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Hi Pete....yes we needed to be flexible at least with plans even if our bodies were not.  The iPhone 6 is quite a camera....honestly I like  the way it renders better than my big camera thats several thousand $ more expensive. Obviously the image will not take being enlarge much, perhaps up to 8x10. Its got such a film quality to it.  Its quiet brilliant!.

Yes Harry, many do break up the walk and come back each year and do  some more to make it a little easier.  I am very proud of Susan at 61 years old she did really well and would have done more if she could. Fortunately she had no problems surfing once we got to Portugal.

One thing, Europeans have it easier financially if you live say in Germany, it could cost a couple hundred euros ($250) to get to the start of the Camino...from the USA you have to add another zero to that figure per person, perhaps less but you get the idea.

I cant believe how affordable and good the food in general is in Europe. The quality is so much better than what we have available here in the US, but thats another discussion.

Hi Chris....We still are asking ourselves if the knee issue had not occurred how far would we go, all the way, half way. Our friends that we started with have just finished.  It really is an immense amount of walking.  Makes me wonder how people manage to do the Appalachian Trail, 2000 plus miles.

Photographic side note......I took 2 cameras, a 35mm full frame camera and a point and shoot, both digital.  I dropped the 35mm in its case the first day and damaged the shutter, that left the point and shoot that Im not fond of...I remembered a British landscape photographer, Julian Calverley who did a book using his iPhone camera Most of the photographs in the blog are made with my iPhone 6.  I love the way the camera in the phone renders its images. 

I have been thinking about modular synthesis and the beginning of electronic music. In my search, of course I had to come across this man.

There is 3 hours of footage here and it is some of the most insightful, fascinating and historically interesting discussion of music I seen in a very long time.  The second and longest video is of the greatest electronic sound sculptors is talking to a gathering of very young people at the red bull academy....!

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: Camel Audio stopped business
« on: September 02, 2015, 04:49:34 AM »
That does make Logic X very enticing but like Loren Im working with Logic Pro 9 primarily because an OSX upgrade from Mountain Lion 10.8.5 to Yosemite (logic X will not run on OSX 10.8 as I understand it) could be disastrous to my Adobe CS4 Illustrator & Indesign. Photoshop CC is fine as Im renting it so to speak.

Hi Loren & Richard.....many do walk the Camino in stages because they don't have a month or more time to give to it in one shot or due to injury.  I mentioned this to Susan and she lets just rent a car  :o ;D.  The last 100 kilometers is were many many people start from and they are still able to get the official stamp of recognition in Santiago.  Apparently the "way" becomes very crowded in that final stretch. 

It was a great adventure indeed.....Life changing!


Hi everyone....we have been back a week.  I have blog of the whole experience with photos and commentary you can read here:

I won't go into details here as I do so in the blog but we did not get far due to injury and did end up going surfing  :)  Be sure to click the photos for enlarged viewing.


Harry I do hope that you can be on the camino one day....perhaps next year with your brother as you say.

Bueno Camino!

Thank you Dave....the excitement builds and whats somewhat disconcerting and yet refreshing is that we do not have flights back home.  I have to be back to work the first week of september but I dont know the place of departure....only at the end wherever that maybe will I know.

No Buttys Pete but Pan con Tomate ;).....a little raw garlic and tomato rubbed into fresh crusty bread with thin sliced of Jamon Serrano, like proscuitto.

That sounds like a dead posh sarnie to me !

A blog would be a cool idea, I enjoyed reading Robert Rich's tour blogs he did.

Nah Pete, peasant food with a fancy name ;D  A Chip Butty would be just right after a long days walk but Id need a pint of bitter not a jug of Vino Tinto to go with it.

As the opportunity arises I will post here, Snaps off my phone with some commentary and more detail when we get to major towns with net cafes etc....if you see any ocean pictures you will know it did not work out and we have gone to Portugal to surf  ::)

Hi Forrest...the thought of field recording most definitely occurred to me but there is always the issue of weight, the backpack should be at about 10% of ones body weight.  The cameras a must!  Possibly some pictures for album covers. Hey if theres room and weight is not an issue Im going to seriously consider it.


Thanks so much for the link Scott.  I was just at Oliver Schroer's website listening to his Camino album streamed from his labels website while reading his Camino journals..Wow, I dont want to read or listen too much until I get back.

It will be hot APK, but I dont think as brutal as Im used to down here in south Florida where the fish can breathe the air because of the extreme humidity. :o   Daytime temps in northern spain  in August seem to run in the 80's and night can drop 20 degrees.  Hopefully this summer climate in Florida has toughened me up some.

Some Stats.....from 2013

Women:  98.008 (45,40%)
Men: 117.872 (54,60%)
On foot: 188.191 (87,17%)
By bike: 26.646 (12,34%)
By horse: 977 (0,45%)
In a wheelchair: 66 (0,03%)


Under 30: 61.114 (28,31%)
30 to 60: 121.305 (56,19%)
Over 60: 33.461 (15,50%)

Top Nationalities:

Spain: 105.891 (49,05%)
Germany 16.203 (14,73%)
Italy 15.621 (14,20%)
Portugal 10.698 (9,73%)
USA 10.125 (9,21%)
France: 8.305 (7,55%)
Ireland: 5.012 (4,56%)
UK: 4.207 (3,82%)Canada:
Canada: 3.373 (3,07%)

Apparently 250.000 people walk the Camino a year.  Not an isolated wilderness trek.  Its said one of the best things on the Camino is the people you meet along the way.  Thats true in life.

A challenge it will be Chris....Ive done some training but it seems the Camino trains you as you go and other than the Pyrenees section which is suppose to be the hardest its rolling spanish countryside after that.

A blog is an interesting idea Loren....Im bringing my camera.  Lets see if its technically possible.

No Buttys Pete but Pan con Tomate ;).....a little raw garlic and tomato rubbed into fresh crusty bread with thin sliced of Jamon Serrano, like proscuitto.

Thanks for your comments.

On August the 5th 2015 my girlfriend and I, along with another couple will travel from Florida, USA to France to start the Camino.  It actually starts in the Pyrenees but then after one day crosses over into Spain.

I had never heard about the Camino until I saw this movie a year or so ago with Martin Sheen called "The Way" directed by his son Emilio Estavez and said after watching it that one day I would do this, a bucket list sort of thing. Well its going to happen very shortly.

Depending on ones fitness the Camino takes 30 some days to walk...490 miles. 

This is such an out of the box vacation, if you can call it that..... I just dont know what to expect and thats probably the point.  I am excited to return to Europe where I grew up between the UK and Majorca, Spain.

Anyone here walked the Camino, heard about it or ever thought about doing it?

Hi Loren.....I think the title of this thread was a tad provocative in the hope of generating an interesting discussion and it was also my reaction to watching the video as I had not heard an 8 voices before and the sound even though youtube quality really shined in a way that quite surprised me.

As I mentioned in an early post I do think we are very fortunate as electronic musicians to have this array of analog designed instruments available to us both modular and keyboard, add the digital/software element in the mix and it is a very exciting time indeed  :)

I have 2 vintage synths, a Roland Juno 60 and a Oberheim Matrix 12.  I dont use the Juno much and if it died would sell it for parts but the Matrix 12 is another story.  So far other than the occasional I feel like being a Matrix 10 or 11 with voices deciding to take a break at random....they always come back usually when the power is turn off and on.....this synth I would spend money on having it serviced because I have not played a synth yet that can come close to its timbre for me.  Perhaps the Modal 008 or the Prophet 12 are such instruments but I have not played them.

It is the limitations of these vintage instruments that for me are their strengths, of course so long as they power up ;D

If owning a room of vintage synths that could produce such joys as playing the Matrix 12 then I would be happy to have a museum but one that was functional to the music and not a collection.


Thanks for the in-depth post Loren...the narrator of the video express just your sentiments about the problems of the SEM based voiced synths and most definitely the eight voice, but for him its this that makes the programming experience very special because of the sounds that emerge.  Never having played a SEM myself I cant say but I do enjoy these old machines and how they sound.

Incidentally, I do think we are very fortunate to live in this time with analog coming back strong in modular and keyboard form and that the fathers of synthesis are still making instruments to this really "Analog" is better than it has ever been!

Took a quick look at the sweetwater video, looking forward to watching the whole thing!

 It did load after all!


The video wont load so you will have to click the link,  if you can't make it through the long technical section go to 15:35 to listen and sit up to some electronica that still can not be matched by todays synths analog or otherwise in sound. ;) Except that Tom has a 2 voice in production and a 4 voice possibly on the way.... :)

Its worth listening to the whole thing from start to finish just for the amusing commentary as well. 

Im on the fence with a musician knowing the way I work it can take a while for a production to come to its fruition and to ask people to pay and wait doesn't sit right for me in my particular situation.  More suited to prolific musicians.  Also I would feel obliged to produce and push music out that perhaps is not ready.

Michelangelo's art very well may not of existed without the patronage of the Medici'

Recently I like the way Sam Rosenthals  "As Lonely as Dave Bowman, Monolith" kickstarter program went.

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