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Everything and Nothing / Re: Forum Inactivity
« on: September 29, 2016, 03:28:50 PM »
Emotion is expressed in the construction, content and context of a sentence.... what is usually posted here and elsewhere is to the point and curt which leads people to often make uninteresting and safe post.  Unless a fight breaks out and then everyone is taking off the gloves.

Like most things in life its how much energy your willing to put in.

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: The Modular Synthesizer Thread
« on: September 29, 2016, 04:43:16 AM »

Modular Synths Mimic Life In Suzanne Ciani & Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith's 'Sunergy'

September 15, 2016 by LARS GOTRICH There is life in the modular synth, which ripples and gurgles in ways that can feel human or otherwise. Sunergy brings together two synthesists of different generations for a stunning album that feels deeply conversational. Suzanne Ciani was a classically trained pianist before meeting musical inventor Don Buchla in the early '70s, radically altering her creative path. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith is a more recent convert to modular synths, but has already discovered a voice of her own, especially with this year's gorgeous EARS.

Smith and Ciani's collaborative LP is documented here by director Sean Hellfritsch, whose 25-minute film was shot in Ciani's Northern California home. There, the duo makes music that evokes the motion of ocean waves and sea life, with the synths perfectly in tune with the natural world.

"When I was invited to make a film about a collaboration between Kaitlyn and Suzanne, the modular synth geek in me jumped for joy," Hellfritsch tells NPR. "I didn't hold any expectations over the film, though I was certain it wouldn't be a classic documentary i.e., no interviews intercut with behind-the-scenes footage. As the recordings came to life, I felt more and more that what I was making should simply serve as a visual layer to the sounds another channel for listeners to experience.

"The music of Sunergy is an ode to the sun and the sea, so I thought it natural to look to those elements for my inspiration, as well. I took a camera to the intertidal zone of Duxbury Reef and was very fortunate to find it in such a dynamic state. As I was shooting, I could see the sounds of Kaitlyn and Suzanne's synths dancing in the water and light. I thought to myself, 'Aha! This is it!'"

Sunergy comes out Sept. 16 on RVNG Intl.

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: Exponential Audio's new Nimbus Reverb
« on: September 28, 2016, 09:57:15 PM »
Uh-oh.  This might be a deal breaker:

"All Exponential Audio plugins require the iLok2 software protection key. This USB dongle is available from any music retailer."

Deal breaker for me as well. I have an old iLok that has waves plugins on it, I am not going to buy a new iLok2 for anything. At work we have like 16 of them on various workstations and they are always causing issues.

Another issue is it requires OS 10.8 or higher, I'm stuck on 10.6.8 with no plans to upgrade in the near future. It makes it a lot easier to ignore all these new plugins for me.  ;D

Hi Loren,

Im running a dual boot  17" Macbook Pro as of a few weeks ago....OSX 10.8.? & El Capitan which is on an external SSD.

It was Adobe photoshop CC that forced my hand.  I had it a year or so ago which ran on OS X 10.8 and then dropped it.  About a month ago I realized how much better it was than PS CS4 which I have so I jump back in....not possible, Adobe PS CC no longer supports OS X 10.8  >:(

So Im slowly migrating my whole music production over to OS X 10.11.6.  When I need to go and do design work on cd artwork I go back to the other drive that has my Adobe Suites software CS4. I should mention Im about to go over to Logic X, now that I can.

Its really working out very well as so much software that was not accessible for me suddenly is and its all on the same computer.

If the iLok system helps keep these audio software companies health and some what protected from piracy then I feel its worth supporting even if its a little bit of a hassle....honestly when I need to locate the ilok2 dongle, well its no bigger the a flash drive I have a hard time finding it among the spaghetti junction behind my laptop....that says more about trying to running a studio from a laptop ;D

With so many variations in Hub configurations, USB, Thunderbolt, Firewire I feel there's really no reason for concern.

This has been my experience and I respect that it maybe different for others.

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: Exponential Audio's new Nimbus Reverb
« on: September 28, 2016, 05:01:05 AM »
Hi Forrest,

Personally I have never had issues with ilok,  Mine is on some usb hub and I never need to unplug it.  The ilok manager is really very intuitive and the whole process has become simpler and more invisible over the years. 

Or put another way I will deal with the inconvenience so to speak if it means I get to use software that truly enhance my music.

That is a good quote by Bob Olhsson....I did not know he mastered Gongland 8)

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Exponential Audio's new Nimbus Reverb
« on: September 27, 2016, 03:36:53 PM »
Fall seems to be the time for reverb sales and new releases.

I have their Phoenixverb, its a beauty.

Michael Carnes, the man behind this software had much to do with Lexicon reverbs.

The upgrade path is attractive at $99 for a short while


Everything and Nothing / Re: Forum Inactivity
« on: September 27, 2016, 03:11:36 PM »
The biggest problem with forums from what I've seen is that they are old technology. People are more accustomed to bite size online interaction now, Twitter, Instagram, and the like. I've seen several forums become inactive over the last few years.

I think your right that forums are old school but a discussion that involves really thought with the need for space to develop cannot exist in the bite size social media of today.....and Twitter, anyone really listening to the sounds birds make knows they are complex and evolving, just like ambient music ;)

The best thing social media ever did was to create a platform for cat video's....that in itself will advance the human species much than a silly hashtag.

Not having a go at you raised a good point.


Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: September 22, 2016, 04:55:29 PM »
Purl - Form is Emptiness
Spacious ambient with dub elements from the master. This is better than much of his celebrated work on Silent Season. Worth a listen.

Appreciate the heads up on this Chris...just got the cd through Bandcamp!

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: The Modular Synthesizer Thread
« on: September 21, 2016, 07:03:26 AM »
RIP...Don Buchla.  April 18, 1937 - September 16, 2016

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: Metric Halo plugin Sale
« on: September 21, 2016, 06:10:24 AM »
Ran a modular patch Im working on through the Haloverb this morning....Like it.  Its very good on details, small things and I like the space it creates.  Also tried the whole mix through its "huge warehouse" preset and compared it to a demo of shimmer I have and also my eclipse hardware unit.  The haloverb did very well against these two.....not much that I have found can match the eclipse for spacial placement and smoothness with such a sweet brightness to it but the haloverb proved to be a good alternate flavor especially using the pre filter to shape the sound.....lowering the high frequencies really pushed the sound stage almost outside the huge warehouse and muffled the patch with the occasional sizzle slipping through. It can be very creative tool depending on how it is used. 

It will be good addition to my reverb quiver!



Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: Metric Halo plugin Sale
« on: September 20, 2016, 06:24:54 PM »
Yes Anthony, I think all the Valhalla reverbs are very serious verbs for the money and actual well worth more.  Shimmer is a go to for ambient but what I have heard of the vintageverb is really special.

One verb to look for is Eos from audio damage, something Sean Costello wrote the code before he started Valhalla DSP.

Interesting side note I had Halls of Valhalla sd card  in a Tiptop Audio FX eurorack module and I did not like it....but much in modular fx just does not sit right with me compared to external.

Blackhole is on my radar as I would like to port some of the magic from my Eclipse into software.

We should revisit the reverb plugin demos that I made a while back with Pete graciously providing acoustic guitar to process.

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: Metric Halo plugin Sale
« on: September 20, 2016, 03:07:58 PM »
I bought it today but have not tested it yet....I will do so tomorrow and report back.

This is not your lost in space reverb but from what I have heard is a solid all round studio work "horseverb" 

Im still looking for the verb that gives me up close presence yet with software.

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Metric Halo plugin Sale
« on: September 20, 2016, 03:58:25 AM »
Metric Halo Verb on sale....$25, usually $179.  If your looking for a new verb for Mac & Windows.....

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: The Modular Synthesizer Thread
« on: September 12, 2016, 02:47:56 PM »

ALM/Busy Circuits.....Akemie's Castle is a four operator, 2 oscillator FM synth module that us new old stock yamaha chip set.  Details here...

Sending cv to the wave jack and into the multiplier jack does amazing things as it sort of scans the shapes as we have come to know from wavetable synth, its mot the same but has that effect.  The chord feature really works well. The module has some digital bite to it, in a good way that filtering smooths out beautifully if need be.

Heres a good demo....

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: The Modular Synthesizer Thread
« on: August 30, 2016, 03:17:12 AM »
Hi Forrest,

That is a very good idea.....the problem is me trying to write music, not really the machine. I have my lets compose a serious piece of music hat on and need to take it off and put on the experimental fun hat again.  Just build some sounds and have fun and record those structures for a future day.   That is the way to go.

Thanks for the direction Forrest!

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Bill Laswell's Bandcamp page
« on: August 29, 2016, 08:08:36 PM »
Got you.....the mystery remains then!

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Bill Laswell's Bandcamp page
« on: August 29, 2016, 06:25:24 AM »
Very Interesting music...Lost in translation, Like it a lot.

Tetsu Inoue is credited as part of this project....released in august, 2016, does not say when it was recorded.  People have been looking for this fellow as he dropped of the radar a while ago.

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: The Modular Synthesizer Thread
« on: August 28, 2016, 08:51:21 PM »
Its been some two months since I stopped the Modular Musings thread as I wanted to get serious and make a "serious studio recording".....well its turning out being serious in the modular dominion is not very productive or a good way to work. Most of what I have produced is rubbish and I have come to realize why.....the modular synth, at least me with mine does not like being forced to do something or put another way, it will not bend to my will.  It is not so aggressive as it sounds but having composed ambient electronic music for 16 plus years I have never found myself in this position before where traditional synths and keyboards with black and white keys have always been willing to fashion music at will. This doesn't mean mistakes weren't made and bad music created but the instruments was not in the way, the problem was always me.

This is a temporary phase thats been a challenge and a lesson.....and with only 8 months into this modular adventure I really am still learning.

The APC 40 MK2 controller for Live 9 that I was excited to incorporate into my modular production was going really well until I did my first bounce from session to arrange.  The session part is so abstract that trying to get or control the bounce via the APC 40 was terrible.  I had thought its randomness might yield something unexpected but it did not.  Live Session view is really a creative canvas to work with but once it becomes audio in the arrange view it does not happen for me the way Logic does or any other traditional daw for controlling and manipulating audio.....but there is a work around called Soundflower from Cycling 74, the people that brought us Max and Max for Live.

I used Soundflower extensively in my last cd, Original Light as a bridge between Live 9 and Logic Pro.  A good deal of processing of the audio was done through Live using Max for Live plugins and was recorded straight into logic in one pass through Live using Soundflower.  This video will explain how this works....


Soundflower is up to 64 channels now so Logic really has become a multitrack and is an environment I am very comfortable to work with audio in. Its the best of both worlds and works with all Daws I believe in Mac OSX



Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: The Modular Synthesizer Thread
« on: August 18, 2016, 04:15:57 PM »
The layout of the Synthi is very appealing.....would love to have had the chance to play one.  I enjoy making music with synths or modules that make odd abstract sounds and then attempt to coax them into more musical compositions.


Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: The Modular Synthesizer Thread
« on: August 17, 2016, 08:57:22 PM »
[...] and now we know the meaning of VCS3, I wonder what AKS stands for  ::)  ;D

A krappy sequencer.

Aye, kool shite.

Just an idea...


Good one!

Trying to bring this thread back on focus and leaving EMS non virtues behind.....kind of funny but not really.

I thought we might gloat at Mr Cortini's Buchla Rig.....

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: The Modular Synthesizer Thread
« on: August 17, 2016, 07:18:00 AM »
Here's a recent interview with Peter Zinovieff (who designed the VCS-3). His history with electronic music reveals the VCS-3's "modular" roots as a wall of oscillators and such.

Fascinating video.....interesting how younger musicians today and I say younger compared to Peter Zinovieff and Subotnik who totally embrace the computer and Daw, whereas these younger musicians, myself included tend to treat the computer and Daw as a multi track tape machine and performances are live with little post manipulation.  Many would prefer to record direct to tape if those machines were more readily available and some people still do.

A lot to think about!

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