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For the past few weeks here at Psychonavigation HQ we have been picking our favourite albums that we have discovered through demos we received / new album promos been sent to us or simply something we just stumbled upon from various music sites.
* If you are an artist or a record label and would like to be considered for 'Album Of The Week' please send a link / download to us here or via Facebook / Twitter *
(All styles of electronic music accepted)
Here's the last few weeks choices below.
* Album Of The Week *
Lorenzo Montanà - SlowaVes
Recommended tracks : Waath,Prj006
Lorenzo delivers another classic Ambient record! Fans of Psychonavigation are well aware how good this artist is from his many releases on the label so make sure to check this new album!
* Album Of The Week *
Manfred Hamil - Pigeonhole
It's available as a Free / Name Your Price download here :
A beautiful mix of vocal / Ambient & intricate beats. Grab it now!
Recommended track : Gravity
 Album Of The Week :
The Irresistible Force (Mixmaster Morris) - Kira Kira
A great return to form by the Ambient music legend Mixmaster Morris. After such a long wait since the epic 'It's Tomorrow Already' album back in 1998, Morris serves up nine stunning Downtempo / Ambient moods in his own unique style.
Recommended tracks : Warmer Than The Sun,Magic Acid
It's available on CD & Digital Download here :


A special mix to celebrate A special mix to celebrate 17 years of Psychonavigation Records

Tracklisting :

01. Roger Doyle - Chalant (Part 6)
02. Bruno Bavota - The Boy & The Whale
03. New Composers - Lovestory
04. Buckminster Fuzeboard - 3am Bedtime
05. Enrico Coniglio - The Girl From Murania
06. Matthew Devereux - I Love You Like A Robot
07. Matthew Devereux - Mobile Home 75
08. Buckminster Fuzeboard - 1 2 Kick Turn
09. Lorenzo Montanà - Byblis OT
10. Roger Doyle - It's Very Serious
11. anodyne - Corrosion (Corporation Street Remix by Autechre)
12. Maschine - Cordmash
13. Silent Q - Choughm
14. Mr. Projectile - Gonna Make You Sweat
15. ThinkToy - Intro
16. Sean Quinn - Imbrium
17. No Mask Effect - Nothing Out There
18. Ciaran Byrne - Ode To Able Sail
19. Sense - Nonlineareally

Thank you to all the artists for your beautiful music and to everyone who supported the record label over the past 17 years. We love you!!

Mixed by Keith Downey @ Psychonavigation HQ
Psychonavigation Records 2000 - 2017

One for the diaries ;)

Ambient Lives Series Presents : Peter Benisch – Waiting For Snow
[Special Remastered CD in 6 Panel Digifile with exclusive bonus track included]
10th February 2017
(PSY 126)

Carlos Vivanco is the owner of the master files. All above board fellow Hypnos members ;)

The Zenith (Tetsu Inoue / Carlos Vivanco) CD will be shipped to our direct customers at the end of next week.

If you want to be included on the advance list simply pick up a copy at Bandcamp or our official website by then ;)

It sure is Stargazer ;) Thanks.

Artist: Lingua Lustra
Title: Essence
Cat No: PSY 120
Release Date: 12th August 2016
Format : Double CD
Label: Psychonavigation Records
Barcode: 708527006900




Albert Borkent is an ambient artist and experimental sound designer from The Netherlands.

The prolific producer makes a welcome return to Psychonavigation Records following his 2015 opus 'Uhadi.

'Essence' displays the artists gorgeous Ambient-Dub sounds but also this time around the Dutch producer adds a gentle Techno kick across the albums nine tracks.

Fans of Dub-Techno artist Bvdub will enjoy this double CD immensely!


1.Cloudsong 06:58
2.Kaleidoscope 2 04:12
3.Mirrormusic 3 04:43
4.Road Of Light 09:20
5.Love Is The Force 11:25
6.Essence 36:14


1.Meditation 06:35
2.Fluxon 52:32
3.Azimuth 12:00

All the Oliver Lieb - Inside Voices CD's have been posted!

We've only a small amount left here in the office if anyone wants one. The rest will be sold through our distributors on July 21st.

Our first release on Tranquillo is by Federico Mosconi and is officially out worldwide today. Thanks to everyone for your support.

Listen here :

Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / Sense - Still Life Album
« on: June 08, 2014, 11:43:51 AM »
ll pre-orders of the new Sense - Still Life album are now packed!
They will be sent out this week (2 weeks ahead of the official release date)  Stalk your postman ;0
Limited amount of discs left if anyone want's one!

Thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered the physical CD of the new ambient album by Oliver Lieb - Inside Voices.

From time to time we like to honour people for supporting the physical format so we are delighted to offer all the direct customers the first two tracks from Oliver's album in advance of the July 21st official release date! We hope you enjoy the tracks ;)

Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / Oliver Lieb - Inside Voices
« on: March 28, 2014, 01:47:24 PM »
Psychonavigation Records are proud to present a new Ambient album from the highly regarded Electronic composer Oliver Lieb (L.S.G.,Spicelab,The Ambush..)

The album is now available to pre-order directly from our site.

It comes as a Limited disc in a Trigger Jewelcase with a 6 page booklet.

You can stream soundclips here :

Psychonavigation Records presents the debut album from Valentin Chernov.

File under : Ambient / Russian Electronica

Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / Re: Steve Stoll - Praxis
« on: January 27, 2014, 12:29:40 PM »
Steve Stoll - Praxis [8/10] Clash Magazine February 2014

Using Blair Witch scares, keeping danger in the corners, veteran New York techno stalker Stoll coaxes a largely freeform, 49-minute monument of space-shuttled silent screams. Bleak and concrete, inundated with sine waves, feedback and coded language interfering against the creak of cemetery gates - yet all staged logically and far from impenetrably - the crash landing of machinery is able to reach moments of peace by burning itself out, transfixed by the starry night and rebooting towards a more placid existence. Anxiety returning to count down the last rites of quiet decay is the cockroach in Stoll digging in, a lord of winter desolation.


Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / Re: Steve Stoll - Praxis
« on: January 25, 2014, 02:56:02 AM »

Veteran NYC producer Steve Stoll ditches the dance-floor in favor of Radiophonic-style analog explorations. Praxis, released via Ireland’s Psychonavigation, is heavily indebted to 1950’s pioneers like Delia Derbyshire and Daphne Oram. Considering the current popularity of modular electronics with labels like Modern Love and Ghost Box, Stoll’s reverential work has arrived right on time. BBC Workshop heads should enjoy the claustrophobic ambience of opener ‘Praxis I’ and the off-kilter lope of ‘Praxis XV’. Stoll’s dub-techno roots are not always far from the surface though, as evidenced in the rising, rhythmic tension of ‘Praxis IV’.


The last 4 copies of Lorenzo Montanà's new album are now in stock.

Don't miss out on this beauty!

Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / Re: Steve Stoll - Praxis
« on: January 10, 2014, 08:33:47 AM »

Steve Stoll - Praxis Album is out now.

More discs pressed up and the remaining 29 copies are now available from our shop!

Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / a glimpse
« on: December 31, 2013, 06:05:27 AM »
'a glimpse' into Psychonavigation Records / Offshoot / Eire Supply 2014

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