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Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Lo-Fi Ambient Recommendations
« on: January 07, 2017, 07:58:17 AM »
Here are some of my favorites, all streamable on Bandcamp:

Porya Hatami - Land

Richard Ginn - In Float

The Seaman and the Tattered Sail - Light Folds

Spheruleus - Chronota

Twincities - Memories: To dust

The Humble Bee - Instruction Booklet N. 1232

Federico Durand - Musica para Manuel

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: January 04, 2017, 07:56:25 AM »
Steve Roach - Painting in the Dark
This is fantastic! Much like the cover art, the sounds gradually morph and bleed into one another in fascinating ways. I agree with Ekstasis that the one weak part is track 2 which has a lot of chaotic electronics, much like Indigo Shift from in Etheric Imprints. But the chaos works a bit better here because it is situated in the context of other electronics and is not salient in the mix.

Steve Roach - Fade to Gray
This is okay, but goes on too long without any obvious metamorphosis. I suppose the same can be said for other longform works by Roach, but there isn't a "hook" here to grab me.

Jaja - Beyond the Horizons
New digital release from Jana. Four beautiful tracks that bring to mind stars and the limitless.

Cousin Silas - Dronescape 035
Wonderful bedtime ambience. Digital only.

Art and Literature, Movies and TV / Re: Blade Runner Sequel
« on: December 28, 2016, 06:54:18 PM »
Agree, Arrival was fantastic. And the soundtrack, by Johann Johannsson, is spectacular as well.

I'm also looking forward to the new Bladerunner, but I'm skeptical about whether it will be as compelling as the original.

I thought it would be fun to carry on drone on's tradition of asking people to list some of their favorite releases of the year. It doesn't have to be a list of 10 per se, but I'd love to know what really stood out for people so I can insure that I didn't miss anything that deserves a good listen.

Here are some of my favorites from 2016. The first four are my absolute favorites of the year; the rest are listed in no specific order.

Steve Roach and Robert Logan - Second Nature
Unlike anything in the Roach catalog. I love the serene, Budd-like quality of the piano and the way the synths wash over those notes like waves over stones.

Alio Die - Seamlessly Bliss
Pure and deep ambient bliss with Stefano's distinctive signature sounds.

Ishq - Space Simulator
Six longform ambient-drone pieces delivered from outer space.

Nacht Plank - Alien
This is such a unique, odd, and quirky recording: modular experiments with alien melodies.

Mick Chillage - (M)odes
Such great tracks on here, and a lot of ground covered, including drifting ambient and an up-tempo closing.

Autumn of Communion - Broken Apart By Sunlight
This is easily one of the better AoC releases.

Jacob Newman - Biospherica
Bubbling and glitchy ambient. CD coming on Carpe Sonum in 2017.

Remember - Route Back Home
Technically released in 2015, but the CD came out in 2016. Ambient vapourwave inspired by lost love, wanderlust, and rainy nights in the city.

Forrest Fang - The Sleepwalker's Ocean
I'm especially fond of the Sleepwalker's Ocean suite, as well as the longform track on the second disk. Lots of depth, and chock full of interesting sounds.

Andrew Heath - Europa
Found sounds and field recordings mixed with ambient textures. Each track is like a sonic tapestry.


Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: December 25, 2016, 09:12:12 PM »
Yay, Alio Die.

Been listening to his two new ones a lot around here: An Unfathomable Convergence and Imaginal Symmetry. The first one feels like an extended mix of Seamlessly Bliss. It is good, but it makes me want to listen to SB instead (which is one of my favorites of the year). Imaginal Symmetry is beautiful and is my favorite of the two new releases. Again, it has some familiar motifs, but the sounds flow nicely and have a nice meditative quality.

Everything and Nothing / Re: Season's Greetings
« on: December 25, 2016, 03:13:45 PM »

Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / Re: Forrest Fang news
« on: December 25, 2016, 01:09:24 PM »

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: December 22, 2016, 09:59:35 PM »
Sounds like you had a great day, thirdsystem!  :)

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: December 21, 2016, 01:24:57 PM »
Two from the Archives label:

Warmth - Essay
Slow moving ambience, anchored with some deep-bass melodies.

Gallery Six - Underwater Paradise
Serene, yet glitchy with its occasional water-sample overlays.

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: December 16, 2016, 04:10:28 PM »
Aglaia - Latitude
Lush ambient textures that shift and transform in beautiful ways. As usual, this is just the right blend of experimental and ambient.

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: December 10, 2016, 11:04:49 AM »
Leandro Fresco - El Reino Invisible
Lovely release on Kompakt by one of the recent headliners in the Pop Ambient series. Ambient loops with nice acoustic touches.

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: December 05, 2016, 08:00:06 PM »
SVLBRD - Svalbard
Sometimes I get really bored with ambient techno. And then something like this comes along and blows my mind. The beats on this are simple, catchy, and modest. And the washes and drones drift by with perfect poise. Fantastic. On the new Faint label, an off-shoot of Spain's awesome Archives.

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: December 02, 2016, 10:38:25 PM »
Robert Rich - Vestiges
Dark, moody, and atmospheric. My favorite RR album in the last 10 years.

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: November 25, 2016, 11:24:45 AM »
Ishq - Evergreen Ocean
Similar in spirit (and sound) to Blue Infinity. Wide-reaching sonic washes with occasional sequenced pulses. Quite lovely.

Ishq - Pureland
Many of the tracks on here seem like re-processed versions of the same opening chime-like samples. But, buried within this theme are several unique tracks that are remarkable, including Endless Worlds which is a fantastic drone piece and Distant Horizons which captures the "other world" quality that inspires much of the Ishq work.

I streamed the available tracks and really enjoyed it! I appreciate the extra backstory too. The album is on my "wishlist."

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: November 16, 2016, 07:30:47 PM »
Loscil - Monument Builders
Too much trumpet. (Or trumpet-like sounds.) But some of the tracks are amazing, including the first, which is now one of my all-time favorites from him.

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: November 07, 2016, 06:15:49 PM »
I think it is a quirk specific to Silent Season rather than ASC per se. A lot of their releases are on the expensive side. I've assumed it is because many of the cases are assembled by hand, but that wouldn't explain the digital price.

The releases coming from El Culto/Arc/Tomas tend to be on the expensive side too, including digital. I wonder if both labels have a set of repeat customers that make it viable to price in that range.

It is weird: I'd probably buy just about any interesting digital release for 5$. But once it goes past that threshold, I start doing weird maths to figure out whether I'd rather spend money on album A or album option B. With the exception of Silent Season, anything over 12$ in the digital realm is an automatic "no."

Now playing:

Sangam - You Forget This
Short, wistful pieces of urban ambience from Dream Catalogue. Works best at low volumes. Well priced. ;-)

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: November 04, 2016, 05:08:16 PM »

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: November 03, 2016, 07:03:01 PM »
I streamed some of the Michael Neil music on Bandcamp. I agree: quite beautiful.

Material Object - Artefacts Digitaux II
Sonic experiments: sometimes harsh and sometimes serene. A real headphone treat.

ASC - No Stars Without Darkness
New release on the Silent Season label. Slow-moving ambient space music. This is much in the spirit of his previous SS releases, but with less looping and more live synth-based electronics. I think this album will appeal to many people here. The CD is priced a bit high, but new ASC releases are in the "instant buy" category for me.  ;)

Everything and Nothing / Re: Pavilion game
« on: October 23, 2016, 05:45:24 AM »
Looks cool! Added to my Steam wishlist.

Speaking of ambient puzzle adventures: Anyone try Obduction? It is the Cyan followup to Myst and Riven. Great game.

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