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Independent Music Reviews / My review of "Wassonic" CDr by Wassonic
« on: October 31, 2011, 11:29:42 AM »

Wassonic "Wassonic" CDr

Wassonic is brand new collaborative project from Canada involving Vancouver based ambient guitarist Terrence O'Brien of Anomalous Disturbances project and Matthew Poulakakis, sound designer from Toronto, who runs number of solo projects like Automatic Fats, Salvagesound or Meota. Released in May 2011 on Terrence O'Brien's Disappearing Music label. Canadian ambient scene gathered around Toronto's The Ambient Ping is more than lively and this album is one of the best proofs. Terry and Matthew are blending on their debut album, consisting of three long-form recordings, deeper and highly evocative nocturnal soundscapes with hauntingly sea breezing trancey tribal elements. "Factory Florist", 23-minute long starter, moves through various, slightly evolving, coiling and departing stages, at times more tensive, with always apparent gently pulsing beats and ocassional industrialized and futuristic effects enriching vast dronescaping. Hypnotizing and tranquil rhythms with few infectious trumpet-like sounds perfectly spice the deeper drone on the next composition, "Tree Frog Poison". This strongly lively, rich and night-blooming composition creates a truly relaxing, warmly inviting and absorbing light tribal atmosphere. Assorted environmental recordings, some of them reminding whale calls, precisely color dreamy soundwaves on "Signalfish". Listening to this closing composition evokes absolutely fascinating deep-sea submarine journey encountering most remarkable and spectacular adventure to explore the little known underwater world and its inhabitants. Space-opening sound magic at its most imaginative!!! Wassonic is without doubt highly recommended collaborative effort of two talented Canadian sound sculptors!!! In the meantine, new Wassonic tracks are in the works to be released sometime next year. And on the top of that, 2011 re-release of the 2002 debut album from Anomalous Disturbances entitled "The Spirit Molecule" is now available in download format, hopefully a CDr edition will follow soon. Anyway, excellent job, guys!!! Go Canada Go!

Richard Gürtler (Oct 31, 2011, Bratislava, Slovakia)

Independent Music Reviews / Re: My review of "Dato" CD by Tomas Weiss
« on: October 20, 2011, 07:51:09 AM »
Anthony, thank you so much for your kind words and your suggestion. Usually, I mention release year only when reviewing older CDs, otherwise when making a review of brand new release like "Dato" I simply don't mention this info. But I have to think about it, just the same about the label. The very first website to which I post my reviews is Discogs, where each review is connected to database for each release, so all these additional infos are available. But yes, when I post these reviews to Hypnos or Relaxed Machinery, these infos might be missing. Thank you for reading my reviews and all the best... :)  And looking forward to the next Nunc Stans album!!!


Independent Music Reviews / My review of "Dato" CD by Tomas Weiss
« on: October 18, 2011, 10:26:50 AM »

Tomas Weiss "Dato" CD

"Dato" is the first solo effort of Tomas Weiss since his 2006 release "Original Mitschnitte" on El Culto. In the meantime active in many other collaborative projects with Mathias Grassow (also as Nautic Depths), Anthony Paul Kerby or Annemarie Borg (as Thamnos). "Dato" unfolds impressively with over 15 minutes clocking epilogue entitled "Illuscape", a highly imaginative and freshly breathing deep organic ambience, finely colored with various sharp or pulsing crystal clear sound effects, rather minimal than colossal, but extremely effective to my ears!!! Eclectic strings, percussions and strange sounds open "Creeping Hazard" that keeps its diversified odd structure all the way with emerging and ever-changing dramatic passages. "Vague Unrest" is highly meditative tune with significant gongs backed by shadowy drones with slowed-down pulses, later freely transforming into slightly more massive soundwalls flavored with tinkling and echoed metallic sounds, deeply mysterious masterpiece!!! Title composition "Dato" is invaded by machinelike gurgles that soon change into varied blend of high-tech sonic experiments and choir-like sounds with some exotic fragrance thrown in, at the very end jumping into much calmer acoustic texture. "Dato" is sonic chamaeleon!!! Futuristic drifts on "Observer" are supported by mechanized substances and ocassional choirs on the background, this is another highly absorbing soundscape obscured by mist! "Agape" unfolds silently, but eclectic industrial experiments step in as well as Middle East femme voices, a really stirring mixture of deep soundclouds, sharp factory sounds and exotic aroma, magnificent sonic excitement is guaranteed!!! "Stille" closes this strongly captivating journey with highly evocative drifts richly colored with rainy and other environmental sounds (Mathias Grassow is credited for sound support on this piece), what a graciously floating finale!!! "Dato" is without doubt spectacularly strange, but enormously attractive, challenging and intriguing. It displays superb technical skill and amazingly executed sound sculpting by Tomas Weiss. A truly virtuoso performance, musically, sonically and visually (design by Theo Rabou)!!!

Richard Gürtler (Oct 18, 2011, Bratislava, Slovakia)


Aglaia "Nights In Nubiland" CD

Gino Fioravanti and Gianluigi Toso, the two Aglaia's sonic collagists, deliver on Hic Sunt Leones their 8th solo album, released at the same time with their celebrated "Vayu Rouah" collaboration with Alio Die. Aglaia returns again with their truly unique motionless sound wonderfully capturing the essence of fantastic late night journey through the woodlands, their pure electronic soundscapes are very personal, intimate and deeply evocative. "After Midnight" and "Hyperborea" are first two pieces with tranquilly circling ambience, perfectly setting meditative atmosphere for this idyllic and picturesque night trip. "Milosis" is enriched with few glitchy, hissy and strange sounds, with some of them reminiscent of voices- or cicadas-like sounds and with its sound painting it evokes the magic of nocturnal wildlife. "Centrum Terrae" slips into wonderfully drifting and rotating ethereal mode, just like the following "Celephais", with slightly gloomier touch, but again a truly fantabulous travel into the dreamlands!!! Highly imaginative "Tupia" floats in the more environmental terrain, but remaining very deep and dark, definitely another standout piece here! "Amneran Land" sounds lighter with echoed watery sounds and even if quite cavernous, it's still warmly organic and breathing, one of the most tranquil and splendid passages of the album. "Aurora" brings the album at its end into more mysterious, but dawn panoramic sceneries. "Nights In Nubiland" is richly and distinctively sculpted sonic travelogue displaying refined and infinite artistry of these admired and talented Italians. And on the top of that, Aglaia's gracious soundscapes are beautifully exhibit by 6-panel digipak containing stunning photographies by Sara Luciani, Veronica Marioli and Alberto Mari. Album "Nights In Nubiland" is magnificently natural and captivating listening experience, it's fully rewarding if you explore all its hidden treasures!!!

Richard Gürtler (Sep 24, 2011, Bratislava, Slovakia)


Soriah with Ashkelon Sain "Eztica" CD

Enrique Ugalde aka Soriah with Ashkelon Sain return with their brand new journey entitled "Eztica", their second album on Projekt, and follow-up to their phenomenal "Atlan" from 2009. "Eztica" unfolds with euphoric and high-spirited "Iix" freshly blending energizing tribal percussions with gothic-infused Ashkelon Sain's guitars and Soriah's highly suggestive vocals, with lyrics, same as on "Atlan", in Aztec language of Nahuatl, all that backed by gorgeously floating grandeur washes. Absolutely magical, blissful and unique overture, amigos!!! Shorter "Ticochitlehua" dives straightly into deeper and mysterious primordial terrains with Soriah's whispering voices. Title composition "Eztica" opens with heavenly drifts and wordless voice magic and prayers with native feel, later more explosive textures invade along with Soriah's Tuvan throat-singing wizardry. Amazingly adventurous interactions of the ancient and the modern!!! Dark ritual "Nica Anahuatl" is finely enriched with choir-like sounds, various bells, percussions and deep organics. Bowed strings, flutes and expressive voices lead "Ehecatl", another deeply evocative genius performance!!! Shorter "Chocatiuh" blends rainy sounds with ethereal guitars and bowed stringed instruments of Tuva. Strong Ashkelon Sain's darkwave ingredients on "Ximehua" are masterfully melted with hypnotic tribal rhythms, voice magics and bowed strings to capture purely ecstatic goth/shamanic sonic experience!!! "Temicteopan" is the most exotically fragranced composition with significant fragile string magics and Soriah's whispers, a deeply mysterious one, blending Aztec and Tuvan musical traditions!!! "Xiuhcoatl" is another energizing and rhythm-infused masterpiece with all Soriah's and Ashkelon Sain's trademarking ingredients, it showcases again highly effective interplay of grandiose vocal performance, dramatic percussions and imaginative atmospherics, definitely one of the most highlighting compositions on this ride!!! Deeply evocative instrumental "Omeyocan" blends echoed nostalgic strings with suggestive native flute work. Field recordings introduce "Amochantzinco", where orchestrals are supported by hauntingly beautiful vocals, percussions, guitars, bowed strings and flutes, all uniquely melted in fresh palette of sounds and atmospheres, a truly majestic closer!!! The flow of this exotic sonic universe moves through many emotions to touch listeners deeply, "Eztica" is also more accessible due to its stronger darkwave approach when comparing to more mystically and ritually spiced "Atlan". To me, "Eztica" most likely doesn't top "Atlan", but it gets very very close to it and it grows on me with each listening session. Fascinating, galvanizing and magical sonics effectively join the cultural roots of Aztec and Central Asia with the present, all that portrayed by stunningly eye-catching artwork, one of its kind sonic and visual adventure!!!

Richard Gürtler (Oct 16, 2011, Bratislava, Slovakia)

Hypnos News and Announcements / Re: Hypnos 2011 outlook
« on: October 15, 2011, 01:13:17 AM »
Really nice line-up of upcoming projects and releases on Hypnos, Mike, congratulations!!! For exmaple, I am very happy to see Bruno Sanfilippo landing on Hypnos with "Urbs", I am really looking forward to all these releases!!! All the best and good luck with all of them... :)



Strom Noir "October Reversed" 3"CDr

Slovak guitar drone wizard Emil Maťko aka Strom Noir lands with his brand new "October Reversed" 3"CDr EP again on homeland label Ambsine, which is responsible also for his "Luvyoo" album released back in 2009. Strom Noir has received in the meantime enough positive vibes across the borders with his two albums on UK label Hibernate Recordings, "Sen Zimnej Noci" and "Dni Stratili Svoju Farbu". Strom Noir unwraps the album with composition entitled "October", based on rather rawer buzzing looped drones providing denser impact and obscured by hazy autumn weather that is nicely supported by the cover artwork (photography by Peter Nejedlı). A bit of supernal tones and field recordings on the background invade this piece towards the end to emphasize its panoramic mood. "Burning Out" starts by far more natural with repetitive acoustic guitar rifts to capture warmer and actively breathing ethereal feel with dreamy and environmental soundclouds to enrich this composition. Beautifully gracious, mesmerizing and evocative "Burning Out" showcases Emil Maťko/Strom Noir at the very top of his craft, this must be one of the most splendid pieces he ever did!!! Slow motion and static, but slenderly tighter drones dominate the closing "Reversedday", a truly hypnotizing mindtrip!!! "October Reversed" is as much colorful as every autumn, when we look forward to see the changing color of trees. The colors are at their best, just like Strom Noir did with this EP. I can only strongly recommend this highly capable artist, who has in the pipeline several new releases, so stay tuned!!!

Richard Gürtler (Oct 09, 2011, Bratislava, Slovakia)

Just ordered!

As always, Gigi, keep on fighting... >:(...!!! Our fingers are crossed for you, our dear friend!!!



Tomas Weiss & Anthony Paul Kerby "Appearances" CDr

"Appearances", (CDr on Musical Philosophy label, download version via DataObscura) is the brand new follow-up to Tomas' & Anthony's premiere co-work "Distant Shadows" on the Construct label (released April 2011). This digipak release firstly attracts with its very nice cover image created by Jesse Harrison. The album, which consists of 10 pieces titled "Vision 1-10", begins with a shorter ethereal introduction that crosses almost unrecognized into "Vision 2" with the same mood, but later evolves into deeper drifting and tense configurations. "Vision 3" floats on similarly tight airwaves, but is gently enriched by assorted futuristic sound effects with a cascading texture. It slowly evolves into a massive soundwall effectively supported at the end by angelic choirs. An absolutely fascinating stratospheric odyssey!!! As magnificent is the next composition, "Vision 4", with deeply droning, free floating expansive and absorbing delicate soundscapes! Gradual tension unfolds "Vision 5", which slowly fades into rather motionless, but evolving dronescapes. Another highly mesmerizing composition heading into colossal territories and a pure masterpiece precisely interacting with album's cover artwork!!! Shorter "Vision 6" quickly returns into more organic worlds, enriched with hints of modern classical influences. "Vision 7" dives into abyssal depths of the ocean with deep, but evolving drones. The tension of this 12-minute opus gets tighter and tighter, enriched by circulating and pulsing hissy sound effects and sharply sounding industrial outbursts and disorders. At its highest peak it reaches massive soundwalls, painted with metallic and otherworldly transcendental sounds, presenting Tomas & Anthony at the throne of drone artistry. Pure bliss!!! "Vision 8" keeps the vast and intense magnificence of its predecessor, but is slightly more active with a less monumental texture, and at the end colored with razor sharp sonics. The next piece, "Vision 9", stays in rather quieter and static soundclouds, yet deeply drifting and layering into a massive palette of sounds. Grandiose, intense and powerful!!! Closing "Vision 10" is painted with more tranquil colors. A very relaxing and relieving outro of this highly fascinating and imaginative adventure. Definitely another huge one from Tomas Weiss & Anthony Paul Kerby!!! And be prepared for more, because these two guys have scheduled another co-work, this time between Anthony's Nunc Stans and Tomas' Nautic Depths (with Mathias Grassow). I think we couldn't ask for more.

Richard Gürtler (Oct 02, 2011, Bratislava, Slovakia)

Other Ambient (and related) Music / New EP by Strom Noir
« on: October 07, 2011, 04:18:09 PM »

Slovak drone ambient project Strom Noir returns with brand new "October Reversed" EP CDr on Ambsine label, released on October 1st, 2011. Available in limited edition of 86 pieces, each copy is hand-numbered and signed by Emil Maťko/Strom Noir. For more infos, please visit:

Thank you for your interest!!!


Can't miss it at the first week offer price, a must have!!! My order will follow during the coming days. All the best... :)


I didn't have enough time to take part in this discussion during the week. So few words now, I really enjoy Hypnos Forum the way it is. But of course I don't have any problems with some ongoing updates. Mike & Lena are doing fantastic job with the whole Hypnos, my big thanks to them as well as to all those who are contributing to this forum, I am very happy to be here!!! And when mentioning Relaxed Machinery, I can say just the same about John and the whole community involved. I am not going to campare them, because each of them has its own identity, and that's what I like on these two forums. All the best and keep on going for many years to come!!!


Hi Greg,

thank you so much for your updates!!! I am really glad to know CDr edition of "Myriad Stars" is now available, it's another exciting sonic journey I can't miss!!! I am going to order it right now, all the best... :)


Wow, Nunc Stans crossed with Nautic Depths, that sounds more than exciting!!! I stay tuned for this one too, Anthony... :)


Here is one picture of Christopher, taken from the website of Jim Cole/Spectral Voices.

Please note, on Jim Cole's website you can also download for free two albums of Expansion Project, one of them unreleased.


Thank you so much, Jim, for sharing this music with us!!!

Rest in peace and love, Chris!!!



Hi Anthony,

thank you so much for the latest news, I really look forward to "We Leave Everything Behind"!!! Just ordered, no need to listen to samples, I prefer to wait until the album arrives. And also the credibility of The Circular Ruins speaks for itself. The artwork looks very nice, including panoramic insert picture and I am sure the sonics will be as much attractive.

All the best and have a wonderful autumn time in Southern Ontario... :)


Thank you, Gigi, as always it was my great pleasure to write about your soundworlds!!! All the best and I keep my fingers crossed for you!!!


Thank you so much, Scott, for sharing with us these terribly sad news. It looks like shocking news within our ambient community keep on coming. I am in the same age as Chris and it's really sad to see talented people leaving us in this young age. I got in contact with Chris via e-mail through Greg few years ago, when searching for their co-work Thought Guild's "Continuum" album. I was lucky enough to be able to order this masterwork directly from Chris, so I am now a very proud owner of this album featuring even his personalized signature. This album will be always deeply treasured for me, just like their other "Context" album!!! Since then we remained in sporadic pen-pal contact.

My condolences for the family and friends. Thank you, Chris, you will be deeply missed, rest in peace and have a safe journey!!!


Here is my little review on the newest Oophoi CD, released by Databloem:

Oophoi "Il Silenzio Di Dio" CD

After highly treasured "Time Fragments" Box Set on Databloem's Practising Nature, here comes the new album by Oophoi (aka Gianluigi Gasparetti) on this Dutch label, recorded live in the Calabrian village of Archiaro in June of 2008. Gigi unfolds the journey with chasmal drones entitled "Bisbigli Di Angeli Tra Cielo E Terra Part 1" and spiced by distant cavernous voices while later singing bowls sneak into the drifts. Deep, mysterious and immersive, Oophoi droning at its finest! After transfering unnoticed into the next part of "Bisbigli Di Angeli Tra Cielo E Terra", the texture gets slightly more active, deeply transcendent meditative mind journey! "Lux Aeterna" belongs to more peaceful and tranquil compositions. "Le Acque Del Plenilunio" marks the return to abysmal territories, yet sounding quite organic and peppered by heartbeats on the background and rotating lively parts with various sound insertions and emerging ocassional angelic choir-like sounds. Magnificently effective 16-minute opus!!! Oophoi again at the very top of his craft painting mysteriously beautiful sceneries. To me, most likely one of the best pieces Gigi has ever made, grandióso!!! "Sognando La Grande Madre" moves to more driving and industrialized level with assorted echoed metallic sounds, singing bowls, with intense droning buzz and sonics reminiscent of chirping sounds of cicadas. This strange palette of colors easily reaches a kind of transcendental sonic experience! "Il Tempo Della Fine" floates on spatial waves with ethereal romantic piano tunes. Hauntingly warm and silent and quite relieving piece of music creating natural state of harmony. Title composition "Il Silenzio Di Dio" remains on the essential route with spiraling and echoed drifts, a closer filled with serenity and majesty! "Il Silenzio Di Dio" album is magnificently colorful sonic vision of this Italian drone virtuoso, but all pieces seem to bridge masterfully together into one incredible journey. As usual for latest Databloem releases, "Il Silenzio Di Dio" CD comes in nicely designed digi file packaging. Last, but most important, keep on fighting, Gigi!!!

Richard Gürtler (Sep 11, 2011, Bratislava, Slovakia)

This is absolutely terrible and unexpected news, Barry will be deeply missed by his family, friends and our ambient community. We are losing talented and unique artist. I never met Barry personally, but I will always remember our pen-pal friendship and his music will always live in my heart!!! I own A Produce's complete discography, with some of them featuring Barry's personalized signature and all these CDs will be deeply treasured for me. Goodbye, Barry!!! My condolences to his family and friends.


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