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Everything and Nothing / Ambient Music + Copyright
« on: January 04, 2014, 03:41:50 PM »
As it seems that this issue needs to be discussed more into detail, i thought to open a new thread.

Especially this statement I find on the edge of respecting other artists work:

Quote from: Immersion

in this sound style... the tolerance is higher then for other music for sure…..

A lot of music i sample based and are using sampling all the time, hip hop for instance, the genre would not exist if it wasn't for sampling or stealing,   but as long as you do something artistic with it,  or put it in a new context I think it is creative..
Also I think it depends on what is being sampled, a melody  for instance... but even with that you should not have alone rights on a melody just because some one was first, if some mind can come up with a melody I am sure another mind can come up with the same with time,   Also a samples used but put in a different context or music style I think is a way of using it artistically..
I just do not think all this commercial bullshit should interfere with the artistic output, let the music be free,

It clearly suggests that using other artists music is OK as long as you make something "new" out of it, no matter if you have the permission to do so. Such kind of statement made me think of just 2 possible explanations:

1. the author just want to excuse and justify those usage for whatever reason

2. the author don´t know about any legal terms


COMING SOON :: Wintersilence - Submental Vol. 2


VLC - can read almost anything

On the topic of el culto news: I am eagerly awaiting my copy of the new Tomas Weiss release!!  :)

Thanks Chris to bring the topic back :) Hope the copy will arrive soon!

Tomas, just playing Devil's advocate here, but you did choose to share this information on the forum.  People are now not allowed to discuss it?  Personally I wish you would've kept the details off the forum as it seems a private matter, and to be honest it's not what Mathias' fans want to hear.  Or you could've just said "for legal reasons" instead of the sordid details.  I really didnt think it belonged on the forum at all.

Chris, is it really so difficult to understand what i´m asking for?

"PLEASE guys…don´t start here a deeper discussion about legal terms"

The post was ONLY about some CDs we´ve decided to cut on our site and also to explain the reasons why we´ve decided to do so - thats all, straight forward and pretty fair. It wasn´t meant as an invitation to start here general analyses or presumptions about this legal issue, others can´t judge at all - neither it´s a welcome post for people derailing this thread with heavy emotional weight (as you do it right now). It can´t be an excuse not to post issue which are clearly belong to this thread (el culto news) just because a fan don´t won´t like to hear it. I really can´t believe you mean this seriously as it sounds like someone denies to read news because he could be disappointed about what happen in the world.


Apologies, I didn't mean to side-track your thread with heavy legal stuff, I was just trying to contrast what some people do with commercially available content to create music.

Thanks Pete, and yes, i do understand your point but i think this would be a great new thread in another section on this board   8)



once more and quoting myself:

"PLEASE guys…don´t start here a deeper discussion about legal terms"

If you want to talk about things like that or similar issue please open a new thread in one of the Hypnos sections!


PLEASE guys…don´t start here a deeper discussion about legal terms (maybe a new thread for it in another section?). This here was only an info about some CDs with issues listed on el culto and why they are not available anymore.

@Pete: It depends on national rules and contracts between states and also on royalty companies for author right. Here in Germany our highest court said, even 2 seconds is not allowed to sample. And if you want sample you have to have the permission and need to credit the source at least.

Sample libraries are LICENSED to people who bought this package and can be used it as much as wanted afterward…same goes for AFAIK any synth and use of the included presets. BUT, some years ago even Spectrasonics asked for credits if you use some of their libraries for an official release!


Important info about CDs by Mathias Grassow listed on el culto

Some time ago we were informed that the music on several albums by Mathias Grassow includes uncleared samples of releases by other artists. In legal terms "uncleared" means that an artist used music (sound samples and / or sections) from other works without permission from the legal owner of the copyright, and presented it as their own. After some detailed research, we unfortunately have to confirm that this information is correct, and refers at least to the following CDs by Mathias:

:: Transpersonal
:: Calibration
:: 3rd Dimension
:: Fata Morgana

Two of those albums ("Transpersonal" and "3rd Dimension") extensively use sounds and complete sections from the song "Løyndomsriss" by the band "Wardruna".

A track on another album ("Fata Morgana") uses the complete guitar and synthesizer section of the track "The First Snow" by the band "Drudkh".

Finally on "Calibration", an entire track was taken from the previously released album "Perfume" by Klaus Wiese.

As we are sensitive about copyright issues and have respect for the artistic works of other musicians, we have decided to delete the afore-mentioned CDs from our site, and el culto will cease to distribute these albums from now on.

Despite this unfortunate news, we will still proceed with the re-release of "Himavat" in 2014, because the whole album (new mixing / mastering, covers, CDs) is already manufactured and was previously approved by Mathias (together with Himalaya and Dagaz). However, this will be the last album by Mathias directly released by el culto.


Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: Good VST synths that are also affordable.
« on: December 28, 2013, 10:29:06 AM »

Excellent sound quality and very flexible + great arppegiator

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Binaural Recordings?
« on: December 28, 2013, 10:21:32 AM »
Loren, I don´t think it´s worth the effort.

OK, for tech-freaks or musicians like us here it´s more exciting, but for the average listeners i have big doubts - plus, probably they even don´t understand what you are talking about and/or what it means practically.

Just spend some times with this album.

IMO it´s just averange…though, I do understand why you like it as it has quite a lot of similarities to your music…no doubt!  :) You may be a bit biased as you like the sea so much too  ;D

My issues:

::  sound quality is really on the border (it´s not really balanced mixed)
:: a lot of fragments "jumping around" in almost each track but nothing really finishes and completes a theme (for instance track 2 + 4) - in other words: it goes anywhere but nowhere you can "hold on" or remember.
:: overuse of this glitchy sounds combined with the general "vinyl like" sounding

Just my 2 cents….but as usual…opinions are like assholes…anybody has one  ;D


Everything and Nothing / Re: The new age music 'scene' ?
« on: December 23, 2013, 11:10:57 AM »
Quote from: Julio Di Benedetto
.  I once told someone I was into Eno and ambient music and they said its music to make you commit do you respond to that.

Is he/she still alive?


Everything and Nothing / Re: Digital Compact Camera - any advice?
« on: December 23, 2013, 11:05:50 AM »
Hey guys,

thanks a lot for your feedback!

@Julio: I tested serveral Canon cams and generally speaking i do like the quality…what puts me a bit off is the extremely "warm" (too much yellow) colors of them. Also it seems, that for jpg´s they use quite a heavy processing (adding a lot of contrast) and thats hard to get rid of later and i really won´t to bother with RAW.

@Immersion: I tested this and some other Samsung camera´s and really have a problem with the image quality. They are great to use for quick results and FB posts but it really seems like Samsung is better in other technologies than cameras.

@Pete: Thanks a lot for the detailed info! I have a Sony HX20 as a zoom camera and i do like it, but as you said image quality is not more than average. I use it when i´m on holiday and for that purpose it does shot good results. Thanks for the Ricoh tip…funny, just looked at my amazon account and realized it´s in my saved observing list  :) Shame it does´t have at last a small optical zoom and the macro option isn´t very advanced   :( I may give it a try and thanks amazon it´s easy to send it back if it´s not convincing.


Ein Sophistry + Richard - once more, thanks for your nice feedback!


Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: December 23, 2013, 10:48:36 AM »
Wonderful Track even without knowing the movie (never saw it but have the CD)

Thanks a lot for your feedback Chris!


Everything and Nothing / Re: Digital Compact Camera - any advice?
« on: December 19, 2013, 03:38:41 PM »
Have to add that i own the Sony Rx 100 (Mark I) but i´m not really happy about the well known green cast of Sony cameras.

Also, Video isn´t important for me either!


Everything and Nothing / Digital Compact Camera - any advice?
« on: December 19, 2013, 03:31:00 PM »
Hi there,

wanting to purchase a new compact digital camera which can suite into my jacket pocket!

Please don´t start with any SLR recommendations here as i´m not interested into that.

In my radar are:

:: Canon S100/110/120

:: Sony Rx100 (Mark II)

:: Panasonic LX7

:: Olympus XZ-2

High ISO isn´t an important issue for me….i´m looking more for color fidelity, fast and precise AF plus good Macro options….also manual mode should be available!

Is anyone using one of these? Any experiences? Any samples to share? Any other suggestions?


Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: ???
« on: December 19, 2013, 03:07:42 PM »
The Immersion Station was first shown at Soundquest Fest, they are on their 3rd version now. I've never used it because I've never had an iphone up till a week ago, but lots of people have bought it from what I understand.

The main questions are…who really needs this? And what´s the purpose?

Maybe sounding once like Timeroom Studios? Or by using it to be sure that it will sound great because those are SR loops?

Still don´t get the meaning out of this. Maybe it´s much more simple and it´s just a toy for people having fun combined with a financially purpose by using this name as a trademark.

But it´s hardly to dismiss, that a lot of it written there is really on the border drifting into amusement - especially when looking at it from a perspective of a musician:

"Use Immersion Station to sculpt your own personal soundworld environment for deep listening, meditation, as well as for working at the computer, reading, travel and sleeping."



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