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With feelings of relief and satisfaction I was finally able to release Babylon - my first full, thematic album, recorded back in 2002 and then remade in 2004.
But these are only excerpts from two hour-long compositions. Why is it so?

Then, thirteen years ago, I was sixteen and with very limited resources, abilities or knowledge. Recording wasn't easy and technical issues halted any progress quite frequently. And while my first attempt at Babylon survived until today in its whole, I could not justify releasing it without heavy edits. I needed to condense and compromise. I wanted to squeeze out as much meaning and atmosphere as I possibly could. Those are the opening seventeen minutes of today's release and I would like to believe I did well.
Some time later, eleven years ago, I felt more confident in my skills and in my equipment. Remaking Babylon was not easy and from today's perspective it's clear I did not succeed. The new version was a different beast, more to the point, more abstract. But the idea stayed the same and that is why another thirty six minutes of today's release consists of excerpts from that version. Here, again, I could not justify releasing it without edits, additionaly because not all of it survived in good enough state.
Babylon is about desolation in urban environments, about dehumanised enviromnents and cold concretescapes. After giving it some thought I can say many of these themes survive in my music until today, particularly within Metastructure series. But I'm sure it is impossible for me now to try and remake Babylon again. Things in life are valuable precisely because they are finite. So all the more fortunate I feel for a chance to call back that finite past into present.

I would like in this moment to send a metaphysical 'thank you' to Mamoru Oshii for his "Patlabor 2 The Movie" and to Kenji Kawai for his soundtrack. I would not be the person I am today without seeing and hearing that magnificent work of art. Babylon was and always will be my tribute to it.


New release by Anairė project. Murky, dark, organically evolving music which takes you on a journey through places long forgotten.

Get a listen or own it here:

You can also read more about it here:


New, 58th release in Rain Netlabel!
This time Bzaurie and Djozr take the listener on a cinematic journey through still drones and shimmering melodies.
Personally I'm very excited about this music. It is truly like a movie, very moody and ever-changing, a fulfilling ninety minutes of clear, lush pads. It is a both diverse and monolithic sound which seems appropriate as Oynos means unity.

You can listen or download here: .

Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / Anairė - Chasm Of Old
« on: January 04, 2015, 11:15:37 PM »
Allow me to invite you on a journey through things of old an places forgotten.

The debut album of Anairė project is out now and I'm proud to be part of it.

Available for a listen or purchase here.


I present to you the second release in Rain netlabel by Christian Doil.
His music is as serene as ever and even more relaxing than previous doorbell abstracts while still maintaining the unique chime sound.

Please check it out here: - it's free.

Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / Time Cage by Aairria
« on: October 14, 2014, 11:03:31 PM »

I'd like to present the first release in line of my unreleased works series.

Composed back in 2004 and initially published through Jamendo service, only to be taken down shortly after.
This soundwork followed my Urbanisation album in terms of theme but ventured into drone territory in which I am more widely known.

Please give it a listen or grab a copy - HERE.


Haunting ambience for the patient and attentive listeners.

Available for free here.

Haven't been posting here for a while. So this time it's a double announcement.
My sea-inspired watery deep-diving albums called Submerge II and Submerge III are available on bandcamp!
Please have a listen and post a comment while you're at it :).

Submerge II by Aairria                                                                  Submerge III by Aairria

Contents: netsphere [three second insight slowed 3968,(6) times], netsphere [normalised for compact disc time restriction]. Normalisation has been achieved by recomposing and remastering the elements of the original recording (not the recording itself) which supports appropriate diversification of presented sound material. Headphone listening is highly recommended due to overwhelming amount of audio detail not perceivable by any human being. Any level of amplification is supported. Any amount of listening attempts may result in any of the following: loss of timeframes, thought packet corruption, delusions of understanding, refusal to cooperate, changes in preference database.

Available here: clickable link is clickable.


Come now, have a listen to this wonderfully tingly, rustly and mellow music of processed and reprocessed door bells.

Christian Doil is a master of sound exploration and this release is no exception. Beautiful, peaceful and attention-stealing - that is my opinion on Bell-Push-Music.

As always, it's available on Rain netlabel website.


Do you remember a scene at the beginning of Hideo Nakata's "Ringu" when all you see is a close-up of the sea surface, almost black water squirming unpleasantly like an organic mass? Do you remember the menacing look on the characters' faces when they tell how a woman went into the sea and came back pregnant a few days later?
Did you try imagining just who, or what, the father of the child might be?

There is an old japanese fishermen legend which says that if young children play at the sea, a goblin will come and eat them. That is also what The Sixth Dreaming is about.
They say we know the surface of the moon much better than we know the surface of the seas. Makes you wonder...

The 52nd release in Rain netlabel and the 6th installment in the dreaming series is available for download.

It is recommended to listen in the dark and in absolute silence, with moderately high volume setting.

Aairria's "The Sixth Dreaming"


Anyone craving some chilly whiteness? Or maybe you've got plenty but still like it very much?

This is the 51st release in Rain netlabel - my personal antidote to the terrible lack of snow here, in Warsaw.

Recently I'm getting tired of any music being perfect and clean. And so this album is very lo-fi sounding with nice analogue harshness and tape-like artifacts. It's also comprised of many, many small details, effect overtakes and mastering experiments. Despite sounding simple it actually is quite complex.

So that's how winter sounds like for me. Please have a listen, relax and let your mind wander.

I hope the upcoming 2013 brings much warmth and serenity to You.

Aairria - Whitefall


Once again I'd like to present my album published on bandcamp - a place which hosts those music works which I approach very differently than any of the netlabel releases.

For instance this particular recording, while being a carefully crafted soundwork, is also my personal attempt at expressing the way I feel while continuing to survive every coming day. Of course I wouldn't give any details to you, the readers of this description and the potential listeners of my music. Putting any of those feelings into words would be highly improper, impolite even. It is the first time I've released anything related to me personally but I'm sure the artwork itself, not my own words, should express what it was made to express.

Apart from not being emotionally detached from this soundwork I feel compelled to say it is a recording I'm especially satisfied with. I managed to mentally go back to very early days of my compositional activities and try to act as I would then - spontaneously record sound impressions of how I felt at the moment. It's this naive approach to musical composition to which I wanted to return so badly.

restless persistence is, as should be clear by now, an imperfect recording. I believe it is the step back into imperfection which makes one able to, once again, move forward.

I'd be delighted if you listened to this album. You can do so using the link below (the download is pay-as-much-as-you-want or free).

restless persistence on bandcamp

In case anyone here has forgotten about my adolescent child, the Rain netlabel, here is the 50th release!

Big THANK YOU to anyone who has ever listened and/or liked any of the Rain releases.

Aairria - Ritual Of Memory


Just wanted to share my newest album with you.
It's available on bandcamp here: and it's free to download.

You can also read some more about it here:

Sound art, ambient and noise put together. Complete with printable booklet and available in every format possible. Get a listen;

This time it's an unusual dreaming - a clicky winter city ambience.

Take a listen:

"If I were the rain that binds together the heavens and the earth, whom in all eternity will never mingle, would I be able to bind two hearts together?"
-- "Bleach" by Tite Kubo

Available here:

The second CD release with my music - this time it's ambient from the darkest pits of hopelesness.

Limited to 50. Available here:


[kHz003] Aairria & Haruhi Ixito -Vexations

"The first question I ask myself when something doesn't seem to be beautiful is why do I think it's not beautiful. And very shortly you discover that there is no reason."
John Cage.

Get it here:

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