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Listening: Podcasts, Mixes, and Music Sample Clips / syndae - episode 153
« on: November 11, 2011, 03:00:26 PM »
Another week bites the dust. Let's praise those who invented the weekend, as it is quite delicious to have one. Tonight's episode will go into the quiet realms, as we did several times before. It's all fresh, recent releases to please your ears with fine sound taking you on a silent journey from your heart to your soul. Take a deep breath of music with tracks by Ken Elkinson, Michael Sandler, Phillip Wilkerson, Sam Rosenthal, and Steve Roach.

Travel lightly with:

Yours, Stefan

As some posts in the past, I wanted to let you know about a new episode of my podcast that quite fits the music, most of you endeavor. Episode 97 touches the area of dubby, experimental, and ambient music, and you're welcome to join me on a journey in the outer regions of electronic based music as you usually hear on syndae. On the playlist tonight, tracks by Ambient Circle, Julian Ray, Marco Havnin, MetanioaX, Michael Hoffmann, and Mystified.

Fresh at:

Cheers, Stefan

Tensed? Tired? Exhausted? Well, I am, after a quite busy week. I need some relaxation. Join me for a marvelous journey with ambient tracks including brand new stuff by Javi Canovas and Phillip Wilkerson. And more fantastic mind easing music by Mister Vapor and Altus, Rudy Adrian, Stephan Whitlan, and EL-KA.

Take a rest at:

Yours, Stefan

With episode 61 I would like to take the chance to introduce my podcast on electronic music: syndae. It's a weekly podcast with episodes of 30 minutes featuring traditional EM as well as ambient, space music, and new age. Would be great to have you as listeners as well as to get some feedback. Of course, I hope to win some artists from Hypnos as well to be heard on syndae.  ;D

Tonight's episode number 61 gives you a bouquet of beautiful sounds and sequences. Starting off with a sneak pre-listen to the upcoming album by TMA, followed by fantastic music including Antonio Bruno, Between Interval, David Helpling & Jon Jenkins, Jeffrey Koepper, and UtopiaXO.

Join the tales at:

Yours, Stefan

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