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Everything and Nothing / Hello from Stephen Parsick
« on: May 27, 2009, 06:22:32 AM »
Hi all,

just wanted to introduce myself as a new member. Some of you may know me through my own music and through my work with my other enterprise ['ramp]. Others may never have heard of me before so if thereŽs something youŽd like to know, just ask :).

IŽm located in Germany, my musical interests range from proto industrial (TG, SPK, NON, Cabaret Voltaire, Coil) to sequencer-driven stuff and ambient music (Eno, Robert Rich, Steve Roach). Likewise, I try to cover these areas with my own music. I have a certain soft spot for synthesiser and studio technology of all sorts... at least I have been told so :).

If youŽd like to get an impression what my music sounds like, please feel free to listen to it on or click on the link below. I guess this would make a lot more sense than telling you a thousand words about my work.

Thanks for any warm welcome!



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