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What exactly are you promoting in your podcasts your music or other artists?

Curious as there are no specifics on your site or post.


Yasumu is a Japanese term, which translated means to rest, to suspend or to relax.

The latest Alpha Wave Movement recording is a contemplative electronic trek that traverses onto that path of tranquility. Music designated for relaxation, meditation or the inward journey of self-realization.

Streams of gentle synthesized sound are entwined with reflections of distant Tibetan bells, wind chimes and string instruments. Echoes of the orient are speckled throughout and used to accentuate a remote eastern aesthetic.

A aural excursion of a quiescent nature.

The new cd & digital download is available at the Harmonic Resonance Recordings Bandcamp page. Just click the link below.

Dj's & music reviewers interested in reviewing the release please contact me at

Hello Everyone,

Tomorrow Saturday January 12, 2013 from 6-8pm EST I will be guest on Boston's Unregular Radio show "Citywide Blackout" hosted by Max Bowen.

The show will feature music from my recording project Alpha Wave Movement as well as the ambient/dub music I compose as Within Reason. Listeners are always encouraged to call in and ask questions.

Please visit the links (see below) to the shows website where you can stream the show live. There are also free apps for your smart phone to stream the show live.

Listener call in line: 617-606-4122

Hey Saul,

Greg here!

Read you post on the choice to go the download route over physical releases.

I must say I am old school in the sense I do not even have a cd player in my car that plays mp3s so cd's and cd-r's are a must for mobility on the roadways.

However I whole heartily agree with the download sales being robust as my own music sales are derived mainly from the digital domain and for years its been this way. As much as you want to fight the tide you need to give the masses the musical ocean to bathe in!

I will personally still press physical cds/cdr's in limited batches for the sheer personal desire  and for those few supporting fans (I am not mincing words here) who like me want music in a physical medium. No matter how much people on the forums of various sites preach their dislike of limited pressings at the end of the day the sales don't justify pressing copious quantities to take up shelf space.

Saul any chance you might think of re-releasing Burning Igloo for download?

Good luck on your endeavors and thanks for sharing your experiences with the rest of us.

New Release from Harmonic Resonance Recordings.

Exiled Particles Volume I - Archive 1997-2005

Music recorded from 1997 to 2005 that never found an enlightened path to a actual physical release. Most of the compositions can be compared to early trance electronica. Effort has been not to mimic that genre per se but rather use the style as a compass. Also inclusive are two long lost ambient tracks.

Full digital downloads in any format and cd's are available for purchase
at Harmonic Resonance Recordings Bandcamp

Just got an email about a new Ishq release.  Considering I just spent $20 on a new Ishq disc which came out last week (on his own label, Virtual), in addition to a boatload of other music, my wallet hasn't had time to recover.  This release is called "Lyght" and is a 100-copies CDR, which does not get released until 12-21-2012. 

I have two issues with this one: why only 100? you know it's gonna sell out in about 3 days...

Plus, why would I pay for something nearly 2 MONTHS in advance??

Verdict: I HATE 'em (limited edition pre-orders)

Sorry I know I don't post much on this forum but this argument that a label cannot press a limited edition is a lot of hot air.

Firstly the "scene" as it may is very small to say the least. There are a few who will always support you and others who talk the talk but don't walk the walk.

When artists notice that their physical cd/cdr sales have plummeted in the last ten years because of a: theft thru illegal downloads or b: people just dont have the money to spend reality dictates for them(artist) to hunker down and press less product based on demand. Its that simple not rocket science.

What is wrong with a piece of music becoming a collectors item anyway? Why all the fuss?

Does it really bother you that a cd sells for $100 on Ebay because you didnt purchase it when it was released because you waited months only to find out its been sold out?

Money and sales are marginal in today's economy(that's a given) and basically it comes down to the "artist" or "label" to make the choice of limited pressings. If you know it will become a collectors piece then buy it when its released and please stop the moaning its old, tired and pointless.


The entire back catalog of Alpha Wave Movement and assorted side project releases are now available on the Harmonic Resonance Recordings Bandcamp site:

I know many of you have a dislike for the low quality files sold on I-Tunes and affiliated pay of music sites so all the music is now available in high quality WAV, MP3/320 & FLAC for $7 an album.

Thank you for your continued support!


Thought Guild Third Voyage is now available as a limited edition cd-r.

The music is mainly based around improvisation and use of vintage synthesizers with a slight nod towards the berlin school movement with a dash of ambient aesthetics.

These are all handmade and packaged in beautiful "retro" 5.25 floppy discs all hand numbered with a limited edition of 50.

These are only being sold from the Harmonic Resonance Recordings website and are not available to any mail order company anywhere.

Internet dj's and music reviewers please feel free to email me for a review copy of the music.

Enjoy the Voyage!

Hi Greg,

thank you so much for your updates!!! I am really glad to know CDr edition of "Myriad Stars" is now available, it's another exciting sonic journey I can't miss!!! I am going to order it right now, all the best... :)


Thanks Richard!! All of us artists appreciate listener support. Keeps the music going and I am glad there are still those out here anxious for physical cds!

Harmonic Resonance Recordings


The new Alpha Wave Movement release "Myriad Stars" is now out and available of I-Tunes and affiliated digital download sites. The cd-r is also available direct from the Harmonic Resonance website and it is a limited pressing.

The music is a continued voyage into the realms of space music and music of the "cosmos". Serene, dark, introspective and influenced by the mapping of the night skies.

Feel free to stop by & listen to samples and purchase music:

Thank you for Hypnos for continued support of electronic music here in the US!

Harmonic Resonance Recordings

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