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and more great reviews and more charting of 'Exit Strategy' (DiN37) cd album by Ian Boddy & Parallel Worlds ... review(US) :

Pingthings webmag review (Canada) : webmag review (DE) :

Sea Of Tranquility webmag review (US) :

the album made it into the Echos 'best of 2011 so far' chart:

and one more great review from 'Dead Earnest' ( ) webmag (UK) :


Latest collaboration from the UK synth music pioneer Ian Boddy and Greek synth maestro Bakis Sirros, who's previously released two great albums on DiN, Ian's label, gives us an album that's both dark and beautiful, accessible yet complex and highly engaging from start to finish. For those who need to know such things, it's a predominantly analogue affair, but if you're thinking what I think you're thinking, then don't - this is innovative and accessible music of great quality and changes on every listen. It opens with just under five minutes of sinuous synth flowing over a tide of Sirros' darkly hammering rhythms, the effect both claustrophobic and absolutely riveting as the textures rumble, soar and drive along, all highly charged with the all-important sense of emotion and feel that runs through Boddy's music like lifeblood and is the reason why his electronica stands head and shoulders above most. This segues right into the 8 minutes of "Impresario" where, after a slowly rising intro of great electronic depth, the electro-percussive rhythms shudder, wheeze and hammer as this mid-paced river of rhythm underpins the myriad layers of space synths, darkly textured electronics, distant resonant fx and then this almost melodic top layer of string-like, almost middle-eastern sounding synths that changes shape as the rhythms also change shape and the whole picture goes from dark shudder to open-ended gallop, only to come to an abrupt stop as the piece suddenly drops the rhythm altogether and enters this haze of cosmic light, only then for those juddering beats to return, add the melody lines and drive to what you'd think would be the finale but then the musicians take you by surprise and give you a celestial, rhythm-free outflow that's absolutely riveting. The near 7 minute "Soliloquy" could well be what an other-worldly Vangelis would have used throughout the "Bladerunner" film had it been a much darker offering, and the result is something that echoes the beauty of that work yet here retains the element of crunch, of solid structure and almost menacing intent. At just over 7 minutes, "Entwined" is one of those deep, dark, shifting, sliding, flowing worlds of multi-textural blackness that's infused with shafts of light just to let you know that there is hope on the other side of the universe through which you're travelling as the assorted electronic layers give you drift and drive in a rhythm-free environment. As is the case on the whole album, without a break, it's right into the 10 minute title track and from the end strains of the cosmos unfolding, the duo provide a track that chops and changes throughout, from galloping darkly percussive rhythms and undercurrents to top layers that are positively joyful, and all point in between. They manage to mix melody, rhythm, exploration, a river of glissando-like top layers and more, to come up with something that's as unnerving as it is breathtaking, never standing still, always changing its path and, almost no matter how many times you listen to it, completely unpredictable - yet it works, thanks to the passion and feelings that they inject into what, in anyone else's hands, would be an unstructured set of unfinished ideas. The 5 minute "Hidden" is another multi-layered space-synths track but really solid stuff with that all-pervading darkness running through its depths. Finally, there's the near 10 minute "Return" which starts in a kind of richly menacing, orchestrally shimmering space thunder, as assorted sounds and percussives rattle around, ushering in this enormous sounding sea of bass synth texture, flowing oceans of strings and a solid, seriously ethereal, expansive soundscape that rises up then almost disappears as a new set of sounds comes from the distance before the previous landscape returns, only this time more distant, but growing louder by the minute as it ploughs a path of ever strengthening menace. These waves of layers and rhythms enter and return, mixing space and drive, texture and melody, rhythm and cosmos, all in one mighty, flowing finale.

It turns out that much of the music was played by Sirros and "sculpted" by Boddy, who added what I call the "top layers" and the glissando-like textures, so it's a collaboration but, in keeping with what Ian does, something quite extraordinary.

I used to review tons and tons of synth music releases, but they lost their flavour when everything became just an endless sea of recycling Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze - with anything on DiN and anything with Ian Boddy's name attached to it, you can be sure that every release will be something new, an adventure, something exciting - you may not always like every single album, but you'll always appreciate the work of a true pioneer who refuses to conform - even on an album such as this collaboration where he's integral in the sound and construction of a guy like Sirros' template, it hits the spot to perfection.

Info / Clips / Purchase:

There seems to be only parallel worlds in this thread.  ;D

Immediately liked the samples and took delivery recently.  I wasn't disappointed.

What's it like working with Ian?  He seems to produce one brilliant collaboration
after another.

Nice photography by Geigertek aka Neil Fellowes.
thanks.  :D

Memory Geist - 'Benthos' is also available as a 99 copies limited edition handmade digipack art-cdr from Hic Sunt Leones the label of Alio Die:

Memory Geist - 'Benthos' (DiNDDL09)

DiNDDL09| Release date 04/07/11

"Benthos" is the second album by Memory Geist, the collaborative project of Steve Law (of Zen Paradox, Starseed Transmission & Black Cab) and Bakis Sirros (of Parallel Worlds & Interconnected). Their first album "Funereal Cavern" was released in 2007 by the well respected Italian experimental label Musica Maxima Magnetica.

The creation of "Benthos" has been a long process initiated in mid-2007 when Law visited Sirros in his home town of Athens, Greece and the duo recorded some initial material together comprising a variety of soundscapes, sequences, analogue rhythms & organic atmospheres. On his return to Melbourne in Australia, Law sculpted this raw material into a set of 6 tracks which were augmented by further soundscapes, rhythms and arrangement ideas sent across to him by Sirros. The gestation of "Benthos" took 4 years in total and has resulted in the birth of a complex and fascinating ambient electronica album. The pieces range from dark, industrial rhythmic tracks to cosmic style slabs of ambience and showcase the duos use of modular analogue synths alongside computer software manipulation.

info and clips here:

the album will soon also be available as a limited edition (100 copies) digipack CD-R from Alio Die's label Hic Sunt Leones.

(for the gear-heads: this album is full of various modular and analogue synths, including ARP 2600, Doepfer A100 / eurorack, Integrator, Serge modular, Technosaurus Selector, Metalbox/CGS, MS50, System-100m, Trident, etc, etc... )

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: June 05, 2011, 06:44:11 AM »
db - Analogue (great solo album from Dave Bessell of NODE)

another great review of Ian Boddy & Parallel Worlds 'Exit Strategy' album, on Eclyclopedia of Electronic Music (RU) :

also the album makes it into the Echoes US radio show Top-25 for May:

and in the Top-20 of May of Galactic Travels US radio show:

Cd Out Now!

available on many physical shops worldwide and online retailers, like Amazon, boomkat, etc, etc

and via the DiN webstore of course:

also available as download of course.

Exit Strategy by Ian Boddy & Parallel Worlds (DiN37) is now available from the DiN web store.

What do you think of reverbnation as a site to promote your music? And how does the reverbnation player hook into Facebook? I signed up to bandcamp and listed my last release there and was wanting a bit more info from someone/anyone who's using reverbnation as a tool as well.


hi Mike,

reverbnation seems fine as a promotional tool. (you'll find help on the reverbnation website as to how to link the player to your FB page)

i like their pages layout and i have set-up a page there as well:


first review of the forthcoming album 'Exit Strategy' (DiN37),
4 out of 5, 'editor's choise'

forgot to add:
Limitation: 600 copies

DiN37 Exit Strategy CD album by Ian Boddy & Parallel Worlds
(release date 31st of May 2011)

information and track previews now on the DiN web site

Both Boddy & Sirros have a long, well documented love of analogue modular synthesisers and the organic sounds and rhythms these instruments can produce so in many ways it was inevitable that these two musicians would collaborate at some point. Sirros started the ball rolling with the composition of a series of both ambient soundscapes and more structured multilayered compositions. These featured his unusual pulsing, throbbing analogue percussion layers, warm soundscapes and beguiling melodies that are in many ways a signature sound of Parallel Worlds. Boddy took this raw material and shaped, arranged and sculpted it into a series of seven inter-linked tracks that form a musical narrative that runs throughout "Exit Strategy". Adding his glissando keyboard sound that was premiered on his album Slide (DiN31 2008) Boddy brought a real emotional focus to the album which, whilst it may seem to journey through dark, subterranean territory has some glorious melodic highlights.

"Exit Strategy" proves once again that the DiN label can conjure up new combinations of sonic palettes from internationally renowned electronic musicians.

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: March 27, 2011, 01:03:05 PM »
Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Volume II

Fantastic double album.

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: January 30, 2011, 11:19:21 AM »
Klaus Schulze - La Vie Electronique 8 ,disc 1 (Mig)
Steinbruchel - Stage (Line)
Mathieu Ruhlmann + Celer - Mesoscaphe (Spekk)
Cluster - Zuckerzeit (Brain)
India Czajkowska / Ryszard Latecki / Maciek Cierlinski - Mermago (Obuh)

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Free music from Parallel Worlds
« on: January 29, 2011, 04:17:09 AM »
hi list,

added more new tracks to our Reverbnation player:!/artist/artist_songs/1244432

'Salty Air' (from out of print album 'Insight', shima records, 2004, UK)

'Expectations' (from out of print album 'Far away light', shima records, 2005, UK)

fan-exclusive track 'Recreation' (from out of print album 'Existence', rubber records, 2003, GR)

machines used:
Akai AX80, MS20, SQ10, Integrator modular, Doepfer a100 modular, Concussor modular (for drums mainly), SH101, Electribe R, electribe A, nord modular, korg mono/poly, Yamaha FS1r, ms2000r, Korg minipops 120, nord lead rack, SH2, JP8000, Atari 1040ST, and others I cannot recall...

enjoy, or not...


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