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Possible these two titles may get to cdbaby if they do not sell out?        h

Hello Hjalmer,

sorry, but very unlikely at the moment because both releases are dimishing quite fast.


Made some video/quality improvements....

Updated link for the track "Nowosibirsk":


Quote from: Scott M2
Very nice and well-matched. I particularly liked your panning around 3:30-4:00.

Hey, thanks for the response and your nice words about it  :)

BTW: Just watching your "Soundscape for.." video. This is a great performance...what is that "Ping" sound ? It might sound funny but IMO it holds all together.


In case some might like the visual aspect  :)

"Nowosibirsk" from "Siberian winter" album:

Edit (Updated Video Link):


I should say Thomas and Matthias's style, combined- I'm not sure which one is which.

Hi Judd and thanks for your words....not knowing which one is which style is great because it has no importance at all. In German we say "Am Ende zhlt was hinten rauskommt" :D

Best wishes

Quote from: drone on
Might I suggest a "combo pack" discount for those wishing to purchase both? 19 euros is about 28 dollars X 2 = $56 for two cd's. Also, these are CDR's?

Well you have to know that the shipping price just for 1 CD to the States is 6,- Euro and all the listed prices includes shipping ! Of course its only charged once if somebody order up to 5 in case of 2 CDs the price for outside Europe is 13 + 19 Euro. There is no doubt that we have to calculate in Euro in regard to our coasts independant of difference currency rates which can change all the time....the same problem as a customer we had in Euro Zone as well with the English Pounds for a long time...Yes, these are CDRs but (were most small labels dont bother) all made in Red Book Standard....regarding the format: there are a lot of nonsense arguments against CDRs all over the place - most are made by lack of knowledge, fables and presumptions - the problem includes labels (!) as well which are thinking just burning their master via Nero or something similar is the solution....anyway, more about this standard and why its very important you can find on the internet.

Best wishes

Both are just released.

Quiet calling II:

Nautic Depths - Siberian winter:

Video - "Nowosibirsk":



a limited amount of copies is now available via CD Baby :-)

Best wishes
Mathias + Tomas

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: R.I.P. - Klaus Wiese
« on: January 28, 2009, 03:48:29 AM »
"Klaus has passed away in the night from 26. to 27. january 09 at home of his girlfriend in ULM (150 km away from

his home in MUNICH). He was not ill in any way and died in peace during sleep. He was 67 years old.

It's a great loss for many fans around the world and specially for me as a very personal friend since 22 years.

He was more than my musical mate; a teacher in life, a father who was there every time I need his advice.

At the moment I work with a friend in transpersonal way to understand this all and to find out, what meaning his death has for me and my musical and life development.

His music will always be immortal and a guiding light in a world ! may he rest in peace !"


Other Ambient (and related) Music / R.I.P. - Klaus Wiese
« on: January 27, 2009, 11:21:38 AM »
Klaus died last night totally unexpected - we loose a master in meaningful + deep music....

Rest in peace dear Klaus  :'(  :(

Mathias & Tomas

Thanks to all for the responses + your words/compliments  8)

Quote from: jim02
but what i don't like that they use in their description CD instead of CDR

We have taken your point "on board" ;)

Best wishes

Hi....our new + limited CD is just released....preview examples on the sites :-)


Best wishes to all

welcome Thomas and Mathias, German ambient maestros :)

Hello Giorgio - nice to see you here as well !  8)

Hello El Culto... welcome to the Hypnos Forum.

It appears that El Culto is an alias of Thomas Weiss, right?

Hello Mike and thanks for the welcome  :)

el culto is just the name of the internet portal - but yes, its mainly me who will write/announce new stuff here  ;)


Hello  :)

"Neural response"

Dubstep meets hypnotic Drone/ + unreleased Track

Listen here for an example (2nd player):

Only available via download (192kb) - Purchase link on myspace site - PayPal accept

Best wishes to all
El culto

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