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New track -- live ambient arpeggiator improvisation with Supernova II synthesizer. Hope you enjoy.

Melodic Ambient Arpeggiator Improvisation (Novation Supernova 2 Synthesizer)

Novation SUPERNOVA II - Ambient space drone music soundscape

Playing the Supernova 2 to create a dreamy space music soundscape, featuring tremolo with delay and reverb, 3 oscillators, LFOs and filter adjustments.

Performed live, no external processing. Excerpt from a longer session.

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Access Virus C (Indigo 2) | Ambient chillout music soundscape

Another dreamy ambient soundscape / drone session using oscillators, filter adjustments, resonance and reverb on the Access Virus C (Indigo 2) synthesizer.

No external effects, performed live. Excerpt from a longer session. Hope you enjoy!

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Hello all, great forum. I have a love for synths and ambient, so here are my attempts at making some dreamy ambient music with synths :)

Hope you enjoy, feedback always appreciated. Cheers.

- synth4ever

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Access Virus B - Ambient Drone pt.1

Access Virus B - Ambient chillout drone demo

Access Virus B - Ambient Drone pt.2

Access Virus B - Ambient / Chillout Drone - demo 2

Access Virus C (Indigo 2) - Dreamy ambient

Access Virus C / Indigo 2 - Ambient Chillout Drone Demo

Novation Supernova II - Arpeggiator Jam

Novation SUPERNOVA II - Arpeggiator synthesizer jam

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