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Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: R.I.P. Oophoi
« on: April 13, 2013, 04:36:43 AM »
That's very sad :-(

I known Gianluigi Gasparetti personally...

1) about the Deep Listening review:
I discovered him through the great webzine "Deep listening", an amazing magazine regarding electronic/ambient music reviews he was used publishing evry three-monts (initially writing himself alone and with some collaborators in last years). Pheraps no many people here know this magazine, wrote only in Italian language and sold only by correspondence in paper format (also in recent internet-era ...).
In our e-mail conversations I tryed many times to convince him to translate the review in english language, because I though the content was absolutely valid worldwide, but he have been always so pessimistic on the realization of the English version and the diffusion on internet with a weblog or something... we had long mail conversations about that ...

2) about Oophoi music
If I well remember, around year 2000 or a bit later, Stefano Musso (in art Alio Die) gifted to me the Deep Listening magazine issue (btw at that time Stefano used to sell strange music cds in a stand in some fairs of used books, comics and vynils... btw, at that times I also discovered Alio Die's album gems..)
So I started some time after an e-mail friendship with Gianluigi that became my "ambient music" CD supplier/reseller... (that was time when internet was not so diffused here in Italy...) I purchased from him so many CDs of great unknown artists and I really appreciated music he realized with nickname Oophoi! I think his drones are really at a very high level of "deepness" and I listened his music for many years. By example Athlit, Mike Griffin published and mentioned properly here, have been a masterpiece in ambient/electronic music.

3) about his discovering of my music
In 2004 (times when he was also sort of editor/manager of "Umbra Records" CDR label ) I sent to him  a demo CD, just to have his honest opinion...he was entusiast and insisted on publish that "demo"... I followed his suggestion and "Western Detunes" (my first album); was published by him.  A good story: my nick "solyaris music" come after a converstaion with him ... because our love for Tarkovskij's movies.. he suggeted to use an alias as "LEM" .. but I decided at last for "SOLYARIS" as a tribute to the movie.

I have to be always be beholden tohim because that.. because I started to express myself in music in what today I call "my way"!

After the pubblication of Western Detunes, I confess I had discussions with Gigi, because some "commercial" behaviours on music duffusion and reselling/ re-pricing of my music by certain web sites ...(btw without any advantage for myself...) so we decided to separate our ways and himself suggested to me to diffuse my music with a personal website. I did that with happiness and peace for everybody :-).
I admit my relationship with Gigi stopped at that times more or less. Sometime I had to complain about some behaviours and the friendship finished. Yes, Gianluigi talked to me about a misterious desease but, I admit, he was so hermetic that I thought he was not so sincere ... I gone wrong! Mea culpa :-(
A part the personal issues, the feelings I had also reading the last issues of Deep Listening magazine editorials, was his big pessimism about (ambient) music diffusion, music evolution nowadays... life in our society... to such an extent he closed the magazine forever :-(

2) About music he loved and culure & history he divulgated
Looking backward my last years, I see indeed how many I am at one with him now! I mean regarding his conception about ambient music, his infinite love for Steve Roach music! and above all for Klause Wiese tibetan singing bowls drone music. He was a deep lover and connoisseur of Wiese music (he met him  some times as far as I know, and they realized some albums togheter) and almost every Deep Listening magazine was containinig a sort of serialized chunks of stories around Popol Vuh, Wiese and sufism ... ?! :-)
Yes, I know that big part of my musical culture started after his thoughts, his music.
I have to be grateful to him ...

Buon viaggio dall'altra parte Gianluigi!
Che tu possa stare immerso in drones di bellezza infinita làddove sei..

Hi all

for lovers of guitars-made light ambient ( ):

From today you can get my music also as FLAC files download.
All albums are available (including now Western Detunes).
Discount Bundle allow to get all my discography at a cheap price.
To download, go to:

enjoy solyaris music

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: How to delivery music? CDR vs FLAC download
« on: December 14, 2012, 01:09:16 AM »
non accetable my side that itunes decide prices against my will!

thanks Tomas,

by reading your issues, the only thing what i can say is "do it yourself"!  :)

is what I always done in my life :-)

build your own website including a shop for physical and digital music with Paypal option (for example Joomla or other CMS - Content Management Systems).

You are right,
at the moment my choice is: simple static html + paypal cart.
joomla ? I hate php and mysql! don'you know I'm a ruby-man and mongodb objectifier ?!
i'm joking... :-) but seriously probably in future i'll remake my small website using only javascript client side and server side (nodejs) ...just for fun ?! uhhh :-)


For i-tunes: For me this is the worst portal/service i´ve ever experienced. I simply call their service "dictatorship" as you don´t have any control about ANYTHING. Also with the rest of Apple´s idea it goes like this:

I completely agree. bloody Apple.
I have been an Apple user and software programmer for years... almost 20 years ago.
But now Apple have become for my eyes a BAD "status symbol".
ok, Apple is not different from many other hw/sw companies.
But what I hate is the hypocrisy of the "think different" and the presumtion they are "better".

Now I will no more talk about these topics in this forum,
because I'm not interested to flame on "political" issues,
I would avoid (language) misunderstanding
has happened here in these forum years ago. 

Indeed really I would like to collect ideas about the main subject of the topic I proposed
(FLAC/MP3, price, ono-to-one delivery experiences, etc.);
any point of view is welcome!

Unfortunately a lot of artists are not critical enough about the "whole" or too innocent, especially newcomers, which into today wanting just quick, impressing and personal pleasing results ("wooow my music is now worldwide available").

yes, in facts I posted my questions here in this forum, populated by non-newcomers musicians&listeners :-)


Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: How to delivery music? CDR vs FLAC download
« on: December 13, 2012, 03:20:42 PM »
ciao Tomas,

I agree, personally I have been critical with Bandcamp rules at  first glance, leaving it immediately!

for my (our) "niche" realm, all these "big" mainstream channels
are not too useful immo,
I experienced cdbaby and through it amazon/itunes... a flop.
By example have been almost impossible to agree the final price with cdbaby (mainly with his third parties digital distributors like amazon and itunes.
non accetable my side that itunes decide proces against my will!

Probably the real point is that I do not like intermediator and fee-makers.
and I enjoy to have a "direct" producer-to-consumer link ...
But technically, what do you think regarding my "individualistic" proposed flow ?


Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: Interesting Steve Roach Technical interview
« on: December 13, 2012, 08:17:26 AM »
About Steve's sentence: "I don’t look for outside opinions"

Yes... I perceive the need of "individualistic" choices,
when one have to face with (music) problems that only (sound) shamans can face... :-)

The interview part touched me more is when Steve say:

"I love sitting at a dedicated instrument, say the Oberheim Matrix 12, and just focusing on sound exploration for hours. Out of this process, the music I create naturally evolves from the inside out with composition–improvisation and constant sound shaping all ebbing and flowing. In this mode, I will have no other instruments fired up, no computer screen on and calling out, just this one instrument and some nicely hand crafted hardware reverb (of course). After all the years of working with analog knobs, and the velvet touch and response of analog sliders, I just know this is where I want to live."

Oh yes,
I absolutely understand the mental status and I agree with his approach!  :-)

So Steve continue to use, also in recent releases, what himself define "historic hardware processing" (at top level of that "legacy" technology...)
in any case, immo, his soundscapes exploration is going deep in new "tones" (using a word he used)
as pheraps no other musician nowdays.

Less albums Steve!
More CA-AZ journey,  more ultraterrain trips! :-)


Music Gearheads Tech Talk / How to delivery music? CDR vs FLAC download
« on: December 13, 2012, 07:35:06 AM »
Hi guys,
( btw, I please administrators to move where they want my post if it is in the wrong place )

until now I sold/gifted my music as CDrs.
That have been the natural way until some years ago, to supply the better audio quality.

As listener, I personally Icontinue to think that's  preferred way to listen music,
music that require "high-fidelity", possibly to be listened far from laptop/mobile devices/phones... argh!!!

In recent times, people (and myself mmhhhh :-( ) used to listen also from MP3 / FLAC files,
so I'm deciding now to deliver my music also as FLAC download.

I suppose this possible flow:
a) sell with a standard paypal payment a digital album
b) use or similar file store web services to let people download encrypted file containing FLAC encoded tracks.
c) get feedbacks from listeners/friends saying something like "Giorgio, was better your previous album..." or similar ;-)

Questions to both music producers and listeners too:

1. Do you retain FLAC a suitable format to delivery hi-fy digital music ?
Or it's convenient pheraps some MP3 high quality encoding (maybe because MP3 is more supported by portable music players)  ?

2. Do you have experience using or similar services (letting HTTP download) instead of using FTP old approach etc. 

3. What is the "market" price of a digital album in 2012 ?

4. Do you listen ambient/electronic music also using digital files (MP3 or whatever) ?
Do you really listen with mobile devices (tablet/phones/etc.) ?

Any idea is welcome / thanks

Never regret money spent on old books, old dogs or old friends.

Too generous Harry!
the true is that my old site was really awful, so I remake it just writing myself a decent html ...
the new web site is still ugly I know... but pheraps a bit more clear
(by example I tryied to be more clear the store page)
If you find something "strange" or not clear, please let me know,
it could depend on my transaltion to English language (or it could depend on my crooked mind...)

web site suggestions welcome frome everyone here!

BTW, my gulty, I wasn't added You in friends page; I just fixed it :-)

Rhodes piano ?
wow! now the baby is ready to produce adrifts in the Solyaris way ;-)
I love so much the Rhodes sounds... even I Appreciate rhodes-loops in House Music .. ;-)
(btw, good house music contain rhodes loops-sample pearls ...)

BTW, personal note: I thank you again for have purchased for me years ago the fu****ing line-6 looper-delay; do you remember the shipping disaventure ? :-)
It died suddenly one years ago :-( too expensive to repair it..arghh :-(
I promise myself to never buy a line-6 device... but... Ascension and revelation have been based on it :-)

Years ago Jeff Pearce suggested to me to use the digitech jamman stereo...,
I have been perplex about for long years,
but I I now got one and, despite the lack of "creative intelligence" of this digitech device,
I admit it his indispensable for my future soundscapes.

Yes, I guess to release something new in 2013.
Last years have been bad for me ...
We hope for a better new year... :-)

Hi all,

I allow myself a small advertisement here; for who love (slide guitar) floating ambient drones, my music at:
I updated my website, supplying free streaming and mp3 download.
Donation support is very welcome!!!

If you are a  (web) radio owners, or podcast dj and you like to add my music in your programs, please contact me.


Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: October 19, 2012, 08:08:14 AM »
Few days ago I listened CD Nest, new Robert Rich's work.
I remembered that was a lot of time that I was not listening DVD Somnium.
Now amazing Somnium's part III track play continuously  in loop mode ... 

Thanks Apk, Harry

yes, probably I do not deepen enough new artists discovering :-)
My point, pheraps because I'm musician too, is that I have "expectations" regarding possible new sonic worlds to be explored, but these expectations of the future sound, paradoxically, are rarely achived; by example I think Steve Roach seed something not yet undertaken. The paradox is also technological, because nowadays the potential sonic tools seem more powerful than just ten years ago.

Thanks for the e-mail list I'm goig to read.
Yes, your are for sure more optimistic that me :-)
Indeed it happen to me the opposite: when I relisten now what I believed was real gems, I still say "wow".
BTW, can you give me a web link of these Richard Gurtler's reviews ?


since many months, indeed since many years,
I see no vitality, no creativity, no new interesting music.

I talk as listener,
I talk as musician of "this" kind of music (perhaps)
so please note my one is also a self-criticism!

I thought a lot about why I personally do not listen something that touch me by
some years and I admit I stop (temporarily) making music exactly some years
But I remember times when I was exited discovering guys as Robert Rich, Steve
Roach, Star of The Lid, Alio Die (just to name few) and them masterpieces...

but now I feel a big "void"
(and I'm not referring to the magnificent “sufi” concept of void in Klaus
Wiese singing bowls mystical music... and also I'm not referring to "magnificent
void" Steve Roach's great album ;-) )
NO! I'm referring to what appear to me a complete lack of artistic
“novelty”: the absence of the inner magic flame that light up on your soul
when you listen new beautiful music...)
BTW, the late lamented critic and my friend Gordon Danis could perfectly
understand what I mean... :-(

So why all that, I ask to myself?
And I forward my question to you, listener or music maker!

I mean: I feel a sort of decadence, a lack of new exiting new ways in
ambient/electronic music and that paradoxically mismatch with the new
possibilities of synthesizers and computer elaboration capabilities of nowadays
pc-for-the-masses... bla bla bla

So regarding the lack of new sonic explorations of “beauty”:
It's about the crisis of CD selling?
So it's about the global “economical crisis”?
It's about the lack of new "sensibility" in our so beautiful societies?

It's only my personal point of view, so pessimistic?
I'm perhaps lost something?
Or is a common feeling here?

Nevertheless, to conclude, let me overturn the plaint! let me be positive!
please suggest me new amazing musics/artists you just discovered!


Hi all,

I'm very happy Sir Eric Rorer ( ) used my music as sountrack for his amazing video (Backpacking America's Last True Wilderness):

I didn't know Eric and I discovered casually his video surfing the web, anyway he interpreted exactly the sense of Commons Creative licence ( I propose for all my MP3s files availebe for free download on my website : what I ask to people would use my music as soundtrack is simply to mention my data exactly as Eric did: inside the video an dpossibly also in the comment notes outside the video. I would happy that people could mention all details (title of track, album, my name, website URL), or at least the website link could be sufficient.

Generally speaking I wish my music could be used as soundtrack for a film or documentary concerning high altitude mountains climbing (snow/ice/rock/mixt) but, please note, I'm not too happy that my music could comment sport activities in a strict sense, indeed I'd be very happy that my music could be used to comment Nature in a general sense,  I mean the "Wilderness", the contemplation and the lack of hurry, the lack of time-counting ... 

I'd eventually please ask to be contacted via e-mail ( possibly before (or also after) publishing the video; just because I'm curious and I'm simply happy to see my music is listened and used. In cases of a project really interesting I'm available to gift my music (maybe the new one) also via CDr .. even if this is expensive to do my side and I'd appreciate if people could possibly purchase my CDs (even if this is a bit wearing), but that's a form of acknowledgement of value of my music... I hope you understand is absolutely not a commercial convenience because the niche of "our" market ... of my music especially ;-)

BTW, Another beautiful Eric's video with my music:

BTW, my new work coming soon (2011) I'm restoring the fender rhodes! ;-)


Other Ambient (and related) Music / Sheila Whittaker music
« on: September 21, 2010, 06:03:55 AM »
Hi love the way she play gongs:

BTW, on his website, Sheila talk about "powerful healing & stress-relieving properties" ...
mmhhh... indeed I feel her beautiful music do not have (fortunately!) these new-agey relaxing features ...
or maybe yes ...

Anyway the most important think, for me, is her ability to use harmonics of a single piece of metal to explore deep realms ...
in a manner I think very affine to the way I (we) love ... very Stalker-movie-compliant, isn't it ?

I guess administrators agree this is not promotion ... but share of musical knowledge .. ;-)


Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: Hardware loopers
« on: September 21, 2010, 05:46:55 AM »
BTW, concerning Boss stuff... Brian and Adam used some years ago simply a RC-20 (if I well remember);
so that's an example of creatitity and great results, probably no more achieved in future for them...:

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: Hardware loopers
« on: September 21, 2010, 01:10:34 AM »
That's why I use the BOSS DD20 pedal : it's not a looper (though it includes one), it's a delay with 23 seconds capacity. That means the "loops" gradually disappear, at a rate the user can control with a knob. Frippertronics style.

Hi Boris,
I enjoyed your live piece.

Yes, just a note about regarding DD20, I use; I'm critic: as  pretty all Boss stuff (maybe with the exception of old DD-x pedals*), I feel these devices "unmusical" and mainly without an intelligent way of control behaviours: DD-20 as frippertronic emulator is not so good ... but what is a bad is the delayed sound quality ... I could define "flat sound" .. a not good compromise between a "digital" and an "analogical" sound ... :(
nevertheless, as usual, you can obtain the best also from the worst, with power of creativity :)

* just the DD-6 have his "personality": you can create good hyper-layered adrifted stuff with high feedback, impossible to realize with the DD-20 ... :(

take care

yes, I'm just listening new compositions of my friend Takahiro sent to me as gift!
I love his music and I think is one of rare musician create great soundscapes using the "usual" ambient guitarsist tools;
just a step forward.


Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Robert Rich iPhone App
« on: July 25, 2010, 11:35:54 AM »
Hello Forrest,

But tell us how you really feel!;)

In what sense ? ;)
Isn't clear that I hate the nowadays music fruiction ways ... apple or not apple ... ?! :)

Unless I am in commuter mode, I generally don't like the idea of tuning out my environment--it seems very unnatural and even a bit antisocial.  Yet with the proliferation of cell phone users looking down and ignoring the immediate environment around them, this sadly seems to be a continuing trend.

Yes, I agree that's awful and I confess me too I use often my portable music player to listen music (deep soul house music !? ;) ) but that's way to live music is a full alienation... that's not what I would hope music could be for people ...

BTW, I always retained John Cage's theories a leg-pull or a pure ideological provocation at his times ...
his unique merit have been to be friend of Morton Feldmann ... :)
Always respect for Your art, Forrest.


Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Robert Rich iPhone App
« on: July 25, 2010, 12:18:30 AM »
Hi all music lovers & makers,

It's great to see Somnium in a portable format.
I feel sorry Antdude, I completely disagree.

quoting from :
The iPod/iPhone platform is more suitable than the DVD which forced you into a listening space.

I feel as foolish this conception: iPod/iPhone supply a lo-fi sound quality, and, as all mobile device, it imply a music listening in terms of background below other stuff you do in your real life ...  in other terms, using ther "multitasking-aware" metaphor, I say that iPod/iPhone imply a music listening as a Low Priority task (of your Attention). The CD or DVD way instead imply a music listening at a possible max priority psycological task ... that's the manner you can really appreciate music (as utility) to pass portals of your mind...

With the Somnium  App, I can alter any space I’m in, whether it’s the media room or the grocery store.

I feel the conception of altering the living space an alienation. Now, me too I use MP3 portable players to avoid to listen the awful sound around me in the city, but this is not a solution to Listen Music, indeed it's just an escapism, all in all my alienation from the world. A bad story! I associate the Listening (Ambient) music to a deep listening activity and specifically Robert Rich's music have been for me the entry point in a listening music one step forward a standard every day superficial listening (of mainstream music). So I'm sad to see one of my preferred musician (and mentor) to follow this adapt to a bad music fruiction way... probably I'm wrong, but I pretend from top level artist in the world (and I retain Robert one special person), a progression in music creativity ... after "trance & drones" elevations, you can't go back realizing "standard ambient music" a là Eno ...  

I know, we are, all over the world in the crisis of decadence, but I feel that just because this, artists could explore with more freedom them creativity, and all in all I always see the adaptation to the tastes of big audience, pheraps bring to an economical advantage, but that's something that make unhappy and miserable the creator of art ... isn't it ?  

quoting Robert Rich's mailing list:

Anyone with an iPhone or iPod Touch can now download the Somnium app,
for a mere $0.99. This app creates a mood for long-duration listening
by playing hours of randomly crossfading loops, selected from the
original Somnium audio tracks. The user interface is very simple,
just a slider that determines how slowly the loops move forward.

The idea is funny and me too, as musician and software maker, some years ago I investigated to realize this kind of "random-controlled" sw, there was times of my discover of Brian Eno's experimentations on generative music (with not so good results) and my time of investigation of '900 composers futuristic ideas on these realms. Now I realized that the "one-shot choice" of composer is magic... it's the risolving catalysing act of creativity; personally I make music overlapping using many layers of performance recording and what I feel interesting is to choose the magic fit in among sound layers (= loops); so I feel that allowing the user to play with remix controls have two drawbacks: 1. remove the creator of music magic decision, 2. distract the listener attention to really fly with music.
Last but not least, let me exprime my disappointment for Apple stuff, that I call "pseudo-technological". I have been a Mac user and programmer for years, deciding at last "no more a Mac in my home!". Specifically I hate the Apple presumption of "think different" on technological creativity... but above all I hate the monopolistic approach of proprietary sw / fw, apple always maintained in years. Last but not least, the value of all recent Apple portable devices is simply a leg-pull, just a symbol of status quo of richness... something that fight with my vision of music experience for human beings.

I'm against all as usual here, or there is someone agree ? :)


Hypnos Label Releases / Re: RELEASE: Jeff Pearce - Daylight Slowly
« on: June 22, 2010, 10:49:27 AM »

That's incredible: I lost "Daylight Slowly" in my home ?!!! arghh... that's one of CD I listened so much ... one of my preferred
and I lost it at home!!! :( I become crazy when I loss something at home and I'm unable to find it .. :)

ahhhhh!!! FOUND IT!!!!
I found the lost (at home?!) CD .. it was togheter with "the light beyond" ...  ??? ::) ;D

BTW; any news about Jeff ?


Hypnos Label Releases / Re: RELEASE: Jeff Pearce - Daylight Slowly
« on: May 05, 2010, 04:18:06 AM »
Nice to hear that this disc is back in print.  It's probably my favorite of Jeff's ambient releases.  Two other limited releases of Jeff's that deserve the reissue treatment are Summer Solstice and Songs For The Gathering.


I agree with you Forrest,
(BTW, since many months I promise to myself to contact you to purchase some of your works; you are in a little set of artist I really exteem)

back to Jeff,

That's incredible: I lost "Daylight Slowly" in my home ?!!! arghh... that's one of CD I listened so much ... one of my preferred
and I lost it at home!!! :( I become crazy when I loss something at home and I'm unable to find it .. :)

I possess pretty all Jeff works and I feel "Daylight Slowly" is the better,
it bring you from the surface of sea in deep wather and back to surface, back and forward slowly ...

Also in the case of this great artist as many others (I think about Robert Rich, Robert Fripp, etc.),
I feel he started in recent years a more "simple" musical way, in opposition to the initial sonic experimentation;
personally I do not love too much the turn to new music with stick, even if I admit that Jeff' harmonic solutions are are always interesting and never banal ... but some of his old sonic experimentation, filtering electric guitar with the digital effects achieved some sort of "perfection"!
All in all I still consider Jeff a master.


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