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Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / Out now : NUNC STANS - Peninsula
« on: December 02, 2011, 06:45:59 AM »
New release now available from DataObscura:


NUNC STANS :: Peninsula

A new collection of beautifully sculpted aural landscapes inspired by
isolated coastlines and their desolate but curiously intimate vistas and

Expect a contemporary flowing northern drone-based ambient style,
but of course with a host of subtle melodic lines and other interesting

Here are MP3 samples from all tracks :

- Peninsula
- November Rain
- We Must Leave
- Fathoms
- The Sea Becomes Still
- The Clarity of Darkness
- When The Sea Burns
- This Forgotten Place

Samples are also at the link below (in a convenient player).

Available on disk or as a download :
NUNC STANS: Peninsula -- at DataObscura

There is a full track on the DataObscura Radio page: HERE

Thanks for checking it out.
Comments and questions welcomed.


Everything and Nothing / Phones Recording Everything You Do !!!!
« on: November 30, 2011, 01:57:55 PM »
Just read this on Gizmodo about Android Phones:

Scary invasive privacy issues, and probably on a lot more than just Android phones :o
Worth a quick look.

Other Ambient (and related) Music / new Max Richter
« on: October 27, 2011, 08:28:17 AM »

Muisic for the film Perfect Sense.
The page has an itunes link for samples.
Sounds good ... as usual.


Tomas Weiss & Anthony Paul Kerby :: Appearances

Appearances by Tomas Weiss and Anthony Paul Kerby is their second collaborative
composition, building upon the solid foundations of Distant Shadows from Spring 2011.
This new work forms an uninterrupted story of images and visions varying from bright
expansive spaces to mysterious dark grounds, wind-swept caverns, and pools of pure
emotional depth. Appearances is an immersive, expressive ambient release that is
both lush and timeless, and will certainly reward enthusiasts of deep listening.

Available on CD from el culto in Germany :

Now also in a download version from DataObscura :

Both links will take you to many track samples.

Thanks for checking it out.


New release now available from DataObscura:


The Circular Ruins :: We Leave Everything Behind

Composed over the first half of 2011 these 12 compositions are very much a response
to the nostalgia and loss of passing time. Lives that were waiting for us in the future,
all too soon fall away behind us ... beyond our vision, beyond our memory, beyond
retrieval.  We Leave Everything Behind is a unique and mesmerizing tapestry of sound
that contains all the sonic drama and poetic delicacy we have come to expect from
The Circular Ruins.

Here are MP3 samples from 8 of the 12 tracks :

- Introduction
- Seance
- The Things We Cannot Do
- We Leave Everything Behind
- Lost Time part 3
- Perpetuum Mobile
- Reunited
- Dust of the River
- Lost Time part 4

Samples are also at the link below (in a convenient player).

Available on disk or as a download :
TCR: We Leave Everything Behind, at DataObscura

Thanks for checking it out.
Comments and questions welcomed.


Our 50th DataObscura release - now available:


Jacob Newman and Devin Underwood :: The Vivid Unmapped

Fresh, free-flowing dreamscapes in a minimal contemporary style ...
immersive drones laced with field recordings, creative electronics and piano.

It's a delight !

Here are samples of the first 4 tracks :

- Early
- Upon Awakening
- Unconscious Movement
- Tracing Memory

Samples from all tracks are at the link below.
And the full first track can be heard on the DataObscura Radio page Here

Available on disk or as a download : The Vivid Unmapped at DataObscura

Thanks for checking it out.
Comments and questions welcomed.


Brand new release on DataObscura.

Robert Davies : Whispering Grove
It was midsummer, when the alchemy of Nature transmutes the sylvan landscape
to one vivid and almost homogeneous mass of green; when the senses are well-nigh
intoxicated with the surging seas of moist verdure and the subtly indefinable odours
of the soil and the vegetation. In such surroundings the mind loses its perspective;
time and space become trivial and unreal, and echoes of a forgotten prehistoric past
beat insistently upon the enthralled consciousness.
   H.P. Lovecraft  The Tomb

Imagine this literary image transposed into flowing music and you have the rich
ambient compositions of Robert Davies' Whispering Grove. Possibly his most
perfect pastoral album to date. Music that brings romantic visions of languishing
within secluded bowers of intoxicating scents and lush humid overgrowth.
Crafted with an unassuming simplicity and deftness, this is an album guaranteed
to transport you.

Titles and MP3 samples

- Whispering Grove
- Gathering Memories
- Gnarled Oak
- Hidden Bower
- Below Bridges of Stone
- Foliage Effulgent
- Intoxicating Alchemy
- Meadows of Scented Spice

Available as CD and MP3 download (320kbs) for a good price.

Please do have a listen.
Comments and questions always welcome.

Thanks !


Here is a very nice Soundcloud mix made from some of my tracks, by a guy called Neonlogic from Portugal.
Excellent choices, I think, and a great flow. 
Its about 60 minutes.
If you don't know my work, this is a good introduction.

Sit back and enjoy !


Upcoming release on Construct,
a new collaborative label between el culto and DataObscura.

Anthony Paul Kerby and Tomas Weiss : Distant Shadows

Anthony Paul Kerby and Tomas Weiss are famililar names to followers of quality
ambient electronica. Anthony has many respected recordings under the names
Lammergeyer, Nunc Stans, and The Circular Ruins. Tomas most recently recorded
as Nautic Depths and El Hadra, and is especially well-known for his deep drone
work with Mathias Grassow.

Distant Shadows is their first collaboration and, as might be expected, it is something
very special. Expertly crafted, rich with detail and brooding undertones, the work is
composed as one vast and immersive journey through elaborate sonic landscapes and
northern visions of isolation, serenity, subtle powers and hidden depths.

This is the premier release on the new collaborative Construct label run by
Tomas and Anthony. el culto will provide the pressed CD release, DataObscura will
host the download release.

Titles and MP3 samples

- Distant Shadows
- Gathering Memories
- Eternal Return
- Everything That Can be Said
- Deep Time
- Figures On A Dark Background
- A Final Vision

Expected release date is later in February.

There is now a reduced price PREORDER at the el culto portal in Germany.

Please do have a listen.
Comments and questions always welcome.

Thanks !


Other Ambient (and related) Music / NEW :: Robert Davies "POND"
« on: October 16, 2010, 07:45:57 AM »
Now available from DataObscura:


Robert Davies :: Pond

Another deep pastoral exploration from Robert Davies.
This time consisting of four longer, 15 minute pieces.
A work inspired by lines from Thoreau's Walden.

Cover art is also by Robert.
"Possibly the most meditative and serene of Robert's albums to date.
A work of subtle changes and consistent moods that functions well as
both background ambiance and immersive mental landscapes
." APK

Here are the opening minutes from all tracks :

- Summer Algae Pool
- Ripple Glisten
- Amidst Dark Reeds
- Boughs Overhanging

Available as either CD or Download : DataObscura

Thanks for checking it out.


Now available from DataObscura:

Nunc Stans : Stanzas From the Museum of Dreams

This is a free downloadable ep.

Companion to the full-length release: We Leave Without Speaking.
Six tracks of immersive ambient beauty. 256kbs mp3. 48 minutes.
Composed and performed by Anthony Paul Kerby, spring 2010.

1 - A World Set Apart
2 - Hand Reaching Into Shadows
3 - This Dream of Ourselves
4 - The Book of Disquiet
5 - The Beautiful Unknown
6 - Winds of Change

As a sample, here is the complete second track in 128kbs mp3
for streaming or download ::
Hand Reaching Into Shadows

Full release available here :: DataObscura Free Stuff
along with some other fine ep releases.

NOTE: this ep is currently being shipped on disk (in its own
printed envelope) for free with the new Nunc Stans release
We Leave Without Speaking.

Thanks !


Now available from DataObscura:


Nunc Stans : We Leave Without Speaking

Music for an imagined film.

We Leave Without Speaking is a single, 72 minute piece of expansive and
deeply involving atmospheric ambience that wanders an enigmatic world of
its own making, seamlessly flowing through a variety of rich sonic palettes
and absorbing soundworlds. A work of considerable beauty, with an underlying
sense of forlorn isolation and longing. A mature and sophisticated continuation
of the Nunc Stans legacy.

Performed by Anthony Paul Kerby, spring 2010, using various synthesisers,
guitar, treated piano, field recordings, and digital processing.

Here are some longish samples from this 72 minute work :

- Sample 1
- Sample 2
- Sample 3

Available as either CD or Download encoded at 256kbs : DataObscura

NOTE: this album is currently being shipped with a free disk version of the
new 48min Nunc Stans ep release Stanzas From The Museum Of Dreams,
which comes in its own printed cardboard sleeve. This ep is also available for
free download at DataObscura.

Thanks !


Everything and Nothing / TOUR DE FRANCE
« on: July 01, 2010, 05:08:44 PM »
Starts Saturday the 3rd !!!!   8)

I started this back in Jan 2010

Its about poetry and images primarily.

Thought I'd mention it.


Now available from DataObscura:

Pleq : Our Words Are Frozen
First release on Dataobscura from respected Polish glitch experimentalist
Bartosz Dziadosz. Expect a moody infusion of grainy ambient, subtle glitch,
field recordings, and minimal industrial soundscapes. You might know Pleq
from his U-Cover releases, and elsewhere.

Restrained and fresh, with a distinct northern isolationist and melancholic
feeling throughout. 

tracks, with mp3 samples:

- Last Month's (Short Version)
- Walk Through Your Mind
- Warmhearted Whiteout
- We Try To Abjure Material Things
- Our Words Are Frozen
- Warmhearted Whiteout (krzysztof orluk remix)
- Back To The Moon
- I Know, It's Not Human (feat. Pleq) 

Available as either CD or Download encoded at 256kbs : DataObscura

A full track can be heard on the Radio page --  Here
Please do have a listen.

Will also be some copies arriving in the Hypnos store soon,
and Databloem in Holland.

Thanks !


Now available from DataObscura:


The Circular Ruins : Invisible Cities
A lush and addictive collection of ambient journeys and landscapes inspired by the
incomparable novel Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino. These works exhibit the rich
organic complexity, occasional curious rhythms, and deft developments we have
come to expect from The Circular Ruins. This is music for sonic immersion ... and for
the imagination.

Composed and performed by Anthony Paul Kerby (Canada) using a variety
of synthesisers and effects, with occasional field recordings.
Piano on What's Left Behind by Angela Weiser.


- We Carry Them With Us When We Leave
- Over Land And Over Water
- Pavilion Of Slow Dreams
- Approaching The City of Revelations
- Let Me Show You What It Was Like
- As Far As The Eye Can See
- What's Left Behind

Available as either CD or Download encoded at 256kbs : DataObscura

A full track can be heard on the Radio page --  Here
Please do have a listen.

Will also be some copies arriving in the Hypnos store in a couple of weeks.

Thanks !


Now Playing / Radio Playlists
« on: January 26, 2010, 08:04:26 AM »
A place to post radio playlists, like Star's End, to see what's new and
receiving attention on the airwaves.

Now available:

The Winterhouse: Sanctuary

Sanctuary, the third Winterhouse collaboration, will entrance with its deep,
flowing textures and rich expressive details. The five long pieces seem to engage
cinematically, drawing sonic vistas and sending the listener drifting on excusions
of discovery. Imagine wandering a deserted estate, darkened in the late-summer
evening by overhanging trees, and threaded with meandering pathways that offer
glimpses of a sprawling mansion glowing amber and golden in the failing light.
What memories lie forgotten in these gardens and within those walls?

Rich drone bases overlaid with strings, grainy pads, subtle melodies, and sonic
gems of many kinds.

Performed by Anthony Paul Kerby (canada) and Robert Davies (usa) using a variety
of synthesisers, with occasional field recordings and processed guitar.
Final compositions and mastering by APK.

tracks & mp3 samples:

- Secret Arrangements part 1
- Remembrance Of Things Past
- A Parcel of Enigmas
- Secret Arrangements part 2
- The Twilight Turns A Deeper Blue

Available as either CDr or an inexpensive Download encoded at 256kbs : DataObscura
Buy the album and you can have a free instant download if you email me
or put a note in the order form.

Five minutes of the opening track can be heard on the Radio page --  Here

Please do have a listen.
Words are no substitute for the music.

Many thanks.


Now Playing / Long Term Listening - your ambient classics
« on: January 07, 2010, 06:29:37 AM »
Brian B. recently posted in another thread:
"What's the music you've listened to with regularity over the long term?"
Which made me think this would be an excellent topic of its own.

So please post in here those electro-ambient (and related) albums you come
back to again and again, over years, or at least more than one season.
A list of personal classics, rather than recent finds.

Everything and Nothing / MOVED: Best of 2009!!!1
« on: December 28, 2009, 09:14:02 AM »

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