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Reviews in general are also not a problem for me, but I think it can be tricky when posting reviews of your own work.  As a potential consumer, I'd rather hear from the listeners or reviewers directly.

I was reading this several times and still donīt understand it.

The usual progress is: reviews are made from 3rd persons like website, blogs magazines, it makes a difference for you if a customer or the reviewer post the same review instead of the artist?  ???

I too like the Hypnos Forum as it is, it is clear and organised and not "in your face"
But I also like the suggestions to be able to embed Soundcloud and You Tube and I like Tomas' suggestion on a section for collaborations (a Hypnos Forum collaboration CD might be a good idea?)I know EM Portal did something similar.
The forum can tend to be quiet, I have noticed particularly at weekends, but that is because people have other things to do as well as visit here. I would also think as most of us are musicians and have full time jobs, making music not being the full time job, when you do get your free time you tend to use it by spending time with family, wife kids etc, making music and visiting forums to catch up. Being quiet is not a bad thing as I like to catch up on posts that are months, even years old to see what I have missed. You don't have to comment every day. I tend to comment if I feel I have something useful to say or add, like now, for instance. The self promotion thing kind of tends to happen with every forum I am a member of, and probably goes on in lots of other forums too, not just EM, lets face it, this is such a small field, how else are you going to let like minded people know about your latest masterpiece, take out ads on TV or in the lastest fashionable mag, I think that is beyond most if not all of us here. The self promotion I see here, and yes I do it as well, is not excessive and is generally well handled. I am going on a bit now, so to sum up,

Hypnos is great the way it is, it would be nice to embed music and video, a section for collaborations/ideas would be nice and a collaborative Hypnos Forum Members CD would be nice too (which actually doesn't involve a change in the forum as that could get underway now) :)

Someone still complaining the forum is not active? LOL

Well written Phobos, i agree on anything you said!

To be a bit more precise about this "collab section" iīve mentioned...appart from the idea of Phobos i see it more "open". For instance, i often like to include some real instruments in the music i do and iīm sure even here are some musicians which are playing an instrument very well (cello, guitar or whatever). If there would be a section this musicians could simply say this in a post...for instance: "iīm a xxxx player and if someone is interested i can provide...etc" - or the other way round, if iīm searching for a particular instrument i can see such people which are open for it and i can simply contact them! IMO this would be a huge tool for this forum, especially since people will only provide because they are into or love this music. Makes a huge difference in comparison to find players anywhere else which are mainly in a particular style.


I don't really have a problem with the forum being "quieter." Some people do, though, and if they don't see much activity for a while, they won't come back.

Some people don't show up to post, but to read things others have posted. So if enough people approach the forum that way, we end up with more and more of the posts being self-promotional and those visitors who mostly lurk can start to become disenchanted

I really have a problem to follow your thoughts. I mean, lets face it, itīs not possible to please anyone who visit this site - if some doesnīt come back because there is less activity, itīs not the end of the world. These are very likely the people which needs "info drones" all the time and obviously for them FB is a better place.

Also, its not a secret that Hypnos Forum is connected to your label so itīs also kinda seen as a promo tool for you. The same goes for the Non-Hypnos section - but what you would expect to have for post there if not mainly promo post from others outside of the Hypnos circle? Isnīt it the nature of this section to post things like that there?

I totally agree on the point to improve the forum to make it for the members more attractive (which very likely will increase activity).



The problem is, very few of us post anything here. If we go through a period of weeks where the few of us who sometimes create new topics are busy with other things, then the forum becomes nothing but a small number of folks posting "now playing" updates.

Now, having said that... whenever this comes up, I think a lot of people think to themselves, "Oh shit, I'd better post more or else this place will die off," and then the forum becomes busy, active and vibrant for a while. And that's great -- I hope we have a great October here! -- but I'm hoping for more long term enhancements to the site that will draw more people to participate, more often, more consistently.

Actually i disagree with this. Silence is not such a bad sign and it doesnīt give an impression that a forum is death. I prefer this much more then to have things like the new "activity stream" on FB where you can see any nonsense what people have to say, like or cook at the moment.

Actually 3 things i would like to see here:

1. Option to add videos and music players
2. A special section/room for possible collaborations (means, where people can ask for something or can offer something)
3. More direct integration of other portals/radio stations/info sites which are into the ambient world (at the end the people donīt care about competitions between labels, musicians or whatever - they simply want to explore this kind of music to find out what suites them most).


IMO you should leave it as it is.

No offense to John but look to the result over there. Meanwhile itīs just a place of "listen to this and that", mainly amateurish stuff and/or free downloads + simply TOOOOO much informations. Maybe thatīs what people like in today and iīm just ages behind (lol) but for me it leaves a impression of "quantity support" instead of "quality". I very rarely saw something like this on Hypnos forum, no matter of the section. Also, if John sometimes would not come with new ideas, it would very likely turn into something like Myspace where people just say short phrases.......Also something like RM is VERY difficult to look at and i find myself very often lost on this site, since the new blogs are never jump to the top when somebody posts....its like a jungle at the end. Iīm also prefer a forum like this because i donīt like websites loaded with photos and flash animation - this takes my attention away, slows a website radically and makes a website weaker IMO.

"Less is more"



Julio, i thought you was refer to this:


Totally agree with APK and Mike here...well, not a surprise since i was the complainer mentioned in the starting post  ;D

Some electronic musicians are so in love with their gear, they want to list everything in their studio in their liner notes, including instruments and effects they didn't even use on the album.

LOL - this is actually the best of all


I'm afraid that this cd has nothing to do with Klaus Wiese, his last work is "Science in Decay", which remained unfinished due to his sudden death

You are wrong with this  ;) Klaus send me and Mathias as well the master CD for releasing it on our Musical Philosophy label but I rejected it. So at the end we just distributed a few copies.

All Bundles are gone - thanks to all for the big interest  :)


Here is the direct link to RM with both players + video

Right now we have only 13 copies left!



If budget is less of a consideration, buy a MacBook Pro with SSD and your RAM limit is much higher. My MPB has 8gb RAM and I believe the new ones can use 16gb.

Not a good choice if it comes to noise! Especially if you use heavy cpu processes....the fan starts very quickly and its anything else then quiet. Have a new MBP (2011) and with heavy projects the fan is constantly on. Also, it gets very hot.

Ive heard the newest Macs are almost silent

Yep, especially the Mac donīt hear it AT ALL. But not sure if it has enough power for you

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: Mini Synth Recommendation
« on: August 23, 2011, 01:02:15 PM »
Got 2 of them (synced via Midi Clock) an they are great for more "harsh" or "Industrial" sounds. But very difficult to find...

Hello to all,

Bundled with my recent solo album we offer a special deal via el culto and Relaxed Machinery. Since the Hypnos Forum is a great place for all kinds of Ambient i would like to give this option to Hypnos members too. The offer is not officially available nor visible and is only reachable via a password protected site. If you are interested in this special send me a private message via this forum and i will provide you the information.

The Special includes:

:: Tomas Weiss - Dato (Databloem)
:: Tomas Weiss & Anthony Paul Kerby - Appearances (Musical Philosophy) --> before its official release in October
:: optional a Metal Box (55 copies only) for holding the Volumes of our upcoming "Submental Series", a groundbreaking release concept for physical albums

A shame itīs not possible to include a player on this forum, so i can add only parts of it + a full lenght track via Youtube.

Tomas Weiss - Dato (Databloem)

Full Lenght Track/Video of "Agape" -->

Audio Player -->

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Tomas Weiss & Anthony Paul Kerby - Appearances (Musical Philosophy)

Audio Player is only available on the special site

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Box (55 copies only)


Tonight at 11 pm EDT/GMT-4 on Galactic Travels, Bill Fox will continue the month-long Special Focus on Tomas Weiss and Mathias Grassow.  The Featured CD at Midnight will be "Quiet Calling II" on Musical Philosophy Records.  Details are at the Special Focus page at:



i believe its the right section to post this....all the other sections doesnīt fit for this IMO. If i made a mistake please move it.

Big thanks to Bill Fox for making this available!!! Each week 1 hour music of an CD Album by Tomas Weiss & Mathias Grassow
Starts today, 04. August (11 pm - EDT/GMT-4)  with "Aestrata" CD

Next shows:
11. August --> "Quiet calling II" (Musical Philosophy)
18. August --> "Farewell" (Musical Philosophy)
25. August --> "Ornaments" by El Hadra (Thar)
More info:
You can get the CD Albums here -->
Tomas Weiss

Computers, Internet and Technology / Myspace - Thats it
« on: August 04, 2011, 09:24:29 AM »
Hi there,

not that this portal was ever something very serious and handy but they just donīt listen to users at all and even was restricting options without announcing it.

The cherry on the top was yesterday - i got an invitation and opened the site (which i havenīt done now for ages) - then i clicked on the play button on the first track. And what for hell happened? A new site (!!!!) opens just for the bullshit player - this is completly rediclious and stupid.

In a "very good mood" after this i deleted right away any account i had there. Or better i tried (hahahahaha) - first you have to go through several steps (why you want to delete your account?) and if you donīt click one of the pre-option it doesnīt continoue (LOL). So if you click on one option, then there comes an "convincing mode window" how you can solve the you have to click once more on "Cancel Account" - and then there come another one where you have to click again "Cancel Account" - wooow, seems there are some idiots doing their job (very proper)!

Finally i clicked on the last button......and.............nothing happened (hahahahaha) - only if i pushed it (not joking) in a machine gun effect in one step it worked! Its very likely they have builded something on this last button that you cannot go through it by several clicks!

I really hope Myspace will soon crashing and have to stop business....this bullshit needs to be cleaned up from the market.


Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Mathias Grassow - Sky
« on: August 01, 2011, 04:23:39 PM »
As far as I know....itīs a "selection" -  not all of the tracks are on it.


Review from Italy (Ondarock):

"During the last decade, quality ambient music has found in the names of Anthony Paul Kerby and Tomas Weiss, two personalities of great depth who have, discreetly, given to this style a remarkable amount of work at the highest level; the first (APK) hidden behind several pseudonyms for his DataObscura label has been active since 2003, and the second (TW) known primarily from his collaborations with Mathias Grassow.

Over the years both followed two separate paths in respect to form,  but extremely close in intentions, searching and finding in their music romantic, contemplative, and introverted dimensions, and seeking for understanding in the nature around them. It was almost necessary that a collaboration between both followed. In Distant Shadows the ways of the two musicians converge at the peak of inspiration and what results is certainly something with the allure of a masterpiece.

The title track introduces us to the cold, gloomy, windswept panorama which we will face throughout the album, and which also is expressed by the wonderful photograph of the cover packaging. The quality of sound achieved is impressive, as well as the blending of the two musicians, so that it is impossible to separate Weiss from Kerby. What especially strikes the listener is the visual depth and textures that outlines in the mind a very concrete scenario of leaden skies, heavy clouds and north winds to which we trust the flow of our consciousness.

"Gathering Memories" develops slowly for eleven minutes passing through several moods: one of those fleeting spirals of tenderness and calmness, worthy of the best Harold Budd, are shown before disappearing in a dense foggy blanket through which we barely glimpse a synth that is icy and solemn.

 "Eternal Return", on the contrary, proceeds on a drone, a single immovable tapestry, the tension and drama of which are breathtaking.

One may think that our relationship with a severe and hostile nature reaches a point of balance and peaceful coexistence, at least this is what "Everything Can be said", which dissolves in epic Roachian reverberations, makes us believe.

But, once again, it is a momentary illusion, a stage of exploration, because "Deep Time" clears out every trace of pale emotion. So we are swallowed by the cold, we wander without any sense of location, even the laws of gravity are abolished (do we ascend? do we fall?). Only the distant field recordings of "Figures on a dark background" set us free from this ephemeral state. Though nothing is the same as before. In "A final Vision" we turn to view a different landscape, designed by dark drone, in which only emptiness and despair are shown.

Distant Shadows is a long and complex work, with perfections and virtuosities but also deep abysmal suggestions - the result of the power of vision by two mature and passionate musicians."

(Roberto Rizzo, Ondarock - Italy / Translated Version)

Ein Sophistry and John,

thanks a lot for your response and your words - really appreciated  :D

@John: Indeed - totally disagree with you  ;D


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