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"Quiet Calling III" is now separately available for sale:


Everything and Nothing / Re: Electronic (Dance) Music in America
« on: December 03, 2011, 06:07:53 PM »
Read again the article/link above what i´m refer to...then you might understand.

Everything and Nothing / Re: Electronic (Dance) Music in America
« on: December 03, 2011, 04:46:11 PM »
Oops...sounds like a bit behind the time ;D On the other hand, the states was never a leader or up to date when it comes to electronic music.

"Ultra deep, fantastic collection of spooked drones from Tomas Weiss and APK, the owner of the Data Obscura label. All titled as "Vision" in 1-10 format, take 5 uproots BJ Nilsen's prized searing granular drone, supplanting it onto craterous masses of unexplored phantasm atmospherics. There's a strong feeling of analogue sources - seldom are soft synths this rich in texture. "Vision 6" introduces a delayed piano, vibrating up and down like a cellphone in an abandoned poker waistcoat. That's the musky sensualism of the release talking as well - an ability to transport you into an underground room size, free of Ambient's relationship with minimalist and information obscurantism. Weiss and Kerby also subvert the broken synergy of spectrum decay - a rarity when sound is this densely crafted. Absolutely magical." (Subvertcentral)


p.s.  We're still a 'go' for releasing the new full length Austere - Euterpe album in January on Relaxed Machinery (CDR here in the Hypnos store as always - and gratefully to Mike / Lena).   Still sorting some remaining nitpick issues on art and such, but looking like a solid January release.

Ahhhhhh.....this makes now sense...still anybody saying all this was a random issue?  ;D

Everything and Nothing / Re: Phones Recording Everything You Do !!!!
« on: December 01, 2011, 12:38:06 PM »
I think we should stop immediately any use of mobile phones and internet because of this "new" and unexpected" information!!!!!!


"Calling 3" from the album "Quiet Calling" (Musical Philosophy)

3 days left for getting the repress of "Quiet Calling 1" in new Digipak for a very reduced price (including shipping).


Thanks for posting that  8)

The guy is simply brilliant...same for Melodyne!


Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: October 27, 2011, 11:45:44 AM »
One of the best Rmx ever made.

Thanks for your words and the hint regarding the video option :D

I thought i wouldn´t response anymore, but this have to be answered

Actually you could cool down a bit too  ;)

If there's one thing I would change about this forum, it's the negative attitude.   

In German we say, for this we have to start first by ourself

Austere chimed in and then was accused of "faking" his "I-don't-care" attitude (GIVE ME A BREAK!).

If you have read the WHOLE conversation (did you?) then its more then clear that Austere reacted  - after Mike´s statement/idea for clear names - like they are in a huff ("If that means we can't post here"). Nobody has said this or whatever before, so should i say here also "GIVE ME A BREAK"? I for myself expect a little more maturity, especially for someone with this kind of showen and declared "we want to be different" profile. And finally, they responsed to it in my direction and all was fine. I don´t think this topic needs further "warm ups" and also Austere is perfectly be able to response to other comments by themself if they feel there is something unfair said.

If you really see this comments as an "attack", then we don´t need anymore discussions and/or different opinions at all!

Like the 2 parts before - CDR

Hello to all,

our most successful album "Quiet calling 1" is available again in a new Digipak Edition.

Also available is the last and final chapter "Quiet Calling 3"

More info via:


Nobody has said anything about no more anonymous posting.

Even i am not a native speaker i understood this too.

Actually i find this guys a bit too much thin-skinned in regard to their expressed "we don´t care" coolness.

As the sub-heading says: "Music Reviews and Only Music Reviews."  Perhaps that should be respected.

I didn´t read "no comments allowed"

I'm afraid this reads more like over-the-top self promotion than a review !

I first thought i read an official press text for announcing a new release.

"Appearances", (CDr on Musical Philosophy label, download version via DataObscura) is the brand new follow-up to Tomas' & Anthony's premiere co-work "Distant Shadows" on the Construct label (released April 2011). This digipak release firstly attracts with its very nice cover image created by Jesse Harrison. The album, which consists of 10 pieces titled "Vision 1-10", begins with a shorter ethereal introduction that crosses almost unrecognized into "Vision 2" with the same mood, but later evolves into deeper drifting and tense configurations. "Vision 3" floats on similarly tight airwaves, but is gently enriched by assorted futuristic sound effects with a cascading texture. It slowly evolves into a massive soundwall effectively supported at the end by angelic choirs. An absolutely fascinating stratospheric odyssey!!! As magnificent is the next composition, "Vision 4", with deeply droning, free floating expansive and absorbing delicate soundscapes! Gradual tension unfolds "Vision 5", which slowly fades into rather motionless, but evolving dronescapes. Another highly mesmerizing composition heading into colossal territories and a pure masterpiece precisely interacting with album's cover artwork!!! Shorter "Vision 6" quickly returns into more organic worlds, enriched with hints of modern classical influences. "Vision 7" dives into abyssal depths of the ocean with deep, but evolving drones. The tension of this 12-minute opus gets tighter and tighter, enriched by circulating and pulsing hissy sound effects and sharply sounding industrial outbursts and disorders. At its highest peak it reaches massive soundwalls, painted with metallic and otherworldly transcendental sounds, presenting Tomas & Anthony at the throne of drone artistry. Pure bliss!!! "Vision 8" keeps the vast and intense magnificence of its predecessor, but is slightly more active with a less monumental texture, and at the end colored with razor sharp sonics. The next piece, "Vision 9", stays in rather quieter and static soundclouds, yet deeply drifting and layering into a massive palette of sounds. Grandiose, intense and powerful!!! Closing "Vision 10" is painted with more tranquil colors. A very relaxing and relieving outro of this highly fascinating and imaginative adventure. Definitely another huge one from Tomas Weiss & Anthony Paul Kerby!!! And be prepared for more, because these two guys have scheduled another co-work, this time between Anthony's Nunc Stans and Tomas' Nautic Depths (with Mathias Grassow). I think we couldn't ask for more.

Richard Gürtler (Oct 02, 2011, Bratislava, Slovakia)

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