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Jokes, Nonsense and Amusing Links / Ambient Music is Not Dead
« on: September 27, 2011, 06:50:28 AM »
Found this on flickr and got a kick out of it...

Ambient Music is Not Dead by Ronchhon, on Flickr


by Caitlin Hardee - Sept 8, 2011

In Whitman’s vibrant liberal arts setting, it’s common to find students who are equally devoted to creative pursuits and the great outdoors. This August, The Pioneer spoke with a musician who embodies this philosophy—Dean de Benedictis, son of 10-time Emmy Award nominee Dick DeBenedictis. Dean de Benedictis is known for pioneering a form of a cappella ambient music that he refers to as Acambient. He is head of the electronic music label Fateless Records. His latest project—to record his music on the summits of the Cascades.

“I got into the outdoors a long time ago, but I only got into actual climbing because of this project,” said de Benedictis. “It’s been two years so far, and it looks like it’s going to go on a third. The Cascades are a serious force to be reckoned with.”

De Benedictis clarified the source of his inspiration for such an undertaking.

“Actually, it started with a movie I saw, about this guy who, when the World Trade Center was built, he walked it on a tightrope. Man On Wire. It was inspired by that. I felt kind of reduced by that movie, like no artistic accomplishment I make will ever have some kind of tactile proof of being . . . death-defined? That guy actually took his artistic accomplishment to an extreme physical level. He did something that no one would ever dream of doing, or have the bravery to do. I thought to myself, if I could take this laptop to the top of a volcano, that has a panoramic view, it would be the ultimate atmosphere to be inspired by.”

De Benedictis elaborated on his recording method.

“For this particular project, I’m trying to utilize only my voice. It’s a series of looping techniques in the software. It’s almost a cross between choral music and space music. Many layers, many registers.”

Seeking an art defined by death has not been without frightening moments. De Benedictis related his most harrowing experience, on the slopes of Mount Adams.

“I try to climb solo anywhere where it’s safe enough. Adams I’ve done by myself, against the advice of many. My only threat, I feel, on Adams, is getting lost, which I’ve done already once, and almost lost my life doing it. I shouted for help, and those people who helped me said, ‘You shouldn’t be on here by yourself.’  That was the scariest moment.”

Asked if he was carrying a GPS device or cell phone, de Benedictis smiled ruefully. “No, I get pretty cocky about my ability to find my way back, and I pay for it often. I did have a compass, but I didn’t get my bearings, so it would have been useless. I went down the wrong slope and ended up on a completely different face of the mountain. I had to find my way back to the base of the mountain, and by then it was nighttime, so I started shouting for help. I’ve gotten lost, but not quite that badly, where I was fearing for my life on a mountainside.”

When his musical quest is completed, de Benedictis plans to release his material in a variety of formats.

“It’s gonna be a film. I’m going to start a film company for it, and thus a website for that film company, which will have all of the shorts that I’ve made so far. I’ll probably have the bigger films available for purchase online. The music will all be available, both through my website, and some of it through iTunes and CD Baby.”

Everything and Nothing / Happy Birthday - Bill Binkelman!
« on: August 18, 2011, 06:57:19 AM »
I just posted this over on rM - thought I'd share the love for Mr. Bill here as well!

I just posted a fairly lengthly summary post of activity in the rM community. New albums from Numina, Aarria, The Oxford Ambient Collective, Leonardo Rosado, and Peter James.

A lot of members posted tracks.

Several reviews... Jeff Pearce, Transcend With Time, and one of my new album, Temporal Arc.

Worth a quick skim!

Thank you to the many people who post here and on rM - I really appreciate it.

The front page celebrates the milestone:

and I posted a "thank you":


I've added a slider at the top - it shows an image and links to either a blog post or an album release and I've been changing it frequently.  Right now you'll see a couple of rM releases, a new Ultimae release, a new Leonardo Rosado 3" CDR, the Free Floating Conception compilation netlabel release and premiere radio show tomorrow... and a wonderful post by Peter James that I think you'll really be touched by.

James has been releasing sample libraries under the name Crate Diggers lately (he previous did a lot of work on Acid Loops, Cinescore, etc...) - some very interesting stuff if you're looking for samples.   

Crate Diggers specializes in older samples - the "Golden Age of Wireless" - old radio shows - and Cylinder Instruments.

Crate Diggers specializes in royalty-free vintage and historical sample libraries. From their ground breaking pre-vinyl, pre-tape, wax cylinder series to historical wire recordings and beyond. At the core of it all, is a drive to bring forth long forgotten sounds and transform them into new media materials for musicians, composers & sound designers. Crate Diggers provides some of the most unique & eclectic sample libraries available.

The newest release (today) is Golden Age of Wireless - Words and Phrases Volume Three:

The ceaseless Crate Diggers dust off more forgotten radio reels to uncover 500+ words, statements, questions and phrases infused with vintage vitality and yesteryear crackle in this royalty-free spoken word goldmine.

Bursting with authentic vocal foley from the original bygone era of radio broadcast, this varied third volume spans science fiction to radio noir, musical references to talk radio, sinister doctors to menial tasks - and everything in between.

This genre-defying collection will find favour amongst hip hop, house and downtempo producers seeking authentic, emotive and quirky vocal inspiration.

Totalling 512 samples, the collection is sub-divided into 12 folders of Descriptions, Exclamations, Female Words, Male Words, Musical References, Questions, Radio Noir, Radio Talk, Science Fiction, Sinster Doctor, Statements and Tasks.

The main demo showcases a small selection of clips from all folders. Other demos showcase a selection of clips from specific folders.

PLEASE NOTE: The audio demos contain music and drum loops that are NOT contained in the pack. This pack contains vocal samples only.

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / My friend Lowell is selling a '79 p bass
« on: June 29, 2011, 06:21:30 AM »


1979 Fiesta Red fender P Bass

replacement pickguard and pickup
though i have the original guard and pots
beatup ol' hardshell case
it has been played but is a heckuva bass
accompanied me around the world
the fiesta red is a custom shop color from that year
and truthfully they did a terrible job
but that was kind of the status quo for fender paint back then.
heavy on the vibe
just have to thin the herd a little.


Some news that might be of interest here on Hypnos over yonder in the land of rM...

the summer solstice festival
new darrell burgan / palancar album - broadcast on tonight
albums from elpa, runningonair, feedback loop, dataobscura

Everything and Nothing / Happy Birthday, Scott M2!
« on: June 15, 2011, 08:52:03 AM »
Happy Birthday, Scott!

If anyone is near the French Riviera...    a big ambient festival is happening:


The festival will take place in the French Riviera between Toulon and Saint Tropez in the Maures’ mountains. A lush and green setting, it’s a wild life sanctuary just a few kilometres behind the sea shore.

Ambiosonic : concept
  Ambiosonic festival is Ambient music's synergy with all art forms : exhibitions, decorations, exaltations of body and soul, and activities stimulating all our five senses. Spiritually guided by ecological practices and in full respect of the environment it is a unique event for both man and nature's well being.

  On the musical side, the worldly diversity of all ambiant types of music (music without an emphasized beat) enables a rich fusion of sounds and rythms, synthetic as well as ethnic; an invitation to a universe full of journeys. Hemispheric octophonic sound diffusion (spatial sound technic) will reinforce this spellbounding atmosphere.

  The stage appearances are limited to small bands playing on stage as well as in the public, interpratations and performances in a surprizing and original evolution.

  Illustrated by varied visual projections, artistic exhibitions, multiple decorative landscapes and craft stalls transporting us way out of the daily world.

  Bodily care and spriritual awakening initiation workshops and demonstrations, diffused evolutive aromatic fragrances throughout the location site contributing to the emotional exaltation of our five senses.

  Ecological associated principle : practical demonstrations of alternative solutions, biodiversity and local implementation, reduced impact environmental activities, biological culture food and drinks unite to create a most unique harmony

I'm very happy to announce Richard Roberts joined Relaxed Machinery and plans to release an album later this summer or fall.   

We also added two other tremondous artists...  Robert Scott Thompson and Lowell Leven-Sims in the last couple months.

Please stop by the rM community and read about them!

Jokes, Nonsense and Amusing Links / Bennett Robot Works
« on: June 01, 2011, 09:21:08 AM »
[note - if you already read this over on rM.ning - it's a repost - but I wanted to share these awesome sculptures here, too!]

I just stumbled across this site today - these are truly awesome works of art.  I will definitely be mining this site for our rM "birthday robots"!  Well worth looking around - there are pages and pages of the hand built robot scultpures.


Bennett Robot Works

These robot sculpures, created by Gordon Bennett, are made from a mixture of found objects which are both old and new.  The parts are found in various places including garbage dumps, basements, construction sites, and garage sales.

They are insprired by Norman Bel Geddes and Raymond Loewy whose visions of the "Modern Age" helped shape industrial design of the 40's and 50's.

The materials are wood, metal, bakelite, glass, plastic, rubber, and paint.  Each robot is a unique, one-of-a-kind scupture and receives it's own numbered metal tag as proof it's an authentic Bennett Robot works robot.

Each robot takes about a month to build. They range in heidght from 14" to 25".  There are no moving or battery operated parts.

They are not meant to be a toy.

New robots are always in the works so pleave visit us again.

Everything and Nothing / A day brightener - slice of life moment.
« on: May 17, 2011, 11:59:15 AM »
(I posted this to rM.ning also)

I'm in line at Subway and a lady in front of me is hem-hawing over what to get. She decides on a turkey sandwich - then at the last minute goes "what's a subway club?" - "ok - I'll get that instead" - she then leans over to me grabs my shoulder and says "I'm so sorry I just can't make up my mind sometimes! You're going to regret getting behind me" in a cute semi-southern voice.

I order.

She's picking out veggies - slowly - she apologizes again - and I say something like "I'm in no rush - take all the time you want" - and she says - "oh sheesh - my sons they would have bolted for the door by now! You know I'd say when you get to be my age of 65 you start forgetting things and can't make up your mind anymore - but I was like this when I was 20! You know my son is 40 and I've had lymphoma for so long - it's amazing..." There must have been some other sentence in there as a transition to the cancer comment - but maybe not - I can't remember... anyway...

And I said - "well, I'm 40 and my mom had lymphoma" - she caught the "had" and said "oh I'm so sorry you lost your mom" -

And I said "it's ok it's been a long, long time" - and she said " I should have been dead many years ago but I seem to have gotten lucky - the form of non-hodgkins lymphoma I have isn't that aggressive" and I told her mom had non-hodgkins lymphoma also and got it in 1986 and passed away in 1992.

It was simply the cutest totally random conversation and brightened my day considerably. I explained how mom worked for Life Flight at St. Francis and helped people newly diagnosed with cancer.

And then we wished each other a good day.

Jokes, Nonsense and Amusing Links / The Haunted Stick
« on: May 17, 2011, 09:27:17 AM »
I was just remembering the Haunted Stick thread and years of references to it - wow - what was that 7 or 8 years ago?   Not in the forum anymore obviously due to new forum software and such  - but I have to admit - the haunted stick still cracks me up.


p.s.  It was an ebay ad that someone found - possibly Jesse / Numina - and it just became a regular joke here for a long time.   Stupid stupid joke - but it still makes me smile!

original post includes links, art, music:



[PS024] Cinchel – paginated overflow


[These are simply off the cuff remarks about the album as I listen. I am not a reviewer, simply a fan and fellow musician.]


I'm listening to this album for the second time today - and it's one of those moments where I go, wow, this is a great album.  The music is built up from guitar, pedals, and laptop - and there's such a great feeling to these pieces.  The first track is denser and 'moves' more than the other two...  with layers and layers of drones, texture, saturation, distortion, delays - all used in a very moving and enjoyable way.


Track two settles into a quieter more minimal more focused drone.  Deep tones ease us into the beginning - the distortion and echoes and over saturation making this feel so deep, so alive.  Pushing to the point of feedback and clipping - what might be flaws elsewhere on a different album - are *perfection* here.


The last track of this album is a wonderful ending... it begins not with huge drones, but with echoes in a lovely melody.  With the looping feedback of the echoes swelling up behind the melody... this is a sublime piece.  As the melody dissolves into ever growing drones - it keeps drawing me in until a slow fade...


I can't recommend this album enough if you love guitar based ambient or drones.   This is a free to download release.


Highly recommended.


    INFO from the Public Spaces Lab below:

[PS024] Cinchel – paginated overflowBy
PublicSpaces Lab
Published: March 18, 2011Posted in: ReleasesTags: ambient, cinchel, dense music, guitar, paginated overflow

Release Summary and Player

Artist: Cinchel

 Album: paginated overflow

Album Art: Rita Monteiro @ The Lab
Picture by: JS Pad (via Flickr under a CC License)
Enconding: Jordi Urriaque @ The Lab
PublicSpaces Lab logo by Fernando Mateus


[PS024] Cinchel - paginated overflow by PublicSpacesLab


Flac Edition: Zip file (188.9 MB)
MP3 Edition 320Kbs: Zip file (101.1 MB)

Release Details

And then spring came

And it was Sunday morning

And a feeling of laziness invaded the air

As though a moment in time quiet

With birds singing and waves crashing by

Welcome stillness

Slowly building a stream of glitches and low and high pitches


Cinchel in his “paginated overflow” ep builds a lazy album where each sound being added takes its time to be introduced and then claim is presence with sharpness. Pads, strings and glitches come and go in harmony but if you listen closely a controlled chaotic conversation between the elements can be identified, much like birds dialoguing. Paginated Overflow by Cinchel, is the latest addition to PublicSpaces Lab’s releases. Enjoy the welcoming of spring.

Leonardo Rosado

About Cinchel, in his own words:

“I am a Chicago based musician working with guitar, effects and laptop to create abstract ambient music that is both minimal and dense. My main focus has been the interaction of sounds/notes with themselves. When I began playing guitar at the age of 17 I practiced this idea using solo guitar and a simple delay, influenced by the guitar playing of The Edge (from U2). After a few years I was finally able to afford a simple 4-track and I began exploring the effect of layering guitars and adjusting the tape speed to produce interference and dissonance. It was at this point I started listening to the music of Glen Branca and Rhys Chatham and could hear the beauty that was an ensemble of guitars, where the whole ensemble was a large instrument that stopped sounding like a guitar. With only the use of delay, layering and distortion I attempt to make a lot of guitars no longer sound like guitars. I have avoided the use of MIDI patches/samples and advanced software like Max/MSP mostly because I would rather spend my time playing guitar than learning to program. I like to call this minimal dense music for that reason.”

original post includes links:



[FbL013] Bernadette Erikka - Lie With Care


[These are simply off the cuff remarks about the album as I listen. I am not a reviewer, simply a fan and fellow musician.]


Lie With Care:  Oh my!  Now this is piano!  Interesting.  At times it seems to be one live recording - and then at times I think it's two recordings overtop of each other - although I could see being able to play this live.  Beautiful.   There are two sorts of layers to this track playing against one another - one is seeming relaxing in the lower registers... and then the melody in the upper register is more animated and lends itself to a bit more of racing thoughts... which in my mind seems to work nicely juxtaposing the idea of trying to relax with racing thoughts.  Serious talent here.

Night-Time Journey:  Continuing with piano - quite a nice delay on the piano here.  Wow, Bernadette can play.  This develops so nicely - I have to really recommend this album if you even remotely enjoy piano music!

I'm not sure if I can add much more to this mini review... once again the playing is excellent, with feeling and care.  Beautifully played, beautifully composed.  There are three more tracks - and all are truly worth your time to hear!

Bernadette's playing is exquisite.  This album needs to be heard if you enjoy piano, ambient, or modern classical. Granted, piano is my first musical love so maybe I'm a touch biased... but regardless of that:


Highly recommended.


   INFO from the Feedback Loop label below:


[FbL013] Bernadette Erikka - Lie With Care


When my good friend Leonardo Rosado asked me to write some introduction notes to the new Bernadette Erikka’s EP “Lie with care”, I accepted with pure enthusiasm.
And this for several reasons, beside my friendship with Leonardo: FbL netlabel is continuously improving the quality of its releases and the services they provide to artists is much more than a link from which you can download the albums and of course, the curiosity to listen to Bernadette’s work, a pianist (my field!) as well.
Reading the bio in her website, you may discover that Bernadette interests in arts are not only limited to music: she keeps following different paths, including painting, graphics and writing. So my curiosity grew once I read about this “total” artist, who was about to release “Lie with care” EP on one of my favourite netlabel.

“Lie with care” is far away from being a mere “short EP” as the artist humbly says – the total length of the 5 tracks (more than 30 minutes), entitles it to be considered a full album, with its own, clear and strong personality. This is the first adjective I had while listening to the first track of the EP: personality.

Bernadette’s style, far away from being labeled as “common” or “mainstream”, consists, at a first glimpse, in a restless stream of piano notes, that keep falling like water drops in the ocean, during a heavy rainy day.

Digging into her musical world is not something you may do at the first listen: the musician, I think, wants you to give time to appreciate her music, listening to it again and again in order to discover the underlying beauty of her musical lines.

This is the advice I want to give you: take time to listen to this “Lie with care” EP, possibly without any other distractions, and you’ll find yourself surprised in slowly discovering and recognizing this artist inner musical ideas, that flow through the whole album as rich, fresh and vivid rivers… Just like it happened to me!

Fabrizio Paterlini
Short Biography
Bernadette Erikka is a digital musician & performer who creates original music, soundscapes/sound environments. Following her family's rich artistic traditions she has been active in several artistic fields including painting & graphics, writings and singing/composing. She has extensive educational background in art history, graphics, new media, sound art, piano, flute and singing. She is active as a musician.since 2010. Her recent works include video soundtracks, theme songs, game music and dark ambient chillout music. She does voice-overs and other performances too. Bernadette Erikka works solo and in collaborations too.

For the record: Bernadette was born in 1983, studied at the Moholy N.L. Art Studio and Haifa University, among others, competed in chess won a newspaper title competition and she is also an avid ping-pong player.

mastered by madSavVy Productions
photo by Jessica Aliaga Lavrijsen
cover design by Leonardo Rosado
(cc) by nc nd April 2011

original post includes links:

[FbL012] luca nasciuti - temporali

[These are simply off the cuff remarks about the album as I listen. I am not a reviewer, simply a fan and fellow musician.]

Ivory:  Immediately drawn to the processed piano notes.  The screech of what may be violin bowing sounds or similar works perfectly.  Rumbling underneath.  Beautiful in a challenging way.  Feedback, controlled, directed.  Wow - this is well done.  Ok - deep bowing here - cello?  It's so beautiful amidst the background cacophony.

Pan~: Quieter windy airy opening... a bit darker here.  Liking this.  Moody.   I'm losing the mood for this at the moment - I like it - but let's move on for now.   (note to Har - check out this album for airplay on your show... and also to John / Sadayatana.)

Elegy: Ok - this is hitting the spot so far.  A more mellow and melencholy beginning.  Quiet, drone.  Building.  Little bits and pieces peeking above the drone.  Layers of drones now... I think I hear the violin or cello type instrument. Lovely sound mingling in with the tension of the music.

I recommend this album - especially if you like your music a little more challenging and sparse.   I will definitely be listening again when I'm more "in the mood" for this.  It's excellently crafted.


    INFO from the Feedback Loop label below:

[FbL012] luca nasciuti - temporali


Luca Nasciuti’s compositions are musical events, unfolding in time, much like natural phenomena. They conjure a world of glacial motion, of ebb and flow: evolving sound-worlds with their own biotic life span.
Each of these three new tracks deploys a sparing combination of timbres to evoke its unique musical milieu. Pan~ combines surging waves of white noise with occasional tintinnabulations, underpinned by a subliminal, granular murmur. This same sound— a sort of cosmic background radiation—permeates both Ivory and Elegy, each of which features the filigree scrapings and dissonant drones of the cello, Nasciuti’s instrument of choice. These fragments of sound index the musical soul of the instrument, its propensity for crepuscular melancholy. Elegy has an aptly sepulchral atmosphere, wrapped in the cello’s warm string vibrations, and intermittently casting off brief harmonic flutters. The track coalesces into and concludes with a hesitantly bowed cadenza, and this peroration to the tentative musical gesture is taken up by the first track, Ivory, in which sweeping sonar pulses punctuate a dense patchwork of hammered, scraped and legato cello sounds, with mesmerizing results.

There are possible comparisons to be made between Nasciuti’s music and that of other contemporary experimental sound artists, but for anyone wishing to explore this beguiling composer’s work, these are merely signposts that fail to give a real sense of the distinctive nature of his sound world. Tactile and immersive, and with a highly organic sense of duration, Nasciuti’s music enchants and captivates, gradually drawing the listener into its compelling and convincing universe.

Jonathan Gilhooly

Short Biography
Luca Nasciuti is a London based composer trained in electroacoustic composition, classical music, visual and performing arts. His work spans from installation, to video and performance art, focusing on the legacy between acoustic and electroacoustic sound, and the interplay of sonic and visual practices within site-specific contexts. He has been granted residencies for solo and collaborative projects in the UK and he is exhibiting and performing his works throughout Europe.

mastered by madSavVy Productions
photo by Alejandro Herrero Casajús
drawing by Luca Nasciuti
cover design by Leonardo Rosado
(cc) by nc nd April 2011

If you're interested - a longer minimal techno track of mine and a breakdown of the three main tracks that make up the song - and the two smaller samples to pop in now and then:

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