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Thank you for the kind words. And thanks, Robert, for buying a copy!...

I really enjoy making sounds that try to express pure mood- something that may be ominous and unsettling, but at the same time, relaxing and immersive.

The new Grey Frequency album, 'Cold Geometry', is out now. Six tracks of haunted soundscapes and dark, brooding ambience.

Digital download and limited edition cassette available via Bandcamp:

Any questions / feedback welcome!

A new Grey Frequency recording, 'Second Sight', has been released on the Darker Days Ahead label.

Hand-stamped CDr in slipcase, with ESP / Zener card experiment. Limited edition of 25 copies:

Thanks a lot for the positive comments...

There's been some label interest recently, so expect some new material with a physical release soon.

I thought I'd share some recordings I've produced for a new dark ambient project, called Grey Frequency.

I use layers of found sounds and field recordings, which are played on personal cassette players, feeding through a series of FX pedals. These are manually mixed in one take. The end result, I hope, creates a melancholic mood and tone, with an ominous undercurrent.

I've set up a Bandcamp page, where you can download the tracks for free:

There are also a few tracks to preview over on my SoundCloud page:

Finally, there's a Facebook page and YouTube channel:

Any feedback or comments would be welcome.

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