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OUT NOW and available in all good sorted shops or directly via the diametric. homepage (

ISOMORPHIC - Memory Weave CD [23-diam.]
150 limited hand numbered manufactured CDs in a slim line dvd case.
Release: 04. May 2015

Soundfiles and preorder:

when we depart
dark mirror
false hope

Sheffield based John Shima returns to diametric. with his Isomorphic project and presents his debut album "Memory Weave". The album was crafted in John's studio in the second half of 2014 and is again focusing on modular synthesis experimentation with a strong focus on musicality. The album features a wonderful mix of electronica, IDM, early Warp era deep electronic exploration and electro, and will be a great addition to any collection of Fax Records, Rising High or Likemind. The details and atmosphere created by John are sublime and showcase his skill and experience in creating electronic music with a message, soul and emotion. For fans of B12, early Autechre and Higher Intelligence Agency etc.
150 manufactured hand numbered CDís in slim line dvd case. Digital release to follow 5-6 weeks after initial release.
Worldwide Distribution: Diamonds & Pearls

Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / Valanx - 3" CD Colour series....
« on: February 16, 2015, 04:58:15 AM »
VALANX - BRONZE (part 1 of 4 in the Valanx colour series) 3" Mini CD, handpainted, limited to 50 copies

Part 1 of a 4 part limited series. Only available directly at the diametric. webstore exclusively.
Each part will feature unreleased new music by Valanx. The colour series features releases in bronze, gold, copper and silver, hand painted individually.
The music is as you would expect from Valanx, an experimental, dark and daring foray into new sonic territories. The goal is to explore the eerie and undiscovered subconscious domain of the human mind and soul.
50 hand painted 3" CDís (incl. instant download with purchase). Digital release to follow once all 4 parts of the colour series have been released.


You can get amazingly good tapedecks for 50 bucks these days....  ;)

Apostasy is now available as a digital download directly through the Bandcamp page of Be my friend in Exile:

Video for the track Momentum VI, taken from the Monument CD album by Opfer....


150 manufactured, hand numbered CDs in a slim line DVD case. The first 100 copies will include a poetry sheet by Sebastien Crusener.
Release Date: 08. December 2014

You can listen and do your preorder of the album here:

momentum I
momentum II
momentum III
momentum IV
momentum V
momentum VI
momentum VII

Opfer is a new project by Dutch artist Ian Martin and Belgian Artist Sebastien Crusener and Monument is their first album. Ian Martin needs no introduction to fans of adventurous electronic music. His versatile style allowed him to release on illustrious labels such as Bunker, Abstract Forms or Further Records. Sebastien Crusener has provided all source material in form of field recordings for their project and Ian modelled an abstract, minimal and dark ambient album that showcases a bleakness and almost disturbing coldness but yet makes you feel safely encapsulated in a world of comfort and strange beauty. Additionally Sebastien has kindly provided some wonderful poetry that gives you more insight into the world of Opfer. Dark ambient at it's best.
150 manufactured hand numbered CDís in slim line dvd case. The first 100 copies include a limited sheet with poetry by Sebastien Crusener.
Digital release to follow 5-6 weeks after initial release.

Hi Julio,

thank you, I absolutely agree with you....
And believe it or not, but I don't like doing promotional work at all, I still think that the music should do the talking but I am afraid I have no choice but to do this.
It is unbelievably hard to get any attention and I need to sell a certain amount of copies to keep this label alive. I'm not in it for the money (the limitations of the releases should speak for this) but I also want to reach as much people as I can because I believe in this music and I feel sad when the artists I feature don't get the deserved attention....

As to come back to your question regarding digital, all the "standard" diametric. releases are available digitally at the usual places, the tapes are not. When you buy the tapes you get a download of the music after checkout in the diametric. shop.

Be my friend in Exile will release this on his Bandcamp page sooner or later....

Thank you for your interest....

Cheers, Arne

Okay, I understand what you mean.
But how can small independent labels make listeners aware of their new releases if not through forums and posts?
In this day and age it is impossible to get any attention if you don't do this.... and even so, we are talking about a piece of music in an edition of 50 tapes, certainly I can't be accused of milking the cow and trying to make any cash with that? I simply want to share the music I love and release....
How else am I going to do this?
Maybe I don't have much to say about other topics in this forum, that doesn't mean I don't care....

We are down to the 5 last copies of this wonderful dark ambient tape release.... When they are gone, they're gone.... no repress etc.....

50 limited and hand numbered C34 manufactured tapes

You can listen and do your order here:

diametric. webstore:

Interstellar Sounds:

a1 will-o'-the-wisp
a2 graveyard of the gods
a3 death loop
b1 oblivion
b2 parallax
b3 pantheon

Be my Friend in Exile is Miguel Gomes from London. He has released on Somehow Records and Twice Removed Records and his third release landed at diametric. towers earlier this year and was instantly a favourite listening experience, so it is with pleasure to present you his work. The track titles already give you an idea how this mini album sounds like but only tell half the story. Haunting, menacing and obviously dark and even a little bit morbid, but underneath all this bleak ambience lies a fragile beauty in form of exquisite melodies and sounds that shimmer through the sometimes harsh noisy layers of sound. Dark ambient at its best.
Limited and hand numbered to 50x C34 cassette tapes, incl. digital download, provided with purchase of the tape through the diametric. webstore. Tapes will only be available through the diametric. webstore and Interstellar Sounds exclusively. Download only included with purchase in the diametric. webstore.

First video from the album
Timedog - Delayed Choices


Soundsnippets and ordering option here:

Artist: timedog                                      
Title: objects of mind   
Label: diametric.
Format: manufactured CD in slim line dvd case (limited, hand numbered 150 copies)
Cat.No: 21-diam.                                       
Release Date: 08. september 2014
File Under: ambient, electronica, idm

subconscious priorities
delayed choice
serenity acceptance
emergent life
the mistaken assumptions of afterlife
the resurgence of hope

Ambient musician Pete Burton is a multi-instrumentalist with a clear ethos about his music. For him, a feeling of immediate spontaneity is born from the degree of improvisation involved. You can clearly hear this on his debut album "objects of mind". Hailing from Glasgow Pete has delivered a magnificent and beautiful multi layered album that can be perfectly described as a soundtrack-esque drama in 10 acts. His influences from bands such as Popol Vuh are clearly present and Pete played all the instruments on this album such as synths, guitar, bass, kalimba and various percussion instruments in long improvised live takes and sculpted his gorgeous music to an incredible album. Welcome to the diametric family Pete, we are glad to have you on board!
150 manufactured hand numbered CDís in slim line dvd case. Digital release to follow 5-6 weeks after initial release.


This is what Mick Chillage has to say about his mix:

When Arne approached me in early Autumn of 2013 to do a mix for his podcast series I had initially thought of doing something with an Autumn/Winter theme to suit the cold and dark days that were slowly approaching us but when I started compiling the music selections mainly from my CD album collection I felt why put restrictions on the mix and felt it would be better to approach the mix like when I make music, I usually letting the sounds inspire me rather than setting out with a preconceived idea on what the music should be.
So with a pile of CD's from 2013 I randomly pulled tracks that I felt were some of the best moments from 2013 plus ones that would show a diversity and how ambient music has developed at fusing elements of classical, Avant-garde, Jazz folk etc rather than the cliched rippling water and drug referenced dialogue samples of yesteryear.
I hope you Enjoy and maybe find some great new music in the process!

01 Autumn Of Communion "Rhea Explored" [Excerpt] Autumn Of Communion 3.5 [ÖTXT]
02 Sense "Denizen" The Dream [Psychonavigation]
03 Oophoi "An Ariel View" [Excerpt] An Ariel View [Glacial Movements]
04 William Basinski "A trail Of Tears" [Excerpt] Nocturnes [2062]
05 Lustmord "Andras Sodom" The Word As Power [Blackest Ever Black]
06 Ethernet "Temple" 144 Pulsations Of Light [Kranky]
07 Indiana Drones "Part V" Indiana Drones [Carpe Sonum]
08 Tomonari Nozaki "Part V" North Palace [Forwind]
09 Vivaldi/Max Richter "Winter 2" The four Seasons Recomposed [Deutsche Grammophon]
10 Moss Garden "The Fabric Of Sentinel" Understanding Holy Ghosts [Kaico]
11 Loscil "Cascadia Terminal [Kranky]
12 Murcof & Philipe Petit"The Call Of Circe" First Chapter [Aagoo]
13 Marsen Jules Trio "Eclipse" Prescence Acousmatiquie [Oktaf]
14 Digitonal "Ambient Box Output V3" Unreleased

SOLEMN EMBRACE - The disciples of fear / C46 Cassette - OUT NOW
Limited and hand numbered to 50 copies only

Buy and Listen here:

The second tape release in the diametric. tape series comes from Solemn Embrace, a new project by Arne Weinberg, dedicated to experimentation with modular synthesis. All sounds and music created on this release are done with a Eurorack modular synth system, a handful of effects and an AM/FM radio. The music is a mixture of percussive rhythmical experiments, strange sounds, sci-fi influences, eerie atmospheres and ambiences.
Limited and hand numbered to 50x C46 cassette tapes, incl. digital download, provided with purchase of the tape through the diametric. webstore. Tapes will only be available through the diametric. webstore, Interstellar Sounds UK and Rub a Dub UK exclusively. Please note, Interstellar Sounds and Rub a Dub do not provide the digital download. Download only included with purchase in the diametric. webstore.

out now and available in all good sorted record stores....

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