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The sonics won't be cheap, if they're anything like their big-brothers, definitely recommended.  The delay pedals are especially interesting to me.

Interesting.  Thanks for the recommendation, Castle.  Strangely enough his last name is phonetically identical to mi Madre's maiden name.  Cosmic.

I'll be checking this out.

Thank you for listening to the latest effort and for your feedback!

I love the Foogers.  Quite frankly, i think with the combination of CV, they helped me find the direction of my sound.  I use the ClusterFlux on everything, mono synth in, stereo out to Eventide stompboxes.  My favorites are the ringmod, filter, clusterflux and delay.  They really shine when you combine them with a CP-251 and start playing with voltage.

They just released those MiniFoogers, which, as far as i can tell, have the same sonic character but with limited CV.

Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / Re: Phobos - Monolith
« on: October 27, 2013, 05:56:09 PM »
Holy Shit.

Just started Darker... loving it. 

Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / Re: Phobos - Monolith
« on: October 27, 2013, 05:54:30 PM »
This is fantastic.  Love the spaciousness and subtle background envelopes of timbre and narrative.  I'll be reviewing your work over the course of the week. 

thank you for taking the time to listen and comment.  I haven't heard of the artist or the record you mention, I'll be seeking it out.

That Uhe tape simulation is the best bang for buck software I've ever bought.  It's super flexible with powerful dynamics and also fllange/delay effects.  Sounds great with minimal tweaking and really shines when you start to learn the additional parameters. 

Anytime, Castle.  Still enjoying your catalog, particularly Chamber Music, hit me up for a project whenever you're free.

Here is the latest effort:

I'm pretty happy with the sonics.  The new Uhe Satin plugin is really fun.

Now Playing / Sojourner by Phillip Wilkerson
« on: October 22, 2013, 07:56:47 PM »
This year has been great, but this record just might be my favorite release of the past 11 months.

I can't recommend it enough.  Track 2 just slays me...

Now Playing / Re: Who else is listening to the new Grassow on repeat?
« on: October 18, 2013, 10:31:26 PM »
Please excuse the late response.  Dagaz is the record I was referring to.  An amazing record.  I own almost all of Mathias's work and this is one of my favorites. I pre-ordered and have the  limited edition Tomas Weiss mastered edition, it sounds incredible.

I'm sure the other version does as well, which reminds me; i need to pick that up to compare.

Now Playing / Calm Before The Storm by Frozen Thoughts
« on: October 18, 2013, 10:29:29 PM »

I love this record.  Makes me miss the snow. 

holy shit.  I've been sleeping on this, Castle... 

You have some really nice work on your Bandcamp.  I think I was in a hurry when I last visited and didn't let it sit in the background long enough.  This evening i listened to Droneworlds, Hortus Conclusus and Chamber Music and I was really impressed with your narratives and emotional dynamics.  Each record had  a unique feel and you do a great job of balancing the listen with different vibes and timbers.  I also really appreciate the organic feel your music has, which I sometimes struggle to find in my own.

Would you like to collaborate on a project?  It was really fun to do so with Theta and I still enjoy listening to the result.

Let's do this.  I'm happy to mix/master as well.

Just saw this comment, thank you for listening and for your feedback, Castleview!

I think the release landed in a good place and it was really fun to do the long-distance collabo with Theta. I agree that the result has a unique character contrasted with my previous efforts. Theta's contributions were numerous and can be hear throughout the entire listen.

Looking forward to your upcoming release, Castleview, and best regards!

Excited to announce the completion of the latest project:

A collaboration with a friend located in Norway.  I think it came out really well, please have a listen.

Thank you for your feedback and for giving it a listen.

Looking forward to the new release, I'm happy to master it free-of-charge, if you like.

Really like the sound design on "Signal And Serenade".

Thanks again for checking out The last effort, hdibrell.

I'm happy to put some of my fancy plugins to work on any two-track you record, just let me know =]

Here is the latest release:

I'm still learning how to tame the beast that is the DPO but the textured low freq from the A4 and the XS with m/s dynamics in the mix, came out pretty well.  Short of that, it was fun to make!

free download, sub or headphones recommended.

I dig your aesthetic Castleview.  Especially liking "dronefest" and losing myself in the background image, a very nice juxtaposition.  The guitars and choirs gives it a real-world anchor that I really like, makes it sound organic.  Nice work, looking forward to the upcoming release.

Thanks, Chris23, I think I should have started posting here a long time ago. 

And, hdibrell, I'd be very interested to hear your feedback.  It's been a busy week for me too and I plan to listen to Castleview's work this weekend.  Do you have music online that I could listen to as well?

I'm likely just missing it, but I didn't see a section for introductions.

There isn't that much to say, really.  My older brothers introduced me to ambient and IDM music at a young age. We used to hang out and play Master of Orion and Xcom UFO Defense while rotating ambient records.

The first two CD's I bought were Aphex Twin Saw 1 and 2.  I grew up in Happy Valley Salt Lake City and it was difficult for me to find other people who were into the same sound which was sort of a feedback loop to get me more into it.

There was a brief testosterone dominated period of my youth where I was determined to be a successful DJ, but thankfully that didn't last very long.

I started listening to ambient music more in my late teens and I used to play a table-top RPG called GURPS, where we would always have textures on for atmosphere.  That was a big part of the reason I became so fascinated with the sound, in how in helped facilitate imaginative landscapes and other-wordly experiences.  This was right about the time that I started exploring altered states, and I've been gravitating towards this sound ever since. 

My favorite artist of all-time is Oophoi, his music changed my life.  I'm also a big fan of Steve Roach, Sleep Research Facility, Tomas Koner, Tomas Weiss, Mathias Grassow and Tetsu Inoue.  There are many other artists I enjoy, but these are my biggest influences.

I have a degree in "Sound Arts", whatever that means, and I now work as a sound designer and audio engineer in the Pacific NW, Seattle metro area.  I'd love to meet other folks in the area for friendship and collaboration if anyone else is out here.

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