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Other Ambient (and related) Music / AtmoWorks Compilation(s)
« on: January 06, 2009, 08:08:20 AM »
We're kicking off a compilation project over at AtmoWorks...  if anyone here is interested in participating tracks are due by April 1.   Head over to for more details and join the "compilation" group if you plan to submit.

It's open to anyone for submissions.    We'll start the process of selecting tracks after April 1 with a tentative release of late summer.   Depending on the number of good submissions - we may to more than one comp... we'll see how it all works out.




LightTools is Steve Brand's first long form piece, taking over a year to complete. Constructed of keyboard textures, bells and voice, this 63 minute piece takes the listener on a journey through brightly lit zones of intoning celestial choirs, only to submerge into volcanic, rumbling clouds of mercurial darkness, returning again to skyscapes that are at once familiar, yet alien. The piece is inspired by our rapidly changing times, and is intended to bring Light, power, hope, connection to the listener.

Available as a 320 kpbs mp3 download or cdr in our store:

A long excerpt from this album is available on the music player on the front page of our community site:

We're honored to be able to bring Steve's wonderful album to you.

Thank you!

John, John, Matt, and Geoff

p.s.   Steve has also released a free e.p. called "Epicenter of a New Dawn" in conjunction with the "LightTools" release.   Read about it on his blog:

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Ambient Survey 2008 - time to Vote!
« on: November 21, 2008, 07:30:05 AM »

It's time to vote!


The Ambient Mailing list has been doing top ambient surveys at least since 1994 - and has every 2 to 3 years since.    For the first few years surveys - check the Hyperreal page:

I've reposted most of the surveys since 1999 here (thanks to everyone that shared results!):

For this time around, I volunteered to compile the results and posted a few questions to the list during the last few weeks.  I've tried to incorporate as many suggestions as possible (apologies if I forgot some!) - above all - I hope this is fun for everyone!

2008 Survey Notes

The "top 20 of all time" category is the main one and the one hopefully *everybody* will vote in.  This is the survey that's been fairly consistent throughout the years on the list.   I will do some comparisons of this years results to these earlier surveys as others have done in the past.

If you think the album is ambient by whatever definition *you* think of as ambient - then you should list your favorite albums here.   There are several other 'fun' categories - your favorite albums may easily be in several lists.    For example, one of your "top 20 of all time" albums may also be in the "...since 2000" and the "top 10 beatless" as well.   

The "fun" top 10 categories are simply that - they're fun.   If you don't want to vote in these, don't.   Or maybe you love dark ambient, but don't listen to berlin school... vote in the categories you enjoy.   Remember that one album could be in quite a few of your top lists...    Don't think too hard about whether an album is this or that category - this isn't a test!

I didn't split into a bunch of sub-categories of beatless or beat sub-types (except for berlin school and dark ambient which seem to be larger sub-categories) as was suggested by a few list members.   I thought it might be getting a little too long. 

The "extra credit" section is totally and completely optional.   

I'll also be posting this message to several other forums that have strong ambient communities:

Please let me know if there are other 'ambient' forums/lists that I should post to.

Also, several people suggested creating a webform to compile the results - I decided to keep it in email and manually plow through these as I thought some people may not want to 'join' a site like AtmoWorks to vote.  My gut feeling is more people will participate if we keep it simple through email...  Thanks!

How to Vote!

To vote - please email me off-list at with a subject of "Ambient Survey 2008".

Voting Ends: 12/31/2008

This gives everyone just over a month.   I'll compile results and publish them hopefully by end of January.   

The Survey

Copy/paste this section into an email to me at with the subject "Ambient Survey 2008"

Main Categories:

* Top 20 Ambient Albums of All Time (as far back as you want and including *today*)
* Top 20 Ambient Albums released on or since 2000

Fun Categories:

* Top 10 Beatless Ambient Albums (drone, drift, etc...)
* Top 10 Ambient with Beats Albums (chill, ambient techno, groove, tribal, etc...)
* Top 10 Sequencer / Berlin School Albums
* Top 10 Dark Ambient Albums
* Top 10 Ambient Labels (cd/cdr/download/netlabel/etc...)
* Top 10 Reviewers/Blogs/Sites (whether an individual blog, webzine, online magazine)


Are you a:
a) releasing ambient musician
b) musician, but don't release ambient
c) not a musician - a very passionate listener
d) other

You primarily listen to music on (pick one):
a) stereo speakers at home
b) car speakers
c) portable radio
d) big over ear headphones
e) earbuds
f) other

Your age range:
a) less than 20 years old
b) 21 - 30
c) 31 - 40
d) 41 - 50
e) 51 - 60
f) 61 - 70
g) 71 - 80
h) 80+

What country are you voting from?

What area of that country?  (city, region, etc...)

Thank you!

Thank you for voting in this years survey!

John K-N
Relaxed Machinery | Interstitial
AtmoWorks -

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Ambient Survey 2008 - ideas...
« on: November 13, 2008, 03:33:23 PM »
Below is the email I sent out to the Ambient Mailing list this morning regarding a new 'best of ambient' survey. Please feel free to post your suggestions!

If you'd like to view the results of past - here's my blog post which links to all (or most at least) of the past results which I re-posted here on the AtmoWorks community...

==== begin email to Ambient List ====

I'd kicked around the idea of doing a new ambient survey a couple months ago and
admittedly, everything got really busy in life, work, and with the label - so it's been
on the backburner until now.

I'd love to give this a go and several people offered some advice regarding past surveys.
Let's kick this off with a couple of questions about how you want to approach this.

I'm happy to compile and publish the results.

Once we decide - you can either submit your lists to the group or to me privately at

Should this be a Top 10 or Top 20 of all time? 20 gives everyone a bit more room to
stretch out.

Should we have a few categories or keep it simple and be just best overall?

Some ideas on a few sub-categories would be - maybe keeping these to 5 votes?

* Best after 2000 (this one was done a few years ago)
* Best beatless (drift, drone, etc...)
* Best beat oriented (chill, groove, etc...)
* Labels you turn to time and time again...
* Silliest name for a sub-category in the ambient genre (ok - I'm semi-kidding...)

I don't want to make it too complicated - but having an overall category - and then a
short list of other things you can vote in would be fun to me personally. So if you're
really into Koner's Teimo - it might be in both the Overall and the Beatless list for you.

I'd also like to open this up beyond the Ambient Mailing list... hitting some other
forums if they'd like to participate (electro-music, emportal, hypnos, atmoworks, etc...).

Ideas - thoughts - opinions?


Interstitial | Relaxed Machinery

==== end email ====

In the last few weeks we've released four new albums – stop by AtmoWorks for more info, previews, and to purchase a download or cdr copy.

* Steve Brand / Disturbed Earth - Broken Gold:  A great long form ambient track and the first release of a three part collaboration planned by Steve and Dean.   Look for the 2nd installment in the coming months.

* MjDawn - Frequency Response:  This is AtmoWorks' co-owner Matt McDonough's first solo release.   Best known as the drummer for Mudvayne, Matt has been a creative dynamo whether behind the drum kit, synths, or working at his laptop.

* Mark Tamea - Tessellation:   Mark is back for his second release with AtmoWorks and we're thrilled to have him on our label.   Check the review from Vital posted on the website.

* Steve Brand - Because We Were Once Covered In Gold:  Steve is another artist we're thrilled to have releasing with us.  This is his second release with us and ambient music fans will not be disappointed!

Stop by the store for previews and to purchase:

Stop by the community to chat with friends and check in with your favorite artists in the forum and blog posts.

Thank you!

Disturbed Earth - Butterfly

Released in September on AtmoWorks.
Dean Richards recorded Butterfly at a live "living room" concert in August 1977 in Caulfield, Australia (outside Melbourne).   The album is recorded live with no overdubs.   Dean used a double neck guitar using a violin bow on the 12-string and playing the 6-string.   He used two tape decks set up about 8 feet apart in a continous loop - his goal was to create the longest loop possible with the equipment he had available.  A Roland Space Echo was also used.

Interestingly - he had to unplug his refrigerator during the concert because it made huge cracks and pops on the recordings.   It was an intimate setting with a group of people watching and a fire in the fireplace because it was winter in Australia.

Dean also recorded three other albums this way in 1977 and he hopes to bring these out at some point in the future.   Butterfly was originally recorded to reel to reel tape - and later moved to a minidisc recorder and then to mp3 for this release.

AtmoWorks is proud to release Disturbed Earth - Butterfly.

To see the front and back cover art:

To listen to previews and purchase any of Disturbed Earth's albums:

Thank you!

John Koch-Northrup

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Peter James - Is [New Release!]
« on: September 19, 2008, 08:17:15 AM »

Peter James - Is

Released in September on AtmoWorks.

In Peter James words:   The original idea behind the recording of “is” was to create an album using only very limited instrumentation, mainly bass guitar, and electric guitar – no synthesisers were used to make this album, only samples and loops made from bass and guitar work I had recorded in my studio. Often I would record an hours worth of stuff, only to come out of the session with maybe a minutes worth, or less, of useful sounds. It was recorded between june 2007 and july 2008. It wasn’t an easy journey. And that’s reflected in the overall tone and feel of the album. it’s also designed to be listened to loud, but it works well quiet, too. I’m not sure if it’s “dark ambient”, or “ambient” at all. I guess that’s not for me to decide. For me - It just “is”.

The download version of the album comes with extra artwork, and 3 different coloured “sleeves” – all created by the uk based graphic designer and photographer David Gregson.

To see the front and back cover art:

To listen to previews and purchase any of Peter James' albums:

Thank you!

John Koch-Northrup

AtmoWorks is proud to release SoulSpiral by Steve Brand!

Steve wrote about the album on his blog in the AtmoWorks community and he describes the album in a wonderfully personal way...

"SoulSpiral" represents a new phase of work for me, in which I felt the desire to explore the creation of longer, more dense zones which unfold slowly over longer periods of time, as opposed to shorter "songs." The album consists of 2 long tracks, each timing in at over 30 minutes. The first track, "SoulSpiral," is dense mass of ever-shifting drift formed from layers of keyboard, voice and didg textures. Zones change, overlap, shift gradually, letting in more light, then obscuring, designed to take the listener deeper and deeper. The second track, "Worldmaker," begins with a clarion call of deep Tibetan horns. There is a more terrestrial feel here than with the previous. Kora, bells, voice, drums and more densely layered whistling, droning, thunderous textures reach out from the depths of distant timelines. While the first track initiates the journey, "Worldmaker" brings the listener to the other side, into dimly lit worlds, other possible universes, other possible selves.

"SoulSpiral" was in part, inspired by the stream of stunning photos from Hubbell and NASA of worlds taking shape, and by channeled writings that I've been immersed in over the past few years by Jane Roberts/Seth, Lee Carrol/Kryon, Geoffrey Hoppe/Tobias, Barbara Marciniak, Pamela Kribbe/Jesuha and JZ Knight/Ramtha; these books address the expansiveness of consciousness in and around us, and our true creative nature as Human Beings, as opposed to the more limited and limiting one sold to us by organizations, popular culture and advertising.

Released on July 18, 2008 in 320 kbps mp3 and cdr formats.

Link to SoulSpiral in the AtmoWorks store:

AtmoWorks is proud to release two brand new albums this weekend:

* Vir Unis | Disturbed Earth - Drawn From the Well
* Jonathan Hughes - Circumflex

Both albums are available from the store in either 320 kbps mp3 download or cdr format. AtmoWorks cdr's are also available at the Hypnos Store -

Vir Unis | Disturbed Earth - Drawn From the Well

Disturbed Earth and Vir Unis have teamed up to bring you a three long track journey into pastoral tones and ethereal shades of sheer atmospherics.

Recorded in late spring of this year, these two artists trading tracks over the net, were so happy with the results, they've decided to record a series of albums with this process. Drawn From the Well is the first part of this collaborative series between these two.

Jonathan Hughes - Circumflex

Jonathan Hughes' debut album for AtmoWorks. We're very proud to have a musician of Jonathan's talent releasing with us.

In Jonathan's words from the liner notes: "I'm a big fan of words in general, but specifically of words that evoke a certain feeling or image, but mean something completely unrelated. I'm also a fan of the minutiae that makes up the language of various industries. The titles for all the tracks on Circumflex are typographical terms. To me, these particular words sound like they'd be equally at home in a document from NASA as they would in a book about graphic design. I wish I could say that the titles had some deep connection to the music, but nope -- they just sounded cool."

Jonathan has previously released acclaimed albums on The Foundry label including Trillium and the virtual collaboration project, Fluidities, where each track on cd1 could be played randomly with tracks from cd2.

Coming in the next few months!

* Steve Brand - SoulSpiral (planned for July 18)

* Exuviae - The White Underneath
* Camera - Fire and Science
* Igneous Flame | Achromus - HALO
* Disturbed Earth - Sleep of Wonder
* Vir Unis - Stand Still Like the Hummingbird

* Relaxed Machinery - Temporal Arc (reissue)
* Exuviae - Settling Density (reissue)
* Exuviae - Response (reissue)
* Mark Tamea - Buried Traktora (reissue)

We also have projects from Numina, mjdawn, Paul Vnuk, Float Method, Mikronaught, and Autumn in Analog in the works for later this year.

Thank you for supporting the artists and AtmoWorks!

John Koch-Northrup

Other Ambient (and related) Music / AtmoWorks - July 2008 update
« on: July 02, 2008, 07:00:47 AM »
I'm getting ready to send this out to our past customer base...  it includes a few things you probably know about as well as some new stuff... enjoy!

AtmoWorks Update - July 2008

AtmoWorks Changes

2008 has been a year of changes.   After seven years, James Johnson decided to step back from running AtmoWorks with Vir Unis.   James is focusing on his family, sound design work, and his music.   In March, Vir Unis decided to ask two long time friends to co-own the label going forward:  John Koch-Northrup and Matt McDonough.   The three of us have known each other since high school and have played music together for years. 

After server and site upgrades, we're getting ready to start releasing again.   All releases will be available as either 320 kpbs mp3 download or as a cdr.   We've also expanded AtmoWorks to include a number of great new artists - some you'll know, and some are brand new.   In addition to the high quality ambient music that we're known for, we're expanding into techno, idm, and even have a few rock and shoegaze/ethereal type artists coming soon.    What ties everything together is we believe in these artists and the music they write.

Partnership with Hypnos

In the past, AtmoWorks has released in mp3, cd, and cdr format.   Going forward, we've decided to focus on mp3 downloads.   In order to bring our customers a choice between download and cdr - we've formed a great partnership with the Hypnos label.   They'll be making and selling cdr versions of all of our full length releases.   You can buy these cdr's either from our store - or through the Hypnos store - either way the artists will be getting the exact same royalty whether it's the download or cdr from either store.   This is a truly fantastic relationship for all involved.

Upcoming Releases

Vir Unis | Disturbed Earth - Drawn From the Well
Jonathan Hughes - Circumflex
Steve Brand - Soul Spiral
Exuviae - The White Underneath
Mark Tamea - Buried Traktora (reissue)
Camera - Fire and Science
Igneous Flame | Achromus - HALO
Relaxed Machinery - Temporal Arc (reissue)
Disturbed Earth - Sleep of Wonder
Vir Unis - Stand Still Like the Hummingbird

We also have projects from Numina, mjdawn, Float Method, Mikronaught, and Autumn in Analog in the works.

The AtmoWorks Community

If you go to - you'll notice you go to our community now instead of directly to our store.   We'd absolutely love for you to join our site.   It's a great place for you to mingle with fellow music lovers and directly with the artists.   You can upload your own music, your photos and videos, keep a blog, or post to the forum.   It's amazingly easy to sign up and use.   

The AtmoWorks Store

Of course, we'd love for you to pick up our latest releases.   The store link is at the top of the community page and also on the right side under links.   Or just go straight to:   

We'll be updating the site in the coming months to have a fresh coat of paint and added functionality.

Thank You!

Once again, thank you for your past support of AtmoWorks.   Without you, we couldn't continue to support the artists and provide an outlet for this wonderful music.

John Koch-Northrup
AtmoWorks Music



AtmoWorks / Hypnos - CDR Partnership

AtmoWorks is very proud to form a partnership with Hypnos to bring AtmoWorks titles to CDR format.   Hypnos will manufacture and ship AtmoWorks label titles sold through both the AtmoWorks and Hypnos stores.   

AtmoWorks is excited to provide our customers the choice between high quality 320 kbps mp3 downloads or CDR in a slimline jewel case similar to the Hypnos Secret Sounds CDR releases. 

Releases in both formats will begin this summer.

About AtmoWorks

AtmoWorks was founded in 2001 by Vir Unis and James Johnson featuring ambient and eclectic electronic music.   As of 2008, the label is now headed by Vir Unis, John Koch-Northrup, and Matt McDonough and is gradually expanding into techno, idm, and rock music while still retaining their ambient roots. |

About Hypnos

Hypnos is an ambient music label and online music store founded in 1996 by Mike Griffin.  The label has released more than 60 CDs of material, on the main Hypnos imprint as well as the Binary and Hypnos Secret Sounds sublabels, while the online store carries about a thousand CDs from around the world.

Just a quick update on what's going on with AtmoWorks right now.   Our main website is down and consequently our email isn't working either...   however, we're alive and well and can be reached through our community site (see below). 

* We're migrating to a new server within our webhost - unfortunately something went very wrong with the transition and our site has been down a full week longer than it should be.   (we're still down).

* We've been creating a wonderful community website...   which we're hoping many people will soon join.   It's still in beta and we're a long way from completion.   Right now - you can easily sign up, create a profile page, write blogs, post photos, upload your own music, post videos - it's a great way to communicate and especially collaborate with other musicians, artists, and listeners.    It combines the best features of a social network like myspace, or the old, combined with blogging and forums, with easy ways to post your music or photography or art.

* Very soon... when you type in - you'll see our community site on Ning instead of our store.   Our store will be integrated into our community. 

* We're revamping the look and feel of AtmoWorks - the websites, logo, etc...    We're also upgrading and enhancing our store.

* We have a tremendous list of releases planned for this year - we're finalizing a few artists and will announce them later.   

* Many of these releases will be the fantastic ambient music you've come to know and expect from AtmoWorks... on the other hand, as part of our growth in 2008 - we're branching out into other forms of music.    Expect to see a few IDM, techno, and even rock artists on AtmoWorks in the future.   

* We have a few secret surprises in store... :)


Someone posted this over on the discogs forum and I thought readers here would be interested...

Peter Neubäcker, a former German guitar maker turned programmer, has done what many in the computer-music business believed impossible.

A new piece of software called Direct Note Access, first publicly demonstrated by Neubäcker and his company Celemony Software last month, will for the first time allow computers to analyze the digitized sounds of guitar or piano chords, or even multi-instrument recordings, and then extract and modify individual notes.

Computers have revolutionized the recording process, giving sound engineers wide latitude to manipulate notes recorded singly--to change their pitch, their tempo, or where they fall. But teasing apart notes recorded simultaneously, as in a six-string guitar chord, has never before been practical.

"In terms of sound processing, this is kind of the holy grail," says Michael Bierylo, a guitarist and professor of computer music at Boston's Berklee College of Music. "It's something everyone more or less thought we couldn't do."

*** rest of article at link above ***

AtmoWorks has two reissues of albums from 2001 now available for download.

Vir Unis - Pulse n Atmo


1 Ghost in the Bubble
2 Doppleganger
3 Spoon Bender
4 Black Locust Beach
5 Good Morning Blowfish
6 Mind Blink Bike Ride
7 Rinse
8 Alpha State
9 Logan
10 Tweak the Pulse
11 Transmission at Banner Marsh
12 We Are the Sun's Dream

Pulse n Atmo, originally released on Groove Unlimited in 2001, is now available at AtmoWorks as a high quality download MP3 (320K) with new artwork.  Predating Blood Machine, with Steve Roach, by mere months, Pulse n Atmo is a work that is in the vein of the elegant futurism explored by both Roach and Vir Unis in their trilogy of Body Electric, Light Fantastic, and Blood Machine.  Pulse n Atmo is an exploration in pulse, texture, and atmosphere.  Using these basic elements, Vir Unis creates an album that is unique and stands on its own, while still connected to all the frenetic work going on at the time.  Aeonian Glow was released around this time as well, so there’s an interesting dichotomy between his more atmospheric albums and these rhythm driven pulse works.  Pulse n Atmo displays a delicate balance between these two seemingly parallel worlds.

Vir Unis - Live at Gathering 23


1 An Opening Occurs
2 Appoaching the Portal
3 Finding the Center
4 Transient Light
5 Passage
6 Return

Released originally on Space For Music, Live at Gathering 23 is a recording of a performance by Vir Unis in Philadelphia in March of 2001.  The Gathering Concert series is really a very special event, hosted by Chuck van Zyl with sonic support by Art Cohen.  Chuck has hosted this event for well over 20 years and has numerous artists in this space, creating some very interesting electronic music.  This performance was captured live on digital tape inside St. Mary’s Cathedral, so there’s incredible ambience in the recording and a special warm atmospheric texture.  It was an honor for Vir Unis to perform for such a special group of people that support this music very well and for many years.  This feeling resonates throughout the entire recording.  New album artwork also!


AtmoWorks is proud to announce another great album by Disturbed Earth. In this nine track journey, Sho, Disturbed Earth explores an ethereal mist of sounds hovering just above a molten bed of lava and rock.

Created by an organic palette that consists of a prepared and modified version of his mother's childhood instrument the "Guitar-Mandolin-banjo", an array of shells, bells, pipes, acoustic guitars, and other earthy sounds, warm atmospherics and tons of ear candy will treat the listener to some deep listening in high resolution. Like his previous works on Dreamswept, Life Admist Dreams, and Watercolour, Dean uses analog tape looping and recording techniques to great effect.

Sho is the first of three in a series which we will be releasing throughout the spring of 2008. The albums will feature original design and artwork by acclaimed artist Peter Webb, a lifelong friend of Dean Richards and a fellow Australian. On Sho, the artwork and the music merge as one in a vivid and lucid blend of sound and vision.
$4.98 mp3 download release


I just posted this to news on


April 16th (Wed) 10pm
The Butterfly Social Club
722 W. Grand Ave.
Chicago, IL

The Butterfly Social Club is an eco-friendly bar powered by solar energy. They serve chemical free wines and organic beers, spirits, and juices.

The interior is one of the largest indoor structures in the world curved to the specifications of Windmiller Sound for full rich audio.

All of the speakers are designed to look like tree trunks using recycled wood and there are living vines on trees and a gurgling fountain.


Coming Soon on AtmoWorks:

Vir Unis is putting the final touches on his "Stand Still Like the Hummingbird" e.p. Disturbed Earth has a new full length called "Sho" on the way with artwork from Peter Webb. And the ever-elusive Föy is back with a new single, "Undercurrent". All three are coming soon!

Other Ambient (and related) Music / AtmoWorks Update
« on: March 07, 2008, 07:04:57 AM »

Vir Unis posted this last night - reposting here.   

Greetings to all,

I find myself writing this in a mix of emotions, as I realize how complex our feelings can be when change is amongst us. AtmoWorks has now been in existence just a little over six years. AtmoWorks was created in late fall of 2001 by Vir Unis and James Johnson and with a huge amount of help from Brian McWilliams. Over the years we have expanded and have included several other artists to our small but growing collective. It's been an honor and privilege to facilitate the release of such great work by some very talented artists. AtmoWorks is dedicated to this very cause. We are designed to expedite the process in which an independent artist or group of artists can release music at will and without any third party agenda.  This is an honorable cause and this is our one and only goal.

This is an exciting process to be a part of. James and I built this from the ground up out of a combined will that resulted in a very transparent and rewarding friendship. It's this energy that carried us over the past six years. This is the part of the emotion in which I am proud and excited to continue. The other part is with sadness as James Johnson has decided to leave AtmoWorks and continue on a different rewarding path in his personal quest for artistic achievement. However, it is with this sadness that I also have a joy in seeing such a talented man and gifted artist follow his own muse.  A chapter of my life has been closed and a new chapter for myself and AtmoWorks begins..I have always, from day one, planned for AtmoWorks to be in existence as long as I live. It is such a part of my life, that as I watch it grow and sustain my works and others, that my will to empower it even more grows by the day.

In retaining the energy of friendship and transparent new business model that James and I have established, I have tapped two individuals who also share many of the same qualities. These are two individuals that I have known since I was a teenager and have shared countless days, years, and months working together on a variety of artistic projects and adventures that friends share. They are like family to me. Please welcome to AtmoWorks John Koch-Northrup and Matt McDonough. Biographies and extended information on both will be forthcoming on, as there is too much to say about these outstanding individuals in this letter. I will say that they bring an extraordinary amount of talent and creative energy to AtmoWorks and I'm honored that they have chosen to work with me in this every evolving labor of love.

In the spirit of this evolution, we are in a state of upgrading to include several new features as well as refine some aspects of our site that have worked well for the past six years. One of them being is the return of AtmoWorks live radio, AtmoStreams, which includes artists from around the world streaming live music from their studios. In the past, we've had such notable musicians as Vidna Obmana, Saul Stokes, DreamState, and the Elf Machine performing live on AtmoStreams. Also planning on a series of talks and conversations with various artists, both in music and other mediums to be streamed either live or taped. This is truly exciting..

New music is coming! Different types of music is coming as well.  AtmoWorks, in essence is a label that has been designed to work with ambient and electronic music. While retaining that essence, we are also in the process of expanding the definition of ambient, as it should, and including all sorts of new and eclectic music that may or may not fit the traditional definition of "ambient'. We'll let you decide on that one. It is you, after all, that we seek to connect with the artists. The artist/listener relationship is a timeless and sacred connection that is our honor to preserve.

Yours truly,

Vir Unis
February 2008

Obviously, I'm very excited!  It's been a whirlwind of a month since I decided to accept John's offer to help him run AtmoWorks along with Matt.   We sincerely wish James all the best (see his announcement here: ) - I'm sad to see him step out of running AtmoWorks, and of course, excited for the opportunity to step in.   


Everything and Nothing / Beatport... Basic Channel mp3's - remastered
« on: February 06, 2008, 09:41:08 AM »
I just saw a thread on discogs about the entire Basic Channel catalog being remastered and mp3's being availiable for sale though Beatport...  since these are all vinyl only releases, this is kind of an exciting thing.   I don't know if I'm willing to plunk down the money for them (at least until I actually buy an mp3 player... :) )    Have you bought from Beatport before?   Experiences?

Here's the thread...

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Gear: Audio Interfaces / Soundcards
« on: January 16, 2008, 11:58:07 AM »
I swore there was a thread for this already (or it's just been discussed in one of the other gear threads).

I'm comparing the Presonus Firebox and Focusrite Saphire LE which are both in the same price range.   Both say they support midi in/out.   I see normal midi jacks on the Saphire - the Firebox on the other hand has a combined midi/spdif jack...

I admit - I'm confused by the jack on the Firebox (see: )

Do I just need an adapter of some type?    Would someone mind taking a shot and explaining that one.   I know there are a few owners of these cards on the forum... 


Other Ambient (and related) Music / AtmoWorks Releases
« on: January 10, 2008, 08:11:28 AM »

John and James have released some fine stuff recently on their AtmoWorks label - well worth checking into.   They also have some releases from new artists out or coming soon.   Check the "news" section on their site.

John and James had posted about their new projects in the old forum before the crash - I thought I'd try to get those discussions going again.   I'm a long time friend and fan of their music.  :)

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