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Finally, I'm getting my long-awaited ambient project off the ground. It's taken me several years due to being so busy recording and performing as a drummer. I've been playing piano and synth for over 6 years now and have all the gear I'll ever need to perform and release my ambient music.

Pseudonym: Empire of Ghosts.

Here's a couple links to sample what I'm working on:

Synaptic Fusion

Path to Wander

Thanks for listening.

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: The Downside of Software
« on: July 12, 2012, 07:24:23 AM »
To Loren: One thing a friend and I have discussed (in addition to the authorization "thing"), is most if not all the software companies seem to be going to software download only. Granted most still require online authorization even with a disc copy but download only kind of troubles me. I can definitely appreciate being enviro-friendly but I suspect download only is more about cost-cutting measures. I'd still like to have a disc copy. It's curious to see where the industry is going to go and how it will effect what we do at home. Of course most if not all of us have been seeing this trend for some time.

I've already completed one song using the software. Last night I began on another one where I expect to have about 20 tracks to complete the song. I'm on track 3 now.  ::)

The reverbs are amazing. The reverb timing length is great. Although the reverb was created by Presonus, it very much reminds me of Lexicon verbs. The professional version has SO many options it's insane. The workflow, drag & drop, project, Studio Live, Melodyne, all the plug-ins, and other included effects make the software a one all be all (at least for me). It's so nice that you can create and save effects and import the same effects into new projects. I'm sure you two probably use more than one keyboard...I've discovered while one will suffice but two or three can make your writing & playing more functional. While writing & recording last night I realized life would be much easier if I would get another.

To mgriffin, if you'd like, perhaps we could make this post a place to converse about our experiences with Studio One once you get your full version? The effects in the software is extremely fun to mess with. It's turning me into a nerd. ;-) haha.


I've recently purchased the full verion of Presonus Studio One (Professional), and have to say I'm extremely impressed with it and the potential use it has in creating ambient music. I have mainly been using hardware sources and with Studio One's capabilities, VST's seem to be the way to go for me now. I've heard that Chad Kettering uses Presonus Studio One Pro, and find that encouraging.

I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with Studio One Pro, and if you have any tips and tricks with it in creating your own ambience. I realize this question is quite broad but so is ambient music. Really what I'm asking is what are some of your expriences in creating ambient music with this software. Getting your ideas has a whole will help me formulate my own.


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