and potential of its sculptor. I also hope one day the albums like "The Raven" and "Axis Mundi" will find their way to a silver disc... But until then, "Shadowlands" album is a really triumphant release to get!!!

Richard Gürtler (Jun 30, 2013, Bratislava, Slovakia)


Siyanie "Homo Multidimensional" CD

Siyanie is a newcomer ambient project hailing from Russia, fronted by Sergey Ilchuk (from Yaroslavl) and Dmitry Shilov (from Moscow). But both protagonists are experienced soundscapers from ambient/experimental scene, who were recording as Vresnit, Voe_Ero, Pugna... (all by Sergey Ilchuk) and Neznamo (project of Dmitry Shilov). "Homo Multidimensional" album was released during January 2013 on Moonsun Productions label, a small label run by Sergey and Dmitry, as a third release by Siyanie. The other two are "Shining Of Unity" album and collaboration with Neznamo entitled "Sonans". "Homo Multidimensional" strikes immediately with its visual presentation, the CD comes in 6-panel sleeve with insert card with extensive instructions for "Homo Multidimensional" written in Russian and English. This is a limited edition of 300 copies, but there is also a special edition of 13 copies, which features additional 15 A5 art prints, all designed by Sergey/Siyanie Art. The whole artwork is stunningly gorgeous, a pure visual bliss for your eyes!!!

"Homo Multidimensional", focusing on multidimensional nature of human being, starts with "Evolution Tracery", where distant aerials are leaded by Russian spoken male sample, soon deeply hypnotic-infused ambience steal the journey. Masterfully flavored by celestial choir-like drones, intensely psychoactive spirals, remote expressive flute magics and various fragile tinkles. All distinctively layered and shaped in one utterly delightful and powerfully immersing composition that precisely interacts with the visuals. Wow, this is absolutely sensational and breathtaking, bravissimo, Sergey & Dmitry!!! Colorful organics invade "Spaceship Human Body" along with glitchy haze. Various spoken samples appear together with all kinds of shiny chimes and swirls. Spatial voice-infused mesmerism with trancey drone blankets safely weave above. Huge dose of tranquilly homogeneous elixir awaits, these guys rule!!! Even if I am not familiar with any of their older projects mentioned above, I still feel quite ashamed for not exploring Siyanie much earlier, but the more I am enjoying it now!!! "Dimensions Womb", with 5-plus minutes the shortest piece on album, strikes promptly with warmly inviting guitar space-sounds recalling the old, long forgotten memories. Soaring string wizardry with some pleasing dissonances paint hauntingly transporting sceneries, filled with filigree craft and divine grace. Female prayer chants open "Incarnation Mystery", this composition slowly builds and remarkably expands into mysteriously colored primordial realms with deeply submerging touch. The chants remain hidden on the back and become quite phantasmagoric, while enormously transcendental aural circles move to the fore. Male/female voices and more dominant organic rumbles again invade during the closing minute and masterly enrich and balance the whole journey. This is absolutely phenomenal composition displaying the huge potential of Siyanie!!! "Blissful Dolphin" merges soothing washes with guitar splendor into mesmerizing reverberations enhanced by assorted cyber embellishments (maybe some kind of processed dolphin whistle-like sounds...). A truly joyous and peaceful, just like these fascinating marine mammals. And as much blissful for the listener too!! "Goddess Birth" unfolds with organic intro, but soon immense space domains are encountered with choir-like drones guarding above. Gently expressive flute traceries along with soft string clinks permeate too to stimulate the synapses of all electro-acoustic aficionados. "Realm Of The New Measure" closes the odyssey with strongly trance-driven dreamscape, extensively spiraling and mindscaping. My jaw remains dropped...

Yes, to me, Siyanie is certainly one of the biggest revelations I have heard lately!!! These Russian guys are enormously gifted and creative, with "Homo Multidimensional" they deliver an "all-inclusive" product offering gloriously polished and breathtakingly enthralling enjoyment, powerfully tranquilizing and monstrously mesmerizing, that will fully reward your ears and eyes. Highly recommended and no matter, if you get the arty special edition or the regular limited version. Bolshoe spasibo, Sergey & Dmitry!!! Keep on journeying!!!

Richard Gürtler (Jun 29, 2013, Bratislava, Slovakia)


Within Reason "Transient Broadcasts" CD

Gregory Kyryluk aka Within Reason (also the driving force behind Alpha Wave Movement and Open Canvas) marks with "Transient Broadcasts" CD the debut release (March 2013) for newly-born Anodize label, run by Darren Bergstein. The first album by Within Reason entitled "Subtle Shift" was released in February 2012 as CDr edition limited to 50 copies by other Darren's label Periphery. And it was a huge one, still resonating deeply as one of the highlights of 2012. Now, one year later, Anodize, as a subdivision of Periphery, is bringing to all connoisseurs of high-tech hypnoscapes a glass mastered CD delivered in hinged rectangular tin containing two-panel insert. Definitely a very good move by Anodize!!!

"Assign Emotion" fires the show with freshly pulsing IDM-infused piece, where ear-catching, razor sharp rhythms are delicately backed by hissy flavored mesmeric blankets. A very strong induction!!! "Soul Pillow" keeps its cyber-tech feel, although more laid-back flavored than its predecessor. Myriad of synthetically radiating crystalline swirls interweaves precisely with euphoniously warm, semi-melodious reinforcements. It sounds exactly as it is titled!!! "Correlate" immediately attracts with its sparser texture highlighted by coldly pulsing cybernetic electronica. Again masterfully paired with panoramically captivating atmozones. Gregory Kyryluk is excelling at this one, with its silken thinness, but exquisitely lustrous, definitely a top-notch sonic jewel!!! This jaw-dropping electroscaping overlaps also to the next composition, "Amorphic Design", where vibrant electro beats smoothly emerge and embrace each listener with its hauntingly electrifying dynamics, with kind of funky-like outline and bonded by velvety convergences. "Morke (Darkness)", as indicated, unfolds with darker drones, but soon hummed, slowed down dub techno embellishments and celestial chant traceries enter the stage along with the variety of minimal and colder rhythm motifs and voice samples. Intriguing and enigmatic!!! "Diaphanous" unfolds with soothingly contemplative minimalism that soon transfers into swiftly pulse-driven escapade, here and there gently fragranced by exotic female chants. "Sunrise Ekko" is a hyper modern trancescape with deeply tranquilizing Mediterranean effect, splendidly evoking beautifully relaxing summer morning somewhere at the Côte d'Azur, with gentle sea breeze sweeping your face. Stunningly comforting aural realms await here!!! Hissy clouds cover the closing cut, "Contemplate.dream", and shift it into absolutely fascinating spheres with mildly oscillating melodies, guarded by utterly gorgeous shimmering horizons. Calming jazz-funk tapestries come to light as well and harmoniously enrich the overall mood. This is undoubtedly a grand finale, welcome to the infinite sonic paradise!!!

"Transient Broadcasts" is another sensational recording by Within Reason and also quite divergent when comparing it to "Subtle Shift". I keep on repeating this, but Gregory Kyryluk is a true genius, a composer with filigree touch and passionate visions, one of its kind sonic sculptor!!! In case you don't know this, in Dover, Massachusetts, based composer, you have no idea what you are missing!!!

Richard Gürtler (Jun 22, 2013, Bratislava, Slovakia)

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