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Thanks so much Chris....beginnings and ending....yes!

FYI...Original Light really shines when listened to on headphones. The music was mixed in the tradition manner on studio monitors but pretty much 100% of production was done through headphones.  I feel it shows.

Hey Tomas,

Interesting points that you make and the "over exposed" that you mention is quite accurate. The metallic and shiny nature of the music is intentional. 

The job description to the mastering engineer was that the music was composed with the idea of original light being not dark and brooding but full of energy, destructive, and consuming.  It was not the light that gives life, at least not yet.  The mastering was just right and pull out all the distortion and glitch....not necessarily to everyones taste but it was what I had in mind when I mixed, actually a large part of that came in production and my natural tendency when I program is to be on the brighter side yet the music has a solid low end to support the "overexposure"...I just love that, overexposed music....that could be something Tomas

As always, I appreciate you technical and artist perspective.


My new cd release "Original Light" is now available for purchase and download.  Please stop by my Bandcamp site and give it a spin, thanks.

Composed, performed & produced by Julio Di Benedetto 2012-2015 using synthesizers, piano, iPad apps & laptop processing.

Mastered by Don Tyler @ IO Mastering

Photography & Design : Julio Di Benedetto

Downloading Iris it touches on many areas and comes together in a beautiful celebration, in most parts, of the guitar. Really love the way you have created space for the instrument to shine.

Really Fine work!

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: Thinking of buying a new synth?
« on: March 07, 2015, 07:09:49 PM »
The trio of instruments playing together on a few of the videos on the website really sound good, glitchy and offers some unusual rhythmic possibilities.  Very odd yet exciting interface.

Everything and Nothing / Re: My Mom, age 72, has a boyfriend! Ugh.....
« on: December 15, 2014, 08:07:34 PM »
Once you have gotten though the Xmas dinner be sure to pull out a nice bottle of single malt whisky or whatever, do some research and find what he likes.  share a dram or two and let him be comfortable because he maybe just as strange about it as you.  Your Mum can go do the dishes, I say that with respect as you two enjoy some xmas libation, man to man, break the ice for the both of you and hopefully come to enjoy each other and then you will be really happy for her and want to have them over on a regular basis.....if you dont drink then go to plan B

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: Arturia - Prophet V
« on: December 06, 2014, 05:11:23 AM »
Cheese 80's lyrics but fun....mostly Matrix 12 and much better than the Arturia video  ;D

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: New David Sylvian, Steve Roach
« on: October 30, 2014, 03:47:49 PM »
  Haven't heard it though but with his extreme experiments in sound these days I'm not getting my hopes up. 

What are your (sorry to quote you for this word) "extreme" hopes and expectations for this artist - once more the usual and well known deep Ambient from Roach?

Though this was a miss placed quote I do agree with Tomas's words.

Sylvian cd on its way to me...I was interested in the book but it seems to be currently unavailable.

Im for the fully available album and I like the "name your price" option.  I have found that people are very fair and pay what a download is worth....and thats anything from $1 to $10 though it rarely gets that high.

I would never order anything through cdbaby because of the 30 second sound clips.  I have bought through them only when I have heard the music more extensively elsewhere and cdbaby is the only source.

Actually Pete I have listen to your albums on band camp and bought several and sometimes I like to go back and listen again. Perhaps I passed on music that did not register with me the first go round but did the second or there are some advantages of having all the music accessible.

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: New David Sylvian, Steve Roach
« on: October 27, 2014, 04:39:22 PM »
The Sylvian CD is just out, apparently ambient instrumental, with poetry reading I think, but maybe not but just text accompanying the music.  Haven't heard it though but with his extreme experiments in sound these days I'm not getting my hopes up. 

Steve Roach/Jorge Reyes--Ancestor Circle.  Did this get delayed??  Not on Steve's or Projekt sites.  Highly anticipated for sure. 

Just listen to audio on the Sylvian release.  Not familiar with the poet but he is the voices, also features Christian Fennesz.  Theres a book and cd combo coming out as well as cd.

Heres the Link...

Thanks for the heads up drone on!

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: Eventide UltraReverb
« on: October 27, 2014, 06:12:44 AM »
Hi Mike....just came across your post. Not sure if you meant it to be here or as part of the Live thread as it seems to have more to do with Live than Ultrareverb. 

Good read & tips nevertheless.

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: Ambient sound packs for synths ?
« on: October 27, 2014, 06:05:46 AM »
Generally speaking I have thought the use of "sound packs" as being lazy.....or for film composers on really tight schedules who dont have an army of sound designers as some big names do.

Often the process of sound design is where the joy of composing music can be and where those beautiful accidents take place.  Its about the journey.  Take that away from me and I would stop writing music...well ambient electronic music.

There have been times recently that I had some Live packs available to me and I downloaded them out of curiosity....turn out to be very education, not the sounds themselves but the way Live instrument racks had been set up and suggested to me how modular Live could be.

Presets to can be educational.  Im still learning the depths of my Solaris synth and there are some presets that are very good.  I do like to take time to study what has been done within the patch to create the sound and I have learnt quite a of lot new techniques.  Also these preset patches can give birth to my own sounds as well.

As you suggest Pete, the programming is the joy and the path to our individual voice(s).

I thought I knew this song but I have never heard it expressed like this.....beautiful poetry!

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: Gear: Studio shots by Deb
« on: October 25, 2014, 03:11:47 PM »
Actually I just went back in this thread to see your older studio setup.....nice evolution.

Also looked at the the traffic coming through this thread......91,606 today.  3 years ago I mention it was at 53k.  As you suggested Loren it must be the link to Gearslutz you made.  The question is how to make ambient music as popular as, bad idea ::) 

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: Gear: Studio shots by Deb
« on: October 25, 2014, 02:50:21 PM »
Thats great the everything has been brought within reach more or less.  The modular at one side and the VS & Z1 at the other.  Also like the racks at desktop level are angled.  The KK desk has consolidated your equipment in a very accessible way......thats what a good desk is for.

Curious about your monitors.....they are very deep (physically).

P.S. Thanks for taking the heat off me ;) ;D

Thanks Forrest...I will listen to those.  I did see those titles on Tim Story's website.

APK....not too long ago you posted an amazing performance by Rodelius on youtube here.  It was at an very unusual gallery type setting with someone on and Arp and Rodelius play keys and iPad.  Ive searched the forum but cant find it.  Anything ever come of it to your knowledge?  It was really a good piece.

Looks like Im becoming a collector  :o ::) ;D,  that and I should eat my words.

Any other Story/ Rodelius recommendations....Inlandish?

Recording and mastering @ 24bit makes sense to me.  Why not capture more detail if its available and when I switched from 16 bit to 24 bit recordings there was a difference.  The thing is I now have to use words like "more presence" to express what I mean and this is not science but emotion.  I cant prove it but I hear it. 

Now how high you go in sample for bats says it all.  I have always recorded at the target cd rate, 44.1khz. because I dont feel comfortable with up and down sampling.  For what you gain you will loose or add what was not original there so for better or worse I keep it simple and the only conversion is from 24 bit to 16 bit. 

in other media such as photography there is absolutely no argument over image quality.  An 8"X10" negative captures so much more information than a 35mm, or I should say a 50 megapixel digital back on a medium format camera and a full frame 35mm sensor.  Same size print...the difference is astonishing.  Perhaps our eyes are more sensitive than our ears....i dont think so.  Our brain is not as well trained to understand the information the ears delivers compared to our eyes...perhaps, but the key word is training.  With sight you get what you is how you perceive it that changes what you see, not the actual information. Is the same true for the ears?

There is a lot going on Pete in a very good way.  The diversity really works.  It flows, comes and goes, disappears, resurfaces.  Looking forward to Iris!

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