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Gentleman...its your tone and honestly you provoked Tomas's to the point response, As well as mine. You know it is so, so dont be so surprised. Your perspective has great value and is well worth discussing but if you come across as you just have then you will be held accountable by forum members who release wonderful ambient music and who do not take to other ambient musicians production skills being questioned especially when the music is so damn "low volume" it seems ridiculous to even question overly extended bass. 

You want to have a go at it...then do so with respect and everyone will listen!  Of course sitting around a table discussing this with a pint of beer and things would be so much better understood.

Love & Peace 

On a side note:

Ive noticed the most complains about technical issues of other music is coming from members clearly being newbie (with no references at all in music business). Of course, having enough money in today allows anyone to own the "right and respected gear" but unfortunately it needs a bit more than just owning or talking theoretical about it  ;D

Well put Tomas.....Im open to all sorts of opinions, hopefully they are humble especially online where you need to back off a fair bit compared to normal one on one dialogue. 

Gear means absolutely nothing when in the hands of a master.   Shall I bring up the master Samurai story with and inferior Katana sword in his hand and the poorly trainer opponent standing before him.  The sword does not matter. The picture is clear.

Im somewhat embarrassed that I have become involved in this silly bass debate, though it is good to see ambient musicians and ambient music lovers (thats pretty sexy) coming together in a single though diverse thread.

A Deeper Silence
Immersion 4
Structures for Silence

to mix bass on these speakers are probably not a good idea..I hope that it is not his mixing monitors..

Those monitors look like original Mackie HR824.....a very respected monitor.  As to the bass issue I have never heard what is being described. 

Everything and Nothing / The funniest Man that ever lived is Gone!
« on: August 12, 2014, 04:44:22 PM »
Im sure this sad news of Robin Williams passing is coming through to most by now....In my life he was the funniest because he could be the most serious as well.  Perhaps comedy enabled Robin Williams to plummet the depths of the human psyche....I dont know, yet he could swing the emotional pendulum to such extremes that I would say no other actor has  been able in quite the same way to make me laugh and cry as he did.

The candle that burns twice as bright.....

R.I.P...or better yet, come on back real soon!

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: August 12, 2014, 04:15:30 PM »
I've been enjoying the full immersion treatment with Loren Dent's Anthropology Vols. 1, 2 and 3 and his Extras from vol. 1 that we're originally available on a separate memory stick release.  Majestic symphonic drone with occasional hints of Stars of the Lid. 


Thanks for the heads up on this Forrest....Ive been streaming on Bandcamp.  Love it!  Will buy the cd.  Beautiful artwork on as well.

As I have my photography portfolio site up and running I thought I would make a formal thread for it to share projects as they evolve for those interested .  There is a blog that will go into more details about projects. The site is in just getting going and currently there are now 2 galleries of selected images to view. The homepage is a slideshow and a nice mix of pictures but does move so if you wish to take time with specific images go to the gallery page and click on whatever may interest you.


Chasing Clouds Gallery....

Driftwood Gallery....

Thanks & Enjoy.

Just rearranged  the heading...reads better.

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: August 12, 2014, 03:14:49 PM »
Recently setup my living room music system with a laptop and have been enjoying Pandora.  Never used the service before.  Its a communal system so ambient is not always piped in but when it is Im really enjoying a shuffle between Steve Roach and Brian Eno.  Im discovering artist I have never heard of and some I know by name but not their music.   8)

People often tell me that in order to keep Projekt alive, I have to get with the times: I have to run a label based on the modern way the record industry works.

That seems odd. I've always thought of Projekt is being one of the most visible examples of how a label can be old school (i.e., nurturing a specific image and advocating for the artists) while also pushing the boundaries of modern technology and distribution platforms. Projekt, at various points in time, for example, has made albums available on Spotify, releases digitally on Bandcamp and iTunes, and, of course, sells CDs via good ole' fashioned mail order. I'm not sure I understand what Sam's critics are advising him to do.

I think Sam says what your suggesting in the continued sentence according to his vision...

" This is usually said by people who don't realize I have been keeping up with the times; I am aware of the industry trends. It doesn't mean I agree with all of them, or want to follow all of them. It doesn't mean that all of the trends apply to the music Projekt releases.

My take on this was more of a belief system, or principles that he goes with running Projekt.  Thats how I read it.  YMMV.  :)

Fortunately for you he does.  ;)

This is a part of todays thoughts from Sam Rosenthal

"People often tell me that in order to keep Projekt alive, I have to get with the times: I have to run a label based on the modern way the record industry works. This is usually said by people who don't realize I have been keeping up with the times; I am aware of the industry trends. It doesn't mean I agree with all of them, or want to follow all of them. It doesn't mean that all of the trends apply to the music Projekt releases.

Projekt is still here; I run the label for the people who follow the label. Projekt still functions in the world of selling stuff, and money earned off albums that artists have recorded.

The music business today is about giving music away for free to gain "exposure," to enable touring and merchandising - this is where the big artists make their money. The Stones or U2 or Lady Gaga earn hundreds of millions of dollars touring. The biggest source of income is no longer the recorded album.

Which is sad. Because there are so many classic albums that mean so much to me. Fripp & Eno's No Pussyfooting never would have existed, if 1973 was only about playing live or singles. Sad.

And yet I am still thinking about albums, and concept albums, and my friends recording in their home studios. That's what I do, that's the way I work. The nice thing is that there are fans out there who appreciate the recorded work of Projekt artists. When I check the stats, about 66% of Projekt's digital income comes from full-album downloads. And physically, the label is almost entirely full-albums.

Projekt's not a hit-song label. Voltaire is the exception. He has tracks that are massively downloaded individually, rather than as part of an album. But when somebody is interested in Steve Roach or Erik Wollo or Unto Ashes, they generally want the whole album. They want to dive into the work. I think that's  a legacy of the 60s and 70s perspective on music.

I am told that's yesterday's news, and I should get over it. But come on! I love that world.

I'm a rock-n-roller. I want to listen to an artist's vision: 40 or 60 minutes of their work. I rarely put on single songs. I listen to albums. I know it's archaic of me; yet it's the way music exists for me. As a listener and as an artist."/i]

Everything and Nothing / Re: Any other photography people out there ?
« on: August 10, 2014, 08:09:46 AM »
Thanks Pete!

I photograph capturing both Raw DNG colour and black and white jpeg.  In Adobe camera raw I convert to greyscale open the file in photoshop and do minimum correction work which amounts to enlarging to 200% to remove dust or fibers that were on the sensor at exposure....there is always dust of some sort.  It often goes unnoticed in a busy pictures but not on smooth even tones like sky.

The only technical aspect is I use a digital camera in complete manual mode...old school, so knowledge of combining aperture settings, depth of field and shutter speeds is useful, but other than that its basically point and shoot so to speak.

I started taking pictures back in the film and darkroom days where you had to get 90% if not 100% right in camera.  Your only safety net was taking polaroids so you knew as you went everything was good, this is in commercial photography.  Today with Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture in the computer it is very different.  I still do everything I can to make the photograph right in camera and that includes cropping which I only do if really necessary to save the picture.

Everything and Nothing / Re: Any other photography people out there ?
« on: August 09, 2014, 04:15:38 PM »
I have my photography site up and running......

The site is still in its infancy as I work with content & design etc....still Im pleased with this first offering....."Driftwood".  The images were made in the summer of 2013 in Costa Rica during a surf trip.

Just let the sildeshow run on the home page will give you a good sense......if you what to spend any time with an image go to photography and click on Driftwood.


Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Any Genesis fans?
« on: August 07, 2014, 11:34:55 AM »
Genesis : A Trick or the Tale & Duke  8)

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: Ableton Live ?
« on: August 05, 2014, 04:06:18 PM »
So I loaded up Live  today after about a month and really liked the sessions I had done but stared blankly at the monitor not understanding what or how I had done them.  Its not back to square one though the excitement of new ways to work have be hijacked by my time away.   ???

Hey Tomas.....the need to want to know what we are listening through is important to this experiment for you.  I am curious to know whats your goal.  do we hear what you hear or what is good and bad.  The only reference you suggested was what may annoy us with the mix/master.  Im very interested in what the outcome may be but there is lots of room for personal taste, so long as this is not scientific which is boring anyway and I would much rather given personal opinion.  If you say wait and be patient for the outcome...I will wait. :)

Listening on Focal Twin6 Be active.

Surprised it was mastered quite soft,  I would expect it slammed which would not be good.  Listen to it 3 times at low volume, medium and quite loud. 

At low volume the track really picked up at 2:17 with the addition percussion, gave the track a nice brightness and this was the same with all additional material.  The vocoder voice at 4:30 added a wide almost metallic depth.

Medium volume the track held together but the brightness I liked at a lower volume started to overshadow the rest of the music

Played back loud the brightness turned brittle.....probably would cut the mid high frequency at mastering to try to maintain the brightness I like but tighten the dynamics.  Low end was fine.  At the mixing level Id just do this to each electronic type percussion track with care.  Dont want to make it too mute because the contrasting elements generally worked well.  Very good production.

Everything and Nothing / Re: Any other photography people out there ?
« on: August 01, 2014, 07:40:47 AM »
Those infra red shots really pop......the blacks are so black.  Beautiful images!

And you you live in the Yorkshire area or close to?

Everything and Nothing / Re: Any other photography people out there ?
« on: August 01, 2014, 05:53:31 AM »
[...] but heavy industry is something else I find fascinating (in a strange way)

Absolutely. That, and urban decay.

I like photographing dead trees are beautiful but dead ones are equally so.

I knew about large format cameras, but never something this large. Wow! :o

Too see a contact print from an 8x10 negative.....absolutely grainless. I have great respect for those old landscape photographs such as Ansel Adams & Edward Weston hauling those 8x10 view cameras around and the sheet film many do you take, 20 and you would need a trunk to carry them all.   Its still used a lot today but most dont use darkroom techniques to process instead the negs or transparencies are drum scanned and then uploaded just like a file out of a digital camera. 

Here's a link to a photographer I like that uses an 8x10 camera to this day, Richard Misrach

Everything and Nothing / Re: Any other photography people out there ?
« on: July 31, 2014, 03:25:06 PM »
Decent education and I still cant spell ;D.

Working for Penn was one of those strange anomalies in life that was never followed through regarding a career, however somewhere in my head, perhaps lost by now is a wealth of photographic studio knowledge.  When your young you dont realize sometimes the significance of situations and the opportunities that can arise from them.  One of my responsibilities was to load all the film, 8x10 sheet film, 120 roll film for the Hasselblad. Today I don't think I would have the nerve to handle it....if I had put the film in the wrong way and the shoot was for the cover of Vogue that Penn did every month :o  When your 21 the ramifications are not so clear.  What I was "exposed" to was a great photographic experience where craft and creativity was the ethos.

Thanks for the time to reminisce.

Actually now that I think about it Pete I lived about 5 miles out of York in Shipton by Beningbrough and went to school outside of Helmsley in a tiny village called Bedlam and Norton, actually 2 tiny villages put together I believe.  That would be ages 7-12. 

Those were certainly formative years spent in Yorkshire and because of those beautiful bleak moors is perhaps why now I look to the landscape for photography. Though a stroll around here in S.E. Florida (the parts that are not strip centers and shopping malls) could mean encounters with alligators or diamond back rattle snakes and wild boar.  Fun Fun!

hard to say money wise but I buy 5 cd's a month so say $60 +- though not consistently,  I might go months without a varies a lot

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